I give you my sacred heart and I ask you – once again – to please come and walk with me. We, all of us, are ready, willing and more than able. We are with you.

Heavenly Blessings

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 10:20 to 14:00]

Jesus Sananda: Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda.

Suzi: Welcome.

Jesus Sananda: And welcome to each and every one of you. Welcome, my beloved friends, my beloved family. And yes, it is time for these gifts to be shared broadly, widely, and bestowed upon each and every one of you.

I give you the gift of my sacred heart. I give you the gift of my love, of my will, of my fortitude, of my courage and of my willingness to be of service, in and out of form, above, below and far beyond. For my journey, my mission, my purpose and hence my gift to each of you, my beloved friends, is no different than yours.

Yes, you come from every quadrant of the universe, of the multiverse, of the omniverse, and you are pathfinder and wayshower and portal and pillar, you are healer and teacher and communicator, and each of you has a delightful expression of your divinity, in and out of form. And those expressions of in and out of form have merged, have united and are fortified with the beauty of the ruby and the strength of that stone.

This is a time when you continue to go forward, not ignoring what appears to be chaos, what appears to be in some ways back-pedalling, forward-pedalling, it matters not, for your mission and purpose, the truth of your being, your expression does not change, not fundamentally.

Now, how you bring that forth is in a constant state of adjustment because you do not express merely for yourself, merely for the Mother, merely for the Council of Love or the Company of Heaven – you express for one another. You experience love for one another. So you adjust how you approach, how you interact, but never do you adjust the love for that is freely given, freely taken, freely exchanged.

You feel that you have seen a great deal that has discouraged you during what I continue to call “these extraordinary times”. But what I say to you, what does this mean, this very word “extraordinary”? It means above and beyond, out of the ordinary. It has not been ‘business as usual’ for some time and “these extraordinary times” continue. And sweet angels, that is good news!

But your role, your sacred mission and purpose and how you approach this does not fundamentally change. You may change some aspects, some elements, but who you are and who you have always been – it may expand in terms of your knowingness of that brilliance. We have always known how beautiful, magnificent, brilliant and powerful each of you are.

And so you say to me, “Lord, if I am that powerful, why has not more change, more substance, more evidence come to pass?” And what I say is “Look around you.” No, not in a way to dismiss your yearning for substantial, visible, measurable shift, because I am right next to you in that. But do not deny the progresses that are being made.

You are the “extraordinary” element in this change, my friends. And what I suggest to you humbly – and expectantly – is that you have no idea how powerful you are. And yes, your thoughts, your feelings, your energy field, your actions influence, affect and take a group – a large group; yes, the Mother has suggested as large as 144 million – that you affect these beings and that you act, you feel, you think, you hold space – for each of you are different – on their behalf.

Now what does this mean? Let us start at the beginning. We are talking beings; first and foremost we are talking about the human race, those who in humanoid form occupy Gaia in this very moment. So we are not referring to the kingdoms, to the devas, to the various elementals – they are doing just fine! They are already firmly anchored in the higher realms and dimensions.

So it is a practical matter. And then, when you finish with the human race, the humanoid race, then you are also holding this energy for the planets that you are going to be working with in future times. Now, we don’t want to boggle your minds because you are very concerned with what is happening upon Terra Gaia at this moment. So just simply know that the ripple effect is reaching other planetary systems that you will be working with in the future, and laying that foundation for their ascension as well. Leave it at that.

Now, what does it mean in practical terms? It means that when you hold the love, when you hold the positive creation, thought, action, feeling, belief, paradigm, structure – you know the drill! – that you are doing so for a very, very broad spectrum of people: those who are reluctant, those who are disinterested, those who are recalcitrant, and those who are fully on board but don’t know how to proceed.

What does it mean in practical terms that you are affecting them? The theme of this time, as we have enunciated in our gathering in Sedona, is kindness and courage, courage and kindness.

When you act, when you hold a position that comes from a place of valour, of courage, of bravery, but not tinged with any sense of rape or pillage or desire to control; when it is absolutely paired with loving kindness, think of it in this way: that you are taking that thought, that paradigm, that belief, that action and literally going to the front door of your apartment, your office, your house and bringing it across the street, across the hall, and giving it literally to another human being.

What you are saying on a subtle level is “I have this quality, I have this most precious gift of love, wrapped up with bows and paper of courage and kindness, and I am giving it to you, I am bequeathing it to you.”

Now, you say to your neighbour, friend, office mate, colleague or enemy, you are saying, “I am not assuming that you do not have your own courage and kindness, your own ability to move mountains and change societies, structures, institutions, etc. But it is out of my love and respect and honouring of you that I give you this gift, because I know from personal experience that you can never have too much love. So I am acting on your behalf and I am giving you this gift.”

You say, “Well, how can I do this for that many people?” And this is where you do not have the belief in your own power, in your own alignment, your own trust in the Father/Mother/One to perform such miracles. I understand.

When I walked the Earth before – and I have done so many times – but when I walked the Earth before, I tended to work one by one by one, knowing that if I affected the heart, the mind, the soul of one person, then my message would spread – that knowingness of love would spread like wildfire. And that is exactly what happened.

You know, there is much talk about how I would gather large groups, but in that time when I walked as Yeshua, a large group was a maximum of about a couple of hundred people. So you are talking to millions!

Now I do not say this or share this or amplify this in order to make you nervous or feel like you have need to measure up. I am simply sharing with you a universal fact so that you realise the importance and the magnitude of what you are doing, and that you look, in practical reality, to how your thoughts and actions and feelings are affecting others, known and unknown, seen and unseen.

We keep saying this because it is important to realise: you don’t always immediately get to witness the impact or the effect of what you are doing. But that does not mean it is not there.

Now, dearest Suzanne, where do you wish to begin this day?

Suzi: Oh, thank you. I’m lost in thought here. This is so big and so wonderful, and I’m very happy that you’re here to talk to us today. I love this reminder for some and permission slip for others that we have what we need, and if we just hold the love to understand that our work goes out quite far in influence and to let go of disbelief.

So, it’s a matter of perception for the most part, although expanding perception is a process to see ourselves clearly without the filters that wounding has brought to us. That’s why our work is so important to clear. Our expanding awareness and skills could also relate to the body, so we can talk to the body and rearrange things. So is it really that the belief that we can’t do such a thing is the only hurdle to tapping into that innate skill?

Jesus Sananda: It is that fundamental belief and knowing of who you are. It isn’t just in what you are thinking of – or what some of you who are listening may be thinking of – as your body. It is in your entire field, and the clearing that has gone on now for years has been substantial. And yet, there is still in many of you – which is why we are sharing this information – this hesitancy to accept or to acknowledge the power of what you are doing.

For some of you it is emotional, for some of you it is mental, for some of you it is causal and it is based in other lifetimes. It is this recognition of the significance of what you are doing, because that is from whence the biggest changes come. So it isn’t merely in your physical body; it is in all of your essence, shall we say.

Now, the other thing that occurs… and this is your delightful ego that so many of you strive diligently to get under control, to your own demise, because what you will often do is you will say, “Well, I can affect millions.” And then you think, “No, no, cancel, cancel; that is ego speaking.” That is not ego speaking – that is your soul speaking! [Laughter]

And so, let go of judgment. And this is a theme right now as well: letting go of judgment of others, yes, but also letting go of yourself. You are thinking of yourself in a very limited way and I want you to stop!

Suzi: What might be really helpful is if you were to speak to the energies happening – like  what is happening to our bodies right now? We’re feeling – and it’s not just me – not having ‘juice’ for a lot of things, basically feeling ‘juiceless’ and wanting to rest quite a lot. I know that’s been spoken to, but please tell me there’s lots of other things going on that we’re involved in that we’re not really consciously aware of. [Laughter]

Jesus Sananda: That is exactly the case, because most of you – and I am addressing all those who are loveholders/lightworkers – have agreed, again on a soul level, to… what would your expression be?… “up the ante” and that is the reference that the Mother has made and that I am also speaking to: that you have upped the ante in terms of how many you are holding yourself accountable for.

Now this is, for some of you, beyond imagination. But think of it. Before, you may have been working for a thousand or ten thousand or even, some of you, a million; now you have expanded that to the nth degree. And so, your efforts at pushing that ripple effect have completely gone off the scale.

So of course you are exhausted. Your body is adjusting to you saying… your expression might be “Let’s get this show on the road!” Repeatedly, my beloveds, we have said, “You are our ground crew. You are the implementers of the Mother’s Plan. No, you do not do this alone. Never have we been so engaged as we are right now.” But you have never been so engaged either!

Suzi: Truly so! Absolutely, as a collective as well. And if I might, there’s a situation as you’re aware, I’m sure. I see the beauty and the positive side of the Dakota Access pipeline situation, and while it’s hardly a unique scenario on this planet, what is unique is how powerfully people have responded.

Would it be accurate to say that there’s no more support for the extraction and transportation of fossil fuels and all that sort of thing? But with what’s happening with people and the unification of the tribes and the different tribes, I see this as a really gorgeous happening to be honest.

Jesus Sananda: This is very important for all of you to look at, because you are always saying to us, “Show us a sign. Give us an example!”

Now, so many of you including, of course, many of the native people were very distressed. If you take this back even years ago, and the feeling of powerlessness and abuse and the abuse of money, there was a sense of desperation and a sense of being manipulated.

What started out as fear and anger – which is why we have said repeatedly that this is a process – so what started out looking, can we say, quite dim has evolved, not only in terms of the fulfilment of prophecy but also in the realm of the Native American Indian peoples – plural – re-assuming their role as guardians of Gaia, and that they have been joined by many.

