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As Linda’s New You group headed in to April, the Waves intensified. The experiences of this brave group of re-patterners for Gaia became more global, more intent on bringing the bright light of truth and balance to the illusion as the following two meditations testify to.

April 1 LD

Meditation 4/1/1

I feel myself very large and am in a room that is some kind of lab with a tall beaker of water. I have a miniature of Gaia in my hands and am very gentle with her, as though she is a robin’s egg with a baby bird ready to hatch. I put this tiny ball that is earth into the water and am excited that I am bathing her!

Someone is in the room with me, a partner working with me, but I don’t see who it is. He encourages me to put this earth ball deeper in this water, to hold her there longer. I understand that the water contains a special crystalline component and it gets stronger closer to the bottom of the beaker.

At one point I begin to feel physically sick and say to my partner and others that are also now watching that this is too much, we have to return her to the less dense part of the water.  Afterwards I gently and lovingly take her out of the water, dry her with a pink blanket and then put some kind of pink paper mache around her.

There is room for her to breathe as it does not touch the surface.  I am given the understanding that this small earth is actually a surrogate for Gaia but whatever is done with this small earth will be the same that will happen with her.

I am so excited about what has just happened with this experiment, that we have been successful! I take a break and find myself running, skipping, doing cartwheels in the most beautiful place! I am myself but my hair is long and flowing behind me as I celebrate! My white horse comes to me and we have the most exhilarating ride! At one point we come to a cliff but just turn around and ride the other way.

I return to the room that is like a lab and decide I need a large basin for this crystalline water. There are witches that come into the room. Although they are shown as scary and ugly they are actually here to help and are thrilled that I am using some of their knowledge. They also want to watch and confer with each other with what is happening. I call to my horse to sit in the basin but it doesn’t work well and is clumsy to get her into the basin.  I then understand that I can make a shower with this water!

I am then in the rain-forest ready to use the special shower. It is somewhat like the car wash we can use when calling in our aspects. My horse just walks into the shower and then comes out on the other side. I call to my chimpanzee friend, Tyree, to try the shower and also to a caterpillar as well as some other animals.

I then realize that I should call to pairs of animals, male and female. I laugh and think this is like Noah’s Ark! I then call all the pairs of animals and have them line up to go under this shower. I tell them that each animal pair represents the collective of their species. I set the shower in motion and leave so happy that the animals are lined up to go under the shower!

I am tired and decide to go back home and still as my very large self, get into bed. My mother comes and puts the covers on me. I do not see her face but I know she isn’t my mother from this life. She kisses my forehead and says, “Time to rest, enough playing for one day.”

Meditation 4/1/14 & 4/2/14

I am not in meditation but Gaia calls to me. I feel the rage trapped inside of her and am shown the dark stream deep within her. I know this rage is not to scare me but to just bring my attention to it.

I am not sure what to do for this rage is more than I have ever felt before.  I listen to my guidance and go to sleep for the night even though it is only 7:00 p.m. My dreams wake me but I only recall bits and pieces of water from the ocean coming up onto the street, something popping, Linda teaching a group of us.

Somehow I have the answer I need and go into the meditation but I do not go to my regular place in the ocean. I take the glass beaker I used in another meditation and put it on top of  the earth where the dark stream is underneath.

I know I have to begin draining this stream but the flow will be upwards through the earth, through the beaker. I watch as animals and people that have been harmed come up through the glass and begin to feel very sick. I decide to stop as this is too much for me. I feel anxious as I know this is what I must do and can’t continue. Should I call on others to help?

I wait for a couple of hours, ask for more guidance and begin again. I remember a message from my dream to read the preface of the New You book from AA Gabrielle which I do.

I wonder if there is a special energy there and that is why I should read it. I am also told to use the pink crystals from Marianne to coat the inside of the glass beaker. When I am done, it looks like a bright pink paint is on the inside of the glass.

This time I also go underneath the surface of the earth and place pipes for the stream to go through. Four angels are stationed around the beaker and they and the beaker become very long and tall.

I also place the crystalline shower from another meditation where the beaker ends high up in the sky. I begin the process again of draining and watch as the animals and people leave and go under the shower.

