Archangel Gabriel’s discussion of co-operation as a stepping stone from no-love to love was very, very helpful to me. But not in the obvious way.

Let me take you backstage in my mind.

It showed me how far my social skills have eroded in the years I’ve been managing the blog.

Just the thought process it led me through showed me how fallow that field has lain.

The price I pay for being locked away in a “home office,” so to speak, is this rusting of skills, which looking at co-operation mirrored back to me.

Yes, I’m going deeper and deeper into myself – and that’s the journey I want to make and the reward I seek. It has a place in the Plan. But I’ve neglected my social skills. I’ll probably feel awkward when I rejoin the work force at last.

And that’s just the business side. The monk has to take a back seat for a while but he’s always in there, listening.

I watch extroverts and they’re so fluid with all and sundry. When I see that, I cringe. I tell myself I don’t want people writing me or calling me. I don’t want to be an extrovert. Do I have to?

But the extroverts will probably lead the parade. They’re the only ones equipped to do it unless it’s a virtual world and I don’t think it is.

The extroverts may have to tone it down a bit and the introverts may have to tone it up. And we may need to meet in the middle.


We cringe when we hear the phrase “know your place.” But each baseball team has a pitcher and a catcher and a first-baser. If the players don’t work their positions, the team falters. And can fail.

I can only cite my own case. I have a definite position on the team and I need to play my part.

It’d be useful to me to lay that part out here, if you’d allow me. It’d help me get the big picture of my own life. And it may help you clarify yours.

I’m a visionary, not a doer.

I’m an introvert, not an extrovert.

I’m an intuitive, not an empath.

I’m an explorer of inner spaces, not an explorer of outer spaces.

I believe in the world we can’t see and hear, not just the world we can.

I use intellectual knowledge only for how it can help me achieve experiential knowledge, and that only in aid of realized knowledge of who I am.

I’ll soon own my own company but I won’t run it. I’ll rely on trusted staff to do that and I’ll keep my hands off as much as possible.

I love solitude and can be overwhelmed easily. For that reason, I prefer one-on-ones.

I’m mission-driven. I’m not looking for a relationship. I hang with the mission-driven.

All of us fulfill a part of what any one person needs by way of companionship. It’s a composite, a mosaic, a tapestry.


But even here we all have our needs. For instance, I don’t want to be doing audio or visual. Others do. That’s fine.

I’ll work with them on their print media and transcripts. They work with others on their audio-visual.

Same with computers, discussion groups, webinars, databases – everyone has their part in it all and we don’t ask anyone to be a jack of all trades.

Linda may do a video (I don’t do videos myself) and hands the transcript off to me; I take excerpts from it, which I put into the First Contact database, and which work their way into books and articles.

Michael said to me the other day there’s a veritable library of information on the site. I agree. And so many ways into it too. (2)

On and on the flow of information goes and gets out to you in many different ways. A word from our sponsor? Now we need you to take that information and keep the flow going.

We all have people we work with on one common issue and others we work with on another. Everyone knows each other; the fluidity of decision-making, harmony of gestures, symphony of partnership is starting to happen; and it’s a marvel to watch.

All of this is going on backstage.

It’s taken dedication and determination on the part of the team to reach this point with each other.  Lots of faith and hanging in with each other.

But we’re approaching readiness for what comes next and I for one am allowing myself a great, big feeling of satisfaction.


(1) The Reval.  John Enright said we don’t need to cower in the face of death. When the avalanche comes, we can shout, “Far out! What a way to go!”

(2) The site’s “search” function. The site’s “Library/Archives.” The four wikis at the foot of the front page (with its separate “search” function). Several additional sites on automation, 9/11, DU, gender persecution, etc. Any number of dictionaries of quotations.