The war is won! It is time to step forward into the bright sun of a new day…


Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of news. And yes, of course, I am pleased, I am thrilled, I am excited to stand next to my sister Gabrielle, for, in so many ways, we are mirrors of one another. I am the blue and gold; she is the gold and blue. And we love playing and trading places, and sometimes even fooling you, playfully, not to deceive… ever,

But I come this day to simply tell you, to announce, yes, quasi announcer, junior announcer to Gabrielle, the battle is over, the war is over. And it is time to step forward into the bright sun of a new day. Beloveds, I am not suggesting that life is over, but there is a new day, a new realm, and the old ways of drama, of abuse, of war, of struggle, of rancor, it is over!

And so, I ask you to proceed upon this flower-strewn path with us, with your star family, with the angels in form… which, of course, all of you are. It matters not whether you are star-seed, star-being, earth-keeper, elemental, you are all angels in form. And this lengthy battle to transform and eliminate beliefs and patterns of behaviors that have been abhorrent… it comes to a close.

Do not pretend that you don’t know this. Do not pretend and reengage. Do not feel that you are still on the front line and haven’t received the notice that the war is over. That is why I come this day with such spectacular news. Lay down your arms. Lay down your grievances. Lay down your hurts, your ills, your injuries, your dis-ease. No, I am not taking away your sword and shield, but I am reminding you, yes, to use your trowel, your spade, your rake, for you are the gardeners of peace. But you maintain your sword and shield, and you do so because you are pathfinder and way-shower.

And so, as you come forward, as you travel that grand canyon, as you cross the rainbow bridge, as you wander out into your back garden, those that come with you… holding your hands, or directly behind you… they may well say, “I can’t go forward, there are bushes and brambles, I cannot get through.” And you know that is not true. And so, you take your sword and you cut away that illusion. And then, you use your shield behind you, behind those you are assisting, so that the old does not penetrate them.

It will attract those seeking the light, and they will find you… they already have. And you find the way, through your heart, through your heart actions, to come to this new world, to come to this banquet that has already been prepared.

Yes, there is settlement, there is the unpacking… most of what you don’t require has been left behind. You are traveling light. Do you understand what I say? You are traveling light… you are light traveling, traveling at the speed of love, interdimensionally, through time and space. Do not go back to ancient grievances, do not go back to ancient wars… stay in the current of now and future. Entrain with your friends, with your family, with the entire planet because the war is over… and my beloveds, the battle is won. Halleluiah!

Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.