Archangel Michael expalins to us our role in this exciting energy of the 11-11-11
I would like to personally thank Steve Beckow for sharing this channeling so widely – it isn’t all that often that folks share a “personal” channel but this one has such universal import…

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

SB: Greetings, Lord. Thank you for coming.

AAM: Welcome, my friend.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: Well, it is an exciting time above and below. And I would suggest even within and without! Yes, we have very different forms, do we not? But still, it would appear that the human collective is going forward at light speed; in fact, they are going forward at the speed of love. And in all realms and all realities that is very exciting.

Yes, there are some that are rushing to the door, and as they are rushing to the door they are making a very rapid U-turn, slipping and sliding for some. So we see it as humorous as well. For there is no requirement to go through at a certain time, on a certain day, in a certain moment. Yes, there is a predisposition and an earlier agreement in terms of an individual’s soul contract. But it is not a requirement on our part. We do not have that type of arrangement.

We know that there is a great deal that you would like to talk about today.

SB: I’m glad you knew that ahead of time, Lord! Yes. How should we handle it? Perhaps the best thing to do would be to start with your message to the people who will be listening to this or reading this. What we can expect on November 11th, what changes may happen to us, how best to orient towards the day?

AAM: These are instructions, yes, particularly for November 11, 2011, but they are also instructions that you can carry forward during this entire process. So I say to you, welcome, my beloved friends. Welcome, friends and hybrids of Earth! Angels and ETs, human beings, gatekeepers – all of you are gathered for this momentous occasion!

As you know, this portal of 11-11-11 – yes, of course it is an energetic portal, it is an opening throughout the Universe — but it is also a very important portal for the human collective. Now, we have spoken to you before about how Gaia is already well underway in her process. She is spinning faster and faster into the new dimensional reality that she wishes to inhabit. And the kingdoms, that you think of as kingdoms – the devas, the animals, the trees, the rocks – they are all pretty much aligned as well, and they have also anchored with Gaia.

Message to Early Ascenders Who Will Return as Gatekeepers

So what does that leave us? It leaves us these bright souls, the human race. And this is particularly an opening for the human collective to receive, to enter into, to become an anchor in the truth of what they have always been – and that is love. That is the fabric, it is the essence, it is the microcosm of their being.

They enter into a reality above, far beyond. You cannot think of dimensional shift as simply going through one doorway to another. What you are doing is you are shifting the reality that you choose to inhabit, that is available and open to you. And so this doorway is open for those who choose to go through it in love, and in a knowing – not a thinking, but a knowing – of their wholeness. This is a time of completion for this entire system.

And it is a system that requires, in order for this to take place, there is need for balance, internal and external. And that is why we are teasing and saying that there are some that are rushing towards the doorway and making a rapid U-turn, simply because they have realized that they have not reached the balance internally and externally. They may have well done the work internally, and when we say internally we mean all the bodies – the spiritual self, the integrated self that we have spoken with you about before. But also there is a need to find the balance and the letting-go of the external reality of the Third Dimension.

Now, there are many – and yes, I speak to those of you who feel the shadow of doubt in your heart. Do not doubt yourself. Do not judge yourself. Burn my blue flame of truth higher. Because there are those who have doubt about letting go of what you think of as the Third Dimension, or reality. You are not letting go of the beauty of Gaia. You are not letting go of the beauty of a sunrise, albeit it may look differently. You are not letting go of what you cherish. You are letting go of what you have been kicking and screaming about, the duality and the polarity, the outmoded belief systems. So you are leaving old Earth behind.

My beloved friends, let us be very clear. You are not abandoning anything. You are not abandoning Gaia. You are not abandoning your community, your family, your friends. Quite the contrary: you are assisting in helping to raise the vibration. As you go through this portal, this doorway, this shift, you are literally lightening the load. And yes, you can act as a gatekeeper. For some of you, that will be your role. Or you may send energy back to those who have need of it, in this period of transition. But it is important for you to realize that you are the Wayshowers, and that you are lightening the load. You are supporting Gaia in this journey. You are accompanying her.

