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Many have been experiencing being put on sabbatical by the Divine Mother during this time of radical change in frequency. This process of reconstitution can be hard on the physical body as well as “challenging” on every other level. Thank you once again Maree for sharing these insights – it helps us all! xxxx Greetings, I …


Elle’s guides, Archangel Gabrielle and Belle’Anna share a fabulous hotchpotch of encouragement to revel in: Archangel Gabrielle ~ Brexit & The Scottish Vote: Let me say one thing, yes, as Lily of Love and as Central Administrator of the Mother’s Omniverse – let me say one thing about this issue of Brexit, and more importantly, …


“Come on, let’s lighten up, let’s laugh!” Consider it part of your assignment every day to do something that gives you outrageous joy. Invite us over. We want to play! Heavenly Blessings ~ 21 June, 2016 Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal [Meditation from 07:35 to 16:00] Archangel …


On June 10, 2016, I had a reading scheduled with Linda, to speak with my Guides. For the second time now, in recent years, instead of being greeted by the familiar voice of one of my Guides, I was greeted by another familiar voice that said “Greetings, I am Michael.” Michael         Greetings, I am Michael, …


Join our free webinar June 20th – be initiated into the 13th Octave. This gift, beyond measure and time, was given freely from the heart of One to you. I am holding out my arms and inviting you…come home and play with us…


The new energies are a melding of above and below, of what you would have thought of as future and past all coming into what you perceive of as your now. The concept of Nova Earth is community. Each of you have role and purpose and it pairs stewardship with leadership and responsibility.


All beings upon the planet are calling their aspects home to be the full embodiment of who they are. You are the host and the official welcoming committee! Archangel Michael: Now, this question of “aspects” is something that is not fully, as yet, fully comprehended upon your planet because a part of it is just …


Increasingly, individual channels are having messages of global impact. This is one such reading with Andrew Eardley. Archangel Michael shares his guidance of what comes after this chaos of the current download of energies from the Mother’s legions.


Listen to this incredibly important channel, which is why I’m not waiting for the full transcript. In our last show the Buddha referred to an current energy download stronger than ANYTHING we have ever experienced on Earth. Archangel Michael elaborates. Listen!  


Your journey begins and ends with balance; it is a weaving, a tapestry, a grid of wholeness. It is a circle of oneness and it begins and it ends with love.