On our Saturday conference call we celebrated Earth Day by giving Gaia gifts from our heart…

It’s Earth Day today, as I’m sure everybody knows. I thought we’d do a few things a little differently but before we get started, first of all, does anyone have any news they’d love to share?

No news.

What I’m also hearing from a lot of folks and I have this rule of 3, that when I’m doing individual channelings when I hear something in sequence 1-2-3 I realize that there is something going on, universally, globally. And what I’m hearing consistently as the message back, actually from the Council is where I take the direction from, so a lot of folks have been feeling exhausted, disheartened, despair, disappointed, all the dis’s right? even disrespected, unappreciated, but it is exhibiting as just exhaustion and even in that exhaustion there seems to be two ends of it and one is that people can’t sleep or they fall asleep but they don’t stay asleep or their sleeping, like having huge naps all day long. But what I’m hearing back from the Council is that so much of our energy as lightholders, love holders, working with the various Archangels on our missions and purposes, that we’ve been ‘out there’ so much that we’ve really depleted our own wellspring.

So the message is very consistent, is to pull all your energy back in, it’s quite simple, pay attention to your own sweet self. So if you are one of the people that’s feeling that way and it can be very rapid cycling; one day you can feel absolutely blissful and almost euphoric because the energy is so strong right now, but the next day like a wrung out dishrag. So if you’re feeling that way give yourself a break because the alternative to not giving yourself a little break now is that Mary will put you on sabbatical. You don’t want to let it go that far. So bring your energy in, take your naps, have your bubble bath, eat some really good, nourishing food and just take it easy and realize you will be bouncing back in a few days. But just give yourself a rest and bring the attention back to you rather than sending it out all over the world.

And of course having said that, we are going to do an exercise today with Gaia that is going to be exactly that, sending it out all over the world. Anyhow, that’s what I’ve been observing. The other thing that’s happening is that there’s these incredible waves of Love that are just flooding us, flooding the planet. And you know that when you first fall in love how it’s so euphoric and you can go, go, go, go, go, but then there’s also that point where you have to go home and sleep for 2 days? That’s the similarity that I’m seeing with this energy, it lifts us way up and then we’re tired because we’ve just been riding that wave as if we are in Hawaii riding a big surf wave. Before we leave this, questions, comments, anybody sharing feeling this way? A lot of tears, my gosh, I don’t think I’ve talked to anybody this week either on line or live that isn’t feeling a little weepy. So, how are you guys doing?

Some group discussion…exhaustion coming up along with the feeling of not being able to breathe…

The other thing that’s happened with the individual channelings is that the Council has turned up the energy. It’s always been the case that when you have a channeling that there’s two things going on; one is you are getting information, reassurance, guidance, love, but inside of that is the energetic transfer and I’ve always felt that in fact that’s the biggest piece of a channeling is that energetic download. And they have turned it way up and the reason that they’ve turned it up is because we are in such an intense time, like the clock really is ticking. And it’s very, very seldom, I mean Mary talks to me all the time about how they live outside of time or when they tend to think or plan in terms of 1000 years. So it’s very seldom that we really feel like ‘beat the clock’. But I have really felt that sense of increased urgency and of course that’s why the energy’s stronger, that’s why we feel like we’re speeding. The other reason we feel like we’re speeding is because we’re moving inter-dimensionally and we’re not quite used to it. So we feel like we’re rushing because we’re actually jumping in-between dimensions and realities. The other day on my Facebook I posted something about we get up and we start running, we hit the floor running, but what we’re being guided to do and what we’re being asked to do is just stop and it goes back to this exhaustion, weepy feeling. So just stop before you hit the floor running, stop and take some time for gratitude; say hello to God or Source or the Universe, however you think of that. Say good morning to your guides and thank them, thank them for the fact that you woke up, thank them for the fact that you have a bed and a roof over your head. So, that’s the speeding and out of breath feeling as well and it’s the energy that takes your breath away, quite literally. So the answer is absolutely be anchored in Gaia. And there was one piece of advice that we keep getting, that’s it. Anchor in Gaia because now we will be spinning off the planet quite literally if we’re not anchored. So, along with your gratitude to start the day, make sure that cord that comes out of your root chakra is absolutely down, like you are anchoring the Queen Mary in high seas, right into the heart of Gaia.

