When I have previously been guided to facilitate the Core Issues Webinar Series, it has been due to the Divine Mother’s direct guidance. This time it has been the entire Council of Love, with Archangel Gabrielle agreeing with me regarding the intensity of this undertaking: “Yes child, it’s a cross between a root canal and a complete Hollywood make-over all at the same time”. Not exactly stellar encouragement on what I already know is a deep pivotal soul process, although I would jump at a make-over. And I think you would too…

We are in the renewal of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love as of June 2017, topped off by Her intensification of that cleansing and renewal energy in Mid-August. Our free Divine will and the full donning of our mantles of Divine Authority are being activated with an intensity that often leaves us almost uncomfortable in our own skin at times.

This situation led me to ask the Mother why if this Tsunami energy of such magnitude, gifting us with clarity, purity and grace is flooding the planet, why is a further Core Issues class necessary?

Mother Mary, the Divine Mothers calm sweet answer filled with such strength and insistence is: “humans, Gaians, need help in processing on the physical plane. Humans, those lost and stuck in the quagmire of their own beliefs about themselves need a helping hand, human support and nurturing They need reassurance that they do not walk alone, and they are seen, valued and loved for the totality of who they are – not just the face they present in public, but every corner of their dark being. It is a time, dearhearts, when the sacred partnership between human and divine are conjoining in this sacred undertaking of freedom – of the ascension process that opens the door to full ascension. The elimination of the very fiber of core issues has no place upon Nova Earth or within Nova Being.”

The impact of the Core issues work struck me deeply in preparing this article. The original outline of the Core Issues course, including what would be the intensity of the work and material was downloaded very rapidly in 2015. The initiation was Mother Mary appearing by my bedside gently awakening me and asking for 1,000 participants. Before I even had a chance to panic (read hide) She over-rode me and said, “All right, what about a million?” What Her comment did to me was to raise front and center the issue of self-worth and deservingness. During that period in 2015 I wrote about this extensively, particularly for the private in-class daily Forum. In going back and reviewing those notes for this article I realized not only had I released that core issue – I didn’t even remember it! Now that’s effective!

Writing to you today I realize that my reaction and enthusiasm for facilitating the Core Issues Webinar Series is more deeply embedded and exciting than ever before. I fully understand now why the Mother was asking for a million participants because the speed at which the shift and fulfillment of the Mother’s dream is occurring requires all of us to get on board. We can’t carry this burden of core issues forward – they need to be gone.

We deserve to be free.

If you feel that you don’t have any core issues that need purging, that you are in perfect balance, I encourage you to dig a little deeper. Go deeper into your heart and check, check, double-check. If the answer or knowing that comes back is yes, and, you’re up for a purging the intensity and the freedom of which is phenomenal, then please please come join me and a wonderful support team for the Core Issues series.

The Council has gifted us with a sure-fire process for liberation from the shackles of less than. A process to free us from shame, blame, guilt, fault, lack and limitation. It is a golden invitation etched with blue diamonds to come and claim your freedom, your free will, your power of creation and most importantly the knowing of your unique value and self-worth.

I’m really hoping and praying you say Yes!