And when I say ‘family’, I also mean the Sacred Union that has been lost or certainly mislaid between the plants and animals, the forests and the oceans, the water and the humans.

HEART CALL – June 2024

Lao Tzu & St. Germaine ~ Creating A Planet Of One, One Love, One Family

Greetings, I am Lao Tzu, Magenta Healer, Master of the Masters, Master of the LaHoChi, Master of Balance, master and humble servant, for is that not what we all come to do? To be in service to the unfoldment of the Plan, but also to be of the balance of above and below, inside and out, for rich and poor, healthy and unhealthy, balanced and imbalanced, angry and happy?

The Mother has declared – and therefore it is – that this time of duality come to a close. Now I have walked your planet many times, and thousands and thousands of years ago I have brought forth, yes, the LaHoChi. And I have also been part of the Delegation that has brought the LaHoChi from the Pleiadians to begin the process of establishing peace on Earth, to help with this reestablishment of what it means to be on a Planet of Joy, of Love.

Nothing on this planet has been intended only for a select few, and that is why I have always offered my healing service to all, rich and poor, healthy and not. You know, because sometimes those who appear so healthy and vibrant are the most out of balance, and they have developed a mask, a veneer to hide the truth of their pain. It does not exclude them. None can be excluded.

And so I am joined in this undertaking today with St. Germaine and Raphael, yes, and even Raj, because it is not merely a healing of this collective of humanity, it is the collective of this Universe.

Energy is life force – life force, love force – because it is the Essence of One. It has to move, it has to, in order to maintain, and let me suggest to you, let me just tell you, it will move. And there are times, individually or collectively, this energy may get stuck, and sometimes it is due to discordance or petulance, resistance, denial, and it causes great pain for the person, for the family, for the community, for the village, but move it will.

And that is why, once again, I take up this directive, this Plan, this request from the Mother and Father to create a Planet of One – of One, of one love, one family. And when I say ‘family’, I also mean the Sacred Union that has been lost or certainly mislaid between the plants and animals, the forests and the oceans, the water and the humans.

Now they did not turn away from you – I do not mean you individually, I mean you collectively. And humanity, this collective in their arrogance have felt they are superior, have thought they are superior – superior to a mountain range that has existed for thousands and thousands of years and has transformed itself from a grain of sand into a mighty granite that has withstood ice ages and volcanoes. And yet the individual is more precious? I think not.

The oceans that are boiling, the rivers that are polluted, you, my brothers and sisters, would be abhorred and take action if you were watching or witnessing or knew of a child being brutally assaulted, beaten, because you are tender and you are true. It is no different from the water and the earth that has supported you, that has nurtured and fed you, that has quenched your thirst.

Of course, you come into unity with all of this and you say to me, “Master, how do I do this?” Yes, you understand that you relinquish, surrender, [chuckling] gladly dispose of hatred and greed and judgment. But how does that stop cities being turned into rubble, children being murdered, power being usurped?

How you do this is through your creation, through your healing, through the truth of who you are. Chi is life force, it is love, and when you marry this with the Divine Union, it cannot be stopped.

This is one of the first things that we have taught you about Unity. We have planted this seed; we have planted it thousands of years ago, and again and again and again, so that you will understand and take action. And you do this simply by being the magnificent vessel of transmutation, of love.

We call it by all kinds of names. Healing, yes – but what is healing? It is the Law of Elimination; it is breaking through that stuck energy; and it is the deep, profound acceptance of your own beloved sweet self as creator. Not in a way of supremacy over others but in a way of service, in a way of Sacred Union, in a way of joy!

You know, often when I would travel about to offer the healing, and I would go amongst the villages and the rice paddies, and I would go to the palace, to the arrogant emperor – which you have many of now – and people would say, “Look at what the emperor gives you,” and those gifts were meaningless because they did not have love in them.

And then I would sit in a hut and be offered a cup of chai, and it was the richest gift of all because it was a heart sharing. It was genuine. It was an expression of gratitude but also of faith that there will be more tea leaves, and more fresh water, and it can be shared.

So this is what you do. You share your hope and trust, your faith, and your action. If ever there has been a time for meaningful, concerted, loving, powerful action, it is now!

We are One. We have always, always been One.

Of course, the Mother in her infinite power could simply think, “Now it is done,” and it would be. The patience, the love, the trust is for you to realise you are in this union and that you have this power, and you have this promise that has been made to you and from you to create the New, which is the All.

In so many ways, it is a return to the garden, the garden of your heart and your head. We have said that many of the creations that you have worked on for years are already there waiting to be picked up and claimed. That requires, yes, requires that you claim your power to do so. You claim your divine right, your sovereign right to do so.

It is not a matter of leaving anyone behind – peasant or emperor, sinner or saint. All are welcomed and all are needed to plant this Garden of Eden.

So I do not often speak, but my energy is known, and I invite you to join me, Raphael, and this Frenchman, St. Germaine. He is flamboyant, but he is true.

There is no being that does not wish to join you, including all the kingdoms. Come play with us! There’s no place for drudgery, only for a cup of chai!

Go with my humble love and my offer of service.


*     *     *

I AM St. Germaine. To be flamboyant is to express one’s inner self. I am Keeper, I am Master of the Violet Flame and the I AM presence, and I keep giving this to you and giving this to you and giving this to you. It is a gift that I don’t want you to return. There is an infinite… think of this… infinite supply and my only job is to share it!

So do not harness me! Do not try to rein me in! Because I have always been not merely fun but crazy about miracles of creation! You – you are a miracle of creation! You are wrought from the heart and mind and soul of One and then mixed with your intentions and beauty, your glory and light.

You have never, never been meant to simply sit on the sidelines. Yes, you are the Mother’s Divine Activators, and what a privilege that is. And that does not mean that you go around declaring yourself or stirring the pot. It doesn’t even mean you have to have swordfights. You may have to produce a few gems. I will help you!

Unity and Love… Unity, Connectedness, and Balance… are the keys. You are not locked. You have always had the keys. And now you are going to use them to unlock the hearts and minds, the paradigms, the institutions, the structures, the societies that say no.

How does one say no to love? It is at best an illusion. And it is based on the fantasy of self-love. Self-aggrandisement is beyond absurd, for all are equal. All are unique and beautiful, and equal in the heart and mind and eyes of all of us. As we are equals with you, we stand beside, not above.

You are the messengers, the delivery agents, even when you do not say a word of the love. When you write it in the air, you give it to the air. When you write it in the water, you give it to the water, and the water gives it to the Earth, and it gives it to the plants and the trees and the faces that it falls upon.

But you can start, continue, expand, write Love across everybody’s heart. Write Love across the Sudan. Write Love across the Gaza. You are already there as the pillars, and so am I.

Let us together, in the Unity of One, actually act, behave, and embrace each other as One.

Go with my love. Go with my love but go with my joy. This is not a burden. This is a privilege – and I am privileged to stand with thee!


Channelled by Linda Dillon, 1 June 2024

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn