I ask each of you to allow this either re-ignition or deeper ignition of passion not only for the unfoldment but for yourself, and not only in what you think of as your divinity but every fiber of your being.

Saturday Conference Call



Let’s begin this bright sunny day, regardless of whether the sun is shining where you are, feel the bright sunny day, the beginning of summer, the freshness in the air, the trees turning greener, the grass beginning to grow. And let’s go together into your heart, into our beautiful tri-flame of the Blue Diamond and the Gold Diamond and the beautiful Pink Diamond of our sacred selves. And feel those flames burning brightly and evenly and just settle in, cozy in.

And let’s take a nice deep breath of the darkest, midnight, deep space, Atlantic Ocean blue. The blue velvet cloak of the Mother, the immense ocean of the midnight sky, the deepest navy, and breathe in that blue and feel it seep into your pores, into your blood stream, into your tissue, into the central column of your spine. And feel that deep sense of calm, of nurturing, and feel yourself lean back, lean back into the Mother, into our Universal Divine Mother and relax. And allow yourself to know that everything is in Divine order, Divine rightness, and in the unfoldment of Her Plan.

Now breathe in the brightest, cheeriest cherry red, Life Saver red, brilliant red carnations, red roses, cherries and cranberries, strawberries when they are full and luscious. Breathe in and feel the juiciness, the vibrancy, the electrical nature of the red and bring it in…up through your root directly from Gaia…and let that come into you and fill your reproduction and your tummy, your belly button, your solar plexus and your heart and bring it right up to the tips of your hair and feel that bright, brilliant, alive red and feel yourself fully and completely, joyously, in your body.

Now we’re going to blend the red and the blue into that…no not the indigo but the magenta…
into that color of deep port, of red wine, of the wine that Jesus created for the wedding at Cana. And breathe in the magenta and feel the Magenta Flame, the energy of that passion and compassion fill you.

And go deeper, almost as if you are swimming in that magenta, in that maroon port wine color. Another deep breath and fill yourself and come with me to the 7th dimension, to the dimension of love, of Christ Consciousness, and our new home upon sweet Gaia.


Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, Master, Keeper of the Magenta Flame, and I am eager and pleased, excited to share this with you, to share this completely with all of you and with all upon Gaia.

I come to you this day to speak to you about passion ~ an area that is so often overlooked, underrated, and underpaid. My beloved friends and family, my brothers and sisters of all rays, all colors, all lineages, what is life without passion? Often we speak of the 13 Blessings and Virtues, the Divine Qualities, that you have been gifted with and that you embody and that you grow and spread every time you go and join with the Mother/Father/One in the 13th Octave.

But, what is love? Love is a passion. Yes, it may express as quiet or even silent, as meek and mild, as outrageous and screaming…no, for joy. But love…each of you are the embodiment of the Mother’s passion, of the Father’s passion, and might I even say my passion. You did not come to this planet, nor did I, to lead a ho-hum boring life; quite the contrary and especially because you have incarnated at this time and this time of such spectacular change.

There is nothing meek and mild about this and although it has snuck up in the quiet of the night when you weren’t looking, the energy that is sent to each and every one of you upon the planet at this time is filled with passion; passion for the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, passion to see the fulfillment of Her Dream and our dream and your dream, passion to liven up your body, your life, your sacred unions with yourself and each other.

What is passion and why is it linked and why do I continue to link it to compassion? Because they are part of the same body. Passion is caring. It is the fire of action, intent. It is the ability to truly move in meaningful, directed, specific action. It is the ability to be the participant and the observer.

But, let me make it very simple…passion is about a depth of caring, of acknowledging what is truly important and not merely in the global or the universal sense, but what is important to you. The best example is when you fall in love and you declare that you feel passionate about your beloved; or that you are passionate about a cause or a belief.

But what does that really mean? It means that you care so deeply, that you love so deeply, so consistently and might I even say, passion is irrevocable. So, when you are truly in passion it is not “oh I feel passionate about this person or that cause this week.” No. That is not passion that is moodiness.

Passion is what you carried with you when you came. You, like we, carried the passion for the fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream, the unfoldment of the Plan, the ascension of humanity, the embodiment of love; you held passion for what was possible. Too often upon this planet passion has been conceived or misconceived as inappropriate, fiery, un-thought out, un-felt out, not caring about the consequences, the outcomes, the effect of one’s actions or thoughts. That is not passion; that is an abuse of free will and misdirected energy.

Passion is considerate, it is caring, it is serene ~ and yes, it is the 4th of July, it is the 1st of July, it is Christmas and New Year, and every occasion that you can think of throughout the entire planet and far beyond in terms of fireworks, in terms of beauty, in terms of excitement, that is based on fulfillment of love. You would not be here…and let me even be more clear…you would not be here still if you were not passionate, holding the passion, for what is unfolding and coming. If you did not care you would say, “Far too much chaos, I’m out of here. Michael, take me home.” But you do care!

And yes, there have been times when you have felt that you have endured, you have certainly carried valor and consistency and fortitude. But awe and wonder, they are part of passion. It is that sense of outrageous possibility and actuality because you can see, you can feel, you know what is inside that sensation, that feeling, that knowing of what can be.

Passionate anchors in the present moment but it is, at the same time, very much part of the Mother’s New Time because it is future directed as well. You don’t get passionate about something that has already occurred; you may carry the passion of that situation forward.

So, what is being sent to this planet is the Mother’s legion and legendary move to clear, prepare, and in many ways push forward the unfoldment of Her Plan? It is passion, it is joy, it is a sense of knowing that you are exactly where you need to be in the truth and the might of who you are.

So, why I come this day is not to speak of the passion I have felt as I walked as man, it is to give you the gift of passion, to ask each of you to allow this either re-ignition or deeper ignition of passion, not only for the unfoldment but for yourself, not only what you think of as your divinity, but every fiber of your being. Be passionate about the hair on your head, the nails on your hands, everything, because if you don’t care deeply then why bother? And if you don’t care deeply, don’t bother! Go to what ignites you and in this we anchor the interdimensional Nova Earth.

And this, together, my brothers and sisters, we fulfill the Mother’s Plan; we bring to fruition Her Dream of love in form. I join you, I join you now. Let us walk together.


Channeled by Linda Dillon