St. Germaine asks us again to make a ritual of writing LOVE and PEACE with the Violet Flame…

I AM St. Germaine, Keeper of the Violet Flame, Custodian of the I AM Presence. And welcome, welcome, welcome my humble souls, my teachers, my healers, my channels, my friends. And yes, I claim you all, and I claim you all in the name of the I AM, in the name of the Mother, and the Father, and all that is sacred. And I embrace you.

Many times, you have heard me say that I will not return unto this planet until peace, and wisdom, and love rules. And I have also said, of recent times, I will return soon to walk among you. Well, you do not have to be Einstein to figure that out. But the reason I thank you, the reason I help you, the reason I honor you, admire you, adore you, is you are the ones. You are the agents and the angels of change; you are the ones that have stepped forward and said to the Mother and Father, “I will go, and I will do it!” That is not merely courage… it is valor, it is bravery, and it is service of a magnitude of which you do not know. And it is not merely a service to the Mother and Father, and to all who occupy this realm, it is a service, it is an offering to each and every person who exists and walks with you upon glorious Gi’Anna. And it most certainly is a service to her.

But you are not there alone; you never are, and you never have been. And yes, we know the meaning of turmoil, and upheaval, and violence, and terror. And sometimes that is just in your own home, and in your own heart. Do not let fear win! Fear is false… false expectations about reality. Fear is about adopting other people’s script, other people just like you who originally offered their divinity, and service, and design, and mission to come to Earth to make peace. And yes, at times, FEAR and other people’s agendas can be the strongest triggers for elimination… triggers for elimination of what does not serve. You are blessed and you are mighty.

I have asked you, and I will ask you again, and again, and again to make a ritual, a practice, a playtime of writing LOVE and PEACE with my Violet Flame, with your Violet Flame, in the air, on the ground, on the hearts of others so that when people walk they absorb it; so when they breathe they absorb it; when they glance at the sky and the magnificence of a sunset they absorb it.

Often, I have asked of you, the Mother has asked of you, to stand back in magnificent discernment and be the observer. But it is always paired, always paired with also being the participant. It is where you act from, and beloveds, you act from the depth of your knowing of your divine authority, your divine responsibility, your divine knowing, and the depth of your heart, your infinite wellspring of love. That is who you are; that is who all of you are. It does not need to be complex. If you look around, it is the complexities of nations, and politics, of belief systems, that have, in fact, created the gridlock, that have reinforced the beliefs that violence, or arrogance, or abuse is permissible.

Let me suggest to you, it is not about guns, it is not about bullets, it is not about tanks or missiles. It is about the human heart, the human consciousness, and yes Berber, about heart thinking. It is about the level of consciousness that believes in some reality that abuse, or violence, murder, is acceptable. It is obviously not.

And that, beloveds, is the shift to Nova Being, to the truth of your ascended self. It is not about the materials; it is about the human heart. And it is about the human heart and mind that is so deeply in despair… yes, or ego… that they simply act out of pain. So, it is the healing that is needed, and you don’t legislate healing.

Long ago I have said there is no difference between a teacher, a healer, a channel. To this I add… there is no difference between a teacher, a healer, a channel, creator, peacekeeper. Do not think, beloveds, my brothers and sisters, that I don’t know what it is to walk this world of chaos. I know what it is, and I am here to help you.

Now, when I say to thee, when I ask, I beg, I plead, I implore for you to write LOVE and PEACE in the air, in the water, in the ground, do not, please, do not forget to write it on your own heart, to write it on your own arm, your own leg, your own bed, your own pillow. Stir it into your food. Stir it into your protein drink. Stir it into the air around you so that you are vessels of change, you as Nova Gaians, are fortified.

There is no room for any person on the planet to not accept this gift. And there is no room for somebody to say, “Oh, I don’t need it. Thanks, I’m fine.” That is delusion. So, receive it. Come with me to my Chamber of the Violet Flame. Sit with me. Rest with me. This is not a situation where we are saying to you… we hope it will work. This is the solution, and it will work. And then we will celebrate.

I step aside for another who wishes to speak… for I will never, I will never say no to the Goddess of Mercy.

Go with my violet blessings, and go with peace… hand in hand, heart in heart. Farewell.