I have given you my sword, my shield, my scepter, my staff of life…and I am asking each of you to use this with discernment. I also have imbued you, embedded within your heart, your third eye, your throat, your mind, your emotional body, your mental body, my blue flame of truth. So let us ignite that yet again, more brightly and more beautifully than ever before…

Geoffrey West: Greetings and blessings to all. Welcome again to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow, founder of the2012scenario. I’m Geoffrey West sitting in for GD. Tonight’s principal guest will be Archangel Michael. The microphone is yours Steve, so I hand things over to you.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Geoff. And we have a slightly different program today, a new departure. We’re going to be talking with Archangel Michael in a bit about some disagreements that have arisen with light-workers, but before we do that, Linda, I think you would like to say some initial remarks, and read a passage to us that’s relevant to all this, please?

Linda Dillon: Yes, I would Steve, and thanks. And thank you, Geoff as well, and thank you, everybody who’s listening. I just wanted to, because today seems like a very momentous program, and I guess we have these landmark points in time where we regroup and re-examine where we are, I wanted to give a little background about what I do and what I’m sure all the really clear and good channels do in terms of preparing for a program like this.

It isn’t just a matter of getting on the program and letting Michael come in. There are hours and hours, and sometimes, in this situation, days of preparation with the Council of Love and with Archangel Michael, in order that the truth of what is behind appearances, what is behind the illusions of the old third dimension can really come forward, so that we can dig deeper into our multi-dimensional selves, into our Ascension path, and really receive not only the information but the energy of what we need collectively to go forward.

So, part of that preparation — excuse me, I have a touch of asthma today; I was smudging in my house and some of the smoke set me off. If I’m clearing my throat, please forgive me — but part of my preparation for this morning was a deep meditation with the Council, with Archangel Michael. And Jesus Sananda came forward and led me to a channeling that he did actually almost exactly a year ago, which is often the way the Council works. They tell us things and they let us sit with the energy before we actually perhaps need it.

But Yeshua asked me to share this channeling with you once again before we get into our broader discussion of today. And before I do that, I also want to talk a little bit about how we are in the middle of the transition. And I know, Steve, that you’ve been writing about it, and writing about it very eloquently, very succinctly…

SB: Thanks, Linda.

LD: …but all of us are in this process of shifting into our inter-multi-trans-dimensional selves. And there’s been a lot of discussion about what does that look like, what does that feel like, what can we expect, what will we experience?
And one of the things that Archangel Michael has told us, and that the other members of the Council of Love have told us, is that very often we’re going to feel that we are in two places at once, or that we are going to be experiencing parallel situations or parallel experiences.

And I want you to keep this in mind as we’re going forward over the next few months, that you may be experiencing things that do not seem exactly congruent with what the old third dimensional reality is telling you, or informing you, or trying to convince you, is real. And I want to give you a concrete example.

About a week ago, Archangel Michael came to me and he appeared to me, as he never has before — very big! — and told me that I needed to go with him immediately, that my help was urgently needed. Now, I have bi-located to many places over the years, and it’s not something I generally talk about. But if I was to tell you today that currently I’m in Iran with Archangel Michael and I’m working with the President of Iran, you could very well say to me, “Well, no, you’re not, Linda. You are in Port St. Lucie, Florida, and you are on the radio.” And both are equally true.

So this is a time when our discernment of what we are and what we have been doing, consciously and unconsciously, for decades, is coming to the forefront, and coming to the forefront of our consciousness so that we can be aware of the fullness of our being. So, I’m going to leave it like that, and now I’d like to just quickly go into this wonderful channeling from Jesus Sananda. And I really want to let him come in and read this to you.

Jesus Sananda: Greetings. I am Jesus Sananda. I am Yeshua, brother of your heart, brother of your soul, brother of magenta. I come to speak to you this night about forgiving, not forgiveness, but forgiving as an action and as a state of being. For as you advance and expand into the wonderful wholeness of your mighty self, your capacity to stay in the heart of forgiving is infinite. And that is important. It is critical, and it is part of the shift to the place of love.

When you live in the place of love, when you finally acknowledge and fully embrace that love is all you are, it is all you ever have been and all you ever will be, that does not eliminate the need for forgiving. And that is particularly true as long as you are inhabiting the third dimensional reality.

