In the last weeks of April, the Tsunami of Love meditations from the New You webinar series were intense. The old washing away, opening up space for a new Joyful way of being.

Allowing the love to permeate our very selves is our freedom.

April 25 LD

I am feeling something extraordinary I have never felt before. The air, grass and colors are enhanced. I am in this place of centeredness, of peace, of every part of me just being. I continue to have this need to just be in stillness and I am honoring that. I sometimes worry I am not getting everything done with my job or things I do at home. But I was given the message that right now this is my job!!

I do have moments that take me away from this place. Yesterday morning I woke up and saw my angel self with shackles and chains. I did everything I know how to do, called on AAMichael, but I couldn’t unlock the shackles. I was in a fear space at times that I would never be able to fly again, that something else was controlling me.

I was told this is for the collective and it wasn’t ready to be released.  I just surrendered to it and went back to a place of peace. In the afternoon I spoke to someone who has supported me on my spiritual journey and felt so sad afterwards as I know this cycle of our partnership is now coming to an end. In the evening AAMichael unlocked the chains and turned them into a trivet of a beautiful pewter dove.

Meditation 4/24/14

(Some of this meditation is missing as I can’t remember all parts of it.)

I walk into the water and see aspects of myself on either side of me. We make a long line on both sides. I am so surprised to see that I have so many aspects as part of me! I go deep into the water and see beautiful gemstones lying on the coral reef.

Each stone that I pick up becomes a beautiful rainbow flower but it is somehow made out of a very light substance of the stone. It is delicate but strong. I bring a flower to everyone in our group. I then go up in the air and do a partners dance with my husband. We are side by side, backs to each other with our heads turned to each other, arms crossed, connected by our hands. I do this dance also with Linda and with others that I don’t remember now.

I become my huge angel self but somehow I am a different angel this time but it is still me. Gaia is like a small ball. I take her and hold her to my heart with so much tenderness and love it makes my heart cry to hold her again as I write this. Something then happens next and also with water which I don’t remember. I then am Father Wind. I ever so gently with the lightest loving breath you could ever imagine, blow on Gaia.

I come out of the meditation and am in a place I can’t even describe. Somehow I was truly Father Wind. The New Me just accepts this.

A whole new world is opening in a beautiful way. . .  not perfectly smooth sailing, but by maintaining the Love that balanced and gentle energy within, brings a sense of joy, hope and courage going forward. . .


April 27 JG

Linda has asked what we are experiencing and feeling in relation to the Tsunami of Love. I hesitate to put this on the Tsunami discussion page because I so enjoy the ethereal journeys shared here and I’m not in that space right now. Nonetheless, I will share what’s going on with me in this journey.

I will say first of all that I have not noticed a sense of bliss within as of yet.  My experiences have been more the nature of ongoing purification and refining. I have made it my sincere intent and commitment to BE the Tsunami to the best of my ability.

No doubt because I genuinely want to be Love, I’ve been “gifted” with the evidence of many little gremlins (of lower vibrational energy) still in operation within me, demanding to take stage, front and center. I’ve actually been stunned at the intensity of some of the feelings that have swept through me during my interactions with others.

The good news is I have actually succeeded (at least once anyway) in simply observing the presence of these charged energies without being hooked by them.

I succeeded in staying grounded long enough to allow the energy to subside, thus allowing the moment of crisis to pass without escalation. Initially I felt ill at ease and didn’t know what to do with myself when the impulse hit, but I chose to put into practice some guidance I had recently taken into my being that resonated with me, and it worked!

Basically, I simply remained still (while chaos reigned within) and breathed through it all.  I accomplished this even though my emotions were charged and begging to engage.  I simply chose to withhold action and just BE.

After an intense moment or two, the feelings just subsided naturally (because I allowed them to) and I did not lose my sense of wellbeing, or harm another.  I survived spiritually intact and at peace. No part of me was lost for having kept my thoughts to myself. That is progress for me and it feels really good.

I find myself growing in my desire for peace and harmony, and as a result, I am learning the value of allowing others the right to their perceptions just as I desire the right to my own.

When I listen with the heart, I’m finding we have similar intent at the soul level. We all want a world that works. And by maintaining a balanced and gentle energy within, even while I may disagree with some of what I hear, the surrounding energies are affected in a positive way. I see this as serving the Mother’s Plan.

That’s where I am right now. I know a whole new world will open for me in a beautiful way once I have learned to employ this technique more regularly in my relationships with others. I won’t pretend that all will be smooth sailing, but I now have a template that I know works. This brings me a sense of joy, hope and courage going forward.

I so desire to grow in Love and serve the Mother’s Plan. I know humanity is moving in the right direction. Our Mother, the angelic kingdom, and our brothers and sisters from afar have told us so.

Our work, combined with the ongoing work of the many other light-workers and love-holders is shifting this planet in the right direction. May the Tsunami continue to swiftly spread far and wide, and lift all souls so that our blessed new age may come to pass in short order.

I know all of our hearts are BEYOND ready.

Here is a reading illustrating the Tsunami of Love and the elimination of the “patterns” we have difficulty seeing, patterns that are incorporated into our way of being like seaweed or seagrass wrapped around us. . .

April 27 KW

Last week I had a reading with Linda and my Principal Guide. Parts of this reading I was asked to share. She spoke to me of the Tsunami and the “patterns” we have difficulty seeing that are incorporated into our way of being like seaweed or seagrass wrapped around us, around our screens. . .

My Guide: You, dear heart, are in the depths of the Tsunami and yes, it is clearing out the grit. Sometimes there is a feeling amongst all of you that it is the grain of sand that gets lodged in your screen that is the most difficult to wash away but it is more like the seaweed. It is more like the piece of seagrass that wraps itself in a sacred spiral and needs to be unwound, yes or cut but you are doing this.

Never before in the history of earth or even far beyond has the Law of Elimination been so regularly used and it is a Law that is only available shall we say when there is a heightened maturity to the understanding of what it means because there is a universe of difference between clearing and cleansing and Elimination.

And what you are doing and what your circle are doing is truly Eliminating and yes, of course Sanat Kumara is on hand, morning, noon, night and in-between but this process of Elimination is bearing rich bounty and fruit.

And before while there has been a hesitancy to invoke this Law, you are coming to a place to simply Eliminate, not to clear the way but to send back to the Light everything that stands in the way and this is true of RV, this is true of war, this is true of rape, this is true of murder, this is true of dishonest politicians, unethical financial dealers. It is time.

There is no room for such behaviors for such an energy upon Nova Earth so this is something that has not been spoken of previously but the Tsunami also carries the energy of Elimination so we want you to know this and we want you to share this with your Circle.

K: Thank you. I will. You talked about seagrass – what is that?

My Guide: What people tend to think of as the grain of sand is the biggest obstacle but it is not, it is the seaweed, it is what I have said has wrapped around you.

Now we were pleased to hear you say to the channel that you were annoyed ( I was annoyed about an incident that happened ) and I tell you why. It is because it is giving yourself permission, you as sacred woman, angel, nurturer – giving yourself the right to be annoyed and feel invaded.

So often in this lifetime you have felt that you had need to accommodate others and there is a big difference between going with the flow and accommodating others and that you did not feel that you had the right to express annoyance, anger, frustration, etc. and that is what is your seaweed, so you are unwinding it and saying, “No, I am not burying this, I am unwinding it and releasing it to the waves. Let it go where it needs to, to feed the fish or whatever but I don’t want it anymore.”

My Guide was talking of “patterns” here ~ mine was a “pattern of allowing”.

November 19, 2013 Linda did a radio show with Sanat Kumara that has a wonderful meditation illustrating the Universal Law of Elimination. My Guide said to use the Law to Eliminate my pattern.

We can use it for the RV, war, rape, murder, dishonest politicians, unethical financial dealers; we can use it on any discordant energies that serve absolutely no purpose to humankind, the collective, or the universe.

If using this Law resonates with you, here is the link to Linda’s Heavenly Blessings radio show ~ the meditation illustrating the Law of Elimination starts at 13:08 minutes.



One of the fundamental precepts of creation

is all creation takes place at the still-point

of nothingness.

When invoking the Law of Elimination,

invoke for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Call on Sanat Kumara and ask to see or feel

whether the energies balance on his scales of justice.

If they do not then another Law could be called upon.

If the scales balance,

Invoke the Law of Elimination,

and spiral in


the energies for elimination

deep within your heart

to the place of stillpoint

then drop the energies

to the lower tip of your heart.

Align with your solar plexus

in an act of union with Divine Will.

Stop and simply remain still.

Feel the energies in perfect stillness.

You will experience

a sense of


implosion and explosion

at which point the energy

being eliminated

You will feel the nuclear implosion,

the shock wave.

Know in physicality and in your being

that it is actually taking place.

Come back to your heart in gratitude.

A meditation and the real life intensity of it all. . .

April 29-30 LD

Tsunami of Love Experience 4/24/14 – 4/28/14

The waves took me far to sea over the weekend and I am so glad to be back or at least mostly back! After experiencing a string of days of the most beautiful peaceful state of being, I started going in and out with the waves on Thursday.

It felt like the waves would knock me over and drag me over the ocean floor. This was such a shock to my system! I would experience the low place and then be brought back to peace. On Friday it intensified, like labor pains increasing. By Friday evening I was immersed in the low place but I couldn’t identify any feelings that was causing this. I felt split into two.

One was far out to sea, lost, trying to stay on top of the water. The other part of me was still here and was holding a cord so the lost part of me wouldn’t let go. But I could still feel the pain of the me out to sea.

This was when I became immersed in the song I shared in the previous post for I was calling to myself to hang on, to come home. I was okay as long as I was immersed in composing the song. When I came out of that space, the pain would be there.

I had to travel out of town to perform a Bat Mitzvah service on Saturday. In the car I was split into three of me! I spent the 3 1/2 hours in the car with my husband and sister having three experiences. I would be part of the conversation in the car enjoying the scenery but the second part of me was immersed in this song calling to the third me to hang on.

During a 12:00 p.m. phone conference for the Tsunami of Love team the low place of being an outsider and low self-worth was triggered. These are false grids that I haven’t experienced since they were lifted, but they came back!

At least the waves receded enough for me to get through the Bat Mitzvah service. The family arrived at 1:30 p.m. for the pre-rehearsal and I had to function which I did. The 160 guests arrived at 4:00 p.m. and were quite rambunctious and in the mood to party!

My husband and I had “charged” the room as usual but needed extra reinforcements. At that point, I called in the Divine Mother and the Tsunami of Love. As the wave went across the room, a hush came over the crowd. If ever anyone would question if these waves are real, talk to me! And my sister was a witness! I told her beforehand what I was going to do to try and quiet the room!

As soon as that service was finished and we got back in the car, lack and limitation wrapped itself around me like it wanted to strangle me. The conversation was of worry about our congregation surviving and our future.  I brought down my sister and husband too. They rebounded back but I didn’t.

Sunday was the worst day. I was out to sea, treading water, lost the entire day, feeling isolated, not loved, in mourning.  Again I became immersed in the song, calling to myself to come home.

On Monday which is usually a work day for me, I was reunited with myself, but we were together in a place I can’t even identify. I tried to go into the office but everything was so heavy there and in slow motion. It was like that for anything else I tried to do in the house.

I just gave up and again became immersed in the song but now began singing for all the others who are lost as well. I brought the song to my piano accompanist and we had so much fun experimenting with arrangements. We are not finished but I decided to record the song now in its raw state to share it here.

Today, Tuesday, I woke up knowing that much has been washed away from me, that something I was carrying is no longer there. My physical body even changed which I can see in the mirror!

However, I still don’t feel totally grounded yet. I have never really experienced “sea legs” but I think I am now. The earth seems to be moving and I am having to concentrate to just move around! I need to be in the office today and teach later so I am asking for help and know I will receive it!

Meditation 4/30/14

I begin the meditation and walk into the water. My dolphin friend, Eywah swims up to me. I am so happy to see him/her! I hug him and begin to cry with relief as I was so lost in the ocean and now am back home with him, he is my home.

I merge with her and am inside her belly. First I look around and then curl up like a fetus just feeling the peace, quiet and love that envelops me. He takes me for a ride to the place in the ocean where I was lost. I come out of her belly and see where we are. At first I become frightened as I don’t want to go back to this place in the ocean where I was lost. Eywah just smiles and points to something floating in the ocean, a weathered red dock.

