It truly is not only a time of birth of the Christ Consciousness, but it is the birth of the Christ Consciousness within you. Archangel Gabrielle

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show with Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love, hosted by Suzanne Maresca, InLight Universal

Universal Mother Mary & Archangel Gabrielle ~ New Grid, New Cycle, New Beginnings…

Greetings, I am Mary.

Suzi: Welcome!

UMM: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you, my sweet angels of light, my beloveds.

And yes, I briefly step before my beloved daughter, Gabrielle, to share this good news with you. We say to you that you have entered a new realm of existence. We say to you that you are at the time of new cycle, of new beginnings, which is glorious news!

I share with you who are the beloved children of my heart how all my children have been so exceptionally busy. Oh, they are never idle, but this has been the time and is the time of fulfilment, and you are being blessed in so many ways.

And this has been a year of enormous expansion – and yes, explosion – and the blessings that you receive and the blessings that you give to one another are monumental!

My beloved son, Mi-ka-el, intensifies his mission of Peace. And it is the mission, both within the depth of your hearts, your cells, your bones, your being and, of course, upon Gaia herself in places of misery and war-torn chaos.

My beloved son, Uriel, has stepped forward as never before in anchoring your Divine Authority, in teaching you to dream with me, in understanding that time is fluid, and you may swim back and forth or simply float on your back and I will carry you.

And Raphael amplifies his Emerald Elixir to heal your hearts, your wounds and your woes, to allow you physically/emotionally/mentally/spiritually to come to that place of peace and fullness – wholeness.

Because what is the fulfilment? It is the full embrace, not only of our connection but of the truth and the might and the wonder of who you are, bright angels, birthed from my core, carrying my essence.

My DNA is your DNA. Do not let science sidetrack you. Your DNA, both mental/physical/spiritual, carries so much more than what you are told. And it is bundled and re-bundled, and it is activated and reactivated, and you are ready to shed those limitations and fly!

And I am going to teach you, I am going to help you remember how to fly – not merely to levitate but to truly fly – with or without wings, it matters not!

And our beloved St. Germaine, he teaches and expands your Violet Flame and our Violet Flame and his Violet Flame, and the essence of the I AM that is available to you.

I could go on and on!

Your Star brothers and sisters continue to share their life force essence, the Porlana C, which has made you more electrical.

And I know Gabrielle will address this because my sweet daughter, Gabrielle, who has come to me and in the gentleness of the lily has said, “Mother, is it time – in the infinity of time – is it time to lay down a new grid?” Not for Gaia but for you, my beloved ones, to unify the shattered pieces of your heart, to expand and fortify and make that heart shine – but not only your heart but your entire being – and to connect and reconnect and to fortify, to polish and to shine the connection between all of you – yes, all 7 billion of you.

And so, dearest Suzanne, when you say you transmit, it is more effortless than ever! And you have the full capacity to influence those that you think are the most resistant, recalcitrant, lost, dark, it matters not, because you are transmitting upon this grid. And it does not skip every other person. It is a continual flow of energy and it returns to you, bright and shiny and gorgeous.

So it is as if you have your own generator system within your sacred self. And then you have the global generator system. And that global generator system is completely affiliated and connected to the universal generator system, which includes all of your Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies and many of the various command ships.

It truly is giving you a new meaning of what it means to be One – one unified heart, unity grid, unity consciousness. And that consciousness is nothing more complex than the sharing of heart and the sharing of love, and it begins and ends with your beautiful sacred self.

So I have turned to Gabrielle and I have said, “Yes!” And I have said yes to so much more – and no, I do not spoil surprises because I want you to discover what’s under that Christmas tree!

I want you to experience the birth and rebirth that comes at this time of Hanukkah and Solstice and Christmas and Kwanzaa, and so much more – a bright new beginning of a bright New Year!

So I am with you. I am with you, not as distant deity but as loving Mother, and everything is in place for this celebration of life, for this celebration of love – and for this celebration, sweet ones, of each of you.

So I step aside for my daughter, but I give you my love.

Suzi: Thanks Mom!

UMM: You are welcome, sweetheart. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Archangel Gabrielle:

Greetings, I am Gabrielle.

Suzi: Welcome!

AAG: Welcome to you. I am Archangel of Love, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Bringer of Joy. And yes, of course, I have been given the honour, for one of my tasks, my jobs, my mission, my purpose is the polishing, the renewal, the maintenance of Golden Grids. “Maintenance” to so many of you sounds task-oriented and a little boring, and yet it is absolutely so far from the truth.

Long ago, years ago, I have laid down a beautiful new grid for my sister, Gi’Anna, and I have polished it and I have kept it radiant and glistening – yes, even when there have been fires, hurricanes, droughts, war, bombs, starvation. Gaia, anchored in the 7th dimension, is in her radiant glory.

Have many physical, what you think of as geophysical events been happening upon this beloved planet? Most certainly. And many of these incidents have been triggered to bring forth not only the clearing and the cleansing of what had needed to be eliminated, but also to bring forth kindness and compassion, mutuality, comfort, nurturing, generosity – gratitude for being alive!

Because that basic gratitude for being alive, for having your loved one still alive, is so often overlooked and forgotten in what you think of and what often is daily struggle, whether it is physical, disease-based, financial, emotional.

So I do not deny that there has been ample struggle. And often I have thought to myself and discussed it with my brothers and sisters and mother: “What can I do?” You see, my process is no different than yours! So I have thought: “What can I do?”

Now, each of you – in form and out of form, but let us talk about in form – when you have been birthed with what we term your “Golden Grid” – think of it as an electromagnetic system to conduct the energy of love, of joy, of remembrance within you – so that energy that is within you, that you think of as simply an electromagnetic system, a conduit system, is generated with love directly from Source into you.

That is what your real life force is. And when you work with life force energy and what you think of as kundalini energy, it allows that to be more vibrant or exuberant.

But also, what happens – and particularly because of the old grid of humanity which we have discussed in our last visit, which has been replaced with the new grid of humanity – but that old grid which most of you have lived with your entire life of lack and limitation, of loss, of death, destruction, disease, hatred, greed, abuse… you know the list!… that sullied your grid.

And it got further sullied, tarnished, gritty with every hurt, whether it was a beating or an abuse or a cross word from a mother or father or sibling or the kid at school, or as you grew up from a husband or a work colleague.

Your grid became very leaden, like rusted iron, and you have endured, and you have worked with your grid to which I say, “Congratulations and the deepest, deepest thank-you.” But you had found that conducting the energy at times became so difficult that you felt that you were literally pushing that boulder up the hill. But you have endured.

Now many of you, in order to cleanse your grid – and you have done much cleansing, particularly of the individual and collective core issues – but you have done much cleansing. And some of you felt the need almost to remove yourself from mainstream society, because the energy was of such a dark density that it just added to that burden of trying to conduct the energy within and around your beautiful self.

Now, I have always known that there would be a renewed grid. And many times, sweet ones, both Mi-ka-el and I have come to you to cleanse your existing or pre-existing condition of the tarnished grid. So do not think we have been in absentia! We have been far from it.

But still, I have looked at you and because I love you so much, I have thought: “What can I do?” Knowing of the time, the completion of 12:12, I have gone to the Mother and said, “Now? Now can I do it?” And She has nodded her head and gently smiled and said, “Yes, go ahead!”

And that is exactly what I have done. I am not coming here making this announcement or explaining further because I want your gratitude – although it is [chuckles] deeply welcomed! I am doing it so that you, in your conscious self, know what has occurred. I’m only the delivery agent! The gift is directly from the heart of Mother/Father/One.

It is not that simply I have shined-up your old grid, removing the tarnish and debris, the grit, the residual. It is not that there has simply been an overlay. There has been an instantaneous transubstantiation replacement of your grid – of your human grid and the grid of all beings.