You are divine perfection, and in that perfection you are having a wondrous human experience. That does not mean that there will never be a misstep, that one you love, or a neighbor, or one that is in the process of awakening will not do or say or project something that is hurtful, harmful, something that is disturbing, something that is unloving. And that requires forgiveness. So that is why, my dear friends, I ask you to stay in the constant state of forgiving.

You are in the midst of massive change, more significant and more massive than most of you have ever dreamt of, or are even dreaming of. It is not cataclysm; it is miraculous, it is expansive, it is inclusive. But in that change, if fear arises, and if you are then in a place of forgiving, then you forgive the fear, and you reassure not only your sweet self but all concerned.

If people are assuming certain scenarios and you bring forgiving into it, it dissipates the energy. Forgiving is one of the cornerstones of being able to live and be part of the collective. In the healing your starseed self, many of the rays that penetrated you on board ship were the rays of forgiveness and the awakening of the state of forgiving.

There has been much that has gone forward both on-planet and off-planet, and in other lives, that requires the state of forgiving to be fully ever present within you — right now. Forgiving does not eliminate memory. What it does is it puts you in perspective and not only allows you but encourages you and moves you along the stream of forward movement, of Ascension.

I leave you with this thought: We ask you to be in the state of forgiving, to look at the entire universe. It is about wiping the slate clean, and it is about keeping the slate clean, particularly for your own sweet selves. If you are having difficulty in staying in this place of forgiving, of trust, of hope, of compassion, then turn to me and call, “Yeshua!” I will be there. I have always been with you. I’m not about to walk away now.

So, forgiving all ideas that you have had about yourself, about what you have or have not accomplished or experienced in this lifetime, begins today. We walk together in love. Go with my blessings, go with my peace, and go, dear friends, with my laughter. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Jesus. And just before we continue, Linda, if I could make a comment myself?

Linda Dillon: Yes.

SB: I’d just like listeners to keep in mind that today we’re talking about disagreements among light-workers, but the light-workers we’re looking at at the moment are one of two groups. There are two groups of commentators. And one is light-workers who rely on insider or whistleblower testimony, and the other is the group that relies on the evidence or testimony of channeled speakers — ascended masters, galactic beings, celestial beings.

Now, often we don’t — we haven’t coalesced as well as we might. And hopefully this is one step in the process of coalescing. So I just wanted to make that contextualizing comment before we bring in Archangel Michael. Thank you, Linda.

LD: Oh, you’re welcome, Steve. And I think that’s a very important distinction. But hopefully, through this work that we’re doing together today, we can bring what seem to be different groups of different perspectives together. So yes. Thank you for doing this.

SB: Thank you.

LD: Thank you for everything that you do on the 2012scenario.

SB: Thanks, Linda.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

SB: Greetings, Lord. Thank you for coming today.

AAM: Welcome! Welcome, welcome, welcome. And let me tell you, I am pleased not to be the arbiter of truth, but let us begin anyway with my favorite pastime, for I remind you, I remind you, dear Steve, Geoffrey, Linda, and all listeners, that I have given you my sword, my shield, my scepter, my staff of life eons ago. And you still have it. And I am asking each of you to use this with discernment.

I also have imbued you, embedded within your heart, your third eye, your throat, your mind, your emotional body, your mental body, my blue flame of truth. So let us ignite that yet again, more brightly and more beautifully than ever before. I welcome the opportunity to speak to you this day, yes, as warrior, but also of peace, of love.

I have traveled throughout many universes, as you know, throughout many galaxies, throughout every corner of existence. There is very little that I have never seen or witnessed. And so I am here to share not only my love and my wisdom, my truth, but also to assist each of you, each in your own way, as I touch your heart this day, this night, as I cut away the cords of illusion that may bind you to limited reality. And I ask you, I invite you to fly free with me, to come explore what is available to you. You are in the middle of your transition, the opening of your hearts and minds. Let us proceed freely. Where, dear heart Steve, do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, I have two items to discuss with you, and I’m aware that you already know my questions, so I can rely on you to answer them even if I don’t read them off. But one concerns Bill Brockbrader, and then the second one, the second item on the agenda is to move from there to consider light-workers more generally and the disagreements arising at this time. So, shall I first proceed with my questions about Bill Brockbrader, Lord?

AAM: There are many illusions, half truths, truths and omissions that have been related with regard to Bill Brockbrader. And let me say this, because I do not wish to comment or to fuel the furor with regard to one particular individual. But what I suggest you do is to look to the multi-dimensional self as well, as well as the many lives that this one has had as a warrior, and a warrior of peace, a warrior of love. Yes, have there been situations of confusion, situations of illusion on both sides? Absolutely.

But let us suggest to you, even more important, what this one is doing. And what he is doing is bringing up — for conversation, for examination — the ability of each and every heart to discern what is true and what is not, what is of reality and what is not, what is of the old third dimension and what is not.

We are shocked and appalled at how many are willing to dismiss or condemn any human being, regardless of whether they have been in the military, a Seal, or in the Navy, or whether they have been a violator, a sexual predator — for what do these things tell you? They are of the illusion of the old reality. And what happens when you are engaging in that, what you are committing to, is actually going back to the drama of the old third and playing the game, re-engaging in the drama of that situation. And that is not benefitting anyone.

The key to this is forgiveness, on every level of every being, every wrong-doer, every right-doer, to allow that to be put to rest, and to allow people to proceed into freedom with their paths and with their journeys.

It does not behoove any to point a finger, either at another, at what one calls a whistleblower or a revealer of truth, what one wishes to say are acts of darkness or acts of light, because again then what you are doing is you are involving yourself in the duality, in the polarity of that existence, and once you are back there, my friends, you get caught!

So, is there veracity to some of the claims of this individual? Yes. Are there some illusions and some things that are inter or multi-dimensional? Yes. Are there some situations that are in fact past life bleed-through? Yes. And that is all I wish to say.

Look at the similarity between this individual with Bill Brockbrader and your star brothers and sisters, and how so many on the planet of Earth will say, “Where is your evidence?” It cannot exist because we do not have the concrete evidence. “Where is the evidence?” And even when there are pictures, interviews, manifestations, aberrations, when the Pleiadians themselves make themselves known and present, still there are denials because it is not in the public interest of the old third reality for this to be known.

They use the cover of fear, of national security, of interests, and so it is. Does this mean that your star brothers and sisters do not exist? What I would say to you on this matter is does this mean that the collective of humanity does not exist? It is equally absurd questions and assumptions. But we will not point fingers at anyone, because that is not of love.

SB: Lord, if I let your comments stand as you just made them, I think there will be some listeners who will think that you may have implied that Bill Brockbrader was a sexual predator. So could you just direct your attention to the possibility that that interpretation or comment may arise? Please?

AAM: I am not saying — because it is not my place, nor would I ever wish to. What I was referring to was, in fact, what you often find the most abhorrent crime upon your planet. So you have heroes, and I understand in one of your countries that this is a day when you remember those who have fought and suffered through various human wars, some for freedom, some for simple destruction purposes. So, it is a time to remember and not to ever, ever point a finger. So no, that was not what I was referring to at all.

SB: I just wanted to clear that up. I think the main thing that needs to be clarified here is, was Bill Brockbrader a Navy Seal or not?

AAM: Bill Brockbrader has been a Navy Seal in several lives. He was a UDT specialist in his previous, former life. He has been a part of the Navy, he has believed and he has aspired to be a Seal, and in his multi-dimensional self he has acted as a Seal. He has not been part of a, what you would think of as a normal Seal team, but we would say he has acted in that capacity, and he knows that.
SB: And when you say “not been part of a normal Seal team,” do you mean that his team was undercover, or … is that what you’re meaning?

AAM: We cannot say more than that.

SB: All right.

AAM: It would expose too many.

SB: All right. Thank you. Now, Bill has — it appears that Bill has attracted a lot of negative attention because he said that President Obama was a light-worker, or was a force for good. Could you direct your attention to Bill’s allegation that, or statement that President Obama’s a light-worker? Is President Obama a light-worker or not?

AAM: I will take it away from Bill and I will speak to this issue myself. Often we have said to you, both publicly and privately, that Barack Obama is a starseed. He is a brother of your being from the stars. He is part of the early forces that have been upon the planet. He is most definitely a worker of the light, and, might we say, the highest light. He is a warrior of peace, he is a warrior of love, and he has put himself in one of the most dense situations upon your planet — not the densest, but certainly one that has been filled with density and intrigue, control, greed … we can go on, you know the list.

