Greetings, I am St. Germaine. Welcome, my friends, healers, and creators of the Violet Flame, of the 13th Octave LaHoChi. It is good to see you again. It is good to gather here again. Through so many times and lifetimes that we have sat this way and we have talked and we have laughed and we have broken bread. We have shared tears and tragedy, and we have shared victory. And let me say to you, my beloved ones, this is a time of victory. It is a coming home to who you are, but it is also a coming home to the human race.

Is it not funny the word “race” and how so many are eager to simply rush through their sacred lives and to not pay attention to really what is happening within and without. For it is in that level of inattention that the imbalance and this dis-ease, illness, occurs. For when you are in a place of pacing yourself, of knowing when to walk fast or run and knowing when to sit perfectly still, that that inner and that outer balance occurs. And you say to me “Well, Germaine, what do you mean by inner and outer balance?” And I would suggest to you that they are interchangeable. For when I look at you, your inner balance is actually your physical body because it is within your field, it is within your magnificent force field. For you do not contain the wholeness of you – that would be very tight and very uncomfortable. But it is equally important that you find that balance and maintain that balance for your outer field as well.

So I am going to ask you for several things this day, and it is to be very aware of your inner and outer fields and also to be very aware of your chakra systems, systems plural, because without that opening and balance, again, you are not in your wholeness. With the gift of the sacred Mother anchored deep within you, yes, the gift of the Pink Diamond, it is important that all systems and all chakra systems be fully receptive to this magnificent blessing.

My beloved friends, we have traveled far, not only from Atlantis but far beyond. I am asked by many to remind you this day that this healing energy of LaHoChi of the 13th Octave – it did not simply emanate and be rediscovered in Atlantis, Lemuria, ancient China. It was a gift that was brought to Earth by your Pleiadian Brothers and Sisters. It is a gift of star healing, for it was one of the precious undertakings in the healing that they brought to Earth long ago. Oh, there were many gifts of science and technology, culture, engineering. But the gift of healing and of creation was considered by our Star Brothers and Sisters who had undergone long intergalactic wars and had very clear knowledge and memory of this the healing of the heart.

I ask you also to remember that when we began this process many years ago, I have called it Heart and Healing. The purpose of the LaHoChi first and foremost is to heal hearts. Everything else follows from this. Your Star Brothers and Sisters, your Pleiadian friends, knew as they brought this forward to Earth, and to Atlantis in particular, that if our hearts were not healed, then the rest would be futile. And they were right.

This gift, talent, ability to heal yourself and others has never been lost. It was simply buried until the time was right again. So I am honored, my brothers and sisters, to be part of the gathering that brings this expanded energies back to you, particularly back to you and to merge it into our sacred Temple of my Violet Flame. The honor is mine to be keeper, not master, but Keeper of this Flame of One, of the I AM. It is my sacred gift, and it is a gift that I share so gleefully with you.

Yes, there will be time for tears, but more importantly, there has need to be time for joy – not happiness – but sheer unadulterated joy. That is why you are here for each of you in your own particular mission and purpose, your own sacred contract. It can only be genuinely, fully, completely, wholly, completed in joy. Come and play and laugh like the children of light that you are. I ask you this day to accept and allow the sacred healer that you are to fully emerge.

Each one of you has many, many incredible talents. But I invite you this day to experience and receive this energy of Love, of Light, and of movement and of stillpoint. Stillpoint is where healing occurs. It is in that minuscule moment where the implosion and explosion take place, where everything goes from one form to another. It is transmutation, transubstantiation, transformation. Each of you are alchemists, and truly love to change and play with energy.

This day I also ask you to undertake this renewed Initiation so that you may heal not only your sacred self but the entire collective – those you deeply and passionately care about, and those you have never encountered in form. They may or may not have any physical maladies, but what I am asking is for each of you to give that person – to give their heart wings, so that they may also fly with you, that they may join with you as you go forward in this next cycle of existence on this planet.

It is an exciting time to be alive. I have always said to you “I am never coming back.” But let me tell you when I look at what is happening and what is transpiring on your planet, I am tempted. But I will stay in my realm, but I will also stay, my friends, right by your shoulder, and we will walk together in the violet rain, in the purple sunset, in the sweetness of your heart. Go with my Love. Farewell.