What happens to those who have no clue about any of this? They told us months ago that it was affecting everybody now; you can’t run and hide any more. And yet, there are so many that have never even heard of anchoring into Gaia.

Yes, but they do know that when they take a walk at lunchtime or go outside or putter in the garden or even tend their plants in their apartment that they feel better.

You know what I just kind of heard is ‘the more you know the more that is expected of you’ something like that.

Yea, but they may not be aware the way we’re talking, it may be absolutely Greek to them, but it’s not that they’re not aware and everybody regardless of who they are is feeling this spark of ‘something’s going on’. I’ve never had so many new e-mails from people who I don’t know and have somehow found me who say “I don’t know what’s going on but something’s going on” and that’s part of it. There’s this glimmer of awakening, it’s like when you see something out of the side of your eyes and you turn and there’s nothing there. But people are getting it but the more that we anchor and can hold the energy, hold the love and not judge what’s going on, the better off everybody’s going to be.

I don’t know how many of you do or have the chance to listen to the Thursday night blog talk radio show ‘Heavenly Blessings’ but this past Thursday (04-19-12) there was a must listen. Most of you are familiar with Mary’s Gift of Removal and Mary’s Gift of Removal is one of the original gifts, the very first Council of Love gathering in Sedona 16 years ago and it is a powerful gift and it has morphed several times. But Mary came on in the show ‘Heavenly Blessings’ like gang-busters and gave us an Ascension Gift. So I would ask you to go on that show called ‘Heavenly Blessings’ is listed on the front page of my website, the Council of Love website (www.counciloflove.com) and if you click on it, it will take you there and I really want you to go and listen and do the exercises. You can fast forward through the chatter, I don’t care, but do receive the gift and do the meditation because it is just a ‘must’ and you know I don’t use that word. And enjoy it. These gifts that we are getting are being amplified and growing, it’s really cool. So that was something I wanted to mention; and I think that’s it.

But what I thought we would do this morning, we will start obviously with a meditation, but so often we connect and we hear the channeled message, and of course that’s one of the purposes of getting together, but sometimes we are given assignments and that’s always fun but what I was guided to this morning and it was actually again Universal Mother Mary taking to us, and what she was suggesting is that each of us give Gaia a gift this morning. Because it’s Earth Day it’s like her birthday, and it’s like Valentine’s Day, which is the Council of Love’s favorite day of the year because as they say it is the only day when Love is really celebrated. So I thought we’d start this morning by each of us giving a gift to Gaia. So away we go.

So take a nice, deep breathe and let’s make it the beautiful blue of Mary, the blue of the Atlantic Ocean, of a summer sky, the blue sky of Arizona, of North Carolina, Montana and Michigan, and breathe in the blue and feel yourself relax and letting go of the day. Michael just walked in as well, so let’s take a nice, deep breathe of Archangel Michael blue; Michael who’s been working with us or maybe us with him on his Strategic Peace Initiative for Earth, we can’t forget that. And he says that he thanks us for our Sunday night peace meditation that even when we think it is not working or going as quickly as it can, that it is working so don’t loose faith. So breathe in delphiniums, forget-me-nots, and iris, and blue pansies. And feel your shoulders come down; many of you have your shoulders up around your ears. So let’s relax a little bit and feel yourself sinking into your heart. Now let’s take some breathes of green because Gaia is blue and green. So breathe in that emerald of Archangel Raphael and fresh new spring grass and the green of fir trees and cedar and the new green of buds on the trees in Spring. So breathe the blue and the green and see your heart as the planet Earth. We’ve all seen on the internet pictures of Gaia in a heart shape. So let your heart be like that today and let’s feel it expand and grow. And I want you to go deeper into your heart to the bottom of your Valentine heart, yes where stillpoint lies. But what I want you to do my friends, what Mary is now calling us is her Ascension Angels, I just love it, I want you to feel the love that you have for our sweet Gaia, this incredible being who loves and supports us and nurtures us every day. And I want you to feel, not think, but feel all the things you love about her; the dirt, the soft earth, the rocks and the crystals, the mountains whether it’s the soft, ancient rolling hills of the Appalachians or the Rockies, or those broad plains and the pristine lakes, for the sky, for the birds, for all the animals but you choose your favorites, and just feel that love and that connection.

Let’s do that anchoring exercise right now. So out of the root chakra, think of it as coming out of the tip of your tailbone, and feel that cord, that beautiful red, rich ruby red cord go down through your chair, through the carpet or tile or wood floor, down through your foundation and the soft earth, through the rocks, through the granite, through the gaseous layers traveling down to the heart of Gaia. And see her standing there waiting for you as she always is, the eternal mother and give her your cord and ask her to hold it for you. Of course she smiles because she always does and she always will. But now while you’re there with Gaia, with this ancient, wise woman with eyes that sparkle and know, from the depths of your heart I want you to feel and to think and to sense what gift of your heart, what promise, what service do you wish to give to Gaia today on Earth Day, on her birthday? It doesn’t need to be elaborate but it does need to be honoring and I invite you to go beyond generic love. Maybe your gift to her is taking time to listen to the birdsong, or the chatter of the squirrels or to pay attention to your grass or your trees, to write LOVE in the air or HEALING in the air or the streams or Great Lakes, the oceans. Let the gift that you wish to gift to her, that is uniquely yours, well up from your heart and speak and give this sweet offering, this expression of your love. Give it to her now. See her smile.

Greetings, I AM Gaia. Welcome, welcome and thank you. Thank you my beloved friend, angel and co-creator of my heart. Your gifts and your presence upon my being is greatly appreciated. You travel with me now into new realm, new experience and I am joyful at the thought that you accompany me, for I have waited for you through many incarnations, many thousands of years, millions of years. I hold you close, I hold you close to my heart, I hold you close the way a mother taking her toddler on a merry-go-round for the first time does. I will keep you safe and I will tend to your needs. Do not allow fear or any form of the old to accompany us on this journey; there is no room for it. You know to go on the merry-go-round, to go on the sacred spiral, you have need to leave your luggage at the gate and that my beloved friends is what you are doing. You are leaving what is not required any longer; you are traveling light, quite literally, and you are traveling light at the speed of Love. Tend to your sweet self, to your sacred vessel the way you tend to me this day. That is the gift that I ask. Take care of yourself, nourish yourself, anchor in the Pink Diamond of your wholeness. Do not shy away from the totality of your being; the bigger you are, the lighter you are. You wish to be as light as air, even lighter. And if you are tired, if you are weary, if you have need of encouragement child, beloved one come to me, I will attend to you as I always have. Thank you for your gift. I love you. Go in glorious peace. Farewell.

Hi! Well, take time today to go outside even if it just to sit on your stoop…

Or on your Harley…

Linda, do you ever get the sense of when will we be done, I mean, will this continue into 2013 where there is still anchoring of energies and adjusting…

Of course because there will be expansion. Everyone is so focused on Ascension, and that’s why I’m asking you to do the ‘Heavenly Blessings’ thing, it’s a Mary exercise that’s taking you through that process already; so you can just jump. And of course there’s always my book (The Great Awakening) that literally is a blueprint, if you do it, if you read it, if you do the meditations you’re there. So don’t wait for December, please get going. But yes of course there will be adjustments but they’ll be glorious adjustments because we’re building a new world. We don’t arrive on January 1 and the world is suddenly completely different, that all the slime in the cities is gone. We’re building, it’s a co-creation. So yea, there will be adjustments but what you’re really asking is ‘is it going to be this tough and is clearing going to be ever over?’ and the answer is yes! It will be done. The way to be done is to do the work now, don’t wait. Find the joy in it.

More discussion that’s not clear.

Happy Earth Day everybody!