How do we know we are ascended? What does it feel like to be in our ascended self? In “Love+ Ascended You,” our beloved friend and ally St. Germaine invites us to look in the mirror, open the door and step into our I AM – for we are already there! And Linda guides the ascended you – in action – through an exquisite Blue Diamond rain meditation in sacred union with Gaia and her kingdoms to assist in bringing balance to the fires raging within and without. Embrace your New You with Linda and St. G in “Love+ Ascended You.


St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine. Welcome my beloved friends. Welcome to Love+. I’ve been waiting for an invitation and I didn’t see one delivered to my doorway, so I took this opportunity to step forward and to invite myself this day. Thanks for listening.

Yes, you are in your ascending/ascended self. But this is a very human, good question, “How do I know?”

You know, when I have walked the Earth as your brother and ally in human form, when I would attend to court, particularly in the Palace of Versailles where there were many intrigues (and I tell you much debauchery) and so often my friends or acquaintances would say, “Ah, I think I’m in love. What does love feel like? How do I know?” And they would revel in the drama and the emotionality of their lives. I would not dare say that this was petty, but it was often inauthentic because when you are in love, truly in love, when your heart is open and blossoming like the full garden in August, you know. You are not second-guessing yourself. You may be hoping and praying that it lasts, that your dreams are truly being fulfilled. But you most certainly know.

Now, why do I start here my dearest friends? Because it is a question that you are posing to me and, in fact, the answer is already apparent in your heart. So, let us begin. You, each of you who hear my words this night, this day, this afternoon, this morning, have been claiming your ascended self. This is not about unrequited love. This is not about standing in the shadows watching Madame or Mademoiselle or Monsieur and having the yearning in your heart and not feeling worthy; a stepping forward and experiencing what the glory of love feels like. No, no! This is you stepping forward. Sometimes with great bravado, sometimes quiet as a mouse – but in the full knowing, your divine knowing of love; of love of One, of love of Mother, and of love of self.

So often, particularly with what you think of as the traditional religions of the world, the emphasis has been to love God – that ethereal distant being, sometimes cruel and thundering, sometimes soft and gentle, depending which day and which face you were looking for; that is not what I’m talking about. Knowing the love of Source, of One, of the Mother, of our beloved Mother is not distant, and it most certainly is not impersonal. It is about as up close and personal as it can possibly be. It is as intimate as sacred union of sex. Yes, in a very different way, but it is intimate. And how do you know this? You know this by the love of yourself.

To be saintly – and this was true in my time and in yours – so often it was taught: to be saintly, certainly to be an ascended master, that one had to be so modest and demeaning of oneself almost to the point of dismissal. So often they would say to me, “You are so full of yourself.” And I would smile and I would say, “No, I am so full of the spirit of love. I am so full of the Mother’s energy and the Father’s will.” Some would understand; some would be dismissive. It mattered not. The love of self – I speak to you as ascended Master, to you in your ascending/ascended self – [is] the simplest answer, the biggest litmus test, the biggest indicator for you to know and understand and embrace that you are in your ascending/ascended self. Otherwise, I would not be having this conversation with you. I would still be teaching you and tutoring you in how to come along – but that is no longer the case.

Yes, it sounds far too simple. You say, “St. Germaine, what you are saying to me is simply look inside and see? Am I in my love?” And I say to you, “Exactly!” It is not simply a matter of claiming – because it is also not a matter of being boss. You know, so often they think the ascended ones are in charge: they are the boss, they know more, they feel more, they are privy to more. You are privy to everything. And the fact that you are talking this day about your intimate, kind and loving relationship with Gaia, with the kingdoms – and it matters not whether it is a whale or a squirrel or a snake or an eagle – you have sacred union relationship, in the unity of love, with all things. And not merely on Earth or Gaia, but far beyond. Why do you think you have received so much assistance from your star brothers and sisters?

What does your ascended self feel like? It feels like you have opened the door – not claiming your I AM, but to your I AM. That this merger, this sense of separation – between you, human- current-on-Earth human you, and your higher, universal, multi-dimensional self – that any sense of division, of separation, is not present. Now you may well, my dearest friends, still be at the point where you are learning that integration and accepting and becoming more familiar, shall we say, with that integrated wholeness of your magnificent being; that you may be gazing at the beauty of who you are and somewhat in awe and wonder. Is that not marvelous? That you are looking at yourself and feeling yourself and you are you. That is how you know.

It is “I AM, and I AM finally fully home. And yes, I may still have a few lessons in alchemy to perfect, I may still learn how to ride a bike or to fly. I may still learn or remember how to heal the planet or any kind of dis-ease. I may have to put a few things in place for my next chapter in my next mission of various projects to build Nova Earth.” But the sensation – and it may come in ah-ha moments, it may come in one enormous gasp, and it may be as quiet as the dawning of a new day – but how you know and how you feel is that you have expanded, not in ego, but in your heart. That that sense of reaching, of always trying, of always yearning, is gone. Now every now and then you may think, “Well, I should be wanting more, I should be yearning for more.” This is not true. Look in the mirror. Look in the mirror, my friends, and see me standing next to you. I welcome you to this academy of ascension.

Are there steps – mental, emotional, causal adjustments? Yes. But you know by the love. You know by the deep regard you have for your beautiful sacred self and for everything, everything else that the Mother in Her infinite might, in Her beautiful wisdom, has ever created. And you are them and they are you, just as you are me and I am you.

Welcome, beloved, to your ascending/ascended self. Embrace this new time, this time of new beginnings. Embrace the New You. Farewell.