On our Saturday Conference Call Jesus cautioned us “Do not be distracted! Bring to all actions, within and without, the full attention, the knowing and the presence of your mighty self because you are the Mother’s agents of change. The entire purpose of your being, in the collective sense, is for you to know and have this experience of love in physicality.”


Let’s begin, first of all by anchoring in our hearts, and feeling the brilliance of your tri-flame… that beautiful Blue Diamond and Gold Diamond and Pink Diamond right in the middle, the beauty, the truth, the magnificence of who you are. Feel how that tri-flame comes together as one unit at the bottom of your heart, how they are conjoined, connected, and perfectly balanced.

And from each of the individual flames, from the Blue Diamond, from the Gold Diamond, from the Pink Diamond, feel the love; the love of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine and the Divine Gaian human, angel, starseed that is you. And let that cluster at the bottom where that root is, where that foundation is, drop down even further so that you’re feeling that sensation of this unified trinity in your solar plexus, in your halion and your solar plexus, in your umbilical and your tummy, your sacral, in your pubic area, in your root.

Feel yourself open, now come back to your heart and bring that same cluster up to your high heart, to your siroun…and this is the center of your peace and harmony…to your clavicle, to your lurion, to your throat, to the grayelsha of your brow to your fourth eye, to the magenta of your third eye, to the tanzanite of your fifth eye, and up to your brilliant crown, to that beautiful violet…with shades of lavender and lilac. And then come back down, bringing the energies up and down, from all your chakras, into your heart. And relax and simply breathe, bring your shoulders down, relax your jaw, open not only your heart but your hands, your arms, and prepare to receive.

We’re really good, as lightworkers, at giving, at sharing…we’re working on receiving…so open and say yes.


Greetings, greetings my beloved friends, my allies, my family, I am Jesus Sananda. And yes, I am ally and friend and Master of the Magenta Ray, Keeper of the Christ Consciousness, anchor, defender, and bringer of the 7th dimensional reality. I come to you this day with excitement and glee, awe and inspiration, to speak to you of love. Yes, what an unusual topic…love…the essence of the universe; all that is, all that ever has been, all that ever will be. And yet, what is this illusive quality, element, that we call love?

Your friend and ours, Albert Einstein, has spoken to you…and I might say at length…of the patterning of the universe and how all is patterned according and in alignment to the pattern and the essence of the Divine Mother. I wish to talk about this, to discuss this with you, heart to heart, head to head, body to body, emotional, mental, causal, your entirety, for you to more deeply comprehend and embrace what this patterning means.

So, what is love? It is the very essence, it is the fabric, it is the sub-atomic particles, it is the nano particles of the Mother/Father/One. It is the composite, what you would think of as elemental material from which all is created…think of it…everything.

Often, as lightworkers, as love-seekers, as bringers of the new, as anchors of Nova Earth and Nova Being and yes, the New You, you have often thought of yourselves as carrying the spark of the divine light and essence within you. And this is accurate or correct, but it is also incomplete.

So often you have felt, and I know whereof you have felt this, that there is a need to ignite, activate, attune, work with, struggle with, this spark of divinity within you in order to become the magnificence, the truth, the expression of who you are. That is an incomplete understanding.

Every fiber of your being, every unique hair upon your body, every cell of your skin, every organ, every element of your blood, your organs, your bones is patterned, reflected of the Mother/Father/One. It is who you are, not as a single spark, but as a totality. It is not something that you choose, and yes, we will talk about choice, it is simply the reality of which you are constructed; not merely the foundation, not merely your heart, but every portion of you. And that is why I say to you this day that we are talking about all of your bodies, all of your elements…
your conscious, your subconscious, your super-conscious, all of you, your egoic self right to your universal self. It is all comprised of love.

Amazing isn’t it? Now, the difficulty, the challenge…let’s be honest here…the real challenge is in human form, in this arena which you are occupying at this time and that has been occupied for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, it is difficult for you to know what is not seen or tangential to your reality in terms of your senses. And so, in the human realm where you and I have and do walk, how you know love…and we have spoken of this before…is through experience and expression. It is the experience of love, of that elusive energy, it is through the expression of love that you truly come to know and anchor, accept and be love. You work within the Mother’s framework, her creation of time and even in the Mother’s fluidity of New Time, you still operate within this construct called time.

Now, think of time as brackets and the brackets are infinite, or infinity, and the other end is eternity. You would feel, as a human in form, that you are free-floating in space, a delightful experience, but that you are free-floating and not having the expression and the experience of love in form, in humanity, upon Gaia, if you were not within these brackets that we call time. And previously, and still to some extent, you see time as linear, as sequential. That is why you have such experiences of aging, of shifting, not only within your own sacred self, not only within the shifts of physicality that occur, but the linear experience of time and relationships and world unfoldment and growth and patterning and repatterning, it is so that you can have this experience and this expression of love within a form.

Now, is that the totality of love? Of course not, but within the realm of Gaians at this moment, that is how it is brought forth. Now, it is important, as I am saying this to you, that you truly understand…because I can hear many of you my friends and you are saying, “I don’t want to be restricted by these brackets of infinity and eternity.” So you recognize that this is a construct, an illusion that has been put in place by the Mother herself so that you can operate and know what love looks like, feels like, and is experienced as. Because otherwise it is amorphous; it feels as if you are chasing the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that never ends and that you never locate. And that is neither the plan nor the desire of the Mother. The entire purpose of your being, in the collective sense, is for you to know and have this experience of love in physicality.