So, as you do this, it is very important in your meditations – and we understand that some of you will be solitary, but many of you will gather in groups. It matters not. There are some essential ingredients that we wish for you to pay attention to. And that is, first and foremost, anchor in your heart, deeper than you thought was possible. Feel all the cords. (1) I will be with you cutting them very rapidly. And what you have to do is simply say, yes, “Yes, yes, yes.” All the cords to old Earth, including your idea, some belief systems you may have had about your old self – let that all go. It will feel like you are going through a shower, a light shower.

Anchor firmly. Drop your cord deep into the heart of Gaia. After we have cut the cords, anchor. You do not wish to do this Ascension process not anchored to her, for you will be spinning off into space. That is not the intention of this process. When you feel fully connected, nurtured, with Gaia, then allow yourself to go up the sacred spiral to the place of unity, of One, to the heart of all.

Do not question whether you are able to do this. This is not a mental process. And if you falter at any moment, turn to us, because we are all in attendance. Yes, all of us. So then, anchor in the heart of One, then simply feel yourself as if you are drifting down the sacred spiral, staying within, into the Fifth. So, anchor, ascend, drift back. Do not come back to Three. (2) It is over and done with.

What will be different? We have suggested that you will feel a sense of disconnection (and we want you to; that is your – what is your expression? – high five that you have arrived); that you will feel that there is a different sensation in what you think of as your five senses, that you are hearing, seeing, perceiving differently. Do not try to immediately navigate your new reality. Allow yourself to anchor knowing that Gaia is grounding you and has chosen to give this gift to you as you are giving it to her.

Allow yourself to anchor and to feel – well, we would say a sense of solidity underneath your feet, even though if you allow yourself to look you will see things differently. You can give it solid form if you wish, but you will also see the molecular, subatomic patterning of whatever it is you’re looking at. And what else is you will begin to see quite clearly – not in an overwhelming sense of a way, because we are being very careful with this attunement, but – you will begin to see many of us.

No, it is not your imagination, dear friends. We have always been here. And we have told you for a long time that even in the Third Reality the veil had been eliminated, but in the Fifth it was never even invented. It was never constructed. So there will be a sense of greater vision. You will look at things – whether it is nature, birds, animals, tables – and you will simply perceive them differently. And you will perceive the life force, the sacredness, not only in your fellow human beings, yes, who will arrive with you. You are not being sent on a solitary journey. So there will be a difference in perception. The greatest gift is clarity, and it is the clarity not only of the integrated heart, but the integrated being, the deepening of connection to all.

So when you are looking at things, they will look differently. You will say, I never noticed that tree, or that mountain, that way. But the biggest shift, my dear hearts, is how you will feel. You will feel that you have enough energy to climb Olympus. You will feel that much of your aches and pains that you may have carried with you in the Third are simply dissipating. You will forget them.

Now, you are not forgetting what you have left behind. And for you who are the Wayshowers, amongst the first, it is important, because even if you are not a Gatekeeper, you are holding the energy for so many. You are not participating any longer in the energy of the Third Dimension. That is over and done with. But that does not mean that you are not aware of what is transpiring. But your sense of involvement, and certainly emotional involvement, it simply will not be there. And it is not intended to be there. It is not what you – it is not part of that dimension or that experience. It cannot be.

So it is a letting go, but it is also a remembering, or a vision, and a holding of the higher truth of what is being accomplished. And when you are holding that energy, energetically you are beckoning to millions. Yes, each one of you. Is it a big job? Yes. Is it an adventure? Yes. Is it doable? Beyond any shadow of a doubt.

So let that doubt be given to me. As you go to sleep tonight, let us begin this process of cutting cords and letting go. (3) Stay in the love. Stay in the truth of who you are. Not only my legions, but all legions of light will join you. Throughout all Universes this has impact and influence, and effect – what you think of as effect. For you are very conscious of this “cause and effect.” (4)

Do not allow yourself to panic. There is an adjustment that takes a few days, but it is not unpleasant, it is simply like moving to a new place. So allow it to take place, knowing that all help is available to you.

It has already begun. And it began long ago. It would be unfortunate if you had prepared and prepared and prepared for this journey, this party, and then at the last moment said, “Oh, I don’t want to go. I can’t go.” Of course you can! And I will hold the door open for you, as will Yeshua, Maitreya, Kuthumi, and Shiva. We will all be there. Come and join us.

Message to Starseeds and Lightworkers Whose Service Contract Requires Them to Remain

SB: Lord, so far you’ve been addressing people who will ascend. What would you say to people who will simply benefit from the energy? Can you tell them what they might expect tomorrow.

AAM: It is absolutely an energy opening of the ability for you in human form, even if you are anchored very firmly in the Third – or the Fourth, for some – to anchor into a bigger, a grander, a broader, more expansive feeling, not only of love, but particularly the opening is for co-creation. So think of this as a triad of love, co-creation and balance. And of course they are all equal and they are all interdependent.

So if you are staying put, as it were, you will still feel a shift inside of you, energetically, and yes, a lightness of being, an incredible lightness of being. Do not forget – we have talked to this channel a great deal about this, but we will repeat it – you began 11-11 years ago. And then you came into the period that you have thought of as 12-12. What you forgot is that you have still been in that phase of 12-12, and that you are coming to the end of it.

And that has been a period of expansion and of anchoring balance and higher frequencies. And we know that there have been times when the frequencies have been of such a strong nature that the balance has been difficult at times to hold. And yet you have done stellar work, and you have persisted through some very, very rough seas.

If you are staying, what you are going to begin to see and to witness – because do not forget, this is Gaia transcending – so you are going to start to see greater openings, greater freedom, yes, the destruction and the elimination of many old systems – but that is already underway. So the sense will not be of a pulling down, of the destruction element, so much as the uplifting and the creation and co-creation of the new.

And we suggest to you that it is going to happen more and more rapidly. Many of you also who are staying in the Third Dimension have asked me – many of you have asked me – about Earth changes. And we want to assure you that as Gaia transcends, that the need for Earth changes is diminishing, not increasing. So the more that she is feeling supported and accompanied – and it is vitally important for those who are staying also to be firmly anchored in her heart, and in the heart of One, so that you are not swayed by what you are seeing as change, very rapid change.

Your vision is also beginning to be altered, so it will not be like a flash in the eye – but you will notice that you are perceiving things differently, that you are already perceiving things differently. But get ready, my dear hearts, it is changing more rapidly, for those of you who choose to stay and accompany the collective in this journey.

Those of you who stay are doing so out of your love, not only for Gaia, but for humanity. You are doing so to help, to reawaken the collective, so that as many as possible are coming, are ascending, are shifting. For the door is open and the welcome mat is out. Yes, I am sorry, my friend, I interrupted you.

SB: Oh, no, that’s fine. You are the source of information. The people who’ve elected to stay, Lightworkers and Starseeds who will be assisting others, what will their experience be through tomorrow? What will they notice inside themselves, and how should they respond?

It will feel – it is very possible, and we do not wish to program anything – but we would ask and encourage all Starseeds, all Lightholders, all Lightworkers, actually, all beings, to take time for prayer and meditation tomorrow so that that portal for them within is also wide open. They may well feel, in addition to the broader results of what is going on, a slight pressure in your heart and solar plexus, a little feeling of anxiety, that the humans sometimes have when you feel like something is going on, or I’m about to do something, but I’m not quite sure what it is. It’s like precognition.

So do not think that you are collectively having heart attacks, indigestion, or anything else. It is simply a physical reaction to the expansion that you are feeling. But there will also be a greater sense of spaciousness within your physical body. You tend to think of yourself in certain ways: “Oh, I am five eleven and weigh one-seventy, and I am this size.” And then you define that and you literally contain that. The sense you will have is that you are taking up more, and you have more space; that somehow you grew. And of course it is simply a shifting awareness of the magnitude of your field. But that is a very definite shift for most of you.

Heightened sensitivity and some of you will say, “Oh, no, I already feel like I am being bombarded. Please, Lord, do not do this to us.” I am sorry, this will be part of the gift. It is heightened sensitivity, both in terms of your physical senses, but also in terms of your ultimate sense, your sense of connection, your sense of awareness, your sense of interconnectedness.

So you will find yourself being more aware, not only of what you think, feel, taste, but what others think, feel, experience. And it will just be a knowing, a very deep knowing. And it is from this extended sense of connection that the magnitude of changes, the rapidity of changes, can truly begin to take place.

When there is that greater sense – and that will continue to expand throughout the upcoming year – in that sense of connection, both practical and what you can think of as etheric or spiritual, that sense of community coming together in a unified thought or understanding will grow. So that sense of “us and them,” “him or I,” will be eliminated. It does not disturb or take away from your unique, beautiful self at all. But when you open your eyes, following your sacred practice, you will feel that sense of spacious connection.

SB: And when can we start to enter into our sacred practice? Will these changes begin at midnight?

AAM: It’s already started. But yes, we will really start – it will be around eleven o’clock tonight, wherever you live.

SB: All right. Okay.

AAM: It is a good night to sleep. Let go. Let us do the clearing of the cords. It is not just those who are leaving that need the cords cleared. It is everybody. So we invite everybody to participate in this.

SB: All right, Lord. Is there any way that you can give us a sense of how many people may be expected to ascend over the 11-11-11 period?

AAM: It will not be huge. It will be about a million.

SB: All right. A million. And most of them, I would expect, would have completed their relationships, so how would we know that someone may have ascended? I don’t mean if we know them personally, but if we don’t know them personally, is there any way we can discover that they’ve ascended, or do we just have to be satisfied with not knowing?

AAM: Yes, you will have to be mostly satisfied [with not knowing]. Although there will be many reports of: “Do you remember so and so? He doesn’t seem to be around anymore. Do you know where he went?” But we do not want to create what you would think of as a public furor. And the reason being is that this is about the elimination of fear. We do not want stories of abduction –

SB: Right.

AAM: – floating through the media.

SB: Um-hmm. All right, so we’ll have to be –

AAM: You will know –

SB: – circumspect….

AAM: Yes. And in many cases your friends that have shifted will, through people like Linda or simply through dream state or meditative state, will say, “Hello. I made it.”

SB: Um-hmm. [chuckle]

SD: Because it is important. This is not about dying. This is not about death – quite the contrary. This is about life and still continuing on. Yes, in different form. But nevertheless, continuing on.

You know, long ago, when St. Germaine travelled to America (5) – or many of the voyagers for that matter, but I simply have a very close relationship with this dear friend – there were many who thought, well, they must have simply died or fallen off the edge of the Earth, for they never came back. (6) And of course for years they were thought dead. And so they were dead. But they were not dead at all. They were just having a different adventure. So think of it as going to a different continent.

SB: So much that’s going to be new.

AAM: And the biggest part of that is do not take the rules, the ideas, the belief systems of the Third Dimension and attempt in any way, shape or form to apply them elsewhere. It will not work.

SB: Um-hmm. That’s very clear. Well, Lord, I think I may end the public part of the tape here.

[Goodbyes were said later.]



(1) By cords, Archangel Michael means anything that binds us to Third-Dimensional reality – the attachments we have to it and the unfinished business that may cause resistance to Ascension.

(2) That is, do not instantly leave Fifth again for Third as if Third is your default. Fifth is not your default, though many may choose to return to Third later to serve as a Gatekeeper.

(3) This would appear to indicate that Ascension will begin or transpire after people go to bed for the night.

(4) The Law of Karma is said to be the Law of Cause and Effect.

(5) A possible reference to St. Germaine’s stay at the Continental Congress where he was known as “the Professor.” See “St. Germain Addresses the Continental Congress,” Oct. 22, 2011, at

(6) If I recall correctly, St. Germaine up till that time had been at the Court of Louis XVI of France.