Peace is not brought to your planet or anywhere throughout the multiverse, it does not come through control and hatred, coercion, distrust, drama. That is simply not the way, it is not the way of love…So what can we do to bring about the truth of Peace, the discipline of Peace, the fulfillment of who we are and align our will with the Divine Will to bring forward Divine Mother’s Plan of Love for Gaia?…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love, and the author of The Great Awakening, and Geoffrey West of Greenprint for Life. Today we’ll have Archangel Michael visit us, in advance of the theme of peace to be discussed by ascended masters Serapis Bey and El Morya.
So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Geoff.

Geoffrey West: Thank you, Graham. Greetings and blessings to all. Welcome. This is going to be a—perhaps a little bit of a special version of An Hour with an Angel in light of the very recent events and activities that have begun to take place.

Certainly a number of listeners to An Hour with an Angel and to InLight Radio, and many followers of the2012scenario and Cosmic Vision News, will be aware of announcements that have been discussed and talked about with regards to potential changes to take place involving mass arrests—whether they will or will not occur—and how this transition and transformation is going to move forward towards the creation of the new Earth and the new consciousness and the higher vibrations of love and light.

So, we decided to go with three guests on the show today to discuss perhaps how things are going to transpire and unfold. And we’re very honored, as usual, to welcome Archangel Michael. And, welcome to the show.

Archangel Michael: Thank you. I am Archangel Michael, warrior of peace, bringer of love. And I bring many gifts and blessings this day. I bring you your sword and shield, and I bring you my light, my blue flame of protection. And I wish you to feel this energy within your heart. Let it burn brightly. And let my flame of truth ignite in your third eye and in your crown, and yes, beloved ones, in your root, that you are grounded, and that you are connected to the highest vibration of Gaia.

I bring you the protection of the Council of Love, of the Company of Heaven, and I bring you the protection of the Mother/Father/One. I bring you the protection of your star brothers and sisters. Do not fall into fear. And, my beloved ones, my brothers and sisters of light, the courageous ones who walk the Earth and prepare the Earth for this time of change, do not embrace or engage the old drama, the old paradigms of the third dimension. It is not where you live, it is not where you belong.

So come with me, come with all of us. Let us assist you in our sacred partnership. Let us lift you up. Let us ease your minds and your hearts. No, that does not mean that we are not prepared to speak of this subject—of dark forces, mass arrests, cabals. But what it does mean is we wish to put it in perspective. I am the Archangel of Peace. That is my core, that is my service, that is my essence, and it is what I do in service to the One. And it is what I do joyfully and gladly. And, yes, I have traveled many times into what you would think of as the heart of darkness, but I have done so to bring light.

And many of you have traveled with me. And you have wielded your swords to cut away illusion, to destroy what is not of truth, that the light may reign, and that it may touch—gently, deeply, profoundly, pervasively—the heart of every being in the world. There is no one, upon your planet or elsewhere, that we do not seek to bring the light to.

That is what the transition is about. Yes, that is why you are all being penetrated by the love from the heart of the One, directly from the Source. And it is not just some of you, it is every being, even those that you have discerned—I would never say now, as you have advanced, as you have shifted, that you stand in judgment; but yes, you discern that there are those who are resistant—there are those who simply do not wish to change.

Are they not the ones that you need to penetrate even more deeply? Are they not the ones that I have asked you to take your sword and to cut the cords to the illusions? Peace is not brought to your planet or anywhere throughout the multiverse, it does not come through control and hatred, coercion, distrust, drama. That is simply not the way, it is not the way of love. And it is not the way that I urge you to move.

Now, I know there is a great deal of excitement in the air, and, my beloved ones, I suggest there should be, for change is the order of the day. And yes, as I have said to you and others, that there is the tipping point, that the boulder is running very rapidly down the hill and change is taking place, but perhaps not in the way that you are imagining or assuming, perhaps not in the way that you are envisioning.
Dear Geoffrey, you are a holder of the beacon of the light. Steve, so are you. Graham, so are you. You have created this platform, and you have given me this opportunity to speak not only to your hearts, but to the hearts of many. And for this I bless and thank you.

