and I come bearing not only my sword and my shield, but my blue flame of truth, and I ask that each of you receive this gift from my heart, from my essence, from my being, as I instill it within your heart, your throat, and yes, your third eye and mind… for it allows you to truly feel and understand what is of truth and what is not…

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow of the2012scenario. I’m GD.
Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And Linda, I believe you would like to make an announcement before we start?

Linda Dillon: Yes. Thanks, Steve, and thanks, Graham. I wanted to invite everybody to a free, emphasis on “Free,” Livestream or Ustream class that I’m going to be doing this coming Saturday, which is the 16th of June. And it will be at 11:00 Eastern time, Eastern being the US, Eastern Standard Time. And the purpose of the meeting is to…. I have written this book, as you all know, called The Great Awakening. And it is basically a step-by-step process for Ascension. But during the course of the last, oh, few months since the book’s been out there have been many questions, many queries. We’ve had some shift in energies.

So, basically, the purpose of the Ustream is to bring everybody up to date on what’s happening, and to allow people to submit their questions. So, if you have burning questions about the Ascension process, or if you’ve been reading the book and you have specific questions about different pieces of information or meditations that are included in the book, then please e-mail them to me beforehand so I can make sure that we answer those questions.

So, how you do this, how you key into the Ustream this coming Saturday, at 11:00 Eastern, is basically just go to the Council of Love site, , and there in the right-hand corner there will be a great big sign that just says “click on,” and it will just come onto your computer as, like, a video screen. And you can listen to the channelings and the meditations and a number of things that the Council of Love has planned for our meeting then.

So, that’s what I wanted, to extend the invitation to everybody to come and enjoy and receive the energies. So, thanks, Steve. Back to you.

SB: Thanks, Linda. And let us welcome Archangel Michael.

LD: Yes, let’s.

AAM: Greetings, I am Michael.

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: Welcome, beloved friend, brother and friend. Yes, I come again this day, this night, during this time of transition, of awakening, and I come bearing not only my sword and my shield, but my blue flame of truth, and as always, as we begin, I ask that each of you receive this gift from my heart, from my essence, from my being, as I instill it within your heart, your throat, and yes, your third eye and mind.

For it allows you, during this time of change, during this time of transition, to truly feel and understand what is of truth and what is not, and in addition to that, what will help you in your journey of Ascension, in your journey of fulfillment, and what will not. And yes, of course there are universals that assist each and every one of you — and we will talk about that today. But there is also a uniqueness in each of your journeys, and the blue flame that I give to you with love this day will help you to discern that.

So, dear Steve, much is transpiring upon your planet …

SB: Yes, Lord.

AAM: … in addition to the transition energies from the heart of One! Where do you wish to begin today?

SB: What I wanted to do Lord, was to start by asking you about Syria. And then I’d like to turn to four major questions about either the transition energies or Ascension, to very minor questions. So, shall I begin with my question on Syria?

AAM: Yes.

SB: All right, Lord. The violence in Syria continues, and we’re at June of 2012. I’m sure a lot of people are wondering, how is the Syrian situation going to be resolved? How is the population of Syria going to be freed from the dead hand of the Syrian dictatorship, especially when so few months remain before Ascension?

AAM: This has been a very prudent and popular query to me and to the Council. And what we suggest to you — well, we tell you, let me be very clear about this — is that there are those — and this is a microcosm of the collective — that [are] kicking and screaming, the ones that we have talked about sliding through the door at the last moment, who are wishing to hold on to the old paradigms of greed, of control, of lack of justice, fairness, equity — you know the list, and we have gone over it often.

And so, this is an example — and a very poignant and powerful example — of what is taking place, but it is taking place not only in Syria, but — perhaps to a lesser degree or a less dramatic obvious degree — in many countries around the world. How this will be brought to peace is by the people and by the assistance that they are being given, not only by my team, my legions, of which you are one, but also by the Company of Heaven, by archangels Jophiel and Uriel, who are bringing the future energies to this.