Yes, some are already inviting tarnishment and debris, but that isn’t you! And it is interconnected, and you are bright and brilliant and shiny. So many of you are saying, “I’m feeling different. Maybe it is the Solstice, maybe it is the shift, maybe it is ascension, maybe it is the heart opening.” It is all of these things – and so much more!

But you have, literally, the power. Now think of this. Even with the download of Porlana C from your Star Beings, even with the Tsunami of Love, even with the Tsunami of One from the Masters and our group – it was sluggish upon the old grid.

And there were parts of you, particularly with the Porlana C and with the upgrades of the Violet Flame, that almost felt like you were short-circuiting – that the energy was of such a nature, particularly with the blips in your system, that you felt that you were short-circuiting and couldn’t quite get the current flowing as well as you would like to.

The energy of the Porlana C, the energy of the Ascended Beings, the energy of you, beloved ones, and your Star family is of a greater magnitude of what you think of as electrical input. There is a diminishment of what you think of as magnetic input.

Now, there is enough magnitude and magnetic input that you keep your feet solidly on the ground, because this whole Plan is for you [chuckles] to remain in form upon sweet Gaia, enjoying the beauty, diversity and bounty that is here.

But now your new grid allows you to run this electrical life force, love force energy – this unified heart grid – at a speed that is truly at the speed of love!

And you are glowing! You are brilliant! And you are with us!

So that is the gift and the further discussion that I wanted to share with you.

Dearest Suzanne, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, well, absolutely I will send our gratitude on behalf of all of humanity for the work that you and our galactic friends do for us in our ascension process. It is really greatly appreciated. Do I have any questions? No. I’m sure that you have more to say though.

I’m just wondering… Okay, so the Mother says, “Go ahead,” and so you’ve come to say the human grid is here and that we can now do amazing things. Could you say more about how to practice that and start… I mean, just use our imaginations? I’m just wondering what more I could do than I’m already doing? That would be my question.

AAG: I would be glad to talk about this.

Suzi: Fabulous!

AAG: Now, what you think of as imagination – and that is a wonderful quality, not one that we want to cancel out – but most of what you imagine is in fact inspiration and full potential and possibility. So using what you call your ‘imagination’ or your ‘inspiration’ is a perfect place to start.

Now, as we have said, this is a three-dimensional, multidimensional grid. And we use that term “three-dimensional” because you know then it is in physicality, but it also – just to make it even more complex – is fully hooked-up, engineered, for your multidimensional, interdimensional self.

So this grid is also connected to your human realm of existence of 12 dimensions, and within that, 12 planes in each dimension. That is one of the parts of 12:12 and also the 144.

But let us be practical. How does this actually benefit you?

So often – and what was so troubling to me – was that you would feel that you were working on a project or your heart’s desire, and it literally felt like pushing that proverbial boulder up the hill or trying to push against the rapids up the river. It didn’t stop you, but it felt sluggish… and that is a kind word.

What you will do now, what I would suggest – strongly suggest! – to each of you, my beloveds: take the thing – and I call it a “thing”, a project that you are working on – into your heart, into your tri-flame, which of course is completely unified into your grid. Hold it. If you want to visualise it, hold it in the part of your tri-flame that is your pink diamond because that is you, that is your essence regardless of what ray you travel upon.

This can be anything. This can be money for a new car. This can be your perfect sacred partner. This can be wellness and the elimination of disease. Take this… and you note that we have mentioned the change in terminology from “expansion” to “explosion”.

So there are two ways that you can do this. You can either send it out on your grid… Now, for example, if you are thinking: “I want my perfect sacred partner,” when you are holding it in your heart, when you are holding it in your magnificent pink diamond, go deeper and simply sense: “Which way upon my huge current in my grid do I want to send this?”

Now, for some of you, you may want to send it throughout your grid so that every part of your grid is aware – and that happens very rapidly – of this desire and this project that you are working on. Then you decide, in your grid, in your expanded grid – think of this as an infinite net: “Where do I want to send this?”

Sometimes you will send it out to your right, to your left, perhaps out of your feet. But send it out so that in the circulation, in the running of the current around the planet, sitting upon Gaia’s golden grid, in the circulation of that desire, you are picking up what you want – this is basic creation – and bringing it back again because it is moving it… By the way, it moves in a clockwise motion.

So it is circulating the planet and bringing back into you what you want. And you will feel it return to you. And then it will bring you, in physicality as well, what you want.

And you may do this once, you may do it several times. But the key to this is: do not do it a million times! Because when you do it a million times, what you are really declaring is: “I don’t believe in the unified grid, I do not believe in my power, and I do not believe that I am really worthy and am actually going to get my perfect partner.” So do it several times, but don’t do it a million times!

Do you understand that part of what I am saying?

Suzi: Yes. Yes, indeed I do.

AAG: All right. Now there is also a second way to do it. Again, you bring it to your beautiful tri-flame, your pink diamond self, and throughout your own personal grid – which is bright and shining by the way, dearest Suzanne – and then what you can do, because this is the energy that we work with: implosion-explosion. See it as if you are imploding that project, that heart’s desire.

And so, rather than sending a singular current around the planet, it is literally exploding like the 4th of July or a dandelion seed – and it is going everywhere!

Suzi: Wow! That sounds very exciting actually! [Laughter]

AAG: It is a lot more fun! And so you allow it to implode going into your own grid, explode out to the entire multiverse, gathering what it needs, what it needs to do, what it wants to do – because you aren’t trying to control it. You are saying, “I am that powerful that I can explode it. I am that worthy that I can explode it and it will simply then fall back down through the ethers, into physicality, and be there right in front of me!”

Suzi: Ooh, I like it. That’s pretty juicy! And – this particular time around the solstice seems to be an extra powerful time for us to be able to do that, right?

AAG: It is absolutely because you are also having, shall we call it, “alignment energies” – and yes, alignment not only with us but with the Great Central Sun and many planetary systems. So yes, it is very powerful.

But I do not wish to in any way infer that if you do not do your big project – or even your little project, even if it is to lose 2lbs – if you do not do it during this solstice energy, do not despair because in your new state of being – which is right now! – you are transcending all of those what you’ve thought of as previous struggles or difficulties.

It truly is not only a time of birth of the Christ Consciousness, but it is the birth of the Christ Consciousness within you.

Suzi: Yes, yes indeed. I mean, I feel it and it will be really wonderful when we can really see it in the world around us, and then more. Well, I mean, it’s happening but right now the dissolution just seems to be chaotic.

AAG: Yes, it is very chaotic but do not forget: you are the birthers! Yes, I know that many refer to you, including myself, as the “Implementation Team” but think of it: you are the midwives! So while the chaos is diminishing and disappearing, and certainly making its ugly face clearly seen, what you are doing is birthing the new.

So each of you in this magnificent circle around the globe in physical form: start the birthing right now! Birth everything that you have ever thought of and let it start appearing, tangible, in form, right now!

Suzi: All right. And the project can be large or small, for yourself or food for the entire planet, healthy food…

AAG: I would suggest you do both, because you can play this game: one for me, one for the collective; one for me, one for the collective; one for my daughter, one for the collective. [Laughter] Play with it!

Suzi: Yes, that’s wonderful. Thank you so much.

AAG: It is my joy! You are so cherished. Too often I am simply seen as an administrator, the messenger – the joyous messenger, of course! But when I get a chance to do something like this, and even more joyously to share it with each and every one of you from my golden heart to your precious heart, I am in bliss, sweet one! So I thank you for this opportunity.

Suzi: Oh, you are most welcome, and I thank you as well.

AAG: Go with my love – and go with my golden dandelion seeds! [Laughter] Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon