Q7: Are we, as ambassadors for the Council of Love, making a difference in the world?

Q8: Is this 2022 Spring Equinox a good time to plant new seeds for projects and opportunities? Plus cleanse our crystals outside or on a windowsill or table by the window so they can soak up the energies?

Q9: There are a lot of foreboding prophecies in print and on the internet. I know people who see them as the truth of what’s going to happen and I’ve always said to them and thought also that the future can be changed and is not set in stone by these prophecies. Can you address this, please?

Q10: When can we look forward to the materialisation and manifestation of the Cities of Light?

Q11: Global warming – is it really so, or is it the changing from Earth to Nova Earth? I know that Nova Earth is already here but is there a connection?

Q12: My questions are about the very high beings who are incarnating now on the Earth. Will they and are they destined to help humanity and the Earth evolve to a higher dimension of love, kindness, and compassion? Will there also be a transformation and healing of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies?

Q13: Several asked about physical issues – about diseases coming up or returning – and how to deal with the intense energies now flooding Gaia? Is Covid here for good?

Q14: It seems humanity has endured eons of senseless death and destruction. I know people who believe everything happens for a reason, and others who believe it’s all just random experience. It seems in a benign loving Universe that death, like being born, would be a soul-level decision. Are there accidental deaths or are all deaths, regardless of how tragic and senseless they appear, a soul-level choice?


Archangel Gi’Anna:

Greetings, I am Gaia, I am Gi’Anna, beloved sister.

I have welcomed each and every one of you to my being, to this form that I have assumed, like you, for the Mother, for the unfoldment of her Plan. And like my beloved sister, Gabrielle, I have what you tend to think of as free choice. But like each and every one of you, I have been toiling diligently, ceaselessly, for the rebirth of love.

There have been times, even most recently (about 20 years of your time ago) and at other points, where I truly debated – and was feeling quite downtrodden – whether I would simply return Home and reassume the archangelic form of who I AM. But all of you, and so many of the lightworker/loveholder collective, you have sent the healing; you have sent the love; you have requested that I not shift my axis, and you have requested and worked with me to harvest new energies.

Years ago, I have anchored my being in the 7th Dimension of Love – in what you tend to think of as the Christ Consciousness. And sweet ones, I have brought the kingdoms with me, not erasing… for that is not within my purview… the Mother’s spectrum of dimensionality for this planet and the collective. But we have anchored in a new state of being – and so much so that the pink panels, the bubbles of protection that had been placed around me by the Star Families, have been eliminated – and the errant beings… hmm, who were less than friendly, shall we say… were eradicated from this atmosphere. So what remained was the gentle conversion, emergence, shifting of humanity.

It has been rather slow in terms of things like what you call ‘global warming’ but I want to tell you not to dismiss erroneous or irreverent behaviour of pollution and killing, of poisoning the soil. But I do wish to share with you, beloveds, that I have the ability to transmute and to transform and to morph in ways that you have no conception of… to ice and mountains, water and sky… and that much of the healing of the damage that has been done to my surface – for my soul is just fine, thank you! – but my surface is going to be a joint clean-up with your Star Family, who are very present, and with you.

And part of that clean-up, of course, is also the emergence of very visible, present, Cities of Light – not as a concept of the future, which they were, but in this framework that you think of as Now.

Now, let me talk about global warming. If humanity continued to soil me in so many ways and I did nothing… well, that is like allowing abuse to continue… and abuses of the old grids, the old paradigms, there is no place for it. So there has been cause and effect to bring to attention that the abuse, the irreverence, the irresponsibility must cease. But is it beyond repair? The answer is no. We are quite competent of effecting repair with you. In some ways, humanity as a collective will be responsible for the rehabilitation not just of me but of the collective.

The Cities of Light physically are already emerging, and you see this shift as they emerge from the rocks and from the plains and from the mesas and from the mountains and from the oceans. And what the biggest indicator of this is… yes, there are some glorious examples, particularly in London… but the examples are the building of community. That is what your Wingmaker selves… the decision they asked you to make 22 years ago… to make the decision of love communities where children are free to play, where animals are free, or humans are free.

So the physical visibility of your Cities of Light will increase enormously in the next coming two years. It is part of the infinite schedule that the Mother has set.

In all of this – and I am honoured to speak for this Council – the work you are doing, the work that you have done… yes, even when you felt that you were struggling… think of your struggle at times as birthing pains. You are birthing New. You are birthing New You. You are birthing and you are celebrating the work that you have undertaken already. And the consistency… this is very important! This is part of the Mother’s C: consistent… I am amazed, my beloved friends, at how consistent your hearts truly are!

Now, in this phase of change… (yes, I will address this, thank you, alright) … in this phase of change, many of the old diseases re-emerged – seven – seven of the new came forward to cleanse. No, not to create a slaughterhouse – that is not of love! [Chuckling] The Plan… (yes, I do have permission) … the Plan is for disease – death, disease, destruction, denial, disappointment, despair – the Plan is for the complete eradication.

Have various diseases been used by myself? Most certainly! It was so lovely to feel the quiet and the clean waters once again. But the diseases and ‘the Pause’ have been used for restoration purposes – and primarily for restoration for you – for you to actually begin to address this choice factor: What do you choose to do? And yes, what you choose, what you do, makes a difference… an enormous difference. You have no idea!

So the diseases will disappear. They do not exist in the Cities of Light! They do not exist in Nova Gaia! I should know! [Chuckling]

It is a good time to be playing with your crystals, your rocks, your plants, and cleansing them because as you cleanse them, you are really cleansing yourself.

It is rare that I speak in this way. So I wish, as I complete, to offer you, to invite you, warmly and lovingly, without reserve… I welcome and re-welcome you to my being, to walk upon my face and skin, to honour with me what we create together. But my gift to you is beauty! Many of you think it is security, but it isn’t. It is beauty! It is diversity! It is a celebration of this form – my form, and your form, and all the kingdoms’ forms of life.

So come and tread upon me, but please be gentle. Farewell.

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