I stand on the dock and declare to the world, “I am Free Now!” Many storybook characters come to hear this. I recognize Little Red Hiding Hood, the wolf and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I say it again much louder while spreading out my arms, “I AM FREE NOW!”

I become a large white screen that is mostly clear with just a few tiny bits of dirt left. Still on the dock I call the waves and feel myself spread wider. The holes in the screen become wider making it easier to wash away the last bits of dirt. I return to my body and climb on Eywah’s back, triumphant. Many other animals come with me as we slowly return to the shore.

I come out of the meditation and feel the tears that are on my face. I shed a few more knowing that the meditation is real.

4/30/14 – 5/1/14

Wednesday Afternoon

Last week the calls began, issues re-surfacing between a divorced mother and father.  I know the Tsunami of Love has been bringing up old issues for divorced parents and have seen the pattern in my congregation. Today with this family, after exchanges with the attorneys and the judge, the father will be bringing the children to class. Wednesday is the day he has his children now. I take note of the boy, Sammy, (name changed) a sweet second grader,  when he walks into the school. He is pale and distraught. His sister, in kindergarten, is fine.


Although we have spoken on the phone, I meet the father for the first time.  He tells me he wants to stay in the classroom with the children which is fine. We always welcome parents and like to put them to work! The father is not aware that the mother is in the classroom. It is her turn to volunteer today as a teacher’s assistant. He is not happy when he sees her but stays calm and she does all she can to stay balanced.

I am handling much today as all the younger children, K-3, have come into school “off the wall.” As any teacher of young children knows, they are a barometer of the weather. When I used to live up North I always knew when a snow storm was coming. I know today the children are a barometer of the effects of the Tsunami of Love.

I call in for extra Light reinforcements for the whole school and go to the K-2 classroom to make sure the father feels welcome. I give him a volunteer job to do with the children. I exchange silent messages with the mother reassuring her. The teacher is aware of the situation. I have to teach the 3rd grade class now so I send in my husband to keep the K-2 room calm.

I am able to return to the K-2 room during their last 20 minutes when they have music.

The father is sitting in the back of the room and the mother is on the left side of the room. I stand on the right side making a physical energy triangle among the three of us. I begin using the Golden Infinity, first from my heart to the father to the mother back to me.

I stay in the room keeping the triangle going, communicating with both parents through my eyes, through smiles, through my heart.

It is time for dismissal and Sammy begins crying as he doesn’t want to go with his father. I ask the father if I can speak to Sammy and take him and his mother into an empty room. I have him connect to Mother Earth and his guardian angel. He tells me that they are both sending him green. He is used to working with Light from being in our school and knows he can always call on help.

I have him put his hand on his heart and feel his mother there, letting him know he can still talk to her. I tell him that I will visit him when he is sleeping and help him. Maybe he will remember me the next morning!

He is now calm but when I take him outside he begins crying again. His mother says, “You have to go with Daddy or he will be mad at me.” As I go to the father to speak to him, Sammy puts his arms around my husband. “Please send me Light, Rabbi David. I don’t want to go with my father.” My husband puts his hands on his head. My husband tells me this part later and I feel as though my heart is breaking. I love this child as my own as I do all the children in my school. I know I must stay balanced, centered and not absorb this pain. I let the sorrow take its course without absorbing it.

Thursday Morning

I am off and it is a beach day! I am looking forward to doing the Tsunami of Love meditation in the actual ocean and set the intention it will be for Sammy and all children with estranged parents. I go on my usual initial walk but it is much too dangerous for me to walk through the part by the rocks.

The waves are in a frenzy today! I recognize the feeling in the air that comes before a hurricane for I have experienced it several times in Florida. I am given the understanding that this stirred up energy is an effect from the Tsunami of Love.

I come back to my place on the sand and then try to go into the physical ocean for the meditation. It is difficult to stand even up to my ankles so I decide I will do the meditation in my chair. Just as I begin, a woman approaches me. Earlier she had told me she is from out of town and didn’t know to bring lots of quarters for the meter. I gave her half of my quarters. She has come now to thank me again for the extra time she has on the beach.

