As soon as you choose the joy, it expands, it explodes. It is contagious! And people, situations, circumstances – and blessings, as you would think of it – will flow to you.

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 10:58 to 16:30]

Archangel Gabrielle: Choose Joy!

Greetings, I am Gabrielle.

Suzi: Welcome.

AAG: And welcome to you, beloved angel of light. I come to you as Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. And yes, I come to speak of the rekindling, the building, rebuilding, reignition of joy!

Yes, there is much chaos, upheaval, and turmoil upon your planet as that which has been hidden comes to the surface. You have an expression that things are being cleaned right down to the bone and that is exactly what is transpiring, sweet angels. Do not become submerged, entangled, or enmeshed in what you have already cleansed and cleared.

Yes, be the participant-observer. Be the observer that participates by sending the joy, whether it is streamers of joy, flecks of joy, effervescent joy, bubbles of joy, or rain of gold. I have given you many, many gifts pertaining to joy, and this day I reignite them all!

You are not, sweet angels of light, you are not on a fool’s mission. You are wiser, smarter, more practical, and more brilliant than to fall for these ridiculous notions that somehow you have been misled, forgotten, abandoned.

First of all, it is not possible – and we live, as do you, in a universe, a multiverse, an omniverse of eternal, infinite possibilities. So when I say to thee, “It is not possible for us to abandon or forget you,” then where, in what reality, could these feelings of disappointment or despair or tension – where could they come from? Because I suggest to you – no, I simply flat out tell you, sweet ones: “It does not come from us,” because that is not of love and it most certainly is not of truth.

We made our decision, our choice, our freewill choice to support, to guide, to nourish, to support, to point the way, and then to co-create with you. We made that decision eons ago, but we also make it – if you want to have it in your time and space – we make that decision and that choice every single day, every single moment of existence. We make it in a variety of ways, but the overarching reality is we choose joy. And you are part of that joy!

And that is what we wish to share with you – yes, to bestow upon you. But also, as you have moved, shall we say, spiritually, materially, evolved, grown-up, matured – there are many names for it – and we have moved from the position of just guardians to the position of truly being in sacred partnership, of co-creating Nova Earth and Nova Being and Nova Reality with you – and that has given us, fuelled our joy, our enthusiasm, our excitement.

Think of it for those of you who are parents. There is that singular moment when your beloved baby becomes independent, and it is not and never that the tie of love is broken. But there is that moment of joy when you realise – whether it is because they are taking their first steps or having their own first child – that they have reached the fulfilment of finding their joy and that ignites you. That is what we feel as well. That is what we share as well. Because it is infinite and eternal and powerful.

How could we not gaze at the Mother, gaze at each other, gaze at the magnificent creation of the galaxies beyond number – and how could we not look in your face, your eyes, your heart – and not feel outrageous joy, outrageous love, for joy and love are inseparable?

So often, my beloved ones, you turn to me and say, “Gabrielle, how do I rekindle joy? How do I find my joy? Where do I find my joy?”

It is in perfect accordance, dear hearts, with Universal Law. It is within thee and it is outside of thee – within and without, above and below, balance, balance, balance. But that is not really sufficient in terms of guidance to tell you how, why, where, when, and who.

Well, the “who” is simple. It is finding the joy of who you are – of not merely accepting or quasi-accepting the beauty, the might, the brilliance, the magnificence of who you are. You are way too timid, child, in this regard!

What I am suggesting is the hearty embrace of the magnitude of who you are. Yes, it is vitally important. It is one of your starting points to know the truth of who you are. It does not need to be shared far and wide, only as you choose. Do not simply look for titles: I am a healer, a teacher, a channel. I invite you, I guide you, I hold your hand – and I might even nudge you along – to say, “Look deeper and see who you are.”

You are not this or that or marginally defined. You are mighty angels in form. You are the strongest of the strong and the gentlest of the gentle. You are the Warriors of Truth and the Implementers of the Mother’s Plan. This is not a small existence. You have need, we have need, for you to look at this, at the breadth of who you are, in and out of form, and to embrace it – not just acceptance, not just surrender, but to truly, heartily, actively embrace it.

And why do we guide and ask and plead and beg for you to do this? Because, child, that is the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan. That is the fulfilment of you within that Plan. And what is the key? The key is joy! To look at yourself, to embrace yourself, and to be completely overwhelmed and awed to the point where you feel like you are rolling on the floor laughing, flying across the heavens, filled with that sense of wonder and awe and amazement – and sparkling joy!

Feel my golden joy as the softest rain upon your face, upon your arms, upon your skin, and let it sink in. Every moment of existence is filled with choice, with that free will. And when you feel yourself slightly toning down or becoming less than filled with enthusiasm, turn to me, child, and choose the joy – whether it is as the radiant sunshine or the gentle rain. Choose the joy!

Now there has a great deal of upheaval upon your planet with hurricanes and shootings and wildfires and war. None of that is what you choose. And when you feel that you are becoming entangled in that, stop! Just simply stop! In the same way you would give time out to a child, give time out to your sacred self and say, “What do I choose? Do I choose to believe and engage in the mayhem? Or do I choose joy?”

As soon as you choose the joy, it expands, it explodes. It is contagious! And people, situations, circumstances – and blessings, as you would think of it – will flow to you.

But when you are in angst or pain – and we mean emotional/spiritual pain – when you are in doubt or hesitation of the deepest soul kind, then what you are doing, beloved, is halting the joy. You are saying, “In this moment I choose to be miserable,” which of course is not of truth – and it most certainly is not of the truth of who you are as our beloved sacred partners.

When we speak of Nova Earth and Nova Being and Golden Ages, there is no doubt or hesitation. Now, that does not mean, child, that there is not enormous discernment, adjustment, flexibility, the learning and re-learning – yes, and certainly of Saedor – but also discernment of how to approach what will be challenging situations.

When we say to you that you are the ‘joy leaders’, that you are the ‘joy pathfinders’, think of what we say. We are not suggesting that those who follow you – for you are breaking ground, you are forging the new way – and those who are lost and who have been stuck in that quagmire of doubt and hesitation and guilt and shame and blame, they don’t follow you because you say, “Well, come on over here. It’s really hard and it’s frustrating and disappointing.” No. They come to you because you show the radiance of joy and peace.

You say to me right now, “Gabrielle, I wish to know the joy. I wish to choose the joy but I am not feeling it in my heart.” Well, right now, dearest heart, I will rekindle this within you. I will light that ember and let it become a blazing bonfire that will warm you and that will draw others to join you.

The change is not led by those who are in positions of false authority. It is not led through despair or dismay. It is led through love and joy and peace, with an acknowledgement of need. Need is not something that is simply amorphous. There are certain needs that one has, and while you have, as human beings and collective, been preoccupied with food and shelter and the very basics, what we consider your needs to be is so much bigger, broader, higher, for those are only the necessities of remaining alive.

In our sacred partnership, we wish to give you so much more. We wish to share with you because we are in this co-creation together.

Dearest Suzanne, where do you wish to begin this day?

Suzi: Oh, by saying hello and thank you for joining us. This is a wonderful and timely discussion and I agree completely. It’s time for us to really embrace who we are but it takes practice. There’s no manual here, so our connection to inner guidance is really vital. And that we use our intentions and imaginations so that we can do things like bless and heal with a simple thought. Is that the kind of thing we’re embracing here? Or just that we all have different superpowers that we just have to intuit?

AAG: Well, there is a manual, there are several manuals! And for those of you who are inclined that way, then pick up many of the “manuals” as we would call them if you wish to have a human direction or discussion.

But the manuals by themselves will not do the trick. So you are absolutely correct, child, in that the manuals are to assist you in that discovery of who you are and the joy that lies within your very physical/spiritual/etheric/causal DNA. So it is the melding of the truths that have been shared by past and current sages, by channels, by teachers, by healers.

But by themselves, they will never do the trick of ignition because you have to – and there are very few have-to’s – you have to say, “Yes!” You have to say, “I choose,” and we do not necessarily mean out loud. But it has need to be part of your daily practice and constitution, your pathway.

So often we see where a human being will say, “I believe in all of this. I choose to walk a sacred path,” and they never give us 10 minutes to co-create with them! We never are given that freewill choice to turn up the flame, as it were. And we will not override you.

Now, when I say “spiritual and mental”, I use this because for those who are in physical, terrible physical pain, too often there is blame and shame and self-judgment and limitation – limitation in a very real sense – and it is hard when you are in the throes of agony to say, “I choose joy.” But, beloved ones, for those of you who are in the throes of agony, it is the only choice. It is the only relief because in that you are saying, “I accept the healing however and from wherever it comes. My choice, my decision, is joy.” And that will assist you in the relinquishing of your physical/mental/emotional/spiritual pain, including – and we emphasise – the physical.

Now, some of you are in another area of agony of thinking, “I do not have the basics, the wherewithal, the money for the rent, the food, etc. so how can I choose joy?” And again, we say to you, “How can you not choose joy?” Because otherwise, you are simply co-creating at a very low level that which does not give you what you are yearning for and that is your birthright, your entitlement.

So when you choose joy, you are saying, “This is a temporary thing. I am entering into my sacred union partnership with the Company of Heaven, with the Council of Love, with Archangel Gabrielle herself, and we are creating something new and different.”

Suzi: Yes. So you are saying that how we feel about and respond to an event is far more important than the event itself, and this is an ongoing frequency event.

AAG: That is correct. And it is an ongoing frequency adjustment and attunement. Do not think that the Mother’s Tsunami and the many gifts that have come from the various tsunamis have gone away. They have not. But this is a frequency attunement that is engaging, fully involving your free choice, your free will. And that is why we are rekindling the joy and reminding you: “That is a choice!”

And it is a choice that requires, as you have brought up, time and space in your reality. If you never speak to us, if you never give us an opening, then how are we co-creating?

Suzi: Well, I was just thinking about that. Asking for help can be really simple, as in just speaking the words or having the thought: “Please join me as I do my activities today. I would love to have your participation.” It can be that simple, no?

AAG: It is that simple! So often… and this is particularly a – well, I was going to say “shortcoming” but I will not say that [laughing] – I have miscomprehension; incomprehensible most certainly, that the human beings think that that joy and the sacred nature of an undertaking is only in the doing of sacred things: of going to prayer or praise or communion or meditation or circle. It is not. It is in everything – every thing you do!

And it is from the simplest of opening your eyes in the morning and saying, “I am so joyful. I woke up to making food to sharing a story with a friend or a stranger.” All of these things are sacred undertakings and all of them are fuel – massive tinder – for your joy. And when you simply whisper or when you scream ”Help!” everything is heard and everything is acted upon.

Suzi: Okay. I have this question about the current state of events and our attention. So where we put our attention is very important. I’m just wondering about the advisement of signing petitions to government and all that sort of thing when the government is doing so many things that feel irrelevant to me. So, are we to just release our thoughts about what our government is doing? Because I’ve got to tell you, the man in the White House is like an incendiary device, just generating negative human emotion and distracting people. Do we just not pay attention to anything that he’s doing? Because that’s my way, but maybe that’s not the right way? I’m not sure.

AAG: There are many ways. If you sign a petition, write it in gold or violet. It does not matter whether it is in the air or electronics or with pen and ink. And when you are doing so, does it give you that sense of empowerment, of joy “that I am doing what I am here to do, that this is part of me claiming my Divine Authority and power” which will give you joy?

For some, it is in alignment. They have come to shift the political scenarios, the political reality, and the social reality. There are those that fully engage in healing and healthcare or education – that is their mission. But when you approach the mission with the full embrace – that hearty embrace of who you really are – then you are bringing the full forcefield of who you are to that signature.

And you are not engaging in the negativity. You are saying, “No. This is not what I choose. I choose a sacred path of unity and consideration and kindness and cooperation.” These are the things that you are putting into and sending off to. Whether it is Washington or Iraq, it matters not.

But if it is not your way, then do not do it. If it feels like a burden and you are feeling downtrodden and thinking, “Well, I guess I should do this. I’d better do this. It’s the right thing to do,” and you drudge, drudge, drudge. No! Then it is not your role. Put your energies elsewhere.

Suzi: Well, this is perfect because in thinking about it, I want to put my energies into love and marrying people, and that’s where my joy is going to be. So I’m so excited about it! [Laughing]

AAG: And every time you do the joyful act, one that is infused with the love and enthusiasm – and action because joy is not merely passive within – it is love in action. And so, when you do that, what you are also doing is anchoring more fully in physicality the template of joy.

And let us suggest to you, let us again – let me simply tell you, child, that joy is far more powerful than pain and suffering. And that has been the human paradigm at the moment: chaos, pain, suffering.

Suzi: It’s like we’re addicted to it. It’s like we don’t know anything else and that’s the comfort zone for us. “We know how to do this!”

AAG: And what is happening is that that addiction is being fed mightily. All addiction is addiction to pain. Turn away! Go within and see who you are, and then act in joyous ways that are reflective and in alignment with that truth of who you are. You are not mayhem, murderers, liars, and cheats. You are mighty angels!

Suzi: And we really are free of all this and we just have to see it.

AAG: That is correct.

Suzi: And join together in the seeing of that we are free of this and it really is irrelevant to us.

AAG: And you are over on that pathway that we have spoken to you of so many times: that you are on the alternative pathway and you are showing others and they are observing you. Whether you are conscious of it or not, that alternative pathway is being observed.

So, when you practice what gives you joy, what expresses your joy, what you are saying, what you are demonstrating, teaching, patterning is that it is possible that there is an alternative way to live interdimensionally but physically as well, and it embodies a spirit that has no room for the pain and suffering.

It is not that you are ignoring it. It is that you are transmuting, transforming, and healing it.

Suzi: Yes. And I’m not sure how to ask this next question but I’m sure you’ll pick up on my meaning. You know, lightworkers, we were tired two years ago and I think some encouragement in terms of maybe this year, by the end of this year, we will see some major changes. I mean, we’ve been seeing changes all over the place but honestly, people are struggling. I hear it in the [GAoG] inbox.

AAG: And when you choose, when you hear the joy and feel the joy, then that is the encouragement. Now, we have told you, the Mother herself has told you – She does not err – this is Her time of fulfilment. Now, has it been elongated due to human interference or resistance? Yes. But that does not mean that this is not the time of fulfilment.

So yes, take it back and run with it! Play with it! Frolic with it! And allow it to come forth.

Suzi: Yes. It’s the relaxing part. Be in the moment, don’t think too much – those are serving me very well – and the trust and the faith. It is serving me very well and I would like to infuse everyone with that, honestly – because I don’t know how else you could possibly be happy or have peace.

AAG: You can’t be. And that joy comes, yes, from our promises, our support, our sacred partnership. But it comes from knowing and accepting and embracing who you are, what you are here for, and that there is no such thing as defeat. It is not a choice.

Suzi: Right. It’s not a choice, exactly. So we’re in it for the long haul. We are steadfast and will just do whatever needs to be done.

AAG: You have – and you are – and you will. And we are with you to do this.

Suzi: Yes, you are!

AAG: Go with my love. Farewell.

Suzi: Thank you so much. Farewell.