As I am sitting here working on The Jesus Book I came across this wonderful channeling first speaking about the bridge to now. The message never changes – always love.

My beloved friends, you ask, “Jesus, what lies ahead?”

On Earth, there are many words that are overused. If I am to say to you, “remarkable, incredible, magnificent transformation,” you say, “Yeah, ok, I know that, but what else?”

What does magnificent transformation look like for Gaia, for this beloved planet? Gaia is spinning faster than ever. Earth has begun her transformation. The work you are doing, and have done is not only for yourself but also a deep reassurance to her. You have the expression that you are ready for take-off. Well, she is ready for take-off. You have done the preparation, you have made the flight. You reassure not only the human collective, you reassure Gaia she does not need to do any more shrugging. She does not need to give strong messages of “get ready.” She has no desire to create devastation–cleansing, yes; devastation, no.

You have said to all of us, and for the human collective, “We are ready, we are there!” We have waited so long for your readiness.

This transformation is not about oceans overtaking land mass. There has been drift of the axis of about three degrees over the last twenty-five to thirty years. That shift effects what you tend to think of as changing weather patterns. The shift goes south by southwest; it is very marginal. That shift is not an axis or a pole shift; that will not take place. There are not times of darkness. There are not times of shortages. Your electrical grids will be recharged. This transformation is about unity, about building a community of love.

St. Germaine, my dear friend and physician, used to tease you and call you M & M’s – “masters in the making!” Now you are simply in your mastery. The only thing that bars you from this is your own sense of self-acceptance. We are pleased there is also enough ego to accept it. Do not deny who you are, for it belittles us.

I walk with you and we break bread together. All of this is important as a part of maintaining balance as you go about your work. The issue of balance is one of eternal concern, for you can no longer have a person or a planet out of balance. That is not the Divine Plan.

Take time for your sacred self. Take time to listen, to create, to be who you are. The changes are rapid and your physical form is becoming stronger and stronger. That does not mean that we are asking you to be tri-athletes. We are asking you to be in the balance. That means rest, that means play, that means honoring what you need. Not next week, not when you can fit it in. You can say, “Well, you know, I’ll get to that next week.” It doesn’t work that way. The time is now.

You have entered a dimensional reality where time is very different, my friends. I would suggest you adjust your watches. (You can toss them, unless you like the jewelry.) You are already walking in the Cities of Light. You carry this transformation within you, but you are also there. You are spanning not only a year but a very big archway, a bridge of time: A bridge to tomorrow, and a bridge to now.

Go with my love. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon