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So yes, dear friends, there is a great deal unfolding, and good news on every horizon. Even if it looks like chaos, there is great movement, so do not be deceived.


So on behalf of all, it is my honor this day to thank you, to give you the gift of grace, to anchor more deeply within you the gift and the knowing of peace, for it is of love, yes, but it is also of creation, for that is what you have been doing.


Our beloved Archangel Michael lovingly answers our continual questions regarding Ascension, Disclosure, NESARA, etc.


I have asked you to dream big, I have asked you to receive inspiration from your own divinity and from us, from your star brothers and sisters and Gaia, from all the kingdoms. But what I also ask of you, dream big for your sacred self.There is no Ascension without dreaming, without hope, without trust, …


Your clearest indicator of what is taking place within this Ascension process is your heart. It is the core of your being, knowing and deciding that you are choosing love, that you are more joyful…in your physical form, begin to feel yourself be reconstructed, and we would suggest not only in the external but from …


Our approach to education, as you think of education, is far more holistic than perhaps you would have in your current systems on Earth, and particularly in the western world. What our focus is, and our concern is, is to address the complete scope, the complete needs, the complete potential of each and every child. …


…this Peace Meditation that I ask you to undertake and to undertake for the next several months is to help calm that fury because it is that fury, that anger, that desire to maintain and to stay in control and conflict; that is the most dangerous element of all…Taken from the COL Saturday call…


Every Sunday night people from all over the world gather to mediate, pray and anchor peace. The Sunday night peace meditation was implemented at the suggestion of the Council of Love several years ago following 9/11 and the Council request to pray for the women and children of Iraq and Iran.


  You have already progressed far enough that I am asking and inviting each of you to consciously accept the love, the joy, and yes, my brother’s peace, the Mother’s hope, the Father’s wisdom…it is your birthright, it is why you are here…you have played magnificent parts in this drama, but now the curtain it …


…you are not always going to agree or like what we have to tell you but our purpose is to deliver these messages, this sharing and love and truth and an honoring of your ability to discern, and to bring forth the highest and best part of who you are…