tsunamilogoOn the latest Heavenly Blessings InLight Radio show, April 22nd, Commander Ashira of UFOG spoke of the effect of the Tsunami of Love throughout the Galaxy.

“Greetings, I am Ashira, Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies. Welcome my beloved friends, and thank you ~ the hiatus was worth it.

I am glad to be back and speaking with you. It is not only humanity and Gaia, and all the plants and animals, the kingdoms that are receiving this Tsunami. Such a massive energy cannot pass through your field, through your Universe, through your Solar System, through your Galaxy and not also be felt by us. Is it in exactly the same way? No, because we are at a different vibratory frequency – but are we enjoying it? Yes!

And my beloved friends, I encourage you to do the same. Set aside your worries, your woes, your concerns, the ifs, the ands, the buts and simply enjoy it. The gifts from above are plentiful and you receive them every day – but you are not aware of all the gifts you receive. And it is important; indeed it is critical, that you be aware of this gift and receive it with an open heart.”

Channeled by Linda Dillon