Archangel Michael says he hears our wish for some tangible evidence of this remarkable time. He recognizes that many lightworkers are at their wits end waiting for something to happen.

An Hour with An Angel Radio Show – Jan 2, 2012

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, a weekly radio program with Archangel Michael, channeled by Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love. Steve Beckow, editor of the 2012 Scenario will be asking Archangel Michael questions tonight, so without further delay, Iʼll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham, and welcome to our listeners. Linda, before you give place to Archangel Michael, it occurs to me that Iʼve been working with mediums since 1977, so Iʼm very much used to and comfortable working with mediums. But some of our listeners may not understand what it is you are doing and what channeling is. So would you mind spending just a few minutes talking about channeling itself?

Linda Dillon: Good evening, everybody. And yes, Steve, thanks. Iʼd really like a chance to talk about what it is I do. Iʼve been the channel for the Council of Love for about 30 years now. I canʼt believe that much time has actually passed! So I can only speak of it really from my perspective.

I – unlike you, Steve – have not been an individual who has worked with a variety of channelers or mediums. So what I wanted a chance to talk about a little bit was what it is I do when I channel. When the Council of Love first announced themselves to me, they said that they were very much a collective group, what we tend to think of as a spiritual hierarchy or the Company of Heaven: a very large group incorporating Angels and Archangels; what we tend to think of as the Trinity – the Mother (Holy Spirit), Father, Son – regardless of what culture you come from; the Ascended Masters; some Saints; the Apostles; and our enlightened Star Brothers and Sisters from other planets who had come to help us; and then, Beings that had emerged as sheer energy, and planets or cultures that had just emerged in that state of Oneness.

So Iʼve been working with this energy for a long time now, and it took me a long time to get comfortable with it. So what I do when I channel is I basically beforehand go into a very deep meditation and prayer state and I step aside and allow the entity, the enlightened being, the Archangel – in this case, Archangel Michael – to come into me and to use my body, my voice box, to be able to speak directly to all of you.

Now, all of that work, and all of the work that we do with the Council of Love, is exactly what its name implies and that is to bring love to the planet to assist in the unfoldment of the Plan of the Mother for the re-establishment of love.

So all the work we do and all the channeling that I do is heart-based. My background is very much in human services, and then eventually health care services, but I was well educated, have several degrees, and was an avid reader. And one of the first things that the Council said to me was, “We donʼt want you reading anything. We will teach you, and we will reach you, and we will show you what you need to know.”

So the Council literally has been my teacher. These beings, these incredible beings that come through, have taught me everything I really know and understand about this field, and how things work in our Universe. I remember about 13 years ago sitting at a stoplight in Sedona where I lived at the time, and Archangel Gabrielle said to me, “Well, now you can read.” And it was sort of like, well, first of all, “What are you doing in my passenger seat?” And secondly, “What do you mean?” She said, “Well, now you can read.”

But by that point, I’d reached a point where the conversation with the Council was so embedded and so constant – which is what I want for you guys – that I didnʼt feel the need to go out and explore everything that was out there. I had reached a point of trust that what they say and communicate to me, and to you, was all I needed.

And that is how I channel. I donʼt run off to the library, or the internet these days, and cross-reference or cross-check. I allow it to come through – and often I donʼt even go back and read it until some time later, and then I go, “Oh, my gosh, thatʼs what they meant, thatʼs what they were talking about!” And things they told me 20 years ago are now coming to fruition, because the very first thing the Council talked to me about all these years ago when I was 31 – and now Iʼm 61 – was the shift, and the shift of the planet and humanity moving out of the third dimension.

So I wanted to clarify for all the listeners just a little bit about how I go about what I do, my process, and how I let the beings and, in this case, Archangel Michael come into me. I leave and I go as far away as I possibly can, and if Iʼm lucky, I get to eavesdrop! But if itʼs really important, I go and play amongst the stars and let him speak to you because thatʼs whatʼs important. Iʼm not the factor in this, they are. So thanks for giving me that little platform, Steve.

SB: Okay, well, thatʼs great. Thanks. I donʼt think we can just assume that everybody knows that information. So thank you, Linda, and whenever youʼre ready to allow Archangel Michael in, please, go ahead.

LD: Thanks. So now Iʼm leaving. [Laughter]

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael: Greetings. I am Michael.

SB: Greetings, Lord. Thank you for coming.

