Q3: With all of the information and misinformation present in the world today, what are some best practices to ensure we are tuning in to our own inner guidance and wisdom?

Q4: What are some helpful ways to deal with our anger, grief and disappointment when things don’t pan out how we had hoped or believed they would?

Q5: I’ve been feeling an acceleration of change and a higher intensity of energy coming to all of us. A lot is happening in the external environment and within ourselves. I get a sense of excitement, but it can also be overwhelming in how our bodies react to the energies and how we sort through the channelled messages from various sources about what is happening and what practices to follow. I’m wondering if the Council of Love could tell us three simple things to incorporate into our daily practice so we can remain balanced, centred and comfortable and enjoy this grand unfoldment?

Q6: How do we protect ourselves when we work in the negative realm and chaos all the time to help humanity so it doesn’t sneak into our own energy field? When we feel really tired and exhausted, what is the best and quickest way to boost ourselves with energy and love to face another day?

Archangel Gabrielle:

I am Gabrielle and I will continue.

Anger, grief, disappointment, exhaustion – and yes, sweet ones, confusion, for these are all elements of what our Mother calls ‘confusion’ – it is a drain on your energies. And it is a question to your sacred self about whether your path, all your efforts, all your undertakings… whether or not only have they been of value but were they correct. Humans – and most certainly we – like to be correct!

When you are reading information – whether it is a menu or a newspaper, a channelling, it matters not, for these are all methods of communication – go to the Mother’s litmus test… and as you read, you are growing in your discernment, so merely ask: “Is this of love? Does this touch the deepest part of my heart and soul? Does it fill me with gladness and hope and grace? Or does it tear down?” And this applies to your own individual opinions and actions, as well as the collective’s.

You are bombarded by what people call, humans call ‘information’, and it is a curious thing! And it is a pattern that has evolved upon this planet – and it will change! It is already changing.

And we have certainly talked to you, and your galactic families have talked to you, about methods of communication. But the curious part is: “What is information if it is not love-communication? If it is not heart-speaking and heart-listening? What is the point?” And I mean this also for your own communication – your own heart and soul communication to your sacred, divine, human self.

You have moments of doubt, you have moments of disturbance and discouragement, discontent, even despair. This is not who you are! This is not the very fibre of your being! So yes, look at it for what it is. It is an old issue belonging to you and to the collective, and there is only one thing to do with it: To throw it away! To give it away!

We are experts. We are notorious experts! Mi-ka-el and Raphael, St. Germaine and his Violet Flame, Uriel and his Silver Flame… let us inspire you!

So we’re not just asking you to look at this and say, “Ooh, I don’t think I want to live in this.” Step-1: Accept that you are feeling that way. Step-2: The decision, the choice, to give it away. You may give it to the Mother, you may give it to me, you may give it to your guardians. Give it away! Think of it in this way: Breathe it – out! Give it – out! Cry it – out! And then be done with it. Allow the winds of change to blow through you.

You are being flooded by change and the Porlana C, the Tsunami of Love, and the Tsunami of One. You are being flooded! Not so you will drown but so that you will cleanse these errant emotions, these false beliefs that have no place within you.

So – No.1: Identify. No.2: Decide and do. Give it away. And No.3 (and yes, I wish to give you this): Fill yourself! Fill yourself with my Golden Elixir, my Elixir of Joy! You may make it olive oil… you may make it ginger ale, effervescent and bubbly… but please: Fill yourself!

And then allow Mi-ka-el’s Blue Flame of Truth and the Mother’s 5th Eye of Tanzanite to re-focus, so that you may see what is truly the situation. And the situation is that you are so afraid of misstepping, you are so afraid of taking yet another scenic detour, that you pre-empt it by feeling defeated, disappointed.

Stay in what is uplifting you and give the rest to us! Do not even give it to Gaia. Give it to us. Let us take care of it. Give it to the Father, Yahweh.

And so it is.

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