Feel it…it flows the way the blood flows within you…Channeled by Lee Degani.

My, my, my, I am Gabrielle, bringer of joy, bringer of golden joy. And it does my heart good to see the joy that is within you, that is within all of you. Even when you are feeling tired, exhausted, feel you can’t go on, still the joy is within you.

So take a moment and breathe in that joy, my joy. Come on, take a breath. Breathe it in. Do you not see how the trees are rejoicing with you? And the sky and the sun and the moon and the animals and the water? For when you are in a state of joy, you radiate out to all and the All feels your joy as well. And that joy bounces back and forth. It turns into my bubbles of joy! And yes, did you know they can bounce? They certainly can!

So feel them, feel them now, the many balls that you have called forth and let them now come and dance on your arms! Put your arms out. Let them dance up your arms. Let them dance on your shoulders. Let them dance in your neck. Let them come within your being and dance within.

Find the time to tune into these balls of joy each day for they will keep you on the track, the track of where you all belong, beloveds, the track that was always meant to be. The track of joy, of peace, of love, of being filled up with glory, with the beauty, with stretching and expanding and holding your arms to the sky.

Do it now. Hold your hands to the sky and open your palms. And feel as we send even more to you, all of us. Do you feel it? Bring it down now into your being, through your crown chakra. Let it go through every part of your essence. It flows the way the blood flows within you.

Feel the joy of your arms, the joy of your legs, the joy of breathing, the joy of knowing you are serving the One…that you are the One. The joy that we feel, too, when you are in this joy because we are as one as well, beloveds.

So, I kiss you now, each on the crown with my kiss of joy, my golden kiss. Be filled with this joy. Be filled with love. Be filled with the knowingness that you are love.

Goodbye my lovelies. I am not too far away, call on me anytime. I leave you now with this joy as you go about your day. Farewell.

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