It is time for the new! You are far, far more powerful than you even dream. So, declare your dream and dream big!


Greetings, I am Gaia, I am GiAnna, and I bring you snow, and I bring you spring, and I bring you summer, and I bring you air, and water, and trees. The peace that is needed is not merely just within your beautiful, sacred, miraculous self, it is also the peace with all my kingdoms which, sweet angels, are your kingdoms. It is the wolf and the lion. It is the snail and the skunk. It is the rocks, and the mountains, the grass, and the trees, it is the barren deserts that are alive, and it is the sky that is filled with your star family.

It is time for the new, for this coming of a new age. The Mother has declared it; I most certainly welcome it. I am tired of the wars that are waged upon my very being, and I do not just mean missiles and guns, brutality. I mean the atrocities that are committed on my waters, in my life-breath. This cannot be, for it is not the path of love, and it is not the reflection of who you are, of who you are, and who you have always been.

And you say to me, “Well GiAnna, what can I do?” You are far, far more powerful than you even dream. And yes, there is the practicality, and Lorraine, I thank you for the trees. Petra, I thank you for the water. I thank each and every one of you who has a special element that you hold dear. Do that. Do not hold your breath and not speak when you feel the need, the cause, the justice… not in angry ways, not in confrontational ways, for that feeds the war, but from the place of love and clarity.

Declare your dream, which is my dream, and the Mother’s Dream… to live in harmony with all. It is time for the humans to come into balance. It is not what it was once upon a time, so difficult, it is literally a matter of millimeters. And as you do it, you do it for many. So, know this and know that we… all of me, all of the kingdoms, all of the elders, all of the earth-keepers, the keepers of the Council Fire, all of us are assisting you, and loving you.

Go with my love, always and forever. Farewell.