Each of the people in Syria who are being tyrannized are being given extra support as well, and, we would suggest, extra defense. This will come to a peaceful conclusion — well, a peaceful conclusion for the population of Syria — and it will come to a peaceful conclusion rather rapidly, we would suggest, within about a week. They are also being assisted, no, not in knowing ways, not in obvious ways, but they are being assisted mightily by their brothers and sisters of the stars.
So, is there intervention? That is really the crux of your question.

SB: Yes, thank you.

AAM: [ ? ] that during this time of massive transition, of change, of Ascension, when you are so close to the fulfillment of the promise, why are we seeing the outbreak of war? Why are we seeing such tyranny? Why are we seeing such civil unrest? You are seeing it because it is coming, just like each of you has had your own issues coming, to the surface for cleansing, for release. It is coming to the surface of nations — and of systems as well, by the way. So it is coming up for what we would call a completion, a finalization of this type of behavior, of action, and an elimination.

That is why I have said we have shown up today not only with the blue flame of truth; we bring you the sword and shield and remind each of you, you may not feel, my beloved friends, that you are in Syria, that you are [an] observer of this drama and chaos, but in this situation, what we suggest to you is that you are in partnership with us. You are in partnership above and below, with me, with your star brothers and sisters, and with the people of Syria.

So, what we would ask of you is to hold up your shield, hold it in front of the collective, hold it over the heads, over the beds, around the children, around the parents, around all the civilian population of Syria. And use your mighty sword to cut away all the cords to despots, to belief that such tyranny could exist, that it has any form in reality, that it has any place on your beautiful Gaia.

So I ask each of you, as you listen, to not simply be the observers in this case — no, do not get involved or entrenched in the drama; that is not my request to thee — my request to thee is to use your sword and shield as they were intended, and while you are at it, use your cloak of invisibility that the Mother has given you as well, so that you are not observed as you do this.

SB: Lord, very briefly — because I’d like to spend the bulk of the program on the transition and Ascension — but can you tell us when the guns of war will be silenced?

AAM: This upheaval in Syria is one of the most dramatic final demonstrations of war. But we look for my strategic peace initiative, which as you know has been going on for well over a decade…

SB: Yes, Lord.

AAM: …to bring peace to Gaia, to Earth, prior to Ascension. Are we right down to the deadline? Yes. We anticipate that the, what you have called the sounds of war, the discord of war, the pain, the suffering and the sorrow of war, to be completed by August.

SB: All right, Lord. Thank you for that. What I’m going to do is read you the questions I have on the transition — I then have three other questions after that on Ascension — and just allow you to address them as you wish. You say that the transition energies are coming right from the Heart of One. What does that mean? The Creator does not have a body and is everywhere, so where are the energies coming from exactly, and how are they reaching us? That’s one transition question.
Are they being given to the whole of the Universe, or just the Earth? That’s the second. And the third is, what has their impact been on us so far?

AAM: Yes, you are thinking of your Formless One. And that is something that many are very comfortable, and they are at a place in their own evolution and understanding, that they can associate with. But even in the One, there is a core and an essence, and that essence is creation, it is love. It is all, it is infinite, and it is eternal and it never began and it never halts.

We say that the energy comes from the Heart of One, and we mean the core of the Source of the Mother/Father/One. So it is what you experience and in terminology that the human race experiences and understands as the seat of their soul and as the seat of love. So that is why we use the term “the Heart of One,” and we mean the core and the essence of One.
Does that answer your question?

SB: Yes, Lord. Thank you. Are these energies begin given to the whole of the Universe, or just to the Earth?

AAM: No, they are strictly being directed, and very profoundly being directed, to Earth, and more particularly — yes, of course there is bleed-through to Gaia, to the kingdoms, to everything — but the target, the delivery target is the humans. And when we say the human collective, we are talking about each and every human upon the planet.

Now, these are being integrated, these are being received, these are being embraced, these are being fought at different rates. But what we suggest to you and what we tell you is that, regardless of whether it is being embraced or fought, it is still continuing.

Now, when we first spoke of this transition energy, we spoke of the month of May, the beginning — actually, it was April — but we spoke of this certainly intensifying throughout the month of May. But what we are suggesting to you, what we are telling you now is that this energy is continuing on because it is having such a profound effect not only upon those who are ready, willing and able, who are embracing the energy and expanding their reality, and expanding their fields, their essences, their core, it is also reaching those — can we use the term the undecided voter? Because there have been many who have neither denied their divinity, who have not been resistant to the energies of Source, of One, but who have basically sat on the fence.

This is where we are witnessing the most significant change and expansion. Those who may have even been reading information, for example, on our platform — yes, the 2010 to 2012, because that is where we have started the scenario — they have begun to understand what they have been reading and receiving, and all of a sudden it is like a light is going on within their minds, their hearts, and their beings. They are beginning to absorb the energies, not only of Ascension and of love, but to welcome the changes, and to welcome the changes within their very core, within their very being.

So they are moving off the fence, off that middle point of what is indecision, to a place where they are exercising their choice, their free will, their decision to align with One, with All, with what we have spoken of in our last discussion as Universal Law, that they may go forward. This is where the biggest shift is being felt. And this is a very significant group that, for about at least two years, has sat in indecision, not knowing: will Ascension happen? How will it happen? What will it look like? How will I feel? Will I pass the test? Can I bring my cat, my dog, my wife, my children?

Now what we are seeing is the answer is yes, not because they understand and know everything that is transpiring, but because in the love they are feeling the willingness and the alignment with will to go forward and to embrace love. And that is the passport, that is the passageway through to Ascension.

Now, there is the third group, that we would say have been resistant. Now, we always are emphasizing that this process of Ascension, it is not simply a day or an event, and all are equally welcomed. But in that collective, there have always been those who have been from mildly resistant to exceptionally resistant. And these ones are also being penetrated. These are the ones that, in their own way, are experiencing the crests and the troughs the most dramatically. They understand, on an unconscious, subconscious and conscious level, that something within them is shifting.

Now, they may not fully comprehend what it is, but they are feeling that their own heart, their own worldview — which is what their obsession is — is shifting. They are beginning to feel more compassionate, more flexible, and more kind. They are thinking that perhaps — and they do use the term “thinking,” not feeling — they are beginning to think that perhaps the path that they have vigorously chosen may have had some detours or potholes or pitfalls that they had not previously considered. And this is where we are seeing slower change, but still dramatic opening.

This is part of how we are in partnership, and what we also say, in addition to the energies that are being penetrated, you are also being penetrated. We did not expect to discuss this, but we are being asked to now! And so your listeners will enjoy this.

There is also energy that is being sent directly to the hearts and the bodies of the human collective from your star brothers and sisters, from your star friends, from all of the fleets. The frequencies of the healing ships have been adjusted so that that energy, of color, of sound, of vibration, is also — yes, it is not as strong as the love of one, but it is of a different calibration — and so this is also being sent into the physical bodies.

Now, the reason I mention this is that there are so many within your human planet that feel less than, that they feel that they are somehow hampered or not worthy or not found deserving because of what you think of as either mental illness or physical maladies. So, this energy — that’s the calibration that your star brothers and sisters are also very gently sending you, and you can think of it as a very gentle blue-pink, the color being lurion — so this is also being sent out, and this has just begun in this past weekend.

So, that is an additional assistance in this partnership that has been formulated. So what you are asking me is, “Michael, are we seeing the tipping point? Are we almost there?” Many of you — and I include you, sweet Steve, you, Graham, Linda — you have already embraced the fifth, the sixth, the seventh. That is where you are anchored, and that is where many, many, many of you sweet souls listening to me this night are already anchored. You are reaching down into the third to help others through the portal. You are having a third dimensional experience somewhat — and I emphasize “somewhat,” — but do not think that your Ascension processes, all of you, are not well underway, because they are.

So now, what you are doing — your next wave, as it were — is assisting those who have jumped off the fence and who are ready, eager, and excited about having that hand-up. And you are doing that with your fields, you are doing that with your conversations, you are doing that with your love. You are helping.

And with the last group that we have talked about, the resistant group — which is very different than the resistance! — [with] the resistant group, continue to use your sword and shield. Hold the shield directly in front of you and cut their cords to the old paradigms just like I am asking you to do in Syria. Do it for those who are just beginning to think, “Hmm, I think I need something more in my life .I think I may have missed something. I think I may have been living in an illusion that did not represent what I truly wanted in this lifetime.”

SB: All right, Lord. Thank you very much. Now, I have … that completes our discussion of the transition.
I have three questions on Ascension, and what I’m trying to do is to get to a deeper level of understanding about some of the ways that Ascension will occur, or how we should orient to it. So the first question is, Ascension has been said to depend on two things: choosing it and being able to assimilate and integrate the light being sent to Earth.
Many people are probably worried that they will not know how or be able to open to the energies or capture them and assimilate them. What can you say about how one opens to the energies, captures them and assimilates them?

AAM: My friend, your questions are excellent, and you have introduced the two greatest barriers to assimilation. And that is fear, that people are afraid that they will not know what they are getting, or that they will not be able to hold on to it — and is that not an old third dimensional fear, about holding on for dear life? This is the false paradigm that your financial systems were built on, and even most of your — and we mean the world — government systems were built on.
The second word you used is “capture,” and that is also a word; it is, “If I capture it, I can keep it, and it will be mine.” My beloved friends, I do not point out, or begin this discussion this way, to dismiss you or to in any way to diminish your honest, heart-felt concern that you may or may not make it. But let us put it in a different way. Let us change the perspective.

Yes, you have need — and you know that we do not use this word often or casually — you have need to hold the energy, the unified energy of love, within your entirety. What does this mean? In very practical terms it means a new regimen. It means that as this love is coming to you that you have a choice, and it is almost a choice in every breath. Do I allow, do I accept, do I embrace this love? And do I embrace this opportunity that is absolutely unique to undergo Ascension with Gaia, with my fellow human beings, with all the kingdoms and realities? Do I choose to be an inter-dimensional, multi-dimensional, trans-dimensional being of love?

Now, I do not pose this question casually, because many of you who are listening to me in this question will say “Yes,” and it will be followed by a “but.” You will say to me, “But, Lord, I say yes, but I really don’t know what that means.” And that is more than fair. So, what it means, my beloved ones, is are you choosing love in each and every situation? Are you choosing love and honoring not only of your sacred self, but of the collective, whether it is represented by your partner, by your children, by your friends, by your neighbors, or by the global community? Am I choosing what feels to me like love?
Now, let me go further. When I say to thee, “Does it feel like love?” so often people of Earth — and elsewhere — say it is of love when in fact it is simply the path of least resistance. “Oh, I will be loving, and I will let that go, because I don’t want conflict, because I don’t want to create a feeling of judgment, because I don’t want to create tension. I simply wish for things to be kind and loving.”

I am the Archangel of Peace, the Archangel of Love, but sometimes that includes, my beloved ones, in truly standing in your warrior self. And sometimes that declaration of love — not of judgment, not of control — but sometimes the speaking and the integration (because that is what we are talking about, the assimilation of the love, of the truth, of the joy, of the peace, of the One) requires you to be accountable for you. Because we cannot do it for you. We will not do it for you. Will we help, in our sacred union and partnership? Beyond doubt.

So, how do you do this? It is not simply a casual question or a situation that I am posing to you. Does my day reflect that I am of love? That I am of the most pure, graceful energy? That I am feeling and exhibiting…? Because the more you allow it to penetrate you, the more it aligns with what you think of as your daily life. The Ascension energies do not simply come in deep meditation and prayer — although we ask of you, we beg of you to continue this practice — but it comes in every waking moment.

We are not modulating energies. The Source is not modulating energies, saying, “Oh, now they are in meditation. We can send our love.” “Now they are going about their busy days; we will stop.” Does it intensify in terms of your awareness of following and feeling the energies, as you are in prayer and meditation? Yes. But what we are telling you is that as you become more conversant, more aligned with these energies, the intensity of it that you feel in meditation, you will carry it through to even the most casual moment.

