Vancouver Sunset

Here are more Tsunami of Love experiences from the New You Webinar series that Linda teaches. As the energies heightened so did the observations and emotions.

April 9 LD

Experience 4/5/14 – 4/8/14


Ready to leave for an afternoon Bar Mitzvah service. I have made sure I am balanced and in my heart. My husband and I drive to where the service will be held and are in the vicinity but can’t find it. I am startled by the anger that rises up within me. When we finally arrive, I ask for help to let the anger go and re-balance but I am still on edge.

As I have done for other recent services I set the intention that the Tsunami of Love waves come during the service. Once again our regular congregants will not be there, only guests of the family.

I begin the prayer to call the boy and am relieved when I feel the sacredness come through my voice but after this prayer I have trouble staying in this place. Although the mother promised the room would be quiet per our requirements, music and drumming can be heard from another room.

There is a glaring light from the video stationed in the back. I scan the room and check in with my husband. No one else is affected but me. I work on keeping my focus and concentrate on the boy. He has been diagnosed with Aspergers  and looks to me for reassurance that each step of the way is exactly the way we practiced.

After the Torah is brought out of the special cabinet called the ark, the entire Torah reading table in front of us actually falls off the stage!! Men in the congregation put it back up. The mother laughs nervously, looks at me, sending the message, “You see, everything always goes wrong.” I send back a message to reassure her.

My husband and I know what to do to bring the room back, bring the congregation back but the boy is nervous. Soon after there is a loud popping noise that startles everyone. The energy of everything is now overwhelming me. The minutes seem to drag by but everyone else is engaged, their hearts still touched.

After the service, I feel like a rag and just want to go home to my peaceful house. I am in a low place, too frozen and exhausted to use any of my tools and escape into sleep.


I am relieved the next morning when I wake up and no longer in the low place. But a few hours later my husband makes a mistake on the computer that will require time from me to fix and I become so angry! We both look at me wondering what is going on! But I am caught in this anger and tell him not to come with me to the workshop I am holding in the afternoon.

I need to leave before he is ready as I have to buy permanent markers for a project with the kids. I drive in the car thinking terrible things about my husband for making the mistake and me for not remembering the permanent markers. I go into the store, look at the permanent markers and a switch is pulled in my brain. I do NOT need permanent markers – the project calls for regular markers which I have already packed!

I am stunned! I slowly go back to my car, just sit and breathe. I ask, “Does this energy belong to me?”  “NO! It belongs to the mother of the boy.”  “Can I release it now?” “YES.”  I call my husband and tell him what has happened.

I drive to the workshop, pull myself together, make sure I am in my heart, balanced. I call in the archangels and for extra help as I am still somewhat shaken by the events of the morning, that I had absorbed anger that didn’t belong to me the day before. I am relieved when my husband arrives with his grounding energy.

Eight families have signed up for this workshop but only two mothers come with three children. When I see the children I know this is by plan. Two of the girls, my sixth grade students, are crystal children. Their mothers are looking for answers to understand their extraordinary gifts. We all soar through the workshop! The girls ask me all their questions, share their  world. The mothers are amazed and grateful.

I begin to cry when one of the girls tells me of all the symbols she sees, when the