Vibrations come through my body telling me this still isn’t right and I also feel a deep sorrow. I then pour the crystalline water inside the beaker as well and continue the draining.

Finally, everything is working perfectly and I feel the balance within me along with being relieved! I leave the meditation and am amazed by a huge insight. In the meditations my body became a gauge and helped me adjust what needed to be done! I send a prayer of gratitude for this gift.

April 3 JS

I was guided by my Stranger, Rosie, to a very poor and broken down part of Chicago. Not near the water, but rather in the thick of the human despair in the streets with the homeless and the fearful locked away in their tiny apartments.

As the water level began to rise, I found myself singing the Honeydrippers “Sea of Love” as a way of calling people out of their homes to raise their arms and receive cleansing. The serenade was working.

I asked what else I could do. I imagined the spiral symbol and was guided to place a huge one over the city with the top of the vortex attached to a cord which led up into the heart of one’s recycling center. The vacuum effect helped to pull out ghosts and low vibration beings lurking.

About this time, I felt terrible pressure building in my ears. I came back into my body for a few moments and ran sapphire blue through all my head/psychic channels/ears, had 2 huge sneezes, the pressure was gone and I returned to Chicago where all was still in action.

My Dragon and offered to blast all the schools, banks, police stations, etc. with its Violet Flame breath.

My guide spent time in the Libraries cleansing the bad information/programming there (hmmmm) and St. Germaine brought a gift from Gaia. I was asked to open what looked like a school locker and when I did millions of butterflies flew out to offer their assistance.

It was quite a scene, chaotic yet in total symmetry, as the city was washed, scrubbed, torched and blessed. It was marvelous!!

Our work with the Tsunami of Love is part of our Ascension. Here is a journey to illustrate this.

April 3 KW

The Mother’s Clarity, Purity and Love is working Her magic on me, washing away my old debris and lighting up the way. When I go deep in the ocean and stand in the Tsunami of Love, I can feel my pain washing away but there has been this piece of debris that has been stuck, a piece of debris that wouldn’t dislodge from my screen so I asked this morning to journey into this debris ~ a big chunk of pain sitting in my throat, my throat chakra.

First I asked to see the debris in this lifetime. I was shown incidents that happened that I didn’t understand, that made me angry, fearful and saying to myself I would not trust, and should not trust humans.

Then I saw how I did not trust myself ~ how I would give my power/my value/my worth away and how I believed in this way of being. They showed me how I was caught in the miasma of the illusion.

So this morning I asked to go into this illusion that I had been caught in ~ deep into the Pain. I felt it rise up in me, choke me. I saw images that I had been avoiding because they were so painful and with tears running down my face I raised my arms and gave it all away. I gave away the old Fear, Anger, Pain, Sorrow and Disappointment in myself, lodged in my very bone structure, to all the Beings around me. It tingled off my fingertips and turned into rainbows of Light, instantly transmuted.

Then I asked to be filled with Light, with energy and lots and lots and lots of Joy, rainbows of Joy.

Energized, now I wanted to go into the distant past, one life in particular, a French girl in the early 1900’s, an aspect that had showed up in my heart in great sorrow. When she showed up, I had hugged her and cried with her and wrapped her in a purple blanket and put her in a purple healing chair. I kept wanting her to emerge from the chair and walk through the white waterfall of Light into my heart but she just wouldn’t.

So this morning I asked her to show me what her pain and sorrow were. She showed me herself as a small girl, all alone, with a suitcase at a train station, no family – abandoned. She showed me how big the world seemed to be, black and confusing. I asked her where her Mother was and she showed me a stern looking woman in a chair dressed in old-fashioned clothes, unhappy, not moving.

I sat down on the floor and invited this little girl to come and sit with me. I surrounded myself with babies and animals and my own little me from this life and said, “Come and have fun with us.” She refused and turned away. I asked her why. She said she didn’t trust. That she was separated, abandoned and couldn’t find her way. That the world was big and scary and not loving and she was very very sad and alone.

I asked her to trust me, that I was of the Light, that she could come home now where there is no separation. She slowly turned around towards me and then ran and jumped in my arms with a big smile and a small laugh and said, “Now you get it.”

She said that I must remember that every connection with another is sacred, that we are all of God, that we are all God’s children. That when we are talking to any being upon Gaia we are talking to God. And that we are all Perfect sparks of God’s Love and Worth. She said if we can remember that and honor that, we can build a new way of being ~ Nova Earth ~ heart connections, knowing that every being is Sacred with their own connections to Source Love and Worth.

With that said she took my hand and we walked into the waterfall of Light. Her adult self appeared in the waterfall alongside her. She was hunched over and carrying something but she stood in the waterfall and then wanted to come with us.

We walked down some stairs into a large cave with a fire surrounded by many beings. She gave me what she was carrying and motioned for it to go into the fire. It was a big old heavy dirty log. I took it and stood it up in the flames of the fire. The flames turned purple and my lower body heated up and light shot up through my body and out my crown chakra. The Light went straight to Source and then poured back down in a golden stream filling my body.

I have greater understanding now, an expansion in these words, from The New You, from the Mother, “The keys to heaven are trust and forgiveness, the doorway is Love.”

The trust for me is my Trust in God/Source and the forgiveness is my Forgiveness of everything that looks, tastes and feels like our separation from God/Source.

I Am Nova Being in physical form, connected to God/Source ~ self-love, self-worth.


Next, an incredible gift from the Tsunami of Love in India. . .

April 4 NA

Around 4 weeks ago when I was in India I had an awesome Tsunami of Love experience !!

After reading a channeling in the New You book by Yahweh I became overwhelmed with the Father’s energy/Love which made me realize that I am in need of the masculine energies as well!

Right after that, just before the class about Philosophy began I was flooded with this Blissful feeling, of which the center was in my Heart area.

I was overwhelmed and I felt myself expanding and all I could do was just sit with it…. close my eyes and experience it….. It was beautiful…. As I recall it NOW it brings tears to my eyes….. the peak lasted for about half an hour and afterwards I felt exhausted….. but oh so very much aware of this beautiful Gift that was given to me……

Dimensional travel, joy and children, swimming with dolphins, flying, clarity and truth ~ the journeys and insights are fantastic. The Tsunami of Love is indeed wondrous!

April 4 LD

Meditation 4/3/14

I go to the physical ocean in Deerfield Beach, Florida. As usual I begin with my walk on the sand and come to the place where I need to cross by going in the water by the rocks. The waves are very strong today and I am carrying my phone so I decide not to chance it as I could easily be knocked over.  I turn around and walk in a different direction. I think to myself that I would have never explored this direction if there wasn’t an obstacle in my way.

I come back to my seat and enjoy the sun on my face. I am looking forward to doing the meditation while standing in the actual water. I only go up to my thighs and begin to anchor. I am embraced by the sun and find myself in his lap in a swing high in the sky.

I lean back into the warmth as the waves come. Afterwards I return back to my seat on the sand but don’t want the meditation to stop and think I will continue by going through one of my chakras to explore another dimension.

The color yellow calls to me but I don’t think about which dimension this is. I go down into the middle of the ocean but it is very windy and hard to stand. There is a door there that is difficult to open because of all the wind. I finally open it and it slams shut once I am through the door.

Everything is now still but sharp and bright with beautiful colors of yellow and pink in the air around me. I count up my chakras to see which dimension I am in and count to the fifth.

I see myself but I just look like me with longer hair. We have fun merging into each other and then I see my guide who I have always just called the Crystal Lady. I learn her name is also Anna. I explore beautiful green valleys and blue streams.

I leave the meditation and just enjoy the ocean, my feet on the sand. Later when I go to my car  I notice how the colors people are wearing look so bright. I have had previous experiences where colors are enhanced  but never as bright as I see now.

Experience 4/4/14

Tonight my congregation had our monthly Friday evening service. After my experience at a Bar Mitzvah  service last week, I wanted to experiment and see what would happen if  I set the same intention that the Tsunami of Love comes into the room during this service. I tried to repeat what I did last week by setting the intention after the room was ready.

This is a different kind of service than the last service I wrote about as it is with our regular congregants and is an  informal monthly family service held in a high school media center. There were many children at this service and we have several  fun prayers meant to engage them that involve singing and clapping.

During one of the prayers, one of my fourth grade girls, a crystal child, who is  usually quiet and reserved in school took her friend’s hand and got up and started dancing!! Then more of the children did the same!! The joy just spread through the room!

I thought, “Wow! This is how the Tsunami of Love waves affect children!”

Meditation 4/5/14

I begin my laps in the pool and decide I will try the meditation while I swim. As soon as I think this I see the back of a little girl, about 5 years old. Her hair is light brown and is in pig tails. She is trying to climb up a wooden ladder but after a few steps she falls back down. She is very determined and keeps trying.

After watching this for awhile I tell her I will help her and take her hand. We climb to the top of the ladder and then she merges into me. There is a big yellow ball, like a Pilates ball at the top of the ladder which I stand on. I find my balance and then the waves begin. It is difficult to still keep my balance but somehow I find the right way to stand as they continue to come.

Next I am deep within the ocean as my mermaid self swimming with my dolphin friend Eywah. The water is so beautiful, it feels as though we are swimming through a topaz crystal. We find a pink crystal cave which we enter. There is a  pink mist in certain parts of the cave which we love swimming through.

Then I am back on the yellow ball again on top of the ladder but I let the yellow ball go into the ocean. I want to fly but can’t lift off. A stork comes and puts me in a blanket as though he is delivering a baby. He flies in the sky and then drops  me above the ocean.

I fly for a few seconds and then crash at the bottom hitting my head. As  I sit up confused, rubbing my head, my angel self swoops down and picks me up. “Just merge into me,” he says. I do this and we take off flying!

April 5 KW

This morning, in meditation, the Tsunami of Love flowed down from the Mother into me and up from Gaia into me. I sat in the golden flow of energy, feeling the light permeate me, chakras spinning, wave after wave after wave of love, purity and clarity.

I saw my compassion   g r o w   for my Self . . . past, present and future. I saw how I could love every part of my being with no judgment.

I saw with purity of intention, of heart, mind and will acting as One, how to allow, to trust the Love from Source, the Tsunami of Love to wash through me so I could see my truth.

I saw how I am to honor with clarity all my   f e e l i n g s   to let them to flow like water and if they happen to be a limiting belief, a judgment or a past pain just to let go, to surrender it to the Divine, to perceive my Self with my 3rd eye with my wisdom vision with great compassion and Love.

I saw how the mastery of our totality, our wholeness will assist those around us who are awakening amidst chaos.

I saw how Linda’s latest meditation illustrates how we will work with our totality, our wholeness and the healing powers, the blessings and virtues embedded in the dimensions, the chakras and the Universal Laws.

I saw how the letting go then allowing our truth to emerge will help us maintain our balance during the building, the reconstruction of Nova Earth.

I saw how there are no mistakes, there is no judgment, there is no right, there is no wrong, there is only right alignment with God/Source, to trust, to forgive.

And finally here is Archangel Michael on January 9th, 2014 speaking about the Tsunami of Love through Linda:

“The initial outpouring will be brief. But we have used the analogy of a tsunami in a purposeful way, because you know that a tsunami approaches, withdraws, approaches, withdraws.

“So it is not a destruction. It is a creation. It is a destruction of the old, yes, a clearing and a washing away.

“The initial tsunami will be brief. We will say, hmm, about a 24-hour period in your reality. Then there will be another wave, and then — and you will adjust — and then, another wave.

“Will you all be in angelic form? No. But will you be in the form that, like us, you are anchored in that constancy of the love? Yes.

“There won’t be a need for a continuation of the tsunami because you will have already absorbed it.

“. . . it may be hours or minutes or days, but you emerge from the waters, the waters of life, the waters of love, transformed.

“It is a form of cleansing, but restoration, recovery, rejuvenation.

“You emerge from those waters better prepared, more acutely aware, more able to multitask, more competent to see the bigger picture of your actions, the ramifications of your actions, the clarity of what is really required.

“So it is helpful . . . you find yourself in a position where in fact, it is as if you have had the best night’s sleep ever, and you can jump out of bed ready to go.”

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