AAM: Welcome! Welcome, my beloved friends, and welcome to this time, yes, of Peace on Earth. You know me as Warrior of Peace, Archangel of Love, and for many, many years we have endeavored in my strategic peace initiative to anchor peace, not only in nations or communities but in each of your hearts, and that is going forward at the speed of Light and the speed of Love.

My beloved friends, you are doing well. Yes, you are looking around – oh, and we will get to the discussion – but first and foremost, you have need to know this is not an unfoldment that happens to you or around you. It is occurring within you and with you – yes, within and without, above and below – in accordance with Universal Law.

You are pivotal to this plan. Last week I have asked each of you who have listened, either now or later, to go ahead and work with those involved in the changes, both in terms of disclosure, or what you think of as disclosure, of NESARA, of abundance, of freedom, and to send them light. And I am here to thank you, because so many of you have done just that. It is a very simple process.

When you go out into your world each day, and you have one of those days where people are kind to you – where they reinforce you, where they support you, and you feel the expansion of their hearts towards you – you perform better. You feel better. You feel more integrated and whole. And that is the gift you are giving those who are in that in-between state or are truly caught still in the chaos.

So I ask of you, again, to continue this practice: each of you to choose one person, one fellow being, human or otherwise, and to infuse them, yes, with the Blue Flame of Truth, with the Blue Diamond of the Motherʼs healing, with the Violet Flame. And if you donʼt know, simply give them love, give them light – because it is making an enormous difference.

So I wish to thank you, each of you, for your help. Often we speak of the partnership, for this phase and this unfoldment is completely about partnership – yes, genuine, not junior or senior, but equal partnership. And when you are doing this, this is how our partnership works. Yes, of course, each of you, either intuitively or actually, receives information and guidance. And whether it always makes sense or not, we urge you to follow your hearts, for that is where your truth lies, that is where your journey lies. So we do not always ask you to double-check with us. If you are listening to your heart, then you are doing what has need to be done.

But I know that there are many matters that you are eager to talk about tonight. And so I will not delay this discussion any further.

SB: Well, undoubtedly you not only know that there are many questions. I keep thinking to myself that itʼs superfluous of me to ask them because Iʼm sure you know whatʼs in my mind already, Lord. But I will ask them. I think there are a lot of lightworkers out there – if I can abstract from conversations Iʼve had with people – who are almost ready to snap.

Theyʼve been waiting a long, long time for NESARA and disclosure. Theyʼve been through October 14th, 2008. Theyʼve been through various other circumstances since then. Theyʼve heard SaLuSa say it would be in the first quarter of last year, June 21st, and most likely that it would be before the end of 2011, regardless. And it hasnʼt happened. And I think people – some people – are on the warpath. Theyʼre very upset.

So what can you tell us, what can you say about the fact that you yourself said that NESARA and disclosure would happen by the end of the year, and it didnʼt happen? What explanation can you give us?

AAM: You give me a form and it is a very broad form. So first, we will speak to some facts, but then we also need to speak to this issue you raise that so many lightworkers feel they are about to snap, because that is more important than any single announcement.

First of all, the NESARA discussions and the undertakings have already begun. They have begun quietly, and yes, in some cases, behind closed doors. It is not an announcement that you are going to have on Fox TV. For there are many who have been won over, that have been penetrated by this very light and love that we have been talking about. And yes, we know that you feel you have been waiting quite literally an entire lifetime for this to come and to transpire.

You are not alone in this feeling of waiting and frustration. And if we take ourselves out of that equation, you are still not alone, for there are your Star Brothers and Sisters and many other beings throughout. But let us suggest to you that the quiet candle, not the bonfire, of the discussions has already begun. It does not begin with an inferno because that is not the way to win people over. Neither we nor anyone who is involved in this will proceed in ways, first, that interferes [sic] with free will, but secondly, that will cause such fear and trepidation. So the discussions about the reorganization of the financial systems, the global financial systems, are already – you are already hearing leaks and discussions about it. You know this.

SB: Are you referring to the James Martinez video?

AAM: Yes, but not only that. We would suggest that you also check alternative press, that you look to your own monetary system in the western world, and then to the eastern world. And you will see that there is, in even the mainstream press, there is this announcement… theyʼre not putting it as such, theyʼre not saying, “Now we are introducing a new system for the planet,” but they are saying that we have need to reach an agreement on what will be viable.