Now, it is critical during this year, during this third month of this extraordinary year of change, for you to comprehend and to accept, receive, and anchor, that you are nothing more and nothing less than love; the totality of the Mother’s love. When you fully embrace this there really isn’t any room for distraction. Distraction…and we have spoken of this before…is simply you flexing your physic muscles as human beings; you flexing your muscles and saying, “I have free will, I have free choice, and in this moment I choose to put my energies elsewhere.” And the distractions can be active or passive indifference, or even the embrace and the dancing with the darkest dramas that exist upon your planet. It doesn’t matter; it is simply distraction. And when you are offered, begged, pleaded with, to accept all there is then why, in heaven or on earth, above or below, would you even consider, let alone engage, in distraction?

Well, I have walked the planet and I know the allure of distraction, I know the sexiness of flexing your muscles, the attractiveness of saying, “I simply need time out, I need to be distracted for the moment” and that is a choice. But it is a choice that diminishes you and it is a choice of denial of your divine pattern of the truth and the essence of who you are. It is a statement of the soul saying, “I don’t love and care about myself enough to pay attention, to be vigilant.”

Now, when I say to pay attention or to be vigilant, I am not meaning that I am asking you in any way, shape, or form to be constantly on high alert; that is exhausting. I am simply asking you, suggesting, guiding, that when you are observing and participating in this arena, in this reality, in this interdimensional reality currently available to you upon Gaia, there are many distractions; there are family, there is self, there is politics, there is money, there is society. And there are times when you have need to be fully participating in all of those realms; I am not talking about becoming a hermit, I am not talking about becoming a recluse, I am not talking about shunning humanity and the collective. But when you bring to these experiences, to these interactions, the fullness of who you are, the innate understanding and embrace of who you are, then those interactions, those connections, that unified grid, shifts enormously.

So my beloved friends and family, do not be distracted! Bring to all actions, within and without, the full attention, the knowing and the presence of your mighty self because you are the Mother’s agents of change.

When last you met. this channel spoke for me about this year of extraordinary change, wherein I spoke through her to suggest that 99.9% of the collective is in the process of anchoring into the physical realm, into what you think of as your beautiful vessel, the reality of love. That is what Ascension is; it is the rebirth of love as the operating…modus operandi…for Gaians.

So, it is taking yourselves, not outside the realm of choice…that is not available to you as yet…but that each choice is in alignment with your pattern and the Mother’s pattern, because they are one in the same, and that those choices are always of love. And the only way, whether you are neutral, whether you are in joy, whether you are in bliss, whether you are in ecstasy and the greater joy, the only way you experience this love is through the experience and the expression. So, there is the love within and the love without according to Universal Law of how things work upon your planet and everywhere.

When I spoke to you thousands of years ago as Yeshua, I begged you to love your neighbor as yourself for the love of God. There was no division, there was no separation in that statement, in that plea that I made to you then and that I make to you again today.

No, my message does not change. Now you are changing because you are more fully able, capable, to truly hear, integrate, anchor, translate, and translate into action and form what I am saying. But the core of that statement is to love yourself. That is the primary starting point of experiencing love. You may say, “I love the Mother” but how do you know the Mother? You know the Mother because you know yourself. You know the pattern of who you are; you may not cognitively, emotionally, mentally, fully comprehend what I am saying…although that is coming by leaps and bounds, that is the extraordinary change…but you know it because your soul, your higher self, your heart knows it; you know that you are love.

If you look to the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, you attract love, you seek love, you repulse that which is not love. So it begins with the love of this beautiful, remarkable, holy sacred self; not just your spirit but your toes, your fingers, your hair, your face, your tummy! It starts with knowing and loving how you behave, what you say, what you do, and from there you can love your neighbor which is every single being upon Gaia. And it is cyclical, it is the flow of the infinity because as you love others, as you embrace the collective, that love grows, the sharing of that love grows, the experience of that love grows and you receive the love. It is the balance of the give and the take, the above and below, and in that you know the love of Source, of Mother/Father/One. It is a trinity and it cannot exclude any element. This is the pattern of the universe, the Source, you, the collective.

It is mind-boggling is it not to think of yourself as an equal point, an equal player on that triangulation, on that trinity? Equal with the Mighty Ones, with the ascended ones, with your star family, with All, with every other being, including those who pursue distraction vigorously.

Now, is this at times, can this feel like a heavy load? Yes it can, I know whereof I speak. But my beloveds, it is also the greatest joy you will ever experience. It is the greatest expression of you that can ever come forth while in form. You have been entrusted, not as a collective but you, unique soul design, snowflake and butterfly. Your unique talents are essential to this shift in form, in consciousness, upon this planet. It is overwhelming in the sense of awe. It is overwhelming in the sense of such supreme wonder at the expression of the Mother’s Divine Plan that is in immediate unfoldment.

My beloveds, you are up to the tasks at hand. My wish, my desire, my plea this day is that you will choose, allow, your sacred sweet self to experience, receive and express my love, up close and personal, my love for each of you.

I am with you. If you accept this gift it humbles me, it exalts me, it thrills me. It allows me, in my mission and purpose, to serve you and to serve the Mother. Thank you and go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon