Our Deep Housecleaning by Steve Beckow

A potent article by Steve Beckow of GAOG on the clearing coming up for all of us with the Tsunami Read More

Archangel Gabrielle beckons us: Come fly with me…you are ready!

When you tend to the truth of your existence and your being, the physical reality will follow. This is one Read More

Archangel Gabrielle discusses ‘Gender Equality/Inequality’

…healing of what you call gender inequality, begins and ends with the internal balance of your sacred selves. It is Read More

Archangel Gabrielle discusses our self-worth, gratitude and the wonders of the 1st dimension…

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Archangel Gabrielle announces the “New Beginning”

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The Worldwide Launch of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love

Two channelings that set the tone for the worldwide launch of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love 03-25-14

Beautiful Human Being: What are we doing to each other? Why?

Gender inequality is very seductive and pervasive…it has led to deep, pervasive scars and human suffering. You are being asked Read More

Archangel Gabrielle speaks of global unrest and gender inequality…

We are in a time of significant shift; it is the shift from division, from competition, from jealousy, from control, Read More

Archangel Gabrielle continues her discussion on the ‘Rays’…

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Archangel Gabrielle gives us an overview of Rays and their colors and meanings…Part 1

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