Forgiving is about being in the constant flow of the love, the energy, the Oneness, the unity of the Mother/Father, All. … When you are in the flow of constant forgiving, you are in the flow of alignment with love for yourself, for others, for All. 

Heavenly Blessings

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 17:25 to 25:24]

Jesus: Greetings, I am Jesus.

Suzi: Welcome.

Jesus: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you, my beloved friends, my beloved family. I come to you as Jesus, Jesus Sananda, Yeshua, prophet, Yeshi, brother. It matters not, my sweet friends, how you call me – as long as you call me! – as I call you.

And yes, as I have called this channel to talk about this issue, this question, this process, this constant process called “forgiving” – and we are using it as an action-verb. And although I am speaking to you in English, it would apply equally in every language, of every culture, all over Gaia and far, far beyond, your star brothers and sisters, the galaxies, the unseen forces, the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love.

We are experts in forgiving. We are specialists in forgiving. And I do not mean that in the sense of hierarchy. “Oh, I have an ache in my toe; I must go and see a specialist in toes. Oh, I have an ache in my heart; I must go see a cardiologist.” That is not what I am talking about.

All of us and all of you are specialists, experts, stellar champions of forgiving. You may have forgotten that. You may have gotten caught up in the ridiculous nature of the old paradigms of Earth, where even the forgiving and forgiveness became controlled and regulated. Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous?

You know, you have gotten to the point – at least many of you, and those of you who listen this day have certainly gotten to the point – where, if your parents told you who to love and who not to love, you would think it ridiculous.

Now, as a young child, subtly and actually, many of you were told who to love and who not to love. But as you have been diligent, as you have practiced prudence and fortitude and joy and compassion, you have moved past that – and you had need to.

Yes, there are those you love more dearly, that you choose to be in sacred union with, but love is not something that is reserved or restricted. All are equally loved and cherished. Now, in that – and I want to focus on each of you, how you feel, how you love, how you think – that does not mean that you love all the actions, behaviours, outcomes, motivations of everybody upon the planet.

You love the divine essence of every being because you love and cherish not only yourself but the Mother/Father/One, and you see and you acknowledge the divinity in each and every being. That does not indicate or entail that all their actions, all their motivations, are of love. Not all beings are consistently and equally in alignment with the love.

But I encourage you because even that is shifting as more and more of you fly consistently through, and many of you staying on our side of the ascension portal. My friends, it makes it much easier. And I am not suggesting that this has been an easy journey. It has not, particularly for some of you who have taken a harder road, shall we say. So it is with forgiveness.

As a child, you were taught subtly and actually that some things are forgiven and forgivable, while others are not. And depending on the nature of your family and societal structure, there have been gradations. Who among you will be the first to pick up a stone? Who among you feels competent to be judge and jury, and even executioner?

For there are many forms of execution, are there not? And each of those forms is not only life-destroying but soul-destroying, soul-quashing, because what it does is it does not acknowledge the divinity of each being. I am not suggesting that the chaos of the rampant misbehaviour upon this planet is to be given allowance. It is not. That is discernment; that is not judgment.

When you are in the constant flow of divine forgiveness/forgiving, you do not need to learn, you do not need to access, you do not need to open your heart and leniently allow the misdeed of another – none of that. None of that is about forgiving. Forgiving is about being in the constant flow of the love, the energy, the Oneness, the unity of the Mother/Father, All.

Now, why is this an important distinction that I wish to bring to your attention right now? Because you have been in this habit as humanity, as Gaians, of turning this faucet on and off and on and off. That is tiring and tedious and not effectual. Why is that? Because, my beloved brothers and sisters, it hurts you; it absolutely hurts you.

Sometimes, occasionally, it hurts the other people, structure, institution, group – it matters not – that you are choosing not to forgive or to forgive. But being on the on-off cycle of forgiving hurts you. I am tired of seeing you hurt; I am tired of seeing this pattern that only damages your own sweet self.

When you are in the flow of constant forgiving, you are in the flow of alignment with love for yourself, for others, for All. I cannot emphasise this enough. But this does not mean you are condoning; this does not mean you are giving permission; this does not mean that you have given permission to continue abuse – of course not.

What it means is that you are choosing to be in the flow and alignment of divinity, of yourself and of All. Our Mother’s forgiving, our Mother’s forgiveness, our Father’s forgiveness, is infinite and eternal.

Now, in other conversations, we have talked about the fact that there is no such thing, place, environment, as hell; that this concept of infinite and eternal punishment – well, it would be ridiculous if it was not so destructive; if it was not so unloving, it would be laughable. What hell is is when you think or feel or believe that you are not in the flow of infinite, eternal forgiving.

The Mother and Father, the One, do not turn this faucet off and on. There is nothing – no crime, no behaviour, no misstep, however big or however small – that is not brought to infinite mercy and compassion.

What you do when you align in infinite forgiving is you take yourself out of the role of judge, of finding fault, of meting out punishment, because that is not of love and it is not the truth of who you are. You say to me, “But Lord, there are some things that are unforgivable. What about the devastation of the Jewish people by the Nazis?” Forgivable. “What about the brutality of war?” Forgivable.

Understand – during your intergalactic wars, planets, galaxies were destroyed by beings much like yourself. Do you really think that they were cast into some mythical, flaming inferno? How would that ever be an act of love? And more importantly – yes, more importantly – how would these souls ever evolve, learn, become?

Many of you have very clear memories, especially recently, of Atlantis and Lemuria, each of you being on various sides of this undertaking – and sometimes on both sides. Devastation is a terrible thing, make no mistake about it.

But when one individual, one person, devastates your heart, your trust, your feelings, your sense of self, it can be just as devastating, just as destructive, because the ripple-effect is like a nuclear explosion-implosion. And when one is hurt, the entire collective is hurt.

And that is why also, it is important for all of you… not to activate; I am not here this day to activate your forgiving – it is already there. You have been denied that knowing, and it is time you recognise that and claim what is already yours – like infinite abundance, infinite ability to create, infinite joy, eternal fortitude.

All of this – infinite grace – it is all yours. Infinite compassion – it is not something that you need to wait and then activate or buy; it is there. You yearn for it. In fact, you are yearning what is already within you, within your design and your capacity. So simply enter. Feel that you are under one of those wonderful rain shower heads and allow that blessing to flow with you and through you.

Now that does not mean you are throwing away discernment. Let me be very clear about that.

Yes, Suzi, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: [Laughs] Oh thank you, Yeshi, for joining us. It’s been a joy and very enlightening. I feel as though when we hold on to some negative judgment about something or someone, the source of that judgment lies in the self, inside a memory. It’s a good idea to track that like a shaman in order to have clarity and be able to release. Is that not also one of our exquisite, innate abilities as humans?

Jesus: It most certainly is. And many of you, as I have said, are having more and more, not only interdimensional experiences, but you are having a knowingness of the ebb and flow, the totality of your own existence.

And in that, you are seeing these, shall we say, recurring patterns, so that when a situation is bringing to the forefront… your term would be ‘triggering’… catalysing you to a point of looking at whether you are at this infinite flow of forgiving, then what you are doing is saying, “Where? When? How?” So you are tracking it down, locating the occasion or many – usually, for most of you, it is multiple occasions – where this situation has occurred, and you are letting it go.

That is why I am talking about – and this is pertinent to you, sweet Suzanne – why I’m talking about being in the “flow of forgiving.” It is being in the flow that is the key. When you are in the flow, you are not holding on to anything. You are allowing the next blessing to come!

Suzi: Exactly. And, if I might add here, the forgiveness, as you’ve pointed out, hurts ourselves. It also benefits ourselves to practice forgiveness and not hold onto anything, because once we are free of those particular false grids and all of our false grids, manifesting is becoming really instantaneous and beautiful.

I’m feeling really in alignment, and I just want to say that I feel like it’s one of the delightful rewards of releasing all the false grids, the negativity, just holding on to anything.

Jesus: You are absolutely correct, and let me even go further in this.

When you, as you have been – and I don’t mean ‘you’ individually, any of you individually; I mean ‘you’ collectively – when you have turned on the faucet and off the faucet, and when you have said, “Well, I am going to sit and think about this or see how I feel about this, or I’m going to decide whether I’m going to forgive you or not,” what you are doing is not the harm to another. It is you are stopping your own flow.

When you say – and I mean this even in forgiving of self – when you stop and you say to yourself, “Oh, what I did was unforgivable,”… this is a very popular term: “Unforgivable!” Well, if the Mother/Father/One deems everything forgivable, might I suggest “Who the heck are you?”

So what you are doing is saying to the Mother/Father, “Can you stop your flow and blessings right now; I want to take a time-out and be miserable.” Well, I guess that is your right, but I would also suggest to you, “Have you not been miserable enough?”

The invitation is to joy, is to unity, is to a New Earth and a new way of being! There have been enough interruptions. You are ready!

Suzi: Yeah! We are, I am, we all are, and we’ll do it. It’s perfect. It’s time!

Jesus: It is past time, so stop interrupting the flow. Do not allow yourself to be distracted. You are not giving allowance to bad behaviour; you are not giving permission to be injured; you are not saying it is alright to commit war, mayhem, murder – none of that has divine permission. Those are old human behaviours based on abuse of power, abuse of control, of limiting…

That is why, when the human beings taught you that you have the right – the right! – to forgive or not forgive, it was a very subtle form of mass manipulation: “You have the power,” and in fact it took your power away. So call the bluff and be in the infinite flow.

Be of compassion – most certainly be of compassion – to understand whether it is an individual or a collective or a multitude or a structure or a system that is in absolute disarray. Understand what is going on, stand back, send the energy, send the course-correction, but do not halt the flow.

There are so many blessings that are flowing to this planet directly from the Heart of One, from your star brothers and sisters, from the Tsunami of One, from the masters, from the archangels and from each other, that it would be ridiculous to practice this interruption and harm yourself. Stand back.

Is this a walk of trust? Yes. Is this a walk of compassion? Yes. It is this knowing – knowing! – your divine agreement as a collective is and was and continues to be that you would ascend as One.

Now, there are many who are choosing to simply leave, that it is too much, and they would rather finish, complete, operate from this side – that is alright. But for those of you remaining upon the planet, you have decided to proceed as One.

Suzi: That’s everyone on the planet right now?

Jesus: Perhaps not everyone upon the planet right now; many will choose to leave. But the collective agreement which is still in place is that you ascend as One.

Now, many of you are pathfinders and wayshowers, so that is why you have been flowing in and out of the ascension portal, coming back, gathering a few more, bringing them through, coming back, gathering a few more, bringing them through…

Like me, you are shepherds – you are pathfinders and you are shepherds. And some of you have chosen as your job to always go to the back of the herd and bring forth the lost sheep who has wandered. It matters not. It is already in fulfilment; it is already in the process.

Claim – claim your birthright of freedom, of liberation, of joy. You have known, years ago the Mother has given you – given all of us – these gifts of clarity and purity… purity often forgotten… and grace. And this has simply continued to expand.

This is what you and the channel were talking about beforehand. The clarity is growing and you have need to respect that – not only trust it, use it, discern it; trust it, yes, but also practice vigilance and wisdom. And wisdom is not necessarily understanding; it goes far beyond that. It means connecting with the wise part of your being in alignment with All, and from there proceeding.

You know… they have quoted me in many and various ways and said that I forgave those who crucified me, who tortured me… who really embarrassed me! But I didn’t. I keyed into the divine forgiveness. When I said, “Father, forgive them,” I aligned myself in that infinite forgiving that it didn’t matter what was happening – I was free.

Suzi: That’s a beautiful… gosh, what do I call it?… metaphor. It’s just a shifting of perspective. That’s beautiful.

Jesus: Thank you.

Suzi: Yeah, it’s not ourselves personally. It’s not us personally, ever.

Jesus: No. You allow the Divine within you and as One to flow with you, through you, and through that to be you, because that is the truth of who we all are.

Suzi: Yes, beautiful. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Jesus: You are welcome, my beloved sister, my beloved friend. Go in the infinite flow of forgiving. But also – go in laughter, go in love, go in joy!



Suzi: Farewell.