On our Heart Call this month, both Archangel Michael and St. Germaine addressed the freedoms afforded us as we create Nova Earth. Claim and celebrate these tools that help us return, not only back to love but back to freedom.

Channeling: Archangel Michael

Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. And yes, I come to celebrate freedom. Not only the freedom to be with our Mother and Father but the freedom to walk the planet; the freedom to be the totality of who you are; the freedom to love; the freedom to create; the freedom to be the peaceful spiritual warriors of every ray, of every dimension, of every reality, of every timeline that you could possibly be.

And I come this day, this day of celebration not tragedy, and I come to remind you, and even to restore and to resurrect your mighty sword of peace. The sword I have bestowed upon you eons ago, and again, and again, and again. You are the warriors of peace, and this is your sword of peace. Now, let me explain… there is a human invention born of the old and ancient, of the old false grids that has claimed a sword, and it is a sword of pain, it is a sword of abuse, it is a sword of distortion. And it has been used freely and widely again, and again, and again.

Beloveds, there is no place on Nova Earth, there is no place in your heart, in your essence, in your being, there is no place for this sword of pain. Your mighty sword, yes, likened to mine, but yours, inscribed, and carved, and engraved with your truth, your design, your essence, your motto, it is to cut distortion away, to destroy the distortion, and restore the individual design. It is not to maim or kill, it is to cut away the dross and debris so that the illumination occurs, that the clarity comes forward, that the passion born out of complacency is resurrected.

I like to think, and I know because it is a gift directly from the Mother and Father, that this is one of your most powerful instruments. It is completely attached to you, to your right hand, to your left hand, trade back and forth with a shield that I have also given you, that it shields you from distortion, that it shields you from abuse, and agony, and pain because there is no place.

Now, you have been entrusted with this sword the same way the Mother and Father have entrusted it to me so long ago. Never is it meant to hurt, to harm, to force. Never is it meant to destroy but rather reveal. You cut away the cobwebs; you cut away the veils, and you reveal what is of truth, what is of love. You are entrusted, and I want you to think of this… yes, we have spoken reams, and reams, and reams about your divine authority… what does that practically mean? Beloved, it means that you are entrusted with the wisdom and truth, never, never to abuse this instrument.

There are many who will seize the sword, and attempt to use it for false gods, false causes. Not only is that soul theft, it is a denial of their divine authority to use the sword they have originally been entrusted with, and perhaps have forgotten about. So, what do you do? You cut away the illusion, you ignite them with my Blue Flame of hope, of truth, and you have mercy, and clemency, and compassion. But I quote my beloved St. Germaine when I say, ‘First and last and in-between, you do no harm.’ You do no harm, ever. This is your divine authority, it is the trust that the Mother has placed in you to use this and all tools, with wisdom, with joy, never out of impetuous indignation, or even anger.

So, I ignite your sword, yet again, when so many are claiming and celebrating freedom. Yeshua has said unto you many times as well… he is laughing… ‘to turn the other cheek’, but you don’t let them beat you up, but you also don’t destroy them. It is in the prudence, and the temperance that you show the way, not only back to love but back to freedom.

I step aside but never away. I am as close as your hand, and always in your heart. Farewell.

Channeling: St. Germaine

I am St. Germaine, Keeper entrusted with THE I AM, yes, THE I AM. I am also Master of the I AM, and I don’t talk about this… I haven’t but I wish to. I wish to discuss this with you because why have I delineated ‘Keeper’ and ‘Master’? What I am is the igniter of your I AM. I do not need to ignite the Source, obviously, it is what burns brightly in all of us throughout all universes. But while Michael restores and reminds you of your sword, I restore and remind you of your I AM.

And yes, I do say to you it is not about the removal of choice, it is the freedom to move about. It is the freedom, no, not defined by governments, or rules, or regulations that have nothing to do with Divine Law, Universal Law, the laws of love. Your I AM is your divine design essence, and it is unique unto you. And yes, the Mother has begun this process with Her renewal of tsunami to ignite and expand, while I am assisting Her in this.

Often you have said to me, “What use is it? I use the Violet Flame, and I write in the air and the water, the ground, and my heart the LOVE.” The use is absolute transformation. The use is the completion of our Mother’s Plan. The use is the remembering and the activation of your totality as the lightworkers, love wayshowers, anchors, peacekeepers, healers on this planet of love.

I do not speak to you of some transformation that takes place a thousand, or ten thousand, or a hundred thousand years hence. No. Why do you think your wing-maker self, all your star family is so ever fully present at this time? They are waiting, literally, in the wings, and they are anxious and excited. They will never override your divine authority… they bow and respect to the warriors and the peacekeepers that you are. You are the brave ones… I have not come back… but I will, to celebrate that freedom that I fought, and worked, and created so diligently for.

It is not about, beloveds, seeking THE or your I AM, it is about opening your arms, your heart, and your being, and declaring living, accepting, and yes, at times even surrendering to your sovereignty. Nova Earth does not include abusive force. It relies, it is foundational that the tenderness of heart, the wisdom of love, and yes, even the logic of the laws of love be not only present but adhered to, respected, celebrated, and enjoyed.

We often say you are the brave ones; you are the ones, you are the Mother’s boots on the ground, and that is completely true. But do not think for one instant that we are not ever-present, that there are beings beyond number in those wings helping you. Not helping you out of self-interest or they hope that the unfoldment will take place… you are the unfoldment, and you already are taking place.

You do not live in that old paradigm. You have long ago said… ‘no more, enough’. You are brilliant in your radiance, and I bow to you. And I write upon your sacred heart with my Violet Flame, and your Violet Flame, and the Father’s Golden Flame, and the Mother’s Blue Diamond Flame, and your soul self, I write LOVE. And that is the declaration of freedom.

Go with my love. And go, dearest hearts, in peace. Farewell.