You don’t need to worry about capturing it. Assimilation, yes. But the flow that is being sent to you is constant.
So think of it this way: if you were a balloon, and you were being filled up but there was a slight pinprick and there was always air escaping, but you are on a machine that is constantly filling you, then you will maintain your beautiful, full, robustness of the balloon. And that pinprick? That is sending out the love all over the planet, to every being you encounter. And, by the way, do not forget to send your love to your star brothers and sisters, and your gratitude as well. They have never been working with you so diligently and so hard as they are right now.

So, you will assimilate. If you commit your heart, your mind, your body, your essence to do this, then it is done.
So, throw away the worry and simply allow. You are in action, and while you are in action you are also the very clear, diligent observer of your reality, of who you are, how you are feeling, not just the easy response, but the response that truly encapsulates love.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: And sometimes that is difficult. But if you do not speak truth and love, then who does?

SB: Thank you, Lord.

I have two more questions, and one of them concerns paths and Ascension, and… I often hear conversation from some people that, “I’m a non-dualist,” or “I’m a [bakhta?] person who is given over to devotional love.” “I’m not a new-ager, I don’t like woo-woo things.” But then there’s another discussion, “Oh, my gosh! Does that mean that I’ll lose out on Ascension?”
So, in general, is Ascension easier for people who follow one spiritual path and harder for people who follow another? If people follow one sincere and legitimate spiritual path, is it possible that they might lose out on Ascension? Can you talk about paths and Ascension, please?

AAM: Yes. It is following the love and following what you have termed “devotional worship.” And there are many, many adherents to various paths of devotional worship. And in this we include not just those who may be on more traditional paths, but also those that consider themselves on non-traditional paths, which is the situation for many, many light-workers.

Now, this is where the fence-sitters have been as well, you know. So, many are getting off that fence. But let me be clear: it is not restricted to one path. Love is the energy and the essence of all. It expresses in so many beautiful, diverse ways. And that is the beauty, not only of Gaia, but of each of you.

So, the question is, if you are adhering to your path, are you being genuine with yourself? Because there are also those who simply go on automatic pilot, who go through their practices almost on a basis of rote memory. And that is not of love. So what we ask you is to be aware, to be fully awakened, to be in the place of receptivity. And if you are on one path, the receptivity for information, for energy, will come to you in that fashion.

We are magnificent creators, and the energy of One is beyond anything we can even offer you! We are the messengers, but we are also creative force to help with that creation. If you are in your core and you are fully committed, even when you don’t know exactly what to anticipate, you will go forward in your Ascension path. It is not a restricted path. So all are welcome.
Now, having said that, part of being in your heart, my dear friends, is also not judging or rejecting the path that somebody else has chosen. You cannot do that. So there are millions of ways, but yet there is really only one way, and that is seeking the highest vibration, the highest energy, and allowing it to simply penetrate and fill you. And when you think that you are over-flowing, expand your being, your balloon, your field yet again, and grow again.

There is no limit to this sense of well-being, to this sense of love of ease, because yes, you have been experiencing the crests and the troughs, but that is lessening, unless you are in the resistant movement. So this is becoming smoother and smoother, so luxuriate in it. Allow it, for it is lifting you up. It is a cosmic elevator, and, dear ones, it is an inter-dimensional elevator. Gaia is transporting you.

So, no, not just one path, but a complete commitment to the path that you have chosen that is authentic and real, not merely convenient.

SB: All right. Thank you, Lord. I apologize for the noise of construction behind me. We’re told that our brains are being worked upon, our bodies are changing from [crystalline to carbon-based structures], our dormant DNA are being brought online, and we’ll be getting younger and at some point our limbs will be restored. Can you give us one integral discussion, in the time that’s left, of what changes are taking place in the human body or bodies, when they might be occurring, and what we can expect to notice, feel, or see?

AAM: Yes. And you are switching from carbon to crystalline. And first of all let me share with you that this shift, it is not that you are all on the same rate of conversion. Is everybody being converted? Yes, but not everybody is at the same point and the same place.

Now, let us talk about the crystalline form. It is simply because you are able to hold more light. Many of you think of it as being in your light body. But do not think that you are eliminating or letting go of your physicality, because that is the miracle of this particular process. You are going to continue — unless you choose to release the body; that is a whole other discussion point — but you are going to maintain your body.

Your body is getting lighter. Look at yourself in the mirror. Yes, this is a common exercise, and yet so many of you have forgotten. Look at yourself, truly, in the mirror, and see your field, and see your light. Look deep within your eyes and allow your third eye (which is one of the first things, by the way, that is being activated) and your fourth eye (Uriel has given you that as well), so the changes are already underway.

The healing of what you have thought of as disease or illness in the human realm, in the old third, is being eradicated also. The sticking point on that is simply that so many are still clinging to that belief system. If you believe it, then you are creating it. You are powerful creators. But as you ascend to the other dimensions and realities, it simply doesn’t exist. So it is not something you can carry along with you.

So, many of you are going to be feeling, or have already felt, an ease of what you think of as physical symptoms. Your body is rejuvenating. As you ascend, this becomes a more rapid process. First, you begin to feel as if you are more invigorated, physically invigorated — and yes, what a pleasant change to the exhaustion that so many of you have felt. But understand, that exhaustion has also been because you are being reinvigorated, that you are beginning to hold more energy, your light body is larger, your DNA is mostly already re-gridded.

You are finding and discovering, many of you, new talents that are really old talents that are part of the activation of both hemispheres of your brain. Your pituitary, your pineal are already activated, and your strands of DNA are being brought up — can we say being brought up “to code”?

So, you are activating many of these different parts of yourselves as you are embracing…. Now, one of the things that we have asked of you in terms of doing this expansion work is to ensure that you have called back and integrated all aspects of your being, so that you are all receiving it as one unified field, all at once.

So, what can you expect? That is the question. You can expect to feel healthier. You can expect to feel freedom from disease, from disillusionment. You can expect a sharpened and expanded mental capacity. You can expect that your talents and interests … particularly, let your interests guide you, because they are bringing you to areas of your life that you may not have thought of before but are already being activated within you.

You will expect the ability to be in more than once place at once, consciously. You are already beginning to get used to that feeling, and that is just going to grow. You can expect to see what you have judged as unseen realms. The veil is gone, but again, the belief system in the veil is very strong. But as you relinquish that belief, you will start to see more different energy forms — with the animal kingdom, with the plant kingdom, with the angelic realm, with your guides, with us, with the ascended masters, with all.

So, this is already well underway. Now, is there a point at which the collective switch is turned on and the frequency turned up for the collective? Yes, there is. To answer your final question, yes, there is. And that will be as you get closer to December 2012.

But each of you are already on your Ascension journey. Some of you are arriving early because you don’t want to miss any of the excitement, any of the celebration, any of the party, and you are there to help get ready for this. So you are experiencing this feeling of rejuvenation much earlier.

Now, key to this — because I have just skipped over this belief system issue — when you look in the mirror, and you think, “Gosh, I think I’m looking younger; I feel more energetic, which is such a relief, after such exhaustion,” do not under any circumstances say, “Oh, it must be my imagination,” “Oh, I must have just had a good night’s sleep.” Look at yourself and say, “Yes, I am looking and feeling younger! I am underway, and I embrace it, I accept it, and thank you.”
And who are you thanking? You are thanking all of us, the Company of Heaven, the Mother/Father/One, the Council of Love, but most importantly, you are thanking yourself.

Stop worrying. You are going to make it. You cannot get there through fear. Give it to me. Give it to Gabrielle. Give it to the Mother. Give it to Gaia. Give it to your guides. But give it away. And when doubt — which is the first cousin of fear — appears, give that to us as well. You are underway. It does not mean that there will not be days when you feel that you are in the trough, but we are helping with that as well. Do not doubt yourself, and do not doubt — you came to ascend, plain and simple.

SB: Thank you, Lord, for another sumptuous banquet. I’m sure everybody will enjoy what you’ve said today. Thank you.

AAM: You are welcome, dear heart. Farewell.

SB: Farewell, lord.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 06-11-12