He has positioned himself there as an agent of change and as a warrior of light and a warrior of love. Have there been times when Obama has been caught in the morass and the intrigue of those who have surrounded him? Has he sometimes sought out help and perhaps not been quite as clear or as demonstrative, or been caught in the web that has surrounded much of the illusion of the third dimension? Yes.
But do not make the mistake of thinking that this one is not a champion of the light. He has put himself not only in an enormously challenging and difficult position, he has put himself in many ways, just like I have from time to time, into the heart of darkness.

Years ago, nine years ago, I have begun my strategic peace initiative, and where I have begun this strategic peace initiative was in Washington in the United States of America. And how I began that initiative was by walking the halls of the White House, of the Pentagon, by involving and having my energy present to begin to anchor peace, so that this process of shift and Ascension could actually take place.
Now, it is not just Barack Obama. There are many, many, many light-workers that have positioned themselves in the military, in the White House, in the Administration, in the Houses. Have they met with strident opposition? Yes. Does that stop them? No. Do I guide and protect these ones? Always. Does this answer your question?

SB: Yes, it does, Lord. And before turning from this matter to the disagreements that have arisen among the light-workers, may I just mention that the people I’m about to name, as that group of light-workers predominantly rely on insider or whistleblower testimony and evidence, and they don’t put much stock in what we’re doing right here today, which is my consulting with you, a celestial being. So, could you address yourself, please, first, to the credibility of what we’re doing right here, now, please?

AAM: Yes, I most certainly can. And what I do — and that is why I have begun by reminding each of you that I have given you my gifts, my wisdom and my truth — I do not care for credit, I do not need acknowledgment. What I need and ask of each of you is to keep open your minds and your hearts.

You do not need to listen to me, and in fact I find it peculiar, do you not, that if you do not believe in me, if you do not believe that this channel is capable, or other channels are capable, of bringing forth messages from our side, then why do you listen, why do you critique, and why do you participate?

And I tell you why: because deep within the recesses of your heart, your mind and your soul, the truth burns, and the yearning for connection also burns brightly. You, each of you, do the work that you do not out of a sense of misplaced righteousness, but out of a sense to re-establish balance, peace and love upon your beautiful Gaia.

What you do not know, and what we would wish to instill even more deeply within each one of you, is the power of discernment. There is a time and a place, and there always has been, for what we would call peace-makers and peace-seekers. And that includes informants and what you call whistleblowers. What we do not adhere to is why you engage in information that makes the situation more treacherous, more tumultuous, more chaotic, that contributes to upheaval and separation, and separation amongst light-workers, light-holders, love-holders.

You are overly concerned, too often, with being right, with proving yourself through the veracity of your information, sometimes to the point of ridiculousness, of absurdity. You are not promoting cohesion. Now, that is not always true. Of course not. Because, as I say, you start, my friends, from a place of love. That was why you have chosen this method of journeying, this path of unfolding truth. But not everything those who are disclaimers or whistleblowers [say] is true. And there are times when, even though it is true, it is contributing to the power of the old realm; it is not contributing to the new.

You are so focused on history you might as well be back in the intergalactic wars! The devastation of planets, of people, yes, is historical fact. But I ask of you, what are you creating? What are you bringing forth What is it you wish to reveal as the new? The old is already revealed. The old paradigms are lying stark naked on the ground, and they are disintegrating, even as we speak. And there is much more being done by your star brothers and sisters on this side than you can possibly be aware of. Perhaps you do not wish to hear it or see it? Well, frankly that does not matter, because it does not stop us. It has never stopped us.

So, do you need to believe me? It matters not, quite frankly. But what you need to believe, what you need as terms of conduct, of engagement, is very much what St. Germaine talks about as, first, do no harm. So ask yourself, are you truly contributing to the peace? Are you contributing to the establishment of the higher realm, of the return of love and peace upon the planet of Gaia, regardless of what dimension you may think you are in?

We have no issue with those who rely or who see it as their role, their job, to expose what is false and corrupt, but do not get sucked into that quagmire. Take that information and raise it. And that is why Yeshua has started this day by talking about forgiving. Who of you is not in a position to be forgiven? What he has not talked about is the dark corners of your own soul.

You have recently gone through a solar eclipse, the opportunity to truly embrace and eradicate your shadow self. Each and every one of you — channel, whistleblower, pedestrian, star being, Earth keeper — have you done so? Do you seek to do so every day? Do you spend time in your heart, in your meditation, in your connection to One, listening and learning and opening and allowing to what is important for your journey and your truth? Do you pray that your truth is in alignment with the truth? Because, my friends, there is only one truth.

Sometimes we do not choose to point out the errors or the mistakes or the misinformation, because you are all in a process of learning, of going forward. And we support you in that, of course we do. But to assume, let alone impugn, that the information that comes via clear channels, beings who have devoted their lives and their journeys to becoming sacred vessels and messengers — it is unkind, it is destructive, and it is foolish.

Seldom do you hear me speak so strongly or clearly. Why do I speak that way today, tonight? Because this is my plea to you — channels, light-workers, peace-keepers, whistleblowers, those of you who feel you are journalists of exposure — can you not come together?

What you do not fully acknowledge or accept or allow — you are already One. You always have been, you always will be. You are part of one unified grid. You are part of the human collective. You are the brave ones who have chosen to be here, each playing your role in your dramas. But now that time is come to conclusion. It is over.

So we are asking you to acknowledge, accept and embrace that you are in this unified field of love, of consciousness, of new creation, of bringing forth Nova Earth and Nova Being, and to allow what we would call a very bloody, distorted, illusionary history of Earth to become a dim and distant memory.

We ask you to focus forward, to embrace the totality, because each of you that I am speaking to — channels light-workers, journalists, whistleblowers, exposers — each of you is bright, each of you is sacred, each of you has the ability to contribute so significantly to this rebuilding, this recreation, this New Earth.

There is no separation in the fifth, sixth, seventh and onward dimensions. That is an illusion of Old Earth. So when you say, “I can accept this, or I can accept that,” and as a reader, as a participant in the 2012 scenario, if you say, “I will believe this because it is based on informants, on secret information, on whistleblower and insider information”; “I will believe this because it is human, but I will not believe this because it is heavenly and divine, that it comes from the Company of Heaven”; or, “I will not believe this because it comes from these star beings who may wish to eat us,” where is your discernment? And where, where is your heart?

Where is the love that is the key and the core of who you are? This platform, my beloved platform, has been put in place, yes, with and by my beloved brother, Steve, that all opinions, all information, all knowing, whether it was completely accurate, slightly off — it didn’t matter, because it was important that the collective have a place to learn, to read, to discern, to share information.
Now, you have evolved. You have grown, and you have grown magnificently. We are so proud of you. But the next step in that evolution is your discernment, never judgment. Because judgment is what has been taking place. Judgment is saying, “This person is wrong, therefore they are not holy or sacred or good.” Discernment says this piece of information resonates with me. It is that compassion is collective compassion at work.

So you take the information, not because the rest of it is untrue, incorrect, but because of your own past, your own journey, and where you are. It speaks to you, it resonates within you, it is raising your vibration. That is the litmus test. “Does this make me feel loving? Does this make me feel that I am on my Ascension journey, that it is raising my vibration?” It does not matter whether it is a commentary, an editorial, a whistleblower piece or a piece of channeling: “Does it make me feel closer to One?”

If the answer is no, then let it go. The time comes when you choose peace, when you choose community and unity. There is far too much focus, might I say, on avenging and revenging. “Who will we arrest and put to trial? Who can we punish? Who is responsible?” Do you think, in any realm, human and otherwise, that that is not known? Of course it is.

But how do you fall into judgment, when there is love? You cannot do so. What you are working on, each of you, is raising the vibration by your sacred work, and that includes the sacred work of what you read. By raising that vibration, so that you are in a place of sending light, sending love and helping through the portal those who most need it. And who needs it the most? Those who have engaged in acts of terrorism, of darkness, of mayhem, of confusion, who have contributed to the morass of illusion.

You are on a higher vibratory path right now, and you are on it because you have chosen it. You decided. Now, decide: can your heart be open enough to help those who have lost their way, to assist those who do not know or understand, and who, just like you, are being penetrated, deeply and profoundly, with love from the heart of One? And this is increasing every single moment of your day. It is not lessening. The frequency is not going down, and it will not. I am sorry, Steve. I have gone off on a tangent. Does this answer your question?

SB: Well, I think what you’ve said is something that has been needed to be said for quite some time, and I’m glad you took the time to do it. Here is my next question, and this may take up the remainder of our time. I think that one of the major sources of disagreement among light-workers is over the extent to which events like the mass arrests, economic deconstruction, introduction of Nesara, advent of the transitional governments and disclosure are being orchestrated by the galactics, celestials and ascended masters. Can you comment, for the benefit of people who listen more to insiders and whistleblowers, on the extent of that orchestration, please?

AAM: Yes, we would be glad to. And let us also add to that list of who is orchestrating what the human collective. So yes, it is the celestials, as you call it, the Council of Love, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, the Galactic Federations, the Intergalactic Federations — they are all part of this unfoldment. This is not simply a singular event or a singular affair under the auspices of one being or one group of beings. This is the unfoldment of the Divine Plan of the Mother. So of course, how could we not all be involved, including whistleblowers and exposers? We are all part of this unfoldment.

So, is there a plan for the restoration of equality in financial systems, and is that plan directly from the heart of One, assisted by your star brothers and sisters, assisted by St. Germaine’s — umm, can we call it his fund? Yes.
Does it look like chaos? No. We — yes, there will be significant change, what some will think of as upheaval because they never deal with change well, even though they have volunteered to be on Earth during the greatest change that the planet has ever witnessed and many, many galaxies have ever witnessed.

Now, is there a plan so that there can be the exposure and the disclosure of the presence of your star brothers and sisters? The answer is yes. And there are many, many, many right upon your Earth, your Terra Gaia, who are participating in this. And we do not simply mean those who, quote unquote, “believe,” or have had UFO experiences, we mean starseeds who have incarnated, we mean the troops on the ground, we mean those in the military who have cooperated, we mean many scientists, physicists.

There are many more involved in this undertaking than you can even begin to imagine — millions upon millions, just as there are millions upon millions working behind the scenes, not to create financial breakdown where everybody has nothing to eat, but where there is equal abundance.

Now, you human beings love money, so we have worked to try and create currencies and methods and transitions for you to understand how this expansion and creation … because you are having trouble, as you are making this inter-dimensional transition, to understanding how it is not resource or gold-based. So, we are helping in that expansion of your views.

So yes, this is being orchestrated, but not for you, with you; we cannot emphasize [that] enough. Before — and I am talking not so far before, oh, perhaps several decades — so often what we have done with the human collective, as you have been climbing out of this illusion, of what we refer to as the old, the sullied, the dirtied, the illusionary third dimension, so often, we did for you.
Now, we are in the sacred union, we are in the sacred partnership, and it is a partnership that we have waited for and worked for, and we are not willing to simply abandon and do. So we create this, we orchestrate this with you, with each of you who are listening tonight, with each of you who know there is a greater truth, that there has been this veil of secrecy, of control, and what some would call darkness over your planet for a very long time. But you have awoken. You have grabbed, not just chosen, you have grabbed the light.

You are part of this orchestration. Do not deny your role. But please, also, do not deny our role. There are many, many sightings. Perhaps it would be good, for you, sweet Steve, to begin a section on your platform, on our platform, called “Sightings,” where people could simply begin to list the sightings that they have of me, that they have of Lord Maitreya, of the Buddha, of Jesus Sananda, of Archangel Gabrielle, of Uriel, of Serapis Bey.

SB: That’s a wonderful idea.

AAM: This could be helpful, because you think that we are not present, or in conjunction with you, and we are. Are we walking the Earth as physical human beings? No. That is not our form. But that is why we so freely, especially now, are speaking to you this way, through so many of our channels. We want to be in communication. We do not wish to speak in code, to refer to mythology or ancient ways and beliefs. We want to be clear and to be understood in your vernacular, in the here and now. So, are we orchestrating? Yes. But, dear heart, you are the string section.

SB: Thank you, Lord. That was a spirited discussion and should go far to, I hope, bring light-workers into coalescence. Thank you very much for that.

AAM: Go with my love, and go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon