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Here is a new gift from Archangel Gabrielle, her Golden Filters, along with a reactivation of her Golden Magnets. Now come back again to your heart and to the gift of Gabrielle’s Golden Filters. We’re given so many gifts but this is our Ascension prep gifts, not that they all haven’t been….


You are the anchors of light, you are the anchors of the future, you are the Mother’s forerunners, the pathfinders. But your light is shinning brightly and we are in sacred partnership like never before.


Archangel Gabrielle speaks of a deeper anchoring of Love. “We know that this is the time of union with your star brothers and sisters, the bringing forth and anchoring of the totality of your star self. But what is this truly about? It is about a deeper anchoring of Love in this time of change.”


Archangel Uriel brings forth the expanded gift of the Silver Flame “to help you illuminate the desires of your heart, to help you illuminate your purpose and mission…. the key to your forward movement…key to the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan….You came plain and simple. You came to do this manifestation, to claim your place …


I can think of no sweeter Valentine’s gift than this message from Archangel Jophiel…


Archangel Jophiel speaks of the need of patience, prudence and temperance during this time on Earth, with yourself and others. “I am asking you as my friends, as my beloved family, be patient with those who are still in this transition phase. Be compassionate with those who are not fully awake. Be prudent in what …


A powerful plea from the Silent Archangel to let go of the old paradigm of drama and chaos, and actively hold peace in our every thought, word and action. Archangel Raphael gives guidance for the Sunday night peace meditations.


Greetings. I am Jophiel, Archangel and Friend. Welcome, my friends. I wish to speak to you a little about who I am and about my purpose with you for you know Michael, the defender and the musician, and you know Gabrielle, my beloved one, administrator and messenger, and Raphael, the healer, and my brother, Uriel, …


Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love and Trumpet of Truth. Welcome my friends to this Council of Love. Welcome old friends for we have sought you and called you and are pleased to see you. I come to speak to you of this Council. We are messengers of One of what you have conceived …


Archangel Michael speaks further of the purpose and meaning of our sacred sword and shield he gave us. “So when I have given you this shield, it was not simply for purposes of defense and protection…Your shield is a transmitter…when you hold your shield high throughout the multiverse…we can see it is like a transmission …