“First and foremost – yes, even before your service, what you think of as your mission and purpose, your job for the Mother – your first mission is to be love, to know love, to express love, and to know and be joy before you do anything else, before you attend to the tedious matters of life, whether it is health, the IRS, feeding a family or keeping a roof over your head.”

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show with Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love, and Suzanne Maresca, Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: We are both thrilled to be back on the air once again with the Council of Love. Today we welcome our beloved Jesus Sananda to the show, this time to have a word about the patterning of our reality.

I have to say that it feels like there’s no operating manual for what’s going on right now. We really have to trust that the right choice for us to make in any given moment will become clear and will reveal itself. Perhaps what’s feeling like ‘space between worlds’ right now is simply a glimpse of things to come – where we no longer experience limitation as we do now.

In any case, I’m so happy to be saying, “Good morning, Linda, and welcome back to you!”

Linda: Thank you, Suzi, it’s just great to be back! I want to thank everybody who has been sending me healing energy and love and support. It has been a long haul, and certainly much longer than I had anticipated or than any of us had anticipated. But here we are and this is my virgin voyage yet again!

S: It’s an exciting time with lots and lots of changes happening every single day.

L: I tell you, when Jesus Sananda talked to us in his New Year message, saying this was going to be “a year of extraordinary change,” I thought, “Oh, that’ll be interesting. I wonder what’s up?” We all were thinking we all project and we all write the script, right?

But the change has been really fast, and really strong, and it just keeps coming. So Jesus is present – and Jesus Sananda, the fullness of that being, is really very present right now. The sense I get is he’s really here with us as that Universal Teacher and leader and brother, and it’s just wonderful.

S: Might you offer a brief synopsis of what is meant by combining the name of Jesus and Sananda? The Earth Jesus of 2,000 years ago did not bear the name of Sananda and I guess that the two are aspects of the same being. Is Sananda the Galactic aspect of Yeshi?

L: No. Actually, I had the same question, so I have an answer that was given to me a long time ago. “Sananda” – Jesus tells me, Yeshi tells me – is in fact his soul name. We all have soul names. So when he is in the fullness of his being – well, Jesus never talks to us when he is not in the fullness of his being! – but very often he will talk to us on a very personal level as Yeshua and Yeshi, and in that case he tends to really refer a lot to his life on Earth and to most of us who were with him at that time.

So there really isn’t a distinction. But what I notice – and this is a personal observation, obviously – is that when he comes forward and says, “I am Jesus Sananda,” it’s like, “Okay, sit up straight and pay attention because class is in session!” That’s the sense I get. So it’s not just the human Yeshi, it’s not just the Intergalactic or Galactic being – it’s the totality.

Jesus is on a mission right now and it began with that New Year message. If we were going to declare who is leading us or who is being with us and guiding us this year, I’d say the award goes to Jesus Sananda! He’s on a mission and he’s teaching us.

Even this morning as I was meditating – or in the middle of the night! – he said to me something which I don’t know if he’ll say in the channelling or not, “Look, I’m not going to keep repeating myself,” because we started on the Saturday Conference Call with a very long and elaborate channelling – which will be posted on the Council of Love and GAoG websites – on the Patterning of the Universe, on how things work.

This is a follow-up to everything that both Einstein and Sanat Kumara have taught us. And now he’s stepping forward and saying, “I’m not going to repeat myself because I have so much to share with you, so much to teach you, so much to “download” – and that was his word, “so much I want to download into you that I don’t want to keep repeating myself.”

He says, “The only message I am going to repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat is LOVE.”

We have graduated – thank God! [laughter] – to a new level where we’re ready to hear these bigger explanations of who we are on a really universal – and I mean the big Universal – level. So it’s exciting and it’s wonderful!

S: It really is, and also with the solar Christed frequencies, the Second Coming, Jesus’ teachings – it all just comes right into our heart and we really are all about love.

L: I’d also like to share with everybody that as part of this, I’m going to be doing a free – emphasizing brand new FREE webinar on the Equinox of March 20th. It will probably be a 90-minute webinar and you do need to register. When you register, you can select to hear it at your preferred time wherever you live, but it’s not going to be a webinar that can be downloaded, nor is it going to be repeated.

So it’s a one-off and a combination of things, one being my personal “thank you” for all the support I’ve received from everybody out there. It’s also a sort of announcement that “I’m back!” I’ve given myself that line in the sand to be healthy and full-on, and am working towards that goal.

