Archangel Michael encourages us to awaken fully in our warrior/creator selves, that there are too many still hiding their light, though those who are ready to ascend have increased exponentially.

He continues: do not spend time in worry or fear, and have trust. He speaks of faith as well. We have a partnership with divinity and they are patiently waiting for us to step up. Ask for help from the Angels and Ascended ones. Disclosure is still expected to happen by the end of 2011. Japan does not stand threatened by nuclear threat at this time or at any time in the future – that that kind of devastation will not occur again. The progress of the Bridge fund is still underway – human fear and trepidation is holding up the process but if we follow recommendations he provides, the fund will be expedited. The Illuminate is mostly removed or disarmed. Those who have wielded the puppet strings are mostly gone. We are part of a Devine plan, which will go forward regardless. We are part of a magnificent expansion and are bigger and brighter than we have ever been.