On the new blog talk radio show airing, Thursdays 7 p.m. EST, Archangel Michael gifts us with his two-sided sword, the Destroyer and the Healer and his shield so we can stand as the peaceful warrior…

GD: Hello, and welcome to Heavenly Blessings, with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love. I’m GD.

Archangel Michael’s our guest tonight to talk about how we can use his sword and shield to assist us in our work as peaceful warriors.

Hi, Linda!

Linda Dillon: Hi, there! Hi there, Graham. I’m pleased to be here, and I’m really pleased to be doing this show with you.

GD: Well, this is great. We’ve been doing some planning to get this up and running, and I’m so thrilled to be doing our first show together. And one of the things that we talked about is really taking some of the great gifts from the angelic realm and our galactic…what our galactic friends offer in terms of what we can use and refer to to help us on our journey.

LD: Yeah.

GD: Is – is that how you’d capture that as well?

LD: That’s exactly how I see it. You know, the Council of Love over the long number of years has been giving us different gifts – gifts that came at pretty much every gathering or workshop that we had. And these are basically sometimes what the Council calls tools of the trade – and our trade, of course, being light-workers and light-holders and light-seekers. And so, these are practical applications that we can use in our everyday life.

You know, so often we hear guidance either from our higher self or from the angelic realms or wherever – the internet – that say, you know, “Now is the time of clearing,” “Now is the time of expansion,” “Now is the time of co-creation,” and, you know, “Get to it.” It’s a time of action, it’s a time of moving forward.

But sometimes we don’t really fully understand just how to get to it. And so, I see that as really one of the core purposes of our coming together here every Thursday night, is to talk about how to, how to get at our work, and our work together. And so to share insights and experiences and tips, and what we’ve seen works and doesn’t work, and how to interpret it. So yeah, that’s exactly how I see it.

GD: Well, what’s been great is that on the – on our sister show, An Hour with an Angel, there have been so many great pieces of information and guidance, and this allows us to take that and go further. And what I love about this platform of Blogtalkradio that allows – I know I’ll go back and listen to it again, and our listeners are certainly welcome to do that as well, so it’s archived. And so whatever’s coming up for us on our journey, we can go back and reference that as a really great tool.

LD: Exactly. We can listen to it again and again, the same way, you know, we have our channelings, or our pieces of literature that we’ll go back and read again and again, because it changes our vibration. You know, that energy in the words or between the words also goes into us and attunes us and shifts us and helps us. I also –

GD: That’s a good point, the energy downloads.

LD: Yeah, absolutely, the downloads. And so I see the Hour with an Angel sort of as informational, and this, with Heavenly Blessings, being more hands-on instructional. And so I will encourage all of our listeners to be submitting, you know, their questions, their comments over time. And who knows, if we get really brave we might even open up the phone lines and [get?] chatting.

GD: Right. Right, right. If you were to describe the Council of Love, who are they and what they’re about, what – how would you capture that?

LD: You know, the Council of Love has always described themselves very consistently, to me and to everybody who encounters them, as God’s sacred alliance. It’s composed of angels, archangels, enlightened saints, the Apostles, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, otherwise known as UFOG, and the ascended masters. Their purpose is to take and transmit divine radiance and love into each and every person’s heart who is willing to receive and align. Every being – well, not just on the planet, but that’s where we’re focused at the moment – so everybody on Gaia who says, “I want to receive the love,” is a client, or a participant, because we’re all part of this, of the Council of Love.

So their messages are very consistent. They’re about oneness, and they’re about love. And the primary spokes-being or archangel for the Council of Love is Archangel Gabrielle or Gabriel.

Now, one of the analogies that the Council has given us over the years, a way in which to think of them, because as we receive more information – and that’s a good thing, you know, there’s a plethora of information out there now. So where does the Council of Love fit in? And you can think of them as almost an overbody.

They describe themselves often as an umbrella, and just the way you would have spokes on an umbrella, you can think of one spoke as holding, you know, all the galactic alliances. You can think of another spoke as holding the archangels or the angelic realms. You can think of another spoke as holding the ascended masters. And another one, you know, all the – what we think of as wise prophets or saints, or, you know, enlightened beings.

And all of that comes together in this really massive body, whose collective purpose is just to anchor love. Now, they say to us, again and again and again, that love is the only material, the only energy, the only fuel of the universe. So that’s their job. You know, think of that, the handle of the umbrella as the chute for the love to come down and right into us.

So that’s who the Council of Love is. I’ve been working with them, oh, for close to 30 years now. And their messages have always been very consistent. Every, you know, every year they give us a different agenda to work on, and they give us tools, and they give us understandings. They help shift our energy because we’re in this process of evolving and ascending, and they’re there to help us. So, in a nutshell, they are….

GD: Well, thank you for speaking to that. And Archangel Michael is here tonight to talk about his sword and shield and how we can use that – these resources for a number of things.

LD: Absolutely. Because when you and I talked to plan this wonderful first show, we had a chat about how we would proceed, and it – in our last call with Archangel Michael, with the last channeling with Archangel Michael on Hour with an Angel, he talked about the sword and shield. And this has been a theme that has been becoming up again lately. You know, things can – it’s almost like tides, they can come in and they can leave, and then they come back, and they remind us. And Michael’s been talking to us lately about the sword and shield.

So it seemed like a very appropriate place for us to start and for people to begin to understand, as we want to build community here, how we’re going to talk and work with this angelic realm around these gifts and attunements. So Archangel Michael –

GD: Well, should we –

LD: – it is tonight.

GD: Okay. Should we bring him on?

LD: Absolutely.

GD: Okay. Terrific. And then we’ll come back for a discussion after.

LD: Okay.

So, how we’re going to start this – because I want you to be in your heart as we begin, so that you receive the full energy of the transmission and the full impact of what Michael and his amazing gifts to us are – is just relax. Wherever you are, if you’re lying on your bed, or sitting in your car, or sitting in your chair at home, just relax. And let go of the day. Let go of what you need to do later in the evening, or what lies ahead tomorrow. And just make a little commitment to yourself that this is your time, this is your sacred space, and feel all the energy draining down into your heart. And just breathe, just feel your breath in and out and slowing, as we begin together.

Archangel Michael: Greetings! I am Michael!

GD: Welcome, Lord.

AAM: Welcome. Welcome, my beloved friends and allies. Welcome, my dear hearts. And yes, I come to you as warrior of peace, but I also come to you as archangel of love. I come to you to assist humbly, and in sacred partnership, not that we are forming with you, but that we have been in forever.

You are the brave ones. You are the bright souls, the angels and the starseed who have turned to the Divine Mother and said, “I will go. I will go and I will assist Gaia. And, dear Mother, I will assist you in the unfoldment of your plan, in the restoration of love, of trust, of hope, of unity upon the planet. I will go, and I will live in community. And yes, I will know the joy of being alive, of being in form.”

Now, my beloved friends, I know fully that this has not always been easy. It has not always been joy-full. But you have held the center, and you have persevered. And whether you travel on the magenta or the violet, the pink or the emerald ray, you are my brothers and sisters of blue. And I am committed to you, as you are committed to me. And we will rest together when there is peace, on Earth and far beyond. And that is not as far off as you may think at moments.

Long ago, eons ago, when I have emanated from the heart of Mother-Father-One as a blazing blue flame, as an energy, yes, I have then assumed form, for they have birthed me. And I have been given not only my harp – for I am a musician at heart, you know – but I was also given my mighty sword and my shield. And I have used these, and I have given to you, each of you, long ago, eons ago, replicas of my sword and shield.

Now, sometimes they have been forgotten, and that is all right, for, if nothing else, I am patient and I am stalwart. And I will restore the sword and shield to you a million times if that is what is necessary. And what I suggest to you, my friends, is that it is a time upon your planet when it is prudent to once again reinstall, bestow upon you, remind you of, your sword and shield.

For these are tools that you have been given not only in your angelic form, but for you to use upon your sacred journey, and very particularly upon this journey upon Gaia at this time of unfoldment, and of your Ascension and her Ascension, this time of magnificent unfoldment of the plan of the Mother, when all the galaxies come together and the true meaning of union is known.

My sword is double-edged. And so is yours. And it is the sword that is the Destroyer, and on the other edge it is the sword that is the Healer. Now, let me explain to you what I mean by destroyer, by defender, because it is both. It is the destroyer of illusion; it is the destroyer of hatred, of greed; it is the destroyer of anything that bars you not only from us, from love, from One, but from each other and from the truth.

There has been a disillusion upon your planet for far too long. And all the cracks are there, the veils are removed. But still, you are breaking through and the most strong illusions that you will break through are your own. Do not judge this! Yes, you are in discernment. But do not judge it, simply know, “Well, I have my sword now. I may cut through this.” Use it to cut through cords.

Now, I say to you that this is a time of unity and community. This is why we have asked you to gather in this fashion, electronically, all over the world. It is to celebrate that unity, that heart connection. But at the same time, know love is freedom. Love does not bind you. It does not stop you. It does not limit you. And what has happened historically, and currently, upon your planet is that so many of you are corded. You weave these magnificent cords yourself.

The only cords that are ever necessary is the silver cord that emanates through and from your crown to the heart of One, and the cord that emanates from your root chakra to the heart of Gaia, to keep you firmly planted upon her, in balance and in form. Every other cord needs to go.

And you say, “But why, Lord? Why?” When you are cording someone – and you may see it with those that you are most intimate [with] and love most deeply; it is often very strong between parents and their children, for of course they extend their cords, their energetic fields, but they cord it into the child, into each other, into things that you do not even like – and it keeps you in place.

Now, you may think for yourself, “Well, that is a good thing, because sometimes I tend to be scattered and fly away.” And that is true of a lot of you! But it is not a generous action. It is not a generous way to operate. Because not only are you binding yourself, you are binding others. And that is against Universal law. It is against the law of freedom. It is against the law of allowing each to their own pathway.

When you wish to connect with someone, you allow your fields to touch, your bubbles, as it were, to intersect and merge, if you wish. But you do not cord. Now, as you have begun your Ascension process, and most of you have, what is occurring is many of these cords are turning very soft. They are ready to be shed. But you will take your sword – and I would suggest on a daily basis right now, because there are those who do not want you to move forward; there are those that do not want the Earth to ascend or change, regardless of what is going on, so – cut the cords and declare your freedom.

Now, the other side of the sword, that often we do not speak about, the other side of the blade, it is for healing, it is for mending, it is for soothing. And so, when you see a situation that needs to be cauterized, that needs to receive the energy of truth, of hope, of strength in order to endure and go forward, also use your sword, for it is mighty.

Your sword, my beloved ones, is not an exact replica of mine. It is unique to you, as is your shield. And I wish to speak of that briefly as well. And then I wish to insure that you have these, as you travel out, for you are the peaceful warriors of Earth. You are the ones that are anchoring the transformation. You are the ones that are bringing forth Nova Earth and Nova Being, Nova Gaia. You are the ones that are saying, as a collective, “We will go forward.”

And you cannot go forward – let me be clear! – you cannot ascend if you are tied down, if you are corded, and if you are cording anybody. So even the cords, the very thick cords that come out of your heart into those you love, let them go – so that you may all fly free, so that you may rise up unencumbered – by choice, because this is the rule of your planet. It is the zone of free will. So you cannot fly if you are tethered.

The other way I wish you to use your sword daily is to cut away the debris, the dross of what remains of illusion upon your planet. I do not want to become engaged in the high drama of humans. But of course there are still forces that wish to maintain their powers, and those who simply don’t want to move. Cut away, and what you will find, my beloved brothers and sisters, what you are going to be cutting away, the biggest area you will be hacking away at, is fear.

And underneath that fear, for those who have behaved in aberrant ways, for those who have clung to power even when it meant harm to others, what you will see is a lack of self-worth, a lack of self-love. Oh, the ego may be enormous, but the heart will be injured and shriveled. The soul will be lost. That is when you take the healing edge of the sword and you apply it, and you simply hold it for a moment, and you allow the energy of my being and the legions of light to simply enter into that situation, that person, that environment. Use your sword for Gaia, to cut away pollution and to restore the hills, the streams, the water, the grass. As you see, this is an all-purpose tool, but do not underestimate its might.

Now, let me speak to you of our, our mighty shield. And it is a shield of protection. First and foremost, it is the shield of protection. But it is also your universal, intergalactic, human, spiritual, soul transmitter. Each of your shields is divinely crafted, engineered and unique. And upon your shield there are many engravings – yes, like the heraldry of old. But there are sacred symbols that are meaningful to you, and have been meaningful to you for eons.

But also upon that shield, you may post, you may draw, you may engrave, you may imprint that which you desire to communicate to the Universe, that which you wish to create. There is room for everything. Yes, they are old and they are pretty full, but there is still room for more. There is always, always room for more.

So this shield is used in two ways. It is held in front of you, when you need protection, when you enter into battle, when you confront those who do not understand you, or who may wish you harm. And what the shield does in those situations is it bounces the energy back to the person or the group or the situation that you are confronting. It is a very old way, where people receive a taste of their own actions, or what you would call medicine. It protects you.

You may expand it so that it is a cylinder the entire way around you. You may hold it above your head, you may hold it below your feet, you may hold it above Gaia to protect her from acid rain or meteor showers. There are many ways. The other way you hold it is in your hand, arm extended, up to the Universe, up to the sky, allowing everybody on planet and far beyond, to know. It is your signature, so you are activating it, and it is like your ancient Morse code going out and saying, “I am here. Remember me. And this is what I need for help to complete my mission, right now.” And it is heard, it is received, it is acted upon.

These are the tools that I re-instill within your hands this day, this night. And I do so gladly. So let us shift to that part, so that you, my dear friends, my starseed angels, may receive.

So, I wish you, take a deep breath of blue, feel the air around you transmute in this moment to blue. And it is the ray of calm. It is the ray of serenity. It is the ray of communication and nurturing. And it is the ray of peace.

GD: Thank you, Lord, for your guidance….

AAM: I am standing directly in front of you, yes, each of you. I may be many, many places at once, again and again, as often as you call me. Dear heart, I ask you, look into my eyes, as I look into yours. See the love that expresses through my face and eyes to you, the reverence and respect I have – for you. You have travelled with me through the darkest nights, and you have shared the most glorious victories. And now we prepare again to do this together.

You do me honor. Extend your right hand to me, your arm, and receive unto me, from me, and from my heart, take your sword, and claim it once again as yours. It is your birthright, and it was promised to you when you returned to Earth. Examine it, remember it, look at the scrollwork, the steel, the iron – or is it simply a flame? Notice your hilt. Feel it. Feel it, my brethren, in your hand, and the weight of it. And tell me, tell me from your heart, that you accept this.

Now, extend your other arm, as I place your shield within your hand. It is time for you to carry it yet again. It is time for you to declare, clearly and loudly, who you are. Always, I am committed to protect you. But part of that has always been your shield. You are competent. You are brilliant. You are whole.

Take this shield, accept it back. And again, look, look at what is inscribed upon your beloved shield that has seen so much and will act as a reminder to you of who you are, of what your sacred symbols are, of where you have been, where you have fought, where you have been victorious.

I do not wish to wage war ever. That is not what this sword and shield are for. They are to bring peace. They are the tools of peace. I know you know this.

My beloved one, tell me, tell me as I stand here with you, that you accept this and that you will use these yet again wisely. And you will use them, like I, as defenders of those who need defense, for those who are disenfranchised, the little ones, the old ones, the ones who have lost their way. Cut the cords that bind, that you are free to travel, to maneuver, and to show others the way.

I entrust this to you as I have eons ago. I entrust this to your hands and to your heart. I give this to you with my love, and with the love of the Mother-Father-One. Go forth.


GD: Farewell, Lord. Thank you.

LD: Well, I have this wonderful vision of Michael being in every house across America, Europe, Canada….

GD: There was so much beauty and power in his words, and these tools, these tools of peace. And what a beautiful exercise and experience.

Linda, I was thinking about some guidance that I received from him in terms of cutting the cords, and just in terms of thinking of this in a practical sense, and tell me if I have this right. I think what I remember learning and hearing was that taking the cord in terms of cutting – taking the sword in terms of cutting cords, using the sword on each side of me, all four sides, and then under my feet to cut cords, but not over my head, right? Because I want to keep that connection with the Divine?

LD: Yes, but if there are little strings coming out of your head, or around your head, make sure you get those cords as well.

GD: I see.

LD: Because we have also not cords between people, we have cords to ideas, to belief systems, even to, you know, I would say even to, especially, about ourselves. So those are a form of cords that sometimes we don’t really think about. But, you know, if you think… if you replace the word cords for attachments, now, and attachments that…we can still have the attachment or the fondness or the love. They’re not saying ever to let go of that. But what they’re saying is, is that when you’ve tied that, you know, when you’ve anchored the Queen Mary with that, you can’t go anywhere.

Yeah, it’s like…you know when you see the Sufi dancers, or the Whirling Dervishes with their swords? That’s the vision I get when we’re cutting cords….

GD: And how –

LD: …of you.

GD: What’s the recommendation in terms of how to best access the sword and shield?

LD: First off, call Michael. Now, if you’re not feeling that…. Literally, when I was sitting here, I could feel the weight of that sword in my hand, and the shield.

GD: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

LD: The shield was heavy! It was like, how am I going to lift this? But the – how you can access it is by simply calling Michael. If you think, again and again, “I need my sword and I don’t know where it is,” just call him, but sit quietly.

Now, this is also about us stepping up into more of who we are. So, if you just sit quietly and you feel the weight of that sword…. And for me, probably because I’m a righty, I always have my sword in my right hand and my shield in my left. And I don’t always carry both. But I have a sensation from tonight that he really wants us to be carrying both.

GD: Has there been a particular event or situation in your past, that you’d be willing to share, where you have used the sword and shield and you really felt that it was effective?

LD: Oh, yes, I have. I have had…broken-hearted love affairs. And I’m sure I’m using this example because I think we can all relate to it.

GD: Yeah, definitely.

LD: And when we love somebody so deeply, and we really…we think we’re building a life together, and we really want to be with them, and we really care about that person, very often it’s hard to let go. And so, taking our sword and cutting the cords, the ties, with that person, with that situation, and that addiction to drama very often that’s in that relationship, where you are leaving it, and you cut those cords, and I am telling you, it changes the energy very quickly and completely.

Now, you may – or they – the other individual may re-weave the cords, but by and large they won’t. And if you see them starting to re-weave, you just go back and you cut them. I have cut cords when I have moved, when I’ve had to leave a place that I really was attached to, and I was given guidance that it was time to be – you know, that my mission was taking me elsewhere. And that has worked really well, additionally.

I have also used my sword when I know I am walking into – I used to, you know, work like probably most of our listeners in the corporate world, and I would very often use my sword when I was going into a boardroom or into a meeting where I knew it was going to be confrontational.

GD: You probably needed a big shield for those too, hunh?

LD: I took my shield as well! But – and sometimes, just by carrying the sword – and, you know, it’s funny, because people – well, maybe some people do see it, but most people don’t – but some level they are perceiving it. They are absolutely perceiving it. And it’s like, “Oh, boy, I’d better not mess with you.”

GD: I really can identify with…

LD: Because you look like you’re ready to do battle. And, you know, I’m not talking about petty stuff, I’m talking about ethical issues or values. Or things – you know, the difference between right and wrong.

Similarly, with our shields, I’ve had situations where I have felt that I was going into a situation which was dangerous or dicey, and I have used my shield. And one of the things that we’ll talk about in future weeks is how we turn ourselves invisible. But that shield in front of you, you know, if you turn it into that…. The picture I want to give you is, you know when you used to see those old-fashioned movies, and the shields went from above the head to about the shins? And if you have your shield, if you expand your shield to that size and you walk into a situation, nothing can get to you. You’re absolutely protected, and everything is going to bounce off of you and back at the person who’s throwing it.

So, I’ve had situations where I have felt very in danger, and I have used my shield and it has worked perfectly.

GD: Now, you were talking about relationships, and I can so identify with that. And I’m sure many of us…most of us can. And I remember going through the exercise of cutting the cords, not severing the love …

LD: No, no, no.

GD: …but definitely – right, right – cutting that emotional cord, those emotional ties, that unhealthy connection. And I remember distinctly going through this exercise, and doing it for a period of days, and then just feeling really free and liberated, and having to keep doing it.

But you know, what was interesting tonight is the idea – and it never occurred to me – was the guidance around cutting cords around ideas, too. Because oftentimes it’s not uncommon for us to have thoughts or visions or desires or wants that may or may not…that may not come to fruition, and to let that go. So this is a nice exercise for that as well.

LD: It is. And even things within our physical form, because we have beliefs about ourselves, too. So, again, you know, using your own body – I believe I have arthritis, I believe I have asthma, I believe I have diabetes, I believe….

GD: Right, right.

LD: That you’ve tethered yourself to that definition of who you are. So if you look at a cord and you think, “Well, here’s the diabetes cord. I’m cutting that,” because what we’re doing is we’re freeing ourselves. This is an amplification of everything Michael has ever done with us with these tools, tonight. And what we’re doing is freeing ourselves to be the truth, the real wholeness of who we are. So we can’t tie ourselves to the aches and pains or limitations of what we have felt about ourselves as well. And I’ve never thought about that before tonight.

GD: Hmm, hmm. He was talking about lack of self-worth and lack of self-love, and as you’re talking about that I’m thinking about, yeah, right, cutting those cords as well, those ideas, those constructs, those beliefs.

LD: And then using the other side of the sword to heal whatever wound it is that’s, you know, sitting there gaping. Because it will heal it. It puts in that wonderful blue Michael flame, and it heals it.

And because his flame is the flame of truth. And as soon as we put that in, then the truth of our divine perfection comes back.

GD: Hmm. Hmm. And I – what’s coming up for me is one of the key points of what he had to share is you can’t ascend if you’re tied down or if you’re corded. That’s pretty important.

LD: Yeah. Yeah. Because I know that the Council of Love has been talking a lot about, you know, we have to make peace with the third dimension in order to leave it. And that’s been a really consistent message of Michael. But I never so clearly had the visual before tonight as, oh, my gosh, if you’re tied down like an airplane on the runway, you can’t get lift-off!

GD: Which is a hard thing to…to think about, especially when we think of our children, for example, or, of course, our loved ones, our family, or maybe to the connections that we have in this 3D experience, and stepping into the unknown and really wanting to hold on to the known, even though it might not serve us, even though it might not be for the highest good. So, yeah, a really important and timely message.

LD: And we just stay in the love with those, and we say to them, because then they’re free to fly with us. And, you know, I don’t know any angels that don’t want to fly. And I don’t know any [ ? ]s that don’t want to fly. So, if they’re unencumbered, I think you’ll look at each other and say, “Oh, gee, do you want to go?” “Yeah! Yeah, I want to go!”

GD: Umm. Um-hmm. Um-hmm.

LD: Even if it’s at the very last…

GD: I really love the idea as well…go ahead.

LD: Just that. Even if it’s at the last minute, I think that there’s a lot of people who will say, “Oh, yeah, I’m not going to miss this.”

GD: Right. Right. It was nice to think about our unique sword and shield, that it tells our story, if you will, and we have an opportunity to decorate it as we’d like, and…make it as beautiful as we’d like, and make it unique to us. That really personalized it for me.

LD: It works! Years ago…. We have an annual gathering with the Council of Love, and years ago we made our shields. And I have my shield hanging in my office. And I put all kinds of things on that shield, symbols of who I am that are personal to me, some of my sacred symbols – like I have the pi symbol, for example, and the five-pointed star, things like that. But then I put on there things that I wanted, like love and a relationship and to be able to do my sacred work, and writing. Everything that is on that shield has come to pass.

GD: So, this is a physical shield that you made that you’re…

LD: I made a physical rep – we all did – made physical shields, representations of what our shield was.

GD: What a great exercise!

LD: Oh, it was really fun! And I keep it in my office beca – first of all, because it’s really pretty, but also because I look at it and I think – you know, we all have those moments of doubt! It’s like, “Well, is it ever going to happen? Or did it happen? I asked for it?” And I look at it and I think, wow, everything I put on that shield has come to pass.

So it’s a powerful, powerful tool. And you can do that.

GD: Well, Linda …

LD: You know, just…

GD: …this has…

LD: …get a big piece of cardboard, or a beautiful piece of fabric, and just make your shield. It’s – it’s fun.

GD: Terrific. I’m realizing we’re running short on time. And next week is Archangel Gabriel, right?

LD: Yes, Archangel Gabriel wants to talk to us about some of her gifts, particularly her golden filters, her golden infinity signs, and her golden heart of joy and courage.

GD: Terrific.

LD: I can’t wait.

GD: Well, this has been delightful. What a way to start this – what a way to start this radio program. Thank you so much. This has been a real joy. And I hope the listeners have enjoyed it equally as well.

LD: Thank you, Graham. Thank you so much.

GD: Okay. Well, we’ll do it again next week.

LD: Sounds good to me!

GD: All right. Great.

LD: Bye