And what will be viable, and where the discussions have been going, and that from our perspective are very encouraging, is that what they are saying is it has to be based first on equity, on freedom, on sharing, relief from debt, and integrity, ethical behavior.

You have seen massive movement away from – particularly in the United States of America – and disintegration of your financial systems, of your banking systems, to more of a community or the local lenders. But this idea of lending and debt, because it has been such a marvelous and terrible fiasco, is bringing people to this understanding that Gabrielle, has stated for many, many years: there is no such thing as bankruptcy!

And there is a desperation – and a desperation particularly, as you have said, amongst many of the lightholders/lightworkers – that they are feeling bankrupt, not just financially, but emotionally and spiritually. And that is simply not the case. What you are doing is you are looking for a tidal wave, and it is not a tidal wave. It is the movement of the tides in and out, and with each movement of the waves, you are seeing a shift. With each cycle, you are seeing a shift.

So it has begun. It has not begun with fanfare announcements from your national reserves or your banks or your president. It is being done quietly, low-key, just the same way many of your Star Brothers and Sisters are arriving in a very low-key way, so that it does not cause fear, more disruption, and panic.

Now, I do not say that there are [not?] those – in all of the communities, because it is only one community – that are still holding on, for dear life, for what they believe is theirs. And so there are a variety of motivations – yes, sometimes it is greed, the desire to control, the feeling of not wanting to lose power because they have been powerless as children, being afraid that they will not be taken care of, and therefore they need to hoard – but at the same time there is also this subtle awakening that, gee, this has not worked.

The other part of that – and if we are pushing on any front, it is this co-creation with you – we are not doing this for you or to you, we do this in partnership. And you, including you, my beloved friend, are creating, and you are learning what powerful creators you really are. And that is also part of the fabric of Ascension, of making peace with the third dimension, as you leave or as you choose to stay. We were creating this as well. I know and I hear your frustration. And you are saying, Lord, it isnʼt enough.

SB: Close. [Laughing]

AAM: Well, letʼs talk about this. Can we take a moment? Because it relates to what you are saying, that many feel they are at their witsʼ ends, that they are at the end of their rope, that they are tired of what they think are – and I use the word “think”, not feel – what they think are false promises, empty promises, empty agreements.

First of all, we donʼt make empty promises. And when we do say that it will occur, it will come. But more important than that, yes, you, the collective, in this instance are more important than that. Because if you are feeling, my friends and partners, at the end of your rope, then this is something that has need to be released. And you say, “Well, that is fine; and, by the way, Michael, I will turn in my membership card.” And I say that is all right. You may do that. You may tear it into pieces and fling it into the Universe because this will be a very good release for you.

If there is anger, if there is fear, if there is frustration, all of those are still of the old paradigm. You have need to let go. Let go of that rope. And you say, “If I let go of that rope, I am falling into oblivion, and I canʼt count on you – Michael or Yeshua or Raphael – to catch me, because where have you been?” And I say to you we have been right here. So let go of the rope because it is not serving you. And yes, we will catch you.

And in that fall you will see that you have that resilience, you have your own wings, and your own power to create. We are assisting and co-creating the New Earth and what it entails. And it does not come as a single announcement from on high. The big governments have been particularly resistant, but there are many behind the scenes, and that is why you are seeing all these leaks, all these beginnings of the conversation.

So yes, we are asking you to read the wind and pay attention, but we are also asking you to acknowledge that it has begun. This is not a hoax! This is a very subtle plan.

SB: Well, Lord, I think I wouldnʼt be doing my job if I didnʼt say to you, and be heard to say to you, that we want action. Light workers want action. It seems sometimes that the Company of Light pays more attention to the Dark than they do to the Light. We hear that they are respecting the free will of the Dark to do bad things. We are serving the Light, and we want action. I think weʼre tired of hearing from people like SaLuSa that the plan can be changed in a moment because the Galactics are very adept and can take care of all circumstances. Weʼve heard this a lot of times.

What we donʼt hear is that the Galactics and the Celestials and the Ascended Masters are actually doing this, are actually modifying circumstances or rushing in to fill a space. We want to know that you are hearing our collective call and our collective will that we want this to start. We want it to start now. Weʼre tired of waiting. You can hurl me to Herculobus if you want to.

AAM: [inaudible] Because we have said this to you, time and again. It is time for action, it is time for stepping forward. And I know many of you, in ways that you may think have been small – donʼt forget, we observe a great many, but we also participate – and we know that you have been moving into action, quite literally taking action. But no, do not think – the time actually where you think that we have been spending most of our efforts in assuring the freedom of will for those who perhaps are not of the Light, that has come and gone. Because as we have also said, many have already come to the Light.

So the action is underway. What you are saying is, “I want to feel when I wake up tomorrow morning that there is tangible evidence that my life and the lives of my brothers and sisters are getting better.”

SB: Tangible evidence would be good. We need some tangible evidence. We havenʼt had any tangible evidence, except perhaps for the expansion of our being from the rising energies. But apart from that, we havenʼt really had any tangible evidence for years. And we want tangible evidence. Yes, thatʼs true.

Can I mention something else, Lord? If you will allow me. I – in the last 24 hours I have been told that I stand in peril of very, very bad things – I donʼt think they were ever specified. I presume itʼs torture and murder. I am not in the slightest bit afraid of that. Not in the slightest.

And I am also not afraid to say to the light we need tangible evidence. We need something to happen soon. We have been asked to wait long enough. Iʼm not afraid of the dark and Iʼm also not afraid of the Light. And I know I donʼt need to be afraid of you. We need something to reassure ourselves, reassure our minds and the parts of us that are human, that this is real, that something is happening.

Now, why canʼt something be given to us? Weʼve been told, for instance, that there will be displays of UFOs. Well, if that is the case, it hasnʼt been that impressive. Why cannot there be a really impressive display, something to show us and to show our loved ones that many readers have told me that they’ve said, oh, no, itʼs going to be happening by the end of 2011, and then it didnʼt, and just like on October 14th, 2008 we were left feeling abandoned. We need something.

AAM: Yes, you do. And you also listen to what I say. I ask of you to listen with your heart and feel what you feel as tangible is also in your heart. And yes, there is that part of you that is the – not just the small child – but the adult crying out and saying, “I need some help.”

SB: That is there, too. I actually donʼt need a great deal of reassurance because I have benefitted huge amounts. But there are people asking that this message be delivered to you, and I am speaking for them.

AAM: Yes, I know that, dear heart. And when I say that you need something tangible in your heart rather than your head, I am speaking to the collective as well.

SB: And I know you are.

AAM: What I am asking is also do not just look with your eyes or your brain or your ego, but also look at what has shifted, not just in the global scene but in your own life, in your own reality. Because you are right: it is time for a big show. That message is very loudly heard.

SB: All right, then, letʼs, perhaps – if youʼve heard it, then maybe I can be allowed to move on because I really do have quite a few other questions to ask of you. You know, if I get flayed for abandoning this line of inquiry, Iʼll live with that. But I also want to cover some of the other matters. Is that okay? Are you okay with that?

AAM: Yes, it is okay because it is not the first, the last, or the middle time that we will visit this subject!

SB: Iʼm sure itʼs not. The James Martinez video has been called a hoax. For me, it seemed like a quiet announcement of NESARA. Was it a hoax? Was it a quiet announcement of NESARA? What was it?

AAM: It was a – a starting flag. Itʼs not a hoax. It was a starting flag.

SB: From whom? Who gave that?

AAM: A quiet announcement that things are moving. And it was done in a way that it was meant and intended to reassure people that things were underway, that all the details that have need to be put in place cannot possibly be shared on a very wide spectrum at this moment or it would cause complete chaos and the collapse – it would cause more harm than good. So it was done in this manner to give hope and encouragement and to say itʼs started.

SB: Well, the Monaco Accord group says it didnʼt come from them. Who did it come from? Or can you say that?

AAM: It has come from a group, and it is a combination group of Star beings, human beings, and, can we say, with our input, that is working together.

SB: Okay. I donʼt want you to expose Earth Allies or anything like that. Thatʼs enough for me personally. All right, the –

AAM: [ ? ] that this individual would expose himself this way. He has done so at great – not risk, but – risk of ridicule to himself.

SB: Yes, indeed.

AAM: And he has not faltered. He has gone forward.

SB: Indeed. I very well understand the kind of risk of ridicule that he places himself in the path of. So, and I respect that. The Monaco Accord people, are they or are they not part of NESARA?

AAM: They waffle back and forth. So they have certainly been part of NESARA. There is some internal division. There are some internal politics. We are very confident that with the infusion of light that is being put there, this will all be sorted out.

SB: All right. So – all right, okay. Now, the Bridge Fund: if the Bridge Fund doesnʼt show up soon, Iʼm going to look pretty darned silly. Where is the Bridge Fund?