But this is more than a thank you. As she continues speaking I give her my full attention. It is not an unusual occurrence for strangers to open their hearts to me. People who meet me through me sister will often tell her afterwards that they told me their whole life story! My sister just says, “Don’t worry, everyone does that with my sister!”  But I know the secret of why, I just always ask to be an instrument for God and listen with my heart.

As the woman continues speaking, I understand what I am being asked to do, to bring healing to her. She lost her father a year ago to cancer and is now on a trip to pay tribute to him. She grew up with divorced parents and spent much time traveling to Florida from Maryland to be with her father who she adored. His only child, she had a beautiful, loving relationship with him and has joyful memories. She tells me about all the signs she has been receiving on this trip that he is with her.

As she speaks I bring the Tsunami of Love waves through her and me, asking that any last hidden pain she has in mourning her father is washed away. After speaking for 20 minutes, she finishes and I ask her name. It is Anjie which I note to myself means “angel.”  I already know the answer but ask if she is the same Anjie who sent an email to the Tsunami of Love. (I answer emails as a volunteer.)  She tells me no, but says, “This is intriguing to me. What is it about?” I tell her a little and give her the website.

I am now ready once again to begin the Tsunami of Love Meditation for Sammy. I understand Anjie will also be helping Sammy as she grew up in a divorced home. I am to bring in the beautiful loving energy between Anjie and her father.

I begin and see a huge yellow ball in front of me that becomes a yellow, golden apple that is a little house. Sammy comes to me and we enter this apple house which he loves!  We begin to go up into space and I make the walls clear so we can see outside.

We get to a certain place in the galaxy and stop. The door opens and there is a branch from a tree for us to sit upon. We swing our feet and enjoy being in space in the midst of all the stars. It is a quiet peaceful place that I see is very soothing for him. I ask the Tsunami of Love waves to come. After a few moments I invite his mother and father to come sit on either side of him.  His younger sister comes as well. We sit for a while letting the waves do their work. I then wrap Sammy in the Mother’s blue blanket and bring him to his mother to go to sleep. His sister stands by his bed.

I then go into the water and call to his father to come and stand in the ocean with me. I am happy he answers the call. We stand for a few moments deep in the water as the Tsunami of Love waves come. He takes off  his bathing suit and I understand  this is because he wants to feel as though every inch is being  cleansed. He dives into the water as he continues on with his own journey. I then call Sammy’s mother. She only wants to stay at the edge of the shore which we do.

I come out of the meditation and wonder how I could have had the thoughts recently to give up my physical work with the children. I reassure myself, “It has only been the fatigue speaking.”  I think of the channeling I had with Linda yesterday. AAGabrielle explained to me that I am a bridge for these children and their families. Through my congregation I am building sacred community as part of Nova Earth.

I make a declaration to the universe, “I am on a mission with many assignments!  I will not leave until this most sacred assignment for the children is finished in every aspect!”

And bringing us to the end of April, the beauty of still-point, when everything comes together in Love within your heart.

April 30 – KW

I have been practicing just still-point – no creation, no Elimination. . . just still-point.

Breathing, releasing, counting to 17

S t i l l n e s s

Greater clarity and love of self.

The Tsunami, the Love — deep within the centre.

Here is Maitreya on still-point and Love in The Great Awakening, page 35:

“There is only the energy of Love and creation within the entire Universe. That is what you will find when you explore and it is what you will find at still-point. Everything else is illusion and that is also why I encourage you to go within.

“Do not get caught up in the breakdown of the illusions that are going on upon your planet. Do not get caught in the drama. Send your Love, take action where you are guided, and then stand back. Be the observer. I am the Buddha of the future, I have told you this, and I am also the Buddha of right now. I bring the messages, the energy, and the promise of unconditional Love.”

And here Archangel Gabriel speaks of stillness and ascension, The New You, page 169:

“Each one of you has known moments of stillness and it does not matter whether it has been in your bed at night, the crystal cathedral, the quiet forest or holding your newborn child. How I wish for you to think of and experience still-point is those times when everything seems to come together in Love within your heart.

“Still-point is the place where you do not need to move; where quiet contentment sits and peace reigns.

“Still-point improves and anchors more deeply within with practice, like muscle memory. So let go and allow yourself to ascend.”