A great article by Steve Beckow of the 2012 Scenario outlining the information now being received through the Council of Love regarding The Transition and The Great Awakening. Linda’s book The Great Awakening outlines the Council’s step-by-step process to Ascension.

Since April 25, 2012, Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon has been discussing what seems to be a very important event he calls “the Transition” (1) and what the Divine Mother called on May 7, 2012, “the Great Awakening.” (2) This event started on April 27, 2012, and will apparently occur over the month of May 2012.

Archangel Michael sees it as a very significant time and appears eager to get the information out. He said to me that it’s a time of recovering our interdimensional selves, which, if true, would be a very welcome development.

He calls it a part of the Ascension process and says that John Smallman’s Saul has also been discussing it for some time now.

Let’s look at what he and the Mother, and later Saul, say about it.

The subject first arose when Archangel Michael told me on April 25, 2012 that “you are going through your transition.“ (3) When I asked him what he was referring to, he replied:

“What it means is that you have begun in earnest to claim your fifth dimensional self, [and] that you have begun to access and claim your higher-dimensional self. You have asked to return to [your higher] dimension to have this experience of oneness, and the experience of bliss. You are letting go of the third dimensional reality. That is what it means. “ (4)

In An Hour with an Angel on May 14, 2012, speaking to Goff West, Michael called this Transition “a time for truth. It is a time for growth. It is the time of transition. The transition that we have spoken of with you. The time of great awakening. A time of becoming and reclaiming, anchoring your interdimensional self, your transdimensional self.” (5)

He described where the energies were coming from.

“Each of you, every human being, hybrid, Starseed upon the planet is being penetrated by the essence and the love of One. You are lifting up naturally, buoyantly. It is not something you need to try to do. It is something that you allow.” (6)

Later, in the same show, he again described where the energies were coming from: “You are receiving directly into your core, into your fields, into your physical being the energy of love directly from the heart of One.” (7)

In my reading of April 25, I asked him what would be happening during the Transition and he replied:

“You will be going through a feeling of euphoria. You will be going through a feeling that perhaps you are not fully anchored. You will be going through even some feelings of disassociation, of not knowing or really caring about what is going on around you. But that will not be a permanent state of being. Already you are feeling more deeply within your body. So, it is simply a period of adjustment. It’ll take about a month.” (8)

Please keep in mind that he told me that this Transition was happening for all of us, not just me. He advised us all:

“Allow it to take place. As we say, it is not something you can really physically, emotionally or mentally — or spiritually, for that matter — fight. It is something that you have invited in to begin to allow to…this process of engagement, as it were. So, when you are exhausted, rest; when you are blissful, enjoy it; when you are feeling full of energy to do, then do. But this adjustment will not be difficult, it will just be different than what you have experienced to date.“ (9)

And when I asked him how I personally would know the process had ended, he said:

“[You’ll know by] the feeling that you wake up not only rested, but blissful; that the, what you have thought of as, challenges, as troubles — it is not that they disappear, but they do not weigh you down; that you have the energy to take on whatever tasks at hand you choose, but that you do not feel burdened, that you simply feel that you are doing almost without doing. It does not feel like a sense of disengagement, but rather higher engagement. …

“A sense of vision, of the ability to see into and through a situation, a person, a problem — greater clarity will simply be there. So it is waking up and knowing that you are in this state of being. You are ready for the day, and more interestingly, the day is ready for you. It is the sense that you are shaping the day rather than being shaped by the demands around you.” (10)

On May 9, Geoff had a private reading with Michael in which he repeated his advice to relax into events.

“Take time during this period of the glorious Transition to simply allow the energies that are penetrating each of you, for this is true of all of you, take time to allow yourself to absorb, to bathe in the love and in the shift, the openings that are taking place within thee.

“So it is not a time of rushing about, of feeling that you must accomplish or bring to completion so much. It is a time of allowing the energetic changes to truly take place. That does not mean action does not take place. Quite the contrary. But it takes place with a different perspective, with a different speed of action. This is the time to relax. Yes, we know that this is a foreign word to many of you and so we will teach it to you. It is to relax, to be, to simply be.” (11)

In An Hour with an Angel on April 28, 2012, Michael said that the Transition had started on April 27 and was a download for Gaia and the human race that promoted enlightenment, ascension, or shift.

“As you know, [there are] these transitions, these shifts in energy frequencies that are available to the human race… There are different types of energy and frequency downloads that have been given to Gaia, and to the human race, and to all of the kingdoms over time.

“But there is a particular frequency and energy that is being sent, and it started, actually, yesterday [i.e., April 27]. So, it is being sent to the human collective directly from the heart of One. And it is whatever you think of as awareness, enlightenment, ascension, shift.

“It is to, quite literally, begin to consciously begin the understanding process and the bringing into alignment the conscious, unconscious, subconscious, spiritual consciousness of all beings. It is to help them remember, integrate and anchor into the intelligence of love and into the intelligence of what you can think of as your heart, your soul, your core, your essence.” (12)

He called it “the prelude to the full Ascension process; it is what some think of as the attunements, some may think of it as the clearing, that is going to take place within each and every one of you.” (13) Later in the same program, he called it a part of the overall Ascension process.

“Ascension is a process. There is a formula, much like creation. And this return to inter-dimensionality is a part of Ascension. It is part of your process. It is helping you get comfortable. So, do not try and differentiate between the two. What you are doing is joining with Gaia and going up the sacred spiral.” (14)

Later in the talk he returned to the relationship between the Transition and Ascension.

“You are claiming the totality of yourself. You are reintegrating your higher inter-dimensional self, and that, sweet angel, is part and parcel of Ascension. That, in itself, is you transitioning to the higher dimensions, at which point you have access to other realities, other dimensions. You are anchoring it, and you are having an experience reaching down and seeing or feeling your third-dimensional self exhibiting in the third dimension — which, to tell you the truth, there is only a sliver left of.

“So, you are seeing, all of you, are seeing, oh, you call it synchronicity or the ability to create, working with universal law — all of this is true. But it is also you ascending. That is why I keep saying it is not an event on a certain day. Many of you are well ahead of schedule. The collective, humanity, is well ahead of schedule. And you are going to take a quantum leap with this energy that is being gifted to you from the heart of One over the next month.” (15)

He informed us that we were not being abandoned to adapt to these energies but that the Company of Heaven was right there alongside of us.

“You are learning, my beloved friends, a new way of being. It is not difficult. But it does require your cooperation. The energy has already started, it is already within you. Yes, it will get stronger. But we are not saying, ‘Here it is,’ and abandoning you, and saying, ‘Do with it as you will’; we are standing right next to you, as are your brothers and sisters of the stars of every dimension and reality. And we are holding you, we are helping you, we are tutoring, we are coaching, we are protecting — and we are excited.” (16)

So the Transition is both prelude to and part of Ascension and will see us return to our higher dimensionality. The energies are coming directly from the heart of One and would see us go through many spaces, from euphoria to dissociation. He advised us to relax and allow the process to happen and assured us that we were being looked after.

In the next part we’ll look at some of the symptoms we’ll experience during the Transition.


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