It’s also when they started telling me, “Spring Equinox – we want to do a house cleaning and we want it to be on chakras,” and I’m thinking, “Chakras? We’re right back to square one!”

And they said, “No, we’re not! In terms of this expanded energy, how we receive energy and how we send energy is through our chakra portals; and how we anchor and travel interdimensionally is through our chakra portals. So this isn’t just a “clean off the dust and shake out the dirt” house cleaning. It’s also an activation and an expansion for our chakras to be bright and shiny and ready for this “Year of Extraordinary Change”.

So go to the Council of Love website at www.counciloflove.com and register and join us because it’s going to be a really cool event. The vision they keep giving is that we’re aligning our own chakras with the Divine One, and we’re aligning the collective chakras of the entire planet.

S: Beautiful.

L: So come on!

S: Yes, come on! I want to talk about our new idea of asking [questions]. We can’t do live shows – which we really want to do to be able to answer questions – but as an alternative, we’re going to open to questions posted on our Facebook page. Heavenly Blessings has a Facebook page and I’ll check to see if you can either post your questions or send them as a message. But that’ll be the way to do it. And when you have a question, we’ll bring it to the airwaves.

L: Perfect, because we miss your questions! The whole idea of Heavenly Blessings is to get these wonderful messages from our unseen friends who will often say, “Do this and open your heart and receive,” – and that’s wonderful – but sometimes there’s the “How to” and that’s the whole point of having your questions which are so pertinent to the work we’re doing.

So if you have questions, go to our Facebook page and type them in. One day we’re going to figure out the technology again and have live call-ins, but until then, submit your questions.

S: Yes, but for now we’re back with bells on and it’s time for a juicy meditation!

L: Here we go!

[Meditation from 12:00 to 18:20]

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda.

Suzi: Welcome.

Jesus Sananda: And welcome to you. Welcome to you, my beautiful Suzanne, and welcome to all of you!

Yes, I come this day with eagerness, excitement, awe, and wonder to share with you more deeply, more fully, that you may understand, in form, in your current reality, the Patterning of the Universe, the Patterning of the Mother, of your construction, of your experience, of your expression and of the expression of All.

There is a dichotomy here because, on the one hand, I say to you, “You are absolutely unique – that your soul design, the beauty, the wonder of who you are is singular in the entirety of the Universe, the Multiverse, the Omniverse, throughout all Galaxies, all planets, all realities, all dimensions. You are a unique expression of the Mother/Father/One. There is no other you.”

And on the other hand, in this dichotomy, I repeat and I say to you – yes, as Sanat Kumara, the Mother, and Albert Einstein have said – that all things, all life, all energy, all form, all non-form, all existence is patterned upon the Mother.”

Yes, through the in-breath and the out-breath, and through the replication, the insertion, the download. However you wish to think of this, the Pattern of the Mother is in all things as through her breath, she has created all things.

Is this not magnificent? So it does not matter. It is interesting, but it does not matter whether you conceive of yourself as Human, Angelic, Starseed, full Star Being, Archangel, or Cherubim – the range of expressions is infinite, far more than you know.

But the entire point is all forms, all realities, all sense of beingness, whether it is a tree, a stone or a mountain, a frog or a fairy, a human or a star being – all are patterned by, and with, and through the Mother.

Well, I will repeat a couple of things! You are not merely a spark of divinity. Your entirety – this is part of what I wish to speak of; there has been too much segmentation, too much fissioning, too much division of this part or that part of you, of us, of the Universe – our entirety is of the Pattern of the Divine Mother/Father/One.

It is not just a spark to be ignited. It is your teeth, it is your jaw, it is your bones, it is your liver, it is your outer fields, it is your causal, your astral. It is the entirety of your being, above and below, within and without.

And I wish to emphasize that because, long ago, we have taught you about your Stranger – and many of you are either unfamiliar with this term or you have forgotten it – but there is a part of you that has remained out of form ‘above’ as you would think of it and there is also a part of you ‘without’ that is available to you within the realm of physicality within which you exist called your Stranger – which is not “strange” at all – that is sheer energy and also available with the same patterning and your unique design to assist you.

Now, in that sense of who you are, you have come with a mission and purpose to this beautiful planet – to this Archangel who has assumed the form of planet called Gaia – for two things, just like I did as Yeshua. Let us approach this as brothers and sisters.

You came for two reasons. Both are the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan, of the Mother’s Design, of the Universal Design, and the unfoldment of that design right now – in your meaning of “now” – and I wish to talk to that as well. But let us begin with your mission and purpose.

First and foremost – yes, even before your service, what you think of as your mission and purpose, your job for the Mother – your first mission is to be love, to know love, to express love, and to know and be joy before you do anything else, before you attend to the tedious matters of life, whether it be health, the IRS, feeding a family or keeping a roof over your head.

Your first, primary job is to be and to know love, to express love, and to do so in such a way that you are in infinite joy. There are many gradations of joy, and in the weeks ahead we will discuss this. Joy, in its simplest form, is not merely being happy. Happy is reactive; happy is being ‘happy about’. Joy is a state of being, and it is your birthright, and it is the essence of the Mother.

The Mother is not neutral. The Mother is explosive, outrageous, indescribable joy! So that is the first part of your mission. And then, when you are anchored in the love – the love of your beautiful, sacred self; the wonder of your unique design that is an absolute physical embodiment of the pattern of One, of Source – from there you move into the expression and the experience of that love.

And in that comes the experience of your mission, the expression of your mission, of what you told the Mother – and what you chatted with the Mother, and with us, and with your guides and guardians prior to returning – about what you wanted to do and how you felt you could assist the Mother in the fulfilment of this beautiful Plan.

But first comes the joy, because you cannot fully complete your mission and purpose if you are in agony, pain, sorrow, grief, or feelings of lack and limitation.

Now, I can say this to you clearly because all of you have, and are, moving out of that old reality that no longer exists, and now you are at a point where we can truly have this conversation.

The expression of your mission and purpose in terms of action needs to be joyful. If it is done with a sense of: “Oh, I’d better do what I promised,” or if it is done with a sense of drudgery, with a sense of “I’m afraid I’m not good enough, I won’t complete,” then it is not of divinity and it is not of the truth of who you really are.

The Mother did not say to me, to you, to any of you, “Go down to Earth and see how much you can endure, and if you’re really good at endurance and if you finally surrender, I’ll give you a prize and you can come home.” That would not be of love.

So it is time, my beloved friends, once and forever to get rid of this sense of endurance – even in situations that may appear as obstacles or challenging or difficult to see within. That is why I have agreed this day to more fully open your 3rd eye – and certainly your heart; always your heart – that you may know.

Now, I do not wish to bombard you with too much because also, as I am speaking to you this day, as you know, I am activating several portals for you and with you, yes, because you’ve asked – and yes, because it is time.

So let us talk about “time” for a few minutes, if I might, dearest Suzi?

S: Absolutely.

JS: Thank you. “Time” is part of your definition of the human experience. Now, the Mother – oh, about 6 months of your time ago, perhaps even a year; yes, it gets hazy on our side too! – has declared New Time.

But let us talk about your mental, emotional, and physical construct of time, both as it has been and as it is shifting, because so many of you have felt this, what we would call “wonderful interdimensional slippage, time slippage” – and this is a good thing. This is one of those signs you’ve all been waiting and looking for.

So when you enter into the realm of physicality – and it is true, we would suggest, on most planets and within most galaxies; the framework may be different but the construct of time is present – but in the human, well, let us say Earth reality, you are given time in order to be able to anchor within the expanse of space, of length, of width, of emotionality, of mental constructs, etc.

We have said – and I repeat – you may think of, say 0 to 90, as being within the brackets that the Mother inserts for the experience of your time and everybody’s time upon this planet. And those brackets at one end are infinity or the infinite, and at the other end is eternity or the eternal.

Now, those brackets have been solid and within them, you have had the somewhat linear experience of time. That is why you age, that is why you grow older, so you have the experience of being 1, 2, 20, or 90 years old. And that is an experience in which you come to express and to share what it is like – in form, as sacred divine beings – love, the truth of love, and your unique contribution and sharing and receiving of love. It is so simple.

The Mother says, “How do you want to experience love in form?” “Oh, I want to go to Earth and see what that’s like.” And she says to you, “Oh, good! Because I have a huge project down there. What I’m doing is re-anchoring the Original Plan for Gaia, and we want love. We want this planet to be the entire Planet of Love; we want it to be a sister to Venus, only far more physical; we want physical Cities of Light; we want the physical reality of Sacred Union and Partnership; and we want the physical reality of the expression and the experience of love.”

And you say, “Great! Mom, I’m on my way!” And so you come to do that. And time in what we would call ‘”earlier times” – perhaps before 2016 – has been fairly solidified. Now, with the Mother’s experience and introduction of her New Time, what we are doing and what is occurring is that those brackets are becoming somewhat perforated – so that sense of being anchored fully in linear time is shifting.

Think of it – that time previously was a frozen pond upon which you could skate and play and have fun to your heart’s delight, but it was pretty solid. Now, to get ready for the Mother’s New Time, there was the Tsunami of Love – and now time is more like a beautiful ocean and you are a dolphin swimming, you are a whale swimming, you are a school of fish swimming and exploring.

You are not losing your physical body – if anything, you are expanding your awareness and your experience of physicality. You are coming to understand that the physical is a gift, not a burden, but you are able to move in and out more freely of what you think of as the currents of time. That is why so many of you have been having experiences of alternate lifetimes, past lifetimes, future lifetimes.

The other thing that is occurring with this slight perforation of the brackets of infinity and eternity is that that sense of unity, of love, of ecstatic experience, is coming through into your space – and that is a gift beyond measure.

So you are being penetrated – and some of you are experiencing it as joy, as bliss, as ecstasy, as unconditional love. There are a million names for it: ascension, the shift… So the ability to be within those brackets operating, experiencing, what you came for is still going on, but the expansion of what that experience is and can be in form is so much greater than ever before.

And it is done in the Pattern of the Universe – and it is being done because humanity, the collective, and each of you, my beloved family, are at a point where you are ready to do this – where you are ready not only to know the joy but to BE the joy, to BE the love, because that is what this ascension is about.

It is not about departure; it is not about going anywhere; it is not about abandoning your beautiful, magnificent bodies. Yes, they do need a little perfecting, but that is being taken care of as well! It is about being in form upon a physical planet and knowing the magnificence of who you are and who every other person, plant, and animal on the planet is.

Let me stop there, dear heart, so that you may ask your questions.

S: Oh well, we just have time for a little bit. My feeling is that the joy for humans is sourced in a solid understanding of who we are, being in touch with our divinity. What could be more joyful than that realization? So I’m trusting that these energies – even if they feel destructive because it brings the death of all that does not serve – will eventually penetrate every human heart to truly know that.

JS: That is correct, and not just the human heart. But you know, because you are a wise woman, that the knowing sits in the heart. But my invitation is that I also want it to sit in your hip, in your toe, in your hair.

But yes, humanity has come a very long way in a very short time – and I’m not talking 2,000 years, I’m talking the past several years. You have made greater advancements in the past several years than in 1,000 years, so that is something to be proud of and to take heart from.

But you are correct, my friend. Part of the acknowledgement, the embrace, the deep knowing that you are love and divinity itself means that all the clutter, all the distraction, all the false beliefs, all the drama has to be cleared out, destroyed. Now, sometimes that feels like a breath of fresh air – which is why I have asked for the spring cleaning!

Other times, it feels as if you have been living in a hovel and you come in, and it is so filled with garbage and junk, you think, “Oh my gosh, I can’t do this.” But you don’t have to do it. You have infinite help. This is the thing about those brackets to which I refer. Infinite, eternal help is completely available to you. You are not alone. You have never been alone.

And so, yes, the destruction can feel as if you are caught in a violent storm, or the ice is cracking beneath your feet and you think you’re going to go under the ice and drown. But let me be clear: you’re not! So simply go quiet and ask for help.

S: Well, if I may, if I’m understanding you correctly, we’re able to play with events in our lives that brought wounding of whatever kind to shift the actuality of it. Am I understanding you correctly?

JS: That is absolutely correct. Not only to shift the actuality of it – and in that, the most important piece is your understanding of it.

S: And what it did and what effect it had on my physiology or emotional body or whatever?

JS: That is correct.

S: Right. Maybe we could talk about that in another show because it’s a pretty large topic?

JS: It is a massive topic! And as I was saying to you earlier, and to this channel as well, it is that I AM on a mission and I am hoping and praying – yes, we pray too! – but I am also knowing [laughter] that you will engage in these conversations with me and for that, I am deeply grateful.

S: As am I. Well, is there anything you would like to add to this delicious conversation in closing?

JS: Be the dolphin, be the whale, be the koi, be the shark. Go and play in the Mother’s Ocean of New Time and see what you discover. Be fearless. Let the excitement of the currents bring you to where you wish to be and know, my beloved ones, you do not swim alone.

I am with you. Farewell.