Plant the love! Plant the bulbs of love and the seeds of peace! Literally feel that you are doing open-heart surgery… gently, softly… and planting those bulbs and seeds…


Q15: The question that tugs continuously on my heart is how do we hold what is happening in Ukraine? I understand that the spiritual realm tells us that it is all an illusion, but this suffering is so difficult. I understand that the collective is painting itself into a corner pushing us towards awakening, but the suffering caused by the resistance is so hard to see. How can we hold it that adds to the love, to the awakening, moment to moment? How can we hold the war and what is happening in such a way that adds to the awakening rather than fuels the opposite?

Q16: I live in Romania, pretty close to the Ukrainian border, and inevitably what has been going on has brought things up to the surface for me, and I’m sure for many others. It looks to me that the pattern being played out is the old demeanour of patriarchal abuse which triggers for me past life memories in which the storyline is one of the individuals with the superior physical force, bigger muscles, or, in this sad case, bigger bones, feeling entitled to dominate and bring the other into submission.

Looking inwards relating to this matter, I feel how I am in the process of healing my own ability to become empowered to defend my own territory and energetic space, to live in full protection and safety, as we all should. I wonder if there is any advice the Council can give us on how to do that? At the physical body level, since this conflict started, I have felt guided to pay attention to the area of my feet and to try to make sure they adhere more firmly to the ground, to connect with and to protect my physical and energetic territory.

Q17: Do you see all countries of the world living in peace, e.g. Russia, North Korea, China, Somalia, Iran, etc. in our lifetime, and if so, when?

Q18: Will humanity have to go through a World War III? And will we have to deal with China attacking Taiwan?

Q19: Given the present state of war/looming wars on Earth at this time, in addition to beaming light, what other practical strategies can we utilise to embody our roles as proactive gardeners of peace?


Archangel Michael:

Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, and yes, Bringer of News.

So first I begin by reminding you that your Star Family will not allow any nuclear use of weapons or the landing of those weapons upon beloved Gaia.

I begin with the question and I reframe it about World War III, which many are in terror of. Perhaps you are already in WWIII! And let me be very clear about what I mean. This is the greatest war – not just the military interactions and the incursions and the invasions of personal sovereignty; this is the greatest war because it is a war for personal freedom, individual sovereignty, and freedom from oppression, from arrogance, from abuse.

This is the war! This has always been the war on this planet for thousands and thousands and thousands of years! So it is already being waged. Is it going to be a massive engagement of the globe and the global armies and forces? No. Because what is being learned and finally brought forward into practice is what some of you will call ‘diplomacy’. You don’t know anything about sanctions. We do!

But let us be practical in this. Let us give you the tools to address this, and it requires refined balance… that is why we have taught it to you… refined discernment… expanded understanding.

If you, because of your beautiful hearts, engage in the drama, engage in the pain and the suffering that the humans are doing to each other, you do not help. It is that simple. There are times when we asked of you to be participants and observers, and this is my guidance in this regard. Stand back! Not in a way that you divorce yourself from these aberrant, egregious behaviours, but stand back and be the observer.

Do not allow the drama to penetrate your fields! Fortify your Seal of Solomon. Fortify your seals. Make the mirrors that they bounce anything that is not of love back to where it came from.

And then, even while you are doing that, I want you to be participants. I invite you! I beg you! And this is what I want you to participate in. This is where you will use your trowel, your rake, your spade. I want you to plant the seeds, the bulbs, the energy of peace – not merely in Ukraine, but let us start there.

There are parts of Europe… yes, in Holland… where now there are fields and fields, glorious fields of flowers coming into bloom that have been planted there in the glorious majesty of Gaia. I want each of you to think that you are planting these flowers… and it can be tulips or roses, daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops, lily of the valley – you want it, you name it!

And plant them in the rubble… and not merely in the rubble of Ukraine, but in the rubble particularly of Syria, of Somalia. Take the trowel that I have given you, rake away the debris, and plant the good, the love, the beautiful… and don’t just plant it and run – then tend to it, water it, protect it!

The second piece of this, my friends, you may find a little harder. You are going to plant these seeds and these bulbs into the hearts of everyone engaged! Into those who are the oppressors, into those who are the defenders, into those that are simply soldiers and citizens who are doing their best and doing what they regard to be right.

Plant the love! Plant the bulbs of love and the seeds of peace! Literally feel that you are doing open-heart surgery… gently, softly… and planting those bulbs and seeds within them.

You can do cities, platoons… you can do it all! And don’t forget the children, these magnificent beings; these beings, yes, that have come to in fact change the face of the planet, to literally be the legislators of peace, the anchors of the Cities of Light.

Plant the seeds and reassure the children they are not forgotten, they are tended to, and they are loved – and that I am watching over them, the Mother is watching over them, and we are all very engaged.

So we will not be looking for a repeat in Taiwan; Hong Kong was quite enough! We will not be looking for a repeat in Iraq or Iran or Afghanistan. But this is what we are doing with you. You have held your sword high for many years, and you have shielded mightily. Now, with the humility and the compassion of who you really are, plant! Be the gardeners of peace! And let yourself be and celebrate the harvest of love!

This will be resolved. The key to this, my beloveds, is to ensure, even as you are gardening… for those of you who are human gardeners, you know that sometimes you get angry when there are insects invading your plants, or there are weeds… well, let us tell you: there can be no blame, no shame projected into those that you judge as aggressors or as victims because there’s no place for aggressors or victims.

There is only place for unity and community. That is what Nova Earth is about. That is the key! It is the heart connection, it is the heart consciousness – and it is the decision, the responsibility, to live and thrive this way. So yes, war – be it a skirmish or a massive undertaking – has no place in the dimension of love. There is no place for it on Nova Earth.

So I invite you and I ask you: plant the bulbs and seeds, not once and be done with it – every single day! Because think of this. It is not about just the cessation of dropping bombs and violence. It is about the re-building, the re-blossoming, the re-creation of what has been destroyed – and what has been destroyed is hope, and what has been destroyed is respect.

So come with me, come with all of us – yes, Francis will be there, as will St. Teresa – and we will build the garden and it will be beautiful.

So for this, I thank you, I bless you, and I love you. We all love you.

So go in peace, my friends, and go with love. Farewell.