AAM: Those who are the contributors are in that place of feeling the nervousness of: “Will I be taken care of? Am I safe in doing this? What if the world comes to an end and I need to buy provisions for me and my family?” That is where the bridge fund is. Those people are being – actually they are being worked on by not only this realm but also by your Star Brothers and Sisters.

SB: All right.

AAM: They are being given the tangible reassurances they need. So the block really is with the contributors at this moment.

SB: Well, when you say contributors, the contributors are far away. Right? I mean they – I – Iʼm not at liberty to go any further than that, but –

AAM: That is correct.

SB: So youʼre talking about those contributors? The ultimate contributors?

AAM: We are talking about human vehicles who are acting as contributors.

SB: All right. Okay. I apologize to listeners. I just simply am not at liberty to be more specific than that. If we can turn to this group in the Philippines, Udo and JP, whoʼve been getting the word out on a huge treasure of gold and platinum and palladium and hundred thousand dollar bills. Are they – are they safe in coming forward and saying what theyʼre saying?

AAM: Yes, they are very well protected.

SB: They are well protected.

AAM: And this is their mission and purpose. You know there are those who are invited to go into the heart of chaos, who will have that level of very high exposure, and then there are those who work in between. And then there are those who are allowed to be in the quiet places. So yes, this is part of their mission and purpose, but they are protected.

SB: Okay. Why did – whatʼs going on there? I mean, the American government was told that all this incredible amount of treasure exists, and they didnʼt even respond. And yet JP Morgan opens up a bank in Cebu, and of course JP Morgan ostensibly owns some of this treasure. Whatʼs going on?

AAM: It is part of the – can we say – greed, lust, control. The Americans, as you think of as the government, do not want to be seen as getting involved in what they believe is basically a treasure hunt. They are fully aware of what has transpired and what is available. But what they, what you are changing, particularly in the United States – but it is a global issue, as you know – is that the banks have controlled so much, so the government doesnʼt need to do anything. They will leave it to the financial institutions to take care of it. And that is what is changing.

SB: All right. Now, is the ultimate destination of this incredible treasure NESARA?

AAM: Partially.

SB: All right. Is this part of what David Wilcock was talking about when he mentioned battleships sunk at the bottom of the ocean with an incredible amount of gold?

AAM: Yes.

SB: The Filipino – It is. So these ships were intentionally sunk?

AAM: At the time, yes.

SB: Why? To keep the treasure safe?

AAM: To be protected, yes.

SB: Very strange. Is there anything else you want to say about this whole episode? To make it –

AAM: No.

SB: No? All right.

AAM: Understand. If you were to look around your planet you would be amazed, and we do not want people going and digging up the streets of New York, but you would still be amazed at the caches of what you call treasure that have been positioned in various places all over the globe, to be used at the right time and in the right way.

It is not just treasures of money, although this is one of the equalization times, so that is why we are talking about gold and treasure. But there have been different stashes, like the generator crystals and the Lemurian crystals that have brought libraries of information forward. So there are treasure chests, caches, very large caches that have been placed there for when the time is right.

SB: All right. I recall hearing somewhere that Galactics had brought gold to this planet from their own regions to aid in NESARA. Am I correct in that understanding?

AAM: And they did it a long time ago.

SB: Ah. Okay. All right. And compared to the amount of gold which David Wilcock has said exists, an incredibly large amount of gold, what is – how large is the gold that the Galactics brought for us?

AAM: You cannot even begin to count it.

SB: So far from the Galactics today coming to demand gold from us, they brought us gold, is that correct?

AAM: They brought you gold. They brought you materials that you do not even have names for yet. They brought you so many gifts. And yes, they have been planted in the Earth and planted in safe places for recovery at a later time. But they also, now, bring you gifts again. But the greatest gift they bring you is not technology or science or gold or information, it is peace. It is brotherhood. It is community.

SB: All right.

AAM: But what it does is it eliminates this have and have-not situation.

SB: Okay. I have been called foolish for relying on channeled messages, and Iʼm only referring to the reliable channeled messages, instead of the testimony of insiders and other terrestrial beings. What do you have to say about that?

AAM: We would like you to be able to rely upon your fellow human beings. Now, the difficulty has been and is in this reliability factor, has it not?

SB: Yes, thatʼs true.

AAM: So that many have operated with a great deal of information that they have shared. And I do not say this in a critical way. I do not say this in a way of judgment, for that would not be loving either. But what you call ‘insider information’ has been a disastrous route. We do not say, “Only listen to us!” That would be foolhardy.

But we do have a different, and perhaps a fuller, perspective. Yes, it is true, sometimes there are translation difficulties – and you have more than pointed those out to us – but to only listen to humans, who are in their evolutionary process, and who have their own issues and vested interests? Now, we do not say those interests should not be there. But they are on a journey.

So it is not an either/or. It is this practice of discernment. It is taking the information from the Galactics, the Intergalactics, the Celestial Realms, from your best friend, from reliable sources, from insiders, and then taking it to your heart, and saying, “Okay, what makes sense here? What feels like truth? And given that information and what I am choosing to create, for me, for my family, for my community, for my planet at this time, what information do I use? What is of love?”

And if the message from your next-door neighbor feels more reliable and more loving and more caring in your heart than the messages that you receive from this Council of Heaven, then, dear heart, go ahead. We will support you. That is what partnership is about. It is about honoring your choices and your decisions. We do not always agree with them, but we will support them. But to say there is one source is ridiculous.

SB: All right, thatʼs fair enough. A while back something happened which was most unusual, and Iʼm still scratching my head over it. And thatʼs that a very good source, Wanderer of the Skies, appeared – gave the appearance to lecture terrestrials. I was quite taken aback by that. Is Wanderer of the Skies a reliable source, and can you interpret that particular channeling in which he looked like – Iʼm not saying he was, but he looked like – he was giving terrestrials, more or less, a lecture?

AAM: First of all, we want to say that this Wanderer of the Skies is a very pure, clear, centered, loving being and channel. Now, you have talked this night about frustration. And yes, there are times when the Galactics themselves become frustrated as well. So the level of frustration of moving things along came through perhaps more strongly and not as lovingly as it should. No, there are times… Do not think of us, and certainly your Star Brothers and Sisters, as having the same range of emotionality, but that does not mean that there is not feeling or what you would construe as emotion. So was it a bluff? Did the frustration come through? Yes. Would you [boycott?] the messages that this one has to share? That would be very sad.

SB: All right. All right. Well, Iʼm glad to have that reassurance. Iʼve missed Wandererʼs posts. I hope theyʼll start again. And thank you for helping me to understand that. Lightworkers have long been waiting to begin to serve and to get into action. How can we serve? What are the opportunities for us now?

AAM: You have done well, and when I say you, I mean you, Steve, but I also mean you ALL. You have stepped forward, each in your own way. The best way you can serve, today, tomorrow, and the day after is to let go of these lower-level frustrations. Take them out of your solar plexus, take them out of your head. Give them to me. Give them to Sanat Kumara. Give them to Archangel Gabrielle. Give them to your guides. Give them to the Mother. But give them away. Let them be washed from you by the White Light of the Holy Spirit. Let it go.

And then tackle the human obstacles, and the human obstacles are not just those in what you perceive as places of power. The human obstacles – yes, we still continue to ask you to work on, every single day, one person who is in the financial system with NESARA, and then a second person to deal with the fear factor of your Star Brothers and Sistersʼ full appearance.

But then begin, every single day, to create one thing. And it means to create joy, to create something of love, to create something that is affirming of your belief. And if it is only speaking to a neighbor or a friend that you have hesitated to speak to because you think that they will judge you or chastise you or shun you, then be brave. Start to raise the bar in terms of collective consciousness in terms of what is really going on. Occupy your neighborhood.

SB: All right. There are so many questions, but weʼre nearing the end. Iʼm going to ask three quickly if I may. A reader has taken exception to the fact that you characterize Archangel Gabrielle as a female. My understanding is that you are androgynous.

AAM: That is correct.

SB: So is Archangel Gabrielle a female, because most of us consider Archangel Gabriel to be a male.

AAM: Well, she is both, she is male and female. And when this channel is working with her, it is mostly as the Lily of Love, and it is that feminine aspect that comes forth.

SB: All right, Lord. The music is overtaking us, and Iʼll have to leave the rest of my questions. But thank you very much for being frank with us, tackling our frustrations, and helping us to find a way out of them.

AAM: Do not forget your sword and shield, and do not forget your Flame.

SB: No, Lord. Certainly not.

AAM: I am with you. Go in peace.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Farewell.

AAM: Farewell.