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Jesus Sananda

I am asking you, I am guiding you, I am suggesting strongly to each of you to think of each morning, each time you awaken, as resurrection; that you begin each day anew and you do it with the rebirth, not only of your sacred self but of awe, of wonder, of potential and of …


…the experience of the masculine stereotype, particularly as you have outlined it in the Western world, but it is true in the Eastern world as well, in the world of Judaism, in the world of Islam, in the world of Taoism, is culturally defined. Many of these beliefs and stereotypes have grown out of the …


Mary and I want to touch your hearts and reassure you how deeply you are loved because nothing, nothing maintains the highest vibration in the universe other than feeling and being, accepting and acknowledging love.


You are fully moving into your role as Creator Race and that is why I am asking you to join my beloved and I in the dreaming because frankly my friends, most of you are dreaming too small.


Jesus Sananda: I step forward this night to welcome you into the 13th Octave, a sacred prayer and ritual that has been gifted to humanity in preparation for this time of Ascension…that you will anchor completely and wholly in the heart of love, in the power of creation. But this dear one is to unite …


I have given you my sword, my shield, my scepter, my staff of life…and I am asking each of you to use this with discernment. I also have imbued you, embedded within your heart, your third eye, your throat, your mind, your emotional body, your mental body, my blue flame of truth. So let us …


Jesus Sananda has requested me to re-post this channeling today on the gift of his Magenta Tri-Flame – enjoy. This is an incredible gifting from Jesus Sananda to each of us. It is a 2 part series, and I would recommend you do them in order. The vibration is miraculous. “You have asked me “How …


Join us for Jesus/Sananda’s bestowing of his Sacred Heart to us, then go with him, in this powerful meditation, that anchors us in the 5th/7th dimension of home…


…this is about unity; this is about what we talked about, what we came together for thousands of years ago.


So I come this day to give it to you and to reintegrate, to reignite that you remember your infinite capacity to love and to pass it on.