This is as much an expression of empowerment and the direction of humanity as many other things you see. The processes are already underway. And what you are seeing, even if you have never actively supported and simply held space for this undertaking – you are seeing the power of holding space, taking action, being proactive, being courageous, being kind.

It is not about destroying anything. The only thing that can be destroyed no longer exists, which is the old paradigm of the third. It does not exist any longer. So there are many who are trying to re-create it but it is not possible. So what you are seeing is the emergence, the birthing of the new.

Suzi: Yes. I’m in “there’s nothing to worry about” mode, but I know that many people are concerned, saying, “Are they going to go ahead with the pipeline anyway?” Energy Transfer Partners is saying that they really don’t care what the President says and they’re going to keep digging. And everybody is worried about a Donald Trump presidency. I’m not worried about any of these things but I know our listeners are, so would you speak to these things please?

Jesus Sananda: When you spend your time in dismay, in worry… and I am not speaking of being alert and aware of what is transpiring… but when you spend your time in fear, what you are literally doing is halting the flow of any form – any form – of forward thrust or creation.

So, for those who are spending their time worrying, what they are doing – and I do not say this as critique – but you are looking backwards. You are freezing yourself with your head looking over your shoulder rather than looking ahead to what is possible.

When I incarnated, I was aware of what lay ahead, and I could have spent all of my time simply worrying about the day when they hauled me off and killed me – and nothing would have been achieved. There are those still in your society that would like to haul you off and nail you to a cross. If you spend all your time worrying about that, then nothing is achieved.

Look at the level of change that is occurring. Stop judging it and allow because of the positive nature of what you are doing holding, projecting, rippling across the universe. Look at what you are doing and the changes you are affecting. And when it seems that it is stalled, for example, by elections, realise that this is part of the process and the unfoldment of the Plan is going forward more clearly.

Do you really think that an American election can stop the unfoldment of the Plan of the Mother? My beloved friends, of course not. We can adjust, and more importantly, you are adjusting. What you are seeing is the outcry of a populous that is saying, “We are exhausted and we want change. We are hurting and we don’t know what to do.” Approach it in that manner.

Suzi: Okay. So, is there anything we can do for the populous, aside from our personal work and holding the light and love and all that sort of thing? I’m not sure if our responsibility goes further than that.

Jesus Sananda: There most certainly is. Now, for some of you, you form the grids. For others of you, you hold the space. But for many of you, for most of you, you take concerted, positive action. And you say, “But I am exhausted, Yeshi. I am tired and I need to rest.” Go ahead and rest.

But every action – whether it is on a global scale, a community scale, a national scale, a family scale, a neighbourhood scale – has to come from a place of kindness, of love. If it is recriminatory, if it is filled with fault and blame, hatred and shame, then what is the point?

You are wiser. You are wiser than those who believe themselves powerless or hurting. So what you are doing in every action – whether it is on the street, at the supermarket or on a much bigger scale, depending on who you are – but never before has it been more important to step forward in action, in accordance with your mission and purpose.

So, for example, let us be practical because this is a time when practicality is needed. If you are a healer, are you offering healing to your friends, to your neighbours, to your family? Are you joining healing circles? Are you gathering, are you participating in healing meditations, both for Gaia and for all of the participants, the humanoids on Gaia? Are you doing this or are you saying, “Oh, it looks hopeless”?

Are you sending courage and kindness? Are you fortifying the collective that is daily out there trying to earn enough money to pay the rent and buy food? Or are you standing back and saying, “I will wait until such time as I have sufficient money and then I will send money?” No. In the meantime, there is a great deal you can be doing.

If you are a communicator, are you writing and speaking, channelling, discussing with friends and families and the entire planet, ways in which kindness and love can be utilised? Or are you spending it in recrimination and judgment? Are you saying, “The Company of Heaven has not given us this so we are giving up”?

None of you give up! You are the most stalwart throughout the omniverse. You have never, ever, turned away!

So, is it a time of action in accordance with who you are? It absolutely is. So it is not just holding a kind thought. It is in everything you do! Is it in alignment with the truth of who you are?

Suzi: Well, I think it’s time to quit underestimating our superpowers and just get with calling it sacred play, saying, “Hey, can I do this? Well, I want to do it, and I can certainly do it in my imagination, so yeah, let’s get going.”

Jesus Sananda: That is it exactly, sweet angel. That is it exactly.

Suzi: Wow. Would you be willing to speak at all to the process of our ascension, where we are in it as a collective, and is there a tipping point? Honestly, I feel like we’re past the tipping point. Would you speak to that?

Jesus Sananda: You are past the tipping point, otherwise we would not be having this level or this intensity of conversation. We would not be talking about how you are working with millions and millions and millions of people.

Now think of it in this way. You are working with millions, but the millions that you are working with are also working with millions! So think of the multiplier, the squaring effect that is taking place. Do not look to what you think of as the obvious as the indicator in terms of how you are doing with your ascension process.

The tipping point was reached recently and the floodgates have certainly opened wide. So you are in a place where you are shifting in the blink of an eye into the truth of who you are, collectively and individually.

Are there those upon your planet at this time, despite the collective decision to ascend as One, who continue to not want that, not choose that, not decide that? Yes, there are, and that is absolutely alright. But that does not mean – let me be very clear on this because this will be a point of great conversation – that does not mean that the ascension of the collective is not going to occur. They will return home, go elsewhere, it matters not.

But the push, known and unknown… There are those that do not think, and it does not matter in terms of collective ascension, but they yearn for love; they yearn for a planet, community that is based on equality and fairness, generosity and freedom, and it expresses differently in different cultures, different societies, different nations.

But that collective yearning and the willingness to do what it takes, physically and spiritually, is in place. All do not have the same conception of what that means, and that doesn’t matter either. You do not need to know, shall we say, the science of ascension in order to ascend – and that is very important for people to understand.

Suzi: Yeah, let go of the how.

Jesus Sananda: You do not even know the “how”! And it does not matter. So in your ascension process, let us say that you are on a straight trajectory to the heart of the Mother. You are very, very close. And I do not mean “soon” – I mean immediate!

Suzi: It’s an interesting thing living with a foot in both worlds. We do have to go out and go food shopping and that sort of thing. Well… it’s just an interesting process.

Jesus Sananda: It is a difficult process and one that I fully understand. And it is part of your adjusting to your interdimensional, multidimensional, ‘higher-dimensional’ if I can use that word, higher-dimensional self. You do not live simply in what we would refer to as a 3D-reality time and space and form and matter. It is more complex, more free, more expansive than that. And that is particularly true when you are dealing with a third-dimensional that is in transition.

So when you are injecting/projecting yourself into that reality, it is very important, my sweet ones, that that is how you think of it and conceive of it – that you are projecting or sending yourself/injecting yourself into that form, into that process and reality, but that you don’t live there!

And that is that sense somewhat of dislocation. And let me tell you – and I can speak again from that personal experience – is that it is a difficult physical thing to do. And that also contributes to your sense of ennui and exhaustion. It is not simply lethargy or laziness, sweet angels. It is that you are physically being challenged because you are holding this multitude of expanded energies in ways that you are not used to.

You are just getting used to the Tsunami of Love, the Tsunami of One, the expansion energies, 11:11, and here we go upping the ante again. You have every right to be exhausted! But be very clear when you go out into the world – for some of you it is acting on a global level, for some of you it is going food shopping. Both are equally important, and both are equally important that you present, engage and involve yourself in kind and loving ways, courageous ways.

And that means speaking of the truth, not just in terms of blame or shame but the truth of love. But it is exhausting, so know that you are sending yourself but you aren’t living there.

Suzi: Right. We could bring that to every aspect of our lives and any conversation we have as well. There’s been some thought in the past about the raising of consciousness and the rehydration of prosperity on the planet. Who knew when that was going to happen? Was the consciousness going to come first? Was the money going to come first?

And at this point, it feels like our consciousness is rising so quickly that the money is not even going to be an issue. But we’re all still looking for the end of suffering, and the money hydration would certain go a long way towards that. Can you say anything about that?

Jesus Sananda: What I will say is that the consciousness has always come first. It is necessary – and let us use the word “consciousness” and expand that to “heart consciousness.”

The presence of clarity, of the Mother’s purity in terms of that heart consciousness, is a prerequisite to what you call the “hydration of prosperity” across the planet. We are not going to encourage, let us put it that way, the blossoming of prosperity for those who would use it to annihilate the human race!

So the alignment with the higher purpose of the creation of Nova Earth has been very, very important. That is why my brother, Archangel Mi-ka-el, has always talked about spiritual currency: first comes the spiritual currency and then comes the physical currency. If it is not in alignment, then what we are doing is arming bandits!

Suzi: Okay, so clean-up has to happen first?

Jesus Sananda: And the clean-up is underway, dear heart. You have seen that. We are not saying that the entire house needs to be pristine and sparkling before that happens. You can have money to hire Molly Maid!

Suzi: [Laughter] I like that! Okay, thank you. We’re coming to the end of our lovely show and I really love this conversation. It’s fabulous. Have you got anything to say in closing?

Jesus Sananda: Yes. You are so much more powerful, integrated, whole, further along than you think, my beloved friends.

I give you my sacred heart and I ask you – once again – to please come and walk with me. We, all of us, are ready, willing and more than able. We are with you.

Go with my love. Farewell.

Suzi: Thank you. Farewell.