Any abuse is unacceptable because it is not only not the truth of the Mother/Father/One, it is not the truth of who humans are…it is not the truth.

Hour with an Angel

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: …we are welcoming Archangel Gabriel today who, I hope, will give us an update on the state of emergent gender equality in the world, how we’ve done since the last time we spoken to her, how the energies are affecting us, so with that I will welcome in the Administrator of the Universes, Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel: Greetings, I am Gabriel, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One…Messenger of One. I am honored, pleased, delighted that you invite me this day, but as Messenger, let me suggest to each and every one of your brilliant star souls, your angelic self, your universal self, your higher self, your eternal self…beloveds, you are in the throes of ascension. You are already in, deeply engaged and spiritually matured, in this process not only of fulfilling your missions and purposes but fulfilling the Dream of the Mother to come forth, to be the implementers of her Plan, to anchor and re-anchor and practice and shift into the love. That is ascension.

Yes, we know, we talk about love ad nauseam, but it is our favorite topic. Let me reassure you, yes, you are like the unfoldment of something between a good novel and a spy thriller. And will there be new chapters, next chapters, more unfoldment? Yes. But you will be in the fulfillment of what you are bringing forth, creating Nova Earth in these future years. But you are preparing for the Shift and the immediacy of this Shift right now and I mean right now in your terms and the Mother’s terms.

Now, let us turn to this topic. Do you note that I speak as Gabriel/Gabrielle, and that I choose…yes, of course there is a choice…but amongst the Mighty Ones, I choose and I present, as the Mother’s Central Administrator, to speak to you in what you can think of as the feminine, holding, presenting, sharing the energy of the Divine Feminine – never and not to the exclusion of the Divine Masculine. But if you think of it, even in the context of our lovely discussion this day which is very difficult, the power, the grace, yes, the purity and clarity, comes forth from the feminine and it is the rebalancing, the reanchoring of all of these discordant, abhorrent energies that we discuss this day.

Now, I speak to you, yes, in ways you know and understand. The prelude to the discussion of gender inequality refers back to and is founded upon, yes, those old demons…false grids, false paradigms, illusions, and might we call it delusions. That abuse of authority, control, lack, limitation, the usurping of power in the human realm…because it is not divine…and it all, of course, refers back to the feeling of supremacy, which is in truth based in the lack of peace, the lack of love, and the lack of self-worth, the lack of any kind of feelings of self-sufficiency.

The desire…think of what I say and yes, this is very dark…but it is the desire to harm, to destroy in the most negative of senses, to control, not in ways that are simply egoic assertions at a moment in time, but consistently and profoundly. This is a very strong example of what went wrong with the human race.

The fear and the anger that covers that fear of men…and we use it in that term…of humans, but particularly of the male gender not just defined by sexual organs…the fear that men have of women, of the deep rooted, societal, cultural, institutional, unconscious fear of that power has resulted in separation, all the things that I have referred to, and then the result of those states of being, far beyond even recalcitrants, results in these various abuses.

And let me be clear, there is no such thing as mild abuse. Yes, there is anathema in many countries and in many practices in the name of society or religion or power, but any abuse is unacceptable because it is not only not the truth of the Mother/Father/One, it is not the truth of who humans are…it is not the truth.

Now, we have just spoken of what comes to completion over this span of right now to 2025, in fact 2024…it is malleable. This is a challenge because even in the practices that we are going to discuss, there are still those, shall we say, in the mix of humanity that will choose to go through and who are obviously right now being penetrated by the Mother’s Tsunami and all the other energies that are being sent to the planet, they will choose ascension, they will not choose to depart. But in terms of integration, in terms of re-education, in terms of remedy, there is a great deal of work to be done and not only on the perpetrator’s side but on the victim’s side as well. Yes, we do call them victims, not to demean or belittle in any way, but when you have been enslaved then there is a need for this rewiring, this reworking, both internally of course, but also externally in the structures and the attitudes and in the provisions that, in fact, support that transition that allow you the latitude and the courage to feel that you have the right to move forward in safety and security…very basics.

Now, some of the things that we will discuss are global of course and I am not suggesting, sweet angels, that what works in Vancouver will work in Equatorial Africa but there is an approach that we will talk about.

Where do you wish to begin, dear heart?

SB: I don’t want to steer you off in a direction that would be less valuable than the direction you are laying out, Archangel Gabrielle. How about talking to us about the…first of all, when we venture into this area lightworkers fall into two camps: One is that we need to look at what’s out in the world and put it back in and the other is no, we should be concentrating on remaining positive. How can one venture into this area without straying from being positive because the atrocities in this area I don’t think many people in the world are aware of some of them?

AAG: Most people and many people within the light-bearer community are not aware of the level of abuse – murder, mutilation, rape, pillaging, it goes on and on – they are not aware. But let us discuss this fundamental question about where do you position yourself.

Now, first of all, I wish to commend all of you this night. Yes, on behalf of the Mother and myself. Note what I say in my titles: Lily of Love, gentle and soft, Trumpet of Truth, heart and clarion call, the sound of freedom of the Mother/Father/One that sounds throughout the universe…it is not an either/or, it is both. Each of you have missions and purposes, contracts, however you frame this, that are unique to you.

Now, we are talking about this transition period and one of the ways you do this is you start off small so that you know what you’re doing in the practical sense…because I can be a very practical archangel…we all can. But think of it…we have been suggesting, guiding, hoping, that you are creating this alternative path, this alternative path of love that is so attractive, so beautiful, filled with grace and ease that everybody wants to join you. And we have talked of this, that you are walking by the beautiful stream, that you have the pristine waterfalls and the perfect views and there is lushness and there is food to eat and clean water to drink…it is that basic. And then in the wilderness there are these other beings that are on an alternative path to that and the analogy that we have said is that many have been lost in the wilderness. Now many are cutting through the woods to your side to find your path and to join you.

But your question speaks to the people who may hear your laughter, may hear your song, may smell the sweetness of your journey and they turn around to start proceeding over towards you and they get caught in the swamp and it’s quicksand or it is pitch black and they have no sense of which way to turn. And they are angry, and they are fed up, and they are frightened, and they really don’t know how to proceed because their internal programs have been such that they go to their default which is to abuse somebody else, blame somebody else, find fault, shame them and hopefully feel good about themselves…they’re still in the quicksand.

So, what do you do? Some of you will venture back and pull them out of the quicksand. You will bring a torch, perhaps my brother Uriel’s Silver Flame, and you will show them the way. Now, is that simplistic? Yes. For very complex problems? Yes.

Now, when you do this, those who are on the alternative path aren’t seeing or holding the vision of shame on them; let’s leave them out there to suffer and die; let’s punish them for their misdeeds, their heinous crimes. That is not what the alternative path says, for you are anchored in love and you are anchored in the awareness of, in truth, how painful that path, those practices really are – they are soul destroying.

So, you hold the vision of the positive…and this is not Pollyanna…this is being in truth and of enormous, enormous service to the Mother and Father/One because you are that beacon of light. You are that lighthouse in the middle of darkness, in the middle of this transition. Now, those of you who venture back to assist those who, quite literally, have lost their way and have done what they deem, in their quiet moments, unforgivable things.

Do you approach them and stand on the edge of the path and say, “You’re in quicksand. Stay there, you deserve to die. I’m just here to watch you and make sure you don’t make it.” No. No, because that is not of love and you are fully cognizant even if the individual who has committed the heinous crimes isn’t. You know they are in pain; you know that they are in a world, a universe, of hurt and that they need help, might I say, more than anybody because they are in a place of fragmentation. On the one hand, we would suggest on a subconscious or even unconscious level, they’ve decided to stay and they’re trying to find their way to the alternate pathway; although some won’t even know there is an alternative pathway…they are that delusional. You extend yourself and there will be time…think of the discussion we’re having this day about your time, this reality within which you’re operating – the Mother’s brackets within her eternal landscape of time. You may sit under that proverbial Bodhi tree and you will feel their despair, their shame, their feelings of being lost, of not being worthy of forgiveness.

And what happens so often in these cases is that the individual…because we are talking individuals…often need to hear and feel that they are forgiven even before they can dream of forgiving themselves. So, you are consoling, you are not forgiving…let me be clear about this…you are not forgiving the heinous crimes, you are not giving permission and say, “Well, that was then, now is now, we’ll just start over.” No. You are forgiving the soul, you are forgiving that soul, reawakening the soul that is trapped in a miserable human being who believes they are far beyond redemption and so that they have to go to their old default program system in order to simply survive.

So, in many ways these beings are like newborn infants and they need to be taught and shown that there are alternative pathways and that there are ways to become true Gaians, global citizens, who operate in honor and truth and a different way and that you are teaching them…it is not a matter of immediate empowerment, not for those who have so abused power…there is need to be an awakening to what really power is about. And when that awakening occurs, when there is a realization that power is alignment with the heart and mind and will of One and that power in the human understanding is simply stewardship, then the true re-education and reformatting of societies can take place. So, it is a process of someone that is very injured but completely redeemable.

Now, let me also suggest to you that inside this area of murder and mayhem and mutilation there have been, we would say in the last decade and in the last two to three years, some improvements in widow sacrifices, in mutilation…

SB: Is that female genital mutilation you are referring to Archangel…

AAG: Yes, that is correct.

SB: Thank you.

AAG: So, there is some redirection, there is a tiny crack of light but there is much, much work to be done. And it all comes back to this self-hatred, really, this feeling, and it is not restricted to one continent or group, but this feeling of such fear and hatred of women, of the feminine power and the self-hatred that you make yourself, shall we say, a god or demigod, that you feel that you are entitled, that somehow women…and you see this even in the legalities of other countries…that women are sub-human.

Those whose mission it is to take on this very difficult healing journey, this journey of awakening, need to be fortified and prepared.

Now, your question to me, dearest Steve, would be, “But Gabrielle, when we all ascend to the fifth, the sixth, the seventh, would that level of consciousness not be eradicated?” And I am going to answer you, “Yes and no.” Now, let me tell you why. We do not want the memory of such atrocities to be eliminated. Now, we most certainly work with you to eliminate all these practices and this way of thinking, behaving, etc. but the memory of the grievous nature cannot be forgotten.

Then there is the aspect of ‘I chose to ascend; I am waking up in a different place, but I am somewhat even like a’…we can’t even call it newborn because newborns still have a connection to us at home. So, you wake up…it is like waking up from a coma…but you have this memory of what you’ve done and you’re really not sure. You know that you are in a different place, in a different vibratory reality, and that that reality is reflected in what you see around you, but you’re not sure how to proceed. So, in many ways you are like a trauma victim who has woken up, but really you have these distant, painful memories, but the slate is clear and you’re not sure how to proceed.

Does that make sense to you?

SB: It does to me, yes indeed.

AAG: It will make sense to many. Now, those who are tackling, shall we say…because it is a physical, monumental mental, emotional, spiritual undertaking – it is massive. You must be so grounded, so brave, so filled with compassion. Now, many of you who will undertake this work have been through and understand the horrors of what we would term war, because this is a war with all the attendant horrors. Some of you remember from the annihilation of the inter-galactic wars; some of you from very recent, even from your last war, World War II, and even Vietnam; and some who have passed through and already returned to complete…what you think of as walk-ins…have seen the wars in Iraq and Iran, Afghanistan, Korea. So, you have that soul imprint of understanding and compassion. And you also have the subtle understanding…this is part of what has been and is being awakened within thee. You have the subtle understanding, as awful and as abhorrent as it is, you understand how it could happen.

Now this is not an undertaking, the rectification of gender inequality in its most subtle and its most horrific senses, is not…I need to as Gabriel/Gabrielle…this is not an undertaking strictly for men or strictly for women. As they have begun and I have said there is necessity, yes necessity, for the men who have been the perpetrators…whether they have actually perpetrated the act…the subtle belief system and the acceptance of these acts is still present and those men need the re-education, of course. But so do the women; the women who have cowered in the dark literally fearful for their lives, bereft and stripped of their God-given rights. This is not something we have a tendency to talk of very often, although St. Germaine would be entirely eloquent on the topic. There are God-given rights, Source rights, Mother/Father/One rights.

And that is why you are so driven to that sense of wanting to have supremacy and freedom over your own life, to follow your path, your dreams, and to know that you are loved and lovable and that you have the capacity to love.

Most abusers have forgotten or erased their capacity to love. Oh, they may be wild and passionate, but they are not in a position to love. So, this is a place where that balance of the male and female…and you say to me, dearest Steve, “Well, if men tried to lead the brigade, will it not be seen by women as a further thrust of male abuse of power?”

SB: Yes, I have that question.

AAG: It is a fine line because part of the re-education…and we are using that in very broad terms…the re-education of women is also to see men, to actually engage men and be engaged with men who are not abusers, who have the desire to be in equal partnership…different, but equal…that extend the latitude that your life and your pathway is yours to choose and yours to pursue. I will help you, I will provide the where-with-all to assist you to do that. But the authority, the divine authority and the practical authority is yours.

Now, in terms of safety, security, trust, many of these women in the re-education process will relate far more clearly and comfortably, especially initially in transition, with females, with women because that has been their only safe space…has been other women and even that, as you well know, has not been completely reliable.

Now, on the male side, those men who are being re-educated also need, not to simply be led by men teaching them their divine authority but learning new constructs in terms of what that means, they have need to also begin to interact with women and to see women honorably respected in positions of authority.

So, it is a blend and it is a fine line, but it is a blend of both because what you are presenting is the balanced male and female and many of them haven’t seen that in this lifetime.

SB: Thank you for that. My heavens, you’ve touched on a lot of the questions that I had. Perhaps you could coach us on…let’s pretend that the reval has happened and we now have means…

what should we do, perhaps even in what order, what should we do to bring about gender equality and an end to gender persecution in the world?

AAG: My guidance, and more importantly the Mother’s guidance, although you will have the where-with-all to proceed quickly and valiantly, is start small. If you, tomorrow or next week, wake up and you say, “Okay, it’s a go and I am going to heal this very, very serious issue”, because it relates to what went wrong on the planet and you tackle the entire planet, sweet angels with the beloved hearts, you are going to feel overworked, overwhelmed, and that reference that the Mother keeps pointing to of the joy factor will dissipate very rapidly. So, it is not that it is not an urgent problem…it is…but you also know that many upon your sweet, beautiful planet will be tackling this or a variation of this issue.

We plead with you to start small. Now, what does that mean in practical terms? Of course, local is good, but let us also suggest that local…and now we are talking whether you are in a country – Canada or the United States…mainstream where that abuse of authority, whether it is the feeling that you have the right to slap your wife or your child or lock them in a closet or keep them in penury, it’s very insidious. So, in fact, while it may look more accessible and easier to tackle, in fact it is very, very insidious.

So, what I am suggesting to thee is – I want you to start small recognizing the magnitude of the problem and choose…I would suggest…between three and five projects. And you may be working with…and I encourage you to work with…honorable, powerful, results oriented organizations as well; that do not take the money and put it towards their own uses, their own power structure because that is just a reflection of what you are trying to heal.

So, you would start, for example, a project, a small project, a manageable project…and I mean this for all of you, by the way, who are in this…so use this as a template for many of your projects. You would start one locally and then you would choose areas of the globe where you are either conversant with the culture or have the contacts or simply that the abhorrence is so strong that you feel you must go.

So, using this as an example, you would say, “I will start a project in Vancouver. I will start a project in India or even the south of India. And I will start a project in Africa.” And you will choose a manageable size because you are talking about…and this is where the difficulty comes…you are talking about changing belief systems, working with those who are bereft and disassociated, both on the male and the female side, and bringing…rapidly by the way – we are not talking a fifty year project, we are talking start small for a year or so…bringing to them the awareness and the number of cultural, behavioral, spiritual teachers, moderators, role models into that community that is dynamic and strong enough to, not merely challenge the existing practices and aberrations, but to also support…yes, even financially reward and support changes in behaviors, practices.

So, you are working, both on the spiritual, metaphysical, using the Universal Laws, bright ones, you are working on the mental, emotional, and you are working on the physical. Yes, rewards and deterrents are still powerful allies. So, you have this multi-pronged approach in your three to five projects in manageable sectors or communities where you can actually begin to see what is really working and what is not.

Now, what really works in Vancouver will need to be very different from what works in the Congo, for example, or in India, or in many of the other places that are in the turmoil of war. But you are working on a worldwide awakening so you keep it manageable because the joy factor, the love factor is what is the fuel for this change. When you have what we would refer to as your core teams, your doers, your moderators, your behavioralists, your analysts, when it becomes overwhelming, when it becomes us and them, then it is not going to work, it is already a failure.

So, you also incorporate in your teams on the ground, including some of your many star brothers and sisters…they will be involved in this because they have already walked through it, so simply take that as a given, by the way…oh, they may not declare themselves as star beings, but dear heart, they have already been recruited. So, you have people that are anchors and respected anchors within the various communities, who are also the wayshowers, so you are working on a multi-tiered approach. And we want you to do this, we guide you to do this, we will help you to do this in what you can think of as measurable bites.

For some, as we say in your western world, the issue is far more insidious and, in fact, more difficult to measure. But you can think of it as there were twenty percent less referrals to the shelter this week or this month; whereas in a different situation there were twenty percent less reported or observed genital mutilations this month.

So, look at it, not only from the esoteric but in the very practical sense, because that is going to fuel your efforts, that is what is going to help you, sweet angels, keep going.

SB: Archangel Gabrielle, just one last question before we go…you have referred to this indirectly but could you talk about the need for cultural sensitivity here, please, because my example that I usually use is that you send $50,000 to a women in Afghanistan, you may have signed her death warrant.

AAG: That is correct.

SB: Could you talk just a little bit about that, please?

AAG: In your various groups you have need to have, shall we say, experts…that is a funny word, is it not?…but those who are completely familiar with the culture and the values and the environment within which you are entering. So, to use your example, sweet one, if you send, out of the goodness of your heart, $50,000 to an abused woman in Afghanistan, you have insured her immediate demise. First of all, that money will be taken from her and very likely taken from her in a violent way. But if you have teams educated and understanding what the issues are, the cultural sensitivity of what is acceptable and not, because you cannot do this in a single day…this is not a matter of simply writing a check. If you have people working in the community who are aware if they come together that there is access to remedial funds to start shifting things in a communal way and in a communal way that incorporates, perhaps with fine lines of separation, the men, the children, and the women to proceed in making sustainable lives in communities, then what you are doing is empowering them.

It always has to come back to them, to knowing, both practically and in the sublime divinity of who they are, that they have their divine authority and you are helping them claim that. But claim it not in ways that make you the know-it-all outsider but in ways that are meaningful to that woman, to that family, to that community so that you are affecting sustainable change. It is not simply rewarding say the head of the household for not beating his wife. It is not sustaining to give the ISIS terrorists money for not murdering any more little girls…that is not change.

So yes, it is very culturally adapted, if not you cannot take your western way of doing things, your values, and try and put them on another culture. What you can do, bright ones, is you look…and this is where numerous people on the ground, within the community, and what we have called experts…what to that Afghani woman, and to that family, and then out to that broader community, what does love look like? Not only in the blessings from a deity, the Mother/Father, but in a practical sense of living life, that you can express love and be love without fear of being harmed or worse.

SB: Well, my…thank you very much Archangel Gabrielle

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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