I am St. Germaine, Master of the Violet Flame, Keeper of the I AM. Do you ever notice how all of us step forth and we begin each declaration with I AM? It is a declaration of unity. It is a declaration of totality. It is a declaration of willingness, choice, and decision to be who you are; not just the personality… which is delightful. You know, I’m very fond of personalities… no, not unbridled ego, but the texture of the soul that reflects as personality. I’m crazy about it!

So, I ask you… you are thinking, and there are many things that I have written and suggested… but I will be the devil’s advocate, which I have often done…

Why are you not thinking that you are in your I AM? You declare yourself every day as you look in the Mother’s mirror of her heart, as you sing in the shower, as you drink your tea, you are declaring your I AM.

Now, beloved, you are very concerned about your superpowers. I understand that for I have taken great joy of pulling baubles and gems out of the air. When you are in your I AM the greatest gem that you are pulling out of the air is the gift of you… and I do not merely mean you, Roxanne, I mean all of you.

Think of the I AM as the unity of One, of being in the unity of The I AM, in the infinite, infinite, eternal space of glory. It is fabulous. You know, I have often said I won’t return to Earth until all this nonsense is over. But the truth of this matter is, it is so sacred being home. But I will return when we all join together. This is the sacred union our Mother speaks of… when we are the I AM, individually and collectively. When you are in the 13th Octave you are in the I AM, you join with the I AM, you become the I AM. Stop denying it and come and play. I miss you!