So, I know that there are many questions, and while this is the theme of peace, with my beloved ones Serapis Bey and El Morya, where do you wish to begin with your questions?

GW: The predominant question I think that is on people’s minds—in light of announcements that came out yesterday from a whistleblower named Drake that preparations are being made, and he had basically issued a call to the military to begin acting on their promise to honor the oath of the Constitution of the United States, and if they choose not to do so, he has suggested that militias around the country and citizens begin to act in reclaiming their country—[is] how is the Company of Heaven perceiving these events and how they might unfold?

AAM: How we perceive this call to civil unrest is not with eager anticipation. It is not with the activation of military to go in in coercive ways, ways that are traditional, for the people to pick up arms. How can that be perceived as an improvement? How can that be perceived as the foundation for Nova Earth? Why would Gaia wish to support more bloodshed, more violence, more unjust action? It is out of balance. This is a battle and a war that is won without one bullet, without one use of force.

So, you ask, what are we doing? You know, you must feel, at some times, that we are like a broken record. But you are being penetrated by love. And there is not one of you that can say that you are not feeling it. Yes, we have heard those who says, “But I don’t feel any differently. I do not see my angels. I do not feel my guides. I do not feel the joy.” And my question to you is, where are your choices lying? And, yes, my brothers are going to speak to this as well.

The emphasis on what we are doing with each and every one of you is to begin to help you with your choices of free will, with the choices that are not reactive but that are choices based in building and creating and co-creating with us, the future that you want. If you create the basis for the future on assuming control, then it is not the basis that we participate in.

Yes, there are oaths that have been taken. And what I also say to you—because I do not just speak to the people of the United States of America! I speak to all inhabitants of Gaia—and I ask you to remember the oath you took, the promise that you made before you returned to Earth. And that was to be the vessel of change, yes, of integrity, of truth, of love, of healing, each in your own beautiful, unique way.
And you have been doing that, some of you for a couple of years, some of you for a couple of months, some of you for your entire lives. Do not be diverted from who you are, and do not get caught in scenarios that do not appear [to be] of love. Yes, we have heard you. Your voices ring throughout heaven when you say, “We are tired of waiting. We are tired of not having more visible signs.”

But the visible signs are in your heart, are in your choices. And sometimes the visible signs are in truly the choice for peace, in peaceful resistance, not to join or jump on something that has the potential to be very, very destructive and to fragment the people of Earth even further.

There has been civil unrest all over Gaia. And you have seen some of the actions and reactions as you look to Egypt, as you look to Iraq. Do you truly wish to set up this kind of scenario in the west? There is already financial decay eating at the roots of your society, of your institutions. The shift is well underway. Do you wish to have it crumble all in one day, so that there is no bread to eat, no water to drink, so that you are moving like hermits on the stores in your cupboards? No. That is not the way of love.

We want you to walk outside, to embrace your neighbor. And it is your neighbor across the planet, it is your star brothers and sisters, and it is those that so often are disdained. That is the challenge! Our plan truly is for people to awaken. You see it every day. You tend to call it “a change of heart.” Well, that is exactly what it is.

Now, for some, you’re right, it doesn’t happen overnight. It happens with a growing unease as they get out of bed in the morning, and they look at their families, and they head off to their various jobs—secretive military, political, financial. And there is this growing unease within them, and it expresses as stress, as high blood pressure, as ulcers, as unease. And there is a feeling, “I am not happy. I know I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing.”

And the problem, for so many of these people, is they don’t know how to stop. They don’t know where to turn. They don’t know how to get out. If you confront them with accusations, with blame, with fault, with threats, this does not help them shift. It helps them regroup, retrench, and feel that they need to defend themselves.

So, you are easing the way. You are showing them—through your bright platforms, through the energy fields that are massive, by the beaming that you do, by the sharing that you do, you are showing them—yes, there is another way, and you are welcome to join us. Let me give you my hand. And yes, maybe you have been lost, maybe you have been confused, maybe you have been in the dark pit of hell. But I do not judge you, I welcome you, because long before we came to Earth and engaged in this drama and unfoldment, we were brothers and sisters, and we took our solemn oaths to make this change.

GW: If I may interrupt for a moment, Lord—my apologies—I sense a lot of listeners may … a lot of questions are going to start going through their heads as they listen to the words that you have now shared. The celestial realms have certainly told us that the timeline is short, and you have just said that we want to ensure that choices are not re-active, and the galactic families and angelic realms have said that in order for the shifts and transformation to occur, we have to participate in some in way.

And I’m sure many are listening in some way, how do we begin to participate, if we’re being told that we have to act as we participate? Do we … I mean, we know that we can peacefully resist, and in many cases people are, but will that work within the timeframe? Will those energies have a significant impact?

I think this is what some people are going to be asking themselves.
AAM: Yes, and that is a question that we have already heard in the minds of most of your listeners tonight—and every night, by the way. But this question of, “How do we step forward?” is a very good one. And let us say that you do not step forward in desperation.

Now, what do I mean by that? When last I had the opportunity to speak with you, we spoke of what was occurring in Syria and I asked each and every one of you, every single day, every single night, to take your mighty sword that I have gifted you eons ago and to cut the cords of illusion, to cut the cords so that people feel and see and begin to recognize the truth. Well, only a very, very small handful of people on Earth did this, which was a direct request from the Company of Heaven.
We ask you to beam all over your planet; we ask you to speak just as you are right now. Now, we don’t want, need or require people to be yes-men or women. There has been enough of that on Earth. That is how this difficulty, this illusion, came to have such form and function in the first place.

We are asking you to speak up. We are asking you to speak accordingly—not just on the internet, and not just to each other! This is part of the difficulty. You are talking with each other, and that is important, because you are building community, you are building understanding, you are supporting each other in a society that basically has not supported you, not financially, not emotionally, and, many of you feel, not even spiritually. But you also need to speak to the naysayers.

And you particularly, Geoff, Geoffrey—that is why I call you Geof-free; you are aptly named as a warrior of light—you are speaking to many. It is not to be confrontational. But that does not mean, as I have said, that the speaking of truth … it is not always easy. So, it does require courage and bravery, and stepping out and feeling in many situations that you are stepping out on a limb. And then there are people who will shake their heads and look at you and tell you that you are delusional and crazy. So be it. You are in very good company. In fact, you are in the best company.

It is for each being, each and every human being, to take the action that is appropriate to them. And this is what I ask of you, again—today, tonight, tomorrow, next week; yes, the time is short—step out of your comfort zone. Now, I am not talking about picking up guns or bombs, but I am asking you to step out of your comfort zone. And for some, that is simply beaming and making eye contact with every person they meet—no, not just three people in the grocery store.

You need to expand what it is you are doing, as we are expanding. And, by the way, you are being given mighty help from your star brothers and sisters. Do not think that the troops that have been put on the ground—and we do not mean troops as in the your sense, of military—they are very active, and they have been positioned not only to work with those who understand and greet them as brothers and sisters, they are also working with this group that you think of as the resistant group.

But understand what we say, there is the resistant group, but we are not asking you to form the new resistance. You already are the new paradigm. Look in the mirror. Beloved ones, look in the mirror, and see yourself, but also see us standing next to you. And if you are having trouble with your cosmic vision, then take pictures and post them on your mirror so that when you look you will see us standing there with you, because we are next to you as we never have been before.

Let the, what you think of as the activation of force-fields—and there is a difference between force and force-fields—leave that to us and to your star brothers and sisters. We don’t want you engaging in coercion, we want you engaging in conversation, in intelligent exchange. We love your mental bodies, your personalities—yes, sometimes even part of your delightful egos. We love all of it, and we love all of you.

We’re helping. And there is no weapon, no weapons that are more powerful than your sword and shield. None of what the military has ever evolved—in any nation, in any country, in any laboratory—can in any way defeat what is available to you, and to you through us and through your star brothers and sisters.

GW: Thank you, Lord. I think that is going to be a very, a very powerful and very meaningful message that many of the listeners, or many of our listeners, are going to appreciate hearing. I get the feeling that you have kind of finished up there. So, are there, is there a final word you would like to say, or shall we move on to the remaining guests?

AAM: We can move on. I will stay, but I will keep my presence quiet, shall I say. But I want you to know, it is not just I who am with you. We all are. Go in peace. Farewell.

GW: Blessed be. Thank you, Lord. So, we’ve just been hearing from Archangel Michael, and he has been sharing some very powerful and meaningful words here as we give Linda just a moment to bring in the energies of either Serapis Bey or El Morya. We’re not sure who’s going to be joining us first, but let’s reach out now.

Serapis Bey: I am Serapis Bey. And it is my honor, and my great joy, to be with you this night, for it is not very often that I address so many of my potential trainees in this way!

I come to speak to you tonight about a very popular and unpopular topic, and that is the discipline of peace, the discipline of love, and yes, my beloved friends, the discipline of Ascension. For these are all of One.
I have worked with most of you for thousands of years, and you have known me in many forms and in many ways, and now I beckon you to Luxor. But if you cannot make it, then how would it be if I simply brought Luxor to you? That is how determined and eager we are to work with you for this peace to reign.

You know, we are not like some government bureaucracy, where different bureaus or departments do not speak to one another, even though they are supposed to have a design for a common good. And so often what you have seen on your planet—yes, even in Atlantis we saw this—is that very narrow territories and turfdoms grew up, and what is worked for is not at all common good. It is not even the good for the individual of the highest realm, for that individual to fulfill their mission and purpose. So, much has been lost. But that does not mean, as you know, and even as you and Steve have spoken of, that it cannot be found, rekindled, re-embraced, and brought completely to fruition.

Often, upon your planet, peace has been misunderstood. And as our beloved Archangel Michael has often said, it is viewed as an absence of war. And that is incorrect, and at the very best incomplete. Peace is the freedom to be the fulfillment of who you are, of your divinity in and out of form. Peace is the acceptance and the embrace of your inter-transdimensional self.

Now, I do not simply wish to speak in esoteric ways. I wish to be very plain speaking so that each of you who listens to my heartfelt words this night understands what I am saying. Peace is when you awaken or go to sleep, and every moment in between, when you know and feel that you are in harmony, not only with your immediate environment and those who surround you, but with all—with the beings around the globe and the beings that you call the unseen ones, the Company of Heaven, the ascended ones; all of that.

Peace is the knowing, the guarantee, that as you rise from your bed that there is harmony, that you are not even aware that there is a potential of harm, of war, of starvation, of psychological programmings and behaviors that make you fearful and limited. Peace is the knowing of your divine connection and the unified grid of which you are a key part.
It is so much more than just feeling safe walking down the street, or feeling that you can go to sleep without fear of being robbed or hurt or arrested, or terrorized or tortured. Peace is balance, and it is balance in all things, in all realms.

So, my friends, how do we get … how do I guide you from where you are today, both individually and collectively, how do I reach out to you to come to this place of peace? Often, I am referred to as a very strict disciplinarian. This is true, and not. Discipline, responsibility within itself, is a very rigorous practice, and it is this exercise not only of alignment, but it is an alignment coupled with a beautiful exercise of your free will. And it is the discipline of consciously, not just subconsciously or spiritually or in any other level, consciously, in your human form, of making the choice to be purity, to be the embodiment of peace, to live, breathe, and be love, not simply performing acts of peace or acts of love, but the discipline of knowing and embracing and being.

And what this means, especially as you begin—and most of you are in the middle of this Ascension process; many of you are well underway—but it means making peace with the old and choosing to let it go, because you cannot carry all that fury, that hatred, that chaos with you.

So, it is a conscious monitoring, day, night and in between, of your thoughts, of your feelings, of your actions, reactions, behaviors, of how you walk, what you eat, what you think. So, yes, it is discipline, and it is rigorous. But I speak of this because you are capable of it. You know this. I do not bring you new information tonight, I simply bring you a gentle reminder.

And if you turn to me and you say, “Lord, help me with this discipline,” I will embrace you as my trainee. And will I be strict with you? Yes. But I will also support you as you have never been supported.

It is time for redefinition, not only on your planet, but all over the omniverse. And that is why so many come and turn and wish to assist and participate in what is transpiring on Gaia, because from this place of peace, of Ascension—not in esoteric ways, but in your form and body, which excites me—from there the ripple effect goes out.

You are not simply accompanying Gaia on her journey of Ascension, you are not simply individually ascending, you are changing the face of the Universe. You are assisting in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan. And it is my promise, not only to One, but to each of you, to assist you however I may. That is my choice and my discipline. And, yes, it is strict, but it is joyful. It is of wholeness. It is of enormous perfect clarity.

GW: Thank you, Serapis Bey. It’s a beautiful message that we can take into our hearts at this time. And I believe now, I guess we would be calling in the energies of El Morya for the remaining few minutes of the show. So, I’ll just give Linda a moment to bring in the energies of El Morya. And we can certainly take a moment to reflect on all that has been shared with us up to this point in time, and how we can carry these energies out into the world to stabilize and balance everything that we are experiencing in the world at this time to manifest the softer energies of light and love. El Morya, are you present with us now?

El Morya: I am. I am joyfully, powerfully present. And yes, I am El Morya, and I bring you the gift of my pale blue diamond this day. And I embed it within your third eye to add my gift to many.

I work with you, I play with you, I assist you on behalf of the Council of Love and the Great White Brotherhood, and I bring you the gift of alignment with will, not simply the will of One—for yes, ultimately, eternally, that is where you wish to go; it is your sacred mission and purpose, and in many ways, it is the first task and the last task, and everything in between—but it is your will that I also wish to speak to you of this night.

It is your will to shift your planet and to shift it in ways that are a reflection of your heart, your mind, your being, in complete unity and harmony with all. Your expression of will, your alignment with the will, was never, ever designed or created to be in conflict either within you or with another.

So what has happened? This pettiness that you think of as will, it has nothing to do with it. These are simply rampant emotions that you have chosen not to control. That is not will. Will is strength, yes, and clarity, as Serapis Bey has spoken of, and it is free choice to place yourself beyond this pettiness.

I do not use this word in a derogatory way, but I do use it very specifically, my friends, to stir you up, for you to say, “Ah! I am not petty!” No, you are not. And, therefore, why would you allow these petty actions, emotions, to sidetrack you? Why would you allow the drama or the chaos to detract from your life, from your light? Why would you engage, ever, in anything that does not contribute to that alignment of your will with the will?

You, each of you, are incredibly powerful creators. And you’ve been given, on a silver platter, not only the codes, the formulas, but the innate ability—not something you need to acquire—the innate ability to create what is in alignment with the will of One and the Divine Plan. There is no limitation. That is some of the pettiness that crept in over the centuries, the eons. But it is not the truth of who you are, and it is not the truth of your journey.

You are the strongest, the most courageous, and you are completely embracing and stepping into that alignment. And each of you, in your own way, has said you will do this no matter what. You ask, “How will the changes come to pass?” “What will the Company of Heaven do?” Well, we are doing a great deal, but you are also empowered—with this will of iron, of steel, of ziranium, titanium, and light—to bring forth what you will into existence, in form, out of form, and globally.

You are not at the mercy of anyone. And the sooner you realize that there is no power or secret society or plan of darkness that is stronger than each of you—particularly as you come together in light and love; you are the creator race; so I wish to remind you of this and I wish to help you with this, because what Serapis Bey talks about in terms of discipline and choice, it is truly an act of will, again and again and again and again, of what is permissible, acceptable, and what is not—[the sooner] you leave duality and polarity behind.

So forget that, forget what you have thought of—right or wrong, good or bad, light or evil. There is only one choice, and that is the choice for love. And you have, you already have, that strength of will. You brought it with you. You’ve had it for eons, you’ve had it forever, you had it when you emerged from the heart of One. So I am just the reminder.

You have the will to live, to be, to create peace, not only on Earth but far beyond. You are the doers. You are in the action phase. Let us help.
Go in peace, my friends, and go with my love. May the will of God be with you. Farewell.

GW: Thank you, El Morya. Thank you, Serapis Bey. And thank you, Archangel Michael.

You’ve been listening to An Hour with an Angel. May you carry these energies in your hearts out into the manifestation of the new World.
It is possible that a special edition of Cosmic Vision News may follow this program, depending on how events unfold during the day. Otherwise, until the next moment of now, be [at? of?] peace and know that love is all present. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon