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Tsunami of Love

Click here to watch the 90-minute webcast with Linda Dillon. You will need a password that has been or will be sent to the email you registered for the webcast.


Thank you Luisa and Claudio for making this translation of this important message available in Spanish! Saludos Yo soy María, la Madre Universal, la Madre de la esperanza, la Madre del Cambio, la Madre de la constancia, la Madre del Amor. Hijo mío, ¿no crees que puedo hacer milagros? Si eso es lo que crees, …


Greetings I am Mary – Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of Love. Child, do you not believe I can create miracles? If this is your belief then it is time for it to be washed away – it is time for all the lack belief system of humankind …


Having said that certain natural things are metaphors pointing to the Divine or the process of realizing It, I now feel the need to say as well that certain Divine things seem to have no metaphors.


We are the Tsunami. We are the Love. In our everyday lives we can bring in the Tsunami no matter what we are doing from the simplest task to something complex ~ it is remembering we are Love every second of the day. May 9 – LD Tsunami of Love Experience 5/8/14 I enter the …


The Tsunami of Love has begun in earnest and is being experience in various ways by people all over Gaia. The purpose of this broadcast is to come together in community, unite in heart and receive the next downloads updates and messages on this precious gift from the Divine Mother.


Intention coupled with the Tsunami of Love is a powerful method to bring Love where healing is needed on Gaia. The children and animals have suffered in the intensity of the illusion. LD’s meditations are a magnificent example of LOVE in action. May 3 LD Meditation 5/2/14 I go into the water with the intention …


 The Tsunami of Love team at Linda Dillon’s Council of Love site are collecting testimonies of experiences of the tsunami of love that people have sent in. They’ve been receiving them for a bit over a month now, and they’re up at the Council of Love site, here. I’ll be posting some of these testimonies …


I’ve just had a spiritual experience that I made notes of as it happened. Thank heavens, I did. I was just lying down reading something. Had I not written it down, I’m not sure that I’d have remembered it.


Watch the 90-minute webcast with Linda Dillon.