On our Saturday Conference Call, Jesus said: “The fundamental element in this year of extraordinary change is the change and the expansion of heart consciousness, of awareness, of the acceptance of surrender of your interdimensional, multidimensional selves.”


Let’s begin this beautiful morning, this morning that is the magical number of God, by taking a nice deep breath and sinking, anchoring, breathing into your heart, into the seat of your soul at the bottom of your heart – think of it as the bottom of that Valentine heart. Just relax and give yourself a great big hug and a smile of appreciation for being here and for being who you are, for being that magnificence, whether you’re an earthkeeper or a portal or a gatekeeper or pathfinder, whether you’re from Sirius or the Pleiades, Arcturus or Cee Cee Cee, whether you are a starseed. We all began in angelic form.

So, feel that angelic part of you (?) up and coming to the forefront as you relax and thank the day, thank Mother Earth and Father Sky, the air, the water, the fire, the soil, the trees, the mountains, the elementals, the animals. Thank them all for being here with us, for keeping you company all the time, and for helping you remember that we’re never really alone.

Breathe the magenta, the magenta of compassion, of humility, and of your third eye. There is a great deal of attention being given to us right now by the Council of Love and the Company of Heaven in opening our third and fourth and fifth eye so that we can truly see and see, not only with our awareness, but with the eyes and mind and heart of the Divine Mother as well.

So, breathe in that magenta, that perfect balance of red and blue, the color of a good red wine, of port, of mums in the fall, of that deep colored stained glass. Breathe in and bring that magenta down to your heart and feel the energy of your magenta flame and the magenta flame of Jesus, of the Buddha, of Lord Maitreya opening and burning brightly, overlighting your tri-flame. Feel the sparks and the energy of passion and compassion, for these two are twins and married and interwoven together.

Go deeper and simply be.


Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda. Yes, Master, Keeper of the Magenta Flame, and yes, in trinity with the Buddha, with Maitreya, my brother of the East, Horseman of the East, many ways related to Archangel Uriel, Bringer of the Future, and my brothers and sisters, the future is now.

I have said to thee that this is a year, 2016 is a year of extraordinary change, and those changes, beloveds, are well underway. Open your eyes, open your heart and look around. What is the extraordinary change? What is the most extraordinary change? The change is you. The change is within the hearts and minds and will and alignment of the human beings, of the collective, as they step forth in their knowing and their beingness of love and the action of love. And whether that action is standing, sitting, lying perfectly still and transmitting out to 7 billion people or whether it is nurturing a child or working with the sick and lame, it matters not because the fundamental element in this year of extraordinary change is the change and the expansion of heart consciousness, of awareness, of the acceptance of surrender and the implementation, integration, of your interdimensional, multidimensional selves.

Now, what does this mean in the practical terms that we have so often spoken about? It means, sweet angels, that you are taking the time, the consciousness, to align with Universal Law. Your entire planet, and far beyond the omniverse is governed, as designed by the Mother’s pattern and will, by Universal Law. We have shared this with thee time and time again and certainly Sanat Kumara continues to implement and work this with each and every one of you. But it is the conscious choosing – I now work with the Law of Attraction and Repulsion; I now work with the Law of Above and Below, Within and Without; I work with the Law of Transmutation and Transformation; I work with the Law of Change; I work with the Law of Elimination.

And you work with these laws, not only in tandem with your sacred self and your stranger, but with the entire collective. You are using these laws and the energy that fuels these laws, which is love, to change the entire planet and far beyond.

When you come from a place of heart knowingness, of heart centeredness, you have already completed most of your ascension. It has never been about departure from this planet. It has always been about the restoration of our Mother’s Plan upon this planet of love, to be the embodiment, the experience and expression of love, of being a planet where angels come to play and to know what human experience looks, feels, smells, and tastes like.

Have you endured? Yes. But, have you embraced the joy, the satisfaction, the knowing, the play, the fullness of your adventure as yet? No. That is what you are beginning, yes beginning to do. You say, “But Lord, I have been at this for 40 years, 20 years, 10 years, 2 months.” It matters not. Sweet angels you are still at the beginning. Yes, you are in the brackets of this lifetime, but in the infinite, eternal experience of the Mother and what is possible to experience and know in terms of love, in terms of alignment, of creation of Nova Earth and Nova Being, you are at the beginning.

I do not say this in the way of minimizing or dismissing your efforts. I say this to encourage you, to say to you, “There is so much more. There is so much more joy, more love, more trust, more compassion, more grace.” And you know what the result of that is? It isn’t sitting around in a church or a temple or a cave feeling holy. It’s walking the streets with each other hugging and skipping and laughing – laughing so hard that you are rolling on the floor. That you are so excited that you can’t wait for the next day because you know the unfoldment lies in front of you. And that the adventure is so big and so much fun, and everything that you have ever dreamed of, that you are embracing it wholeheartedly.

And you are saying to me, to the Mother, to the Father, to the One, to the entire Council, “Bring it on!” This is not simply about the refined pattern of balance. This is about you claiming your birthright, living your birthright, dancing your birthright of joy.

The extraordinary change is you waking up every morning and knowing how deeply you are loved and loveable, and that we, you and I, are in sacred union, sacred partnership and that you, in your divinity, are the expression of love in form, that you give, receive, and are the awe and the wonder of that expression and that experience.

Look for the extraordinary change within you and then look, observe, and participate in the extraordinary changes around you; they are there. Identify, expand, embrace and keep going. And go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon