You are the anchors of light, you are the anchors of the future, you are the Mother’s forerunners, the pathfinders. But your light is shinning brightly and we are in sacred partnership like never before.
Greetings, I AM Archangel Michael. I AM Michael, peaceful warrior, bringer of Love, holder of truth. There are many things I wish to speak to you about this day. But first I also bring you greetings and thanksgiving from my dear friend Comte de St. Germain. And he thanks you for the efforts that you have made, and I thank you as well for holding the energy of peace and the elimination of fear; fear of the different, fear of the other, fear of the unknown. And you know it does not really matter whether it is trepidation or fear about your star brothers and sisters, or the man next door, the person in Africa, or China, for these are unfounded notions. And they are of such an old paradigm, and they are of a paradigm that is, quite literally, strangulated earth and the human race including all hybrids, and their forward movement for eons.

But I do not come this day to speak to you about ancient history. I do come to give you brief update on my Strategic Peace Initiative. Did you think it had gone away or I had forgotten? No, for each of you, and we, have been working on this diligently. For the anchoring of peace, not just the absence of war, but the anchoring of peace and all it means for humanity and far beyond never ceases to be one of my primary purposes. Yes, of course I work with many and as you know, I work directly with many of you.

I come this day to tell you, it is time to celebrate for we have made tremendous headway, and we will continue to do so. Yes, you have all been active as have we all over the globe. Yes, particularly in the Middle East, but also in the hallways of your White House, in the hallways of your Parliament, in the ditches and trenches of warfare, in the caves of Afghanistan, on the savannas, even in the oceans. You know really that the humans are the last holdout fearing peace.

Now many, many of the collective have begun to claim their freedom actively and quite vociferously. But my beloved ones, there are many more, millions, billions who are tired, not defeated, but tired. And in that tiredness, in that exhaustion they are saying and committing that they simply do not wish to participate any longer in systems and belief systems that do not work, that deny them their freedom, that keep them enslaved in the bondage of old ideas, and old patterns, old behaviors, that do not feel like Love.

And to themselves, and in small groups and with their beloved ones they are shaking their heads and they are saying ‘You know, something’s got to change. This isn’t working for me’. Do you know how that is music to our ears? Because it doesn’t matter whether it is someone on the assembly line in Detroit or a general in the Pentagon; it means that the opening for change, the hard opening, and the personality opening has and is occurring. People all over your planet want to lay down the struggle, and they are doing so. Always we have told you that the changes does not come, they do not come or emanate from government. They come from the heart of the masses, they come from the grass roots. And that is what is occurring.

When we have asked you to pray and to prepare for visitors, what are we doing except asking for peace to reign in the hearts of all beings? Because where there is peace there is Love; and where there is Love there is hope and trust. I do not mean foolhardiness, I mean discernment with the absence of judgment. The people are tired, and they are tired of being judged and found wanting. This is the best thing that has come out of the demise of your banking, your financial, your real estate, your social systems. The demise of those systems have said ‘Wait a minute, I am being judged falsely and cruelly and that is not fair’. And in that acknowledgement and in that feeling is also the decision not to be so harsh and cruel with others.

You have a saying upon your planet about walking a mile in another one’s shoes. And this is happening all over the globe. And there is an empathy. That is truly the meaning of compassion. It is not the judgment, ‘Oh I’ll fix you’, it is the understanding of what another goes through in their sacred journey. And to lend a helping hand and to not be offended if that hand is not accepted at that moment, that it is not about ego. Never have we asked for you to eliminate the delight of your sweet personalities, of the vessel that you have chosen for this walk of glory. But it is in balance with your sacred self, it is in balance with your higher self and your collective, it is in balance with the community. And what is being recognized, it is not a community of here or there, of patches of light, it is a community of one.

Do not allow the illusions or the scare tactics of chaos to unhinge you. You are the anchors of light, you are the anchors of the future, you are the Mother’s forerunners, the pathfinders. But your light is shinning brightly and we are in sacred partnership like never before. And dear heart, this light and Love is highly contagious and it is spreading. It comes from the grass roots. So we ask of you to continue what you are doing, to step it up even, to hold that place of peace and to continue in the Sunday night meditations to ask that all beings on the planet hold no fear for the different, for the unknown. That the help that is being offered to this wonderful planet of Gaia and to the people from the unseen forces and from your star brothers and sisters, from the inner earth, from all sectors, that it be welcomed, that reaction of old ways not see the light of day.

Do not listen and certainly do not buy into those reports that site war and violence. That is not the way or the path of Ascension; that is certainly not the reality of the 7th dimension of Love. And it is not your reality. You came to participate and to witness, in this glorious unfoldment of the plan of the Mother, to see the restoration of Love and peace on earth. When there is peace, everything, everything, everything you can imagine to create, it is all possible.

This is a planet of Joy, of Love. That is why so many have come from so far to witness and to help in this unfoldment. As I have said in other channelings through this being, Linda, the ground forces, the therapeutic swat teams have already landed in May. They are among you to assist your efforts in eliminating fear.

There is so much to be celebrated and it is because of you, of the light-workers and light-holders. And I thank you. But I also wish you to know that I love you, that we love you, that we honor your stamina and how you have gone forward with this Peace Initiative even when it looked very bleak and when you thought ‘I don’t know if I can go on’. And you accepted the blessings and the energetic popping up and you have continued on. You are also the peaceful warriors. Your efforts do not go unnoticed or unrewarded. We are with you, we are with you my beloved brothers and sisters. Go in peace, be the peace, and celebrate. It is time. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 06-18-2011