St. Germaine

Saturday Conference Call

Linda Dillon                Channel for the Council of Love


So, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of St. Germaine’s I AM Presence. And welcome that mischievous, devilish, blue-eyed fellow into your room, into your car, into your office – wherever you are. Take a nice deep breath of the gentlest mauve, of that simply a tiny shaving of lilac, of lavender and some of that French blue and as you breathe it in feel yourself sinking into your heart, into the seat of your soul, into the essence of who you are.

And here comes Gabrielle and she is saying, “Inside that seat of your soul, inside that deepest part of your heart find those golden shards; those golden bubbles of joy.” So take a nice deep breath of that rich molten gold, and of daffodils, bubbles of yellow, of lemon sunshine.

And now go back to the amethyst of St. Germaine and breathe purple, breathe the violet flame and feel that violet flame igniting and overlighting your own tri-flame; your own tri-flame of the Blue Diamond, and the Pink Diamond and the Gold Diamond and literally feel that sense of ignition, that sense of expansion. And remember when St. Germaine told us when we last met to take that violet flame torch and write in the air I AM and your name: I AM Linda, I AM Michael, I AM Yasmin, I AM Micki, I AM Joe.

Feel the sense that that declaration of your sacred divine presence brings within you and let that grow outward past your causal, or your etheric, or mental and emotional bodies. Let’s push it out, outside your room, outside your house, outside your neighborhood, outside your city, outside your state, outside your country; let go! So that your essence, your beautiful heart is literally beaming across the planet and far beyond.

And feel how we send this violet flame to those that feel sad or lonely or abandoned or sick in disease or sorrow or grief, despair or depression. And let’s send it to everybody who’s simply on the fence – waffling, neither here nor there.

And also feel it in your heart, feel it in your essence, right down your central column from the top of your crown chakra, actually your Oversoul, right down to the tip of your tailbone and your Earth star. Feel that beautiful violet, purply, brilliant light just streaming through you activating parts of your DNA that you weren’t aware that you needed to bring online right now of Nova Being. Good. And relax and be the beautiful angel, human, Gaian, transformer, transmitter, an agent of change that you are.

Greetings, I am St. Germaine. Keeper of the Violet Flame, treasurer of the I AM Presence, and again I greet you my beloved friends, brothers, sisters, family, hybrids, angels, earthkeepers; you are miraculous. I come this day to simply remind you of the joy of being alive. And yes, I say that from one that is in another realm, dimensional reality, but I have walked this planet many times, and yes, there have been times when I tired, and shall I say very bluntly – got fed up with the way in which humans tended to proceed. But even in that, even in the sometimes ridiculous nature of human choices of being agents, this beautiful planet has always been the place to be; the planet that was created for the experience of love.

Beloved ones, how can it be any better? How could it be more fulfilling? Well, one of the ways in which it could be more fulfilling is in the claiming, the full anchoring, not merely of your I AM and the I AM, but of the joy – of the sheer joy of being in body, of being on planet, of being with human beings and elementals, and all the kingdoms. To have this experience when we have joined, whether it has been in the ancient Atlantis or the various civilizations or the corner of France, we have always embraced what was physical. Even when the healing work was of the most esoteric nature, when the creation was out of sheer energy, what we reveled in, what we took joy in –  supreme happiness, was the gift of the physical; of the feeling of skin, the sparkle of an eye, the texture of velvet or a blade of grass.

The sense of community, and when I say community I do not simply mean those that agreed with me because sometimes the liveliest most expansive situations and environments were those where those around me were not in agreement, not interested in what I had to say or teach or experience or share because we were the catalyst to one another. And in that different perspective, different points of view, yes, even within the practice of tolerance, we would see that there were other choices, other potentials, other possibilities and it would invite us – engage us in looking beyond our own realm, our own experience and see that truly in the Mother’s infinite creation it was always more.

And this is particularly true for you, my beloveds, as you live on a planet that has developed so many different cultures; so many different experiences, so many different walks of life, each of which has the full potential for joy, particularly now as the new energies, the new beginnings penetrate the entire planet. And there is truly a sense of a new day and that new day is not of lethargy or sorrow or despair. It is a potential and new beginnings, new experiences, new expansion, new adventures and the fulfillment of your sacred purpose and might I say, our sacred purpose.

You get a determined, committed implementer of the Mother’s Plan, but you are also the most adventurous. And might I say the luckiest, for not only have you volunteered, you have been selected to bring forth the joy of ascended self, of Nova Earth, of Nova Being and the truth and beauty of Gaia. Claim your joy. Not when it is all done and over with, but each and every day. Look around you. There is always something within me, and around you in the eyes and the smile of a cat, or a crow or a human being to make you smile and see the magnificence of Mother/Father/One creation.

It is a gift, and you, beloved one, your sacred self, you are a gift to us and to each other and to your sacred self. Go with my love and go sweet angels, in peace, in joy, in revelry, in laughter. Farewell.