Gabby says, “It is my honor, my joy, my purpose, to conjoin with you to fill you with joy!”


Let’s begin this beautiful day, whether it’s stormy, or cloudy, or sunny, or gray, or whether big blue is out. Let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breath of our beloved Archangel Gabrielle’s gold; the gold of joy, luminescent, sparkly shards, rain, thunder and lightning of gold.

Relax. This is our time together and this is our time to open up our hearts and our beautiful tri-flame and simply receive. So, let’s start by breathing in the soft butter yellow; the quiet smile when you see kids playing in the park, when your cat or dog does something adorable. Breathe in that new spring yellow. And as you do, feel your jaw relax and your shoulders start to untense and come down…bring them down. And feel your neck – where we all hold so much tension – begin to relax and let go. And in that sense of soft yellow relaxation, begin to feel that sense of surrender, that wonderful sense that things are all right in the world, that there is a Divine Plan and Divine Order. And breathe.

Breathe into your solar plexus, into the seat of your hara, into the seat of your will, and into your yellow chakra and feel that expanding as well. Let’s brighten up that yellow into daffodils and daisies and black-eyed Susans and buttercups. And feel that sense of exuberance…this color of yellowy gold…it reminds us and it ignites within us that sense of potential that life and energy and our creative ability is just bursting at the seams.

See the daffodil as Gabrielle’s golden horn shouting out to the entire planet…to the divas and the fairies, the minerals and the trees, the animals and the humans. Listen to the sound of joy, of potential and wonder, and breathe it in. Bring that bright yellow right into your heart, your throat, your toes, your knees, your tummy, and your solar plexus, and feel and discern how it makes you feel energized.

Now, let’s bring it up a notch into Gabrielle’s gold…into the gold of a trombone or a piccolo, to the gold of an old wedding ring or your great-grandmother’s locket. It’s the gold of the Great Central Sun and feel that energy…that brilliant, laser, gentle, brilliant, hard, strong, soft energy…coming down, over, into your crown igniting your pineal, your pituitary, your hypothalamus – let’s light up our brains, that beautiful gridwork. And let’s ignite the inspiration of brilliant ideas, new inventions, new creations, new possibilities…imagine the impossible and it becomes real!

Bring it down into your mouth and taste that gold. Feel that effervescent on your tongue and swallow it…let it fill up your entire areas of communication with this joy, the essence of One, and bring that sparkly energy down into your chest, into your heart, into the corridors and center and seat of your soul. Let it spark away and if there is any essence of ‘I don’t have the right to feel this good’, let the gold dissolve it, let our Lily of Love and our Trumpet of Truth dissolve it.

Bring the strength of that beautiful gold in all its array of colors into your solar plexus as if you have just brought the Great Central Sun into your solar plexus. Put your hands there for a sec and feel that energy and feel that power and let it sink down into your umbilical, into your tummy, your sacral, into your areas of creativity, and even into your root…dancing gold and red fireworks, kundalini energy…let it spark and go down to Gaia and up to you.


Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome my beloved angels of gold, blue and green, magenta and silver. I claim you all as I invite, as we invite, for you to claim me and this entire Council of Love! Let us dance the dance of joy; let us sing the songs of joy; let us giggle the laughter of joy; let us quietly and boisterously embrace each other in joy.

I have pleaded with you to give me ten minutes and beloveds, you are doing an excellent job. Now, I will not take advantage of my request and ask for twenty or thirty, I am so filled with gratitude, golden gratitude, at ten. It is my honor, my joy, my purpose, to conjoin with you to fill you with joy. And yes, it is inseparable from inspiration, action, creativity, rebuilding.

You are on the cusp of bringing into the form that you think of as the material realm and what we think of as the material realm throughout your twelve dimensions, the reality of what joy looks like, what love looks like, what peace looks like. And we know, sweet ones, that there are many instances when you observe…and it is important to be the observer of this chaos…and you observe and you say, “It feels like it is furlongs away…this opportunity to truly anchor in physical form and reality the truth and the dream and the plan of our sacred Mother.”

And persistently and consistently you turn to me, and you turn to the Mother, and you turn to my brother Mi-ka-el and you say, “How are we supposed to do this? And how do we co-create, how do we co-create with the Mother and with you, sweet Gabrielle? How do we co-create with one another?”

Joyous surrender! Joyous action! Joyous inspiration!

Otherwise what you are doing is recreating and calling back the old paradigms of struggle. And you, sweet angel, and we are sick and tired of this human reality, this falsehood of struggle!

When you surrender, you do not surrender to struggle, you do not surrender to disillusionment, or defeat, or loss…you surrender to the Mother, to the Father, to the One, to the Plan, to the unfoldment. But most essentially in the joy, not fool-hearted, but of such ancient wisdom, you are surrendering to yourself. And you are surrendering, yes to the collective, to the collective wisdom, to the collective plan, and yes, to the collective sacrifices – the sacrifices, the martyrdoms, the aberrations that have taken place upon this planet. They do not deserve, and it most certainly has not been written, that you simply surrender in defeat…that would make it all meaningless for all those souls that have endured, including yourselves, and all those souls that have martyred themselves to come home in fulfillment of their plan and the Mother’s Plan.

No, surrender is one of the most powerful actions of endurance. It is not about going into hiding. It is not about hiding your light under a bushel basket. Surrender is, in fact, resurrection! You are surrendering what does not work, and you are surrendering to the Mother’s Plan, and you are putting yourself, literally, in the infinite flow of your plan – even when you do not know and you do not have the full capacity to fully know all the details of your plan within the Plan.

But you are saying, “I am wise enough and I am filled with hope and trust that I can do this.” And this is not just a gesture, this is a powerful act and it is an act, and an inspiration, and a position in a state of being that will defeat because it will eradicate, it will dissolve that which is not of truth. Because that which is simply of chaos, of the old whispers of the ignorant, it cannot survive when you simply turn away and say, “I’m sorry, I’m surrendering to something else. I am giving you the light and love of One, but I am not playing your game! There is another game over here that I am committed to…would you like to come along? I invite you to come along because you are as sacred and as holy as I am. You are one of the Mother’s. Perhaps you have been lost in the forest of confusion, but in surrender to your misguidance, I can help you.”

That is what  you are doing and this is fueled by joy, which I and so many, share with you so freely. You are magnificent. You are angels in form. Oh, you have taken many forms over many millennia, billions of years. You’re angels in form creating a new playground that the Mother has envisioned for all beings to know love in form! And you are doing a magnificent job! Keep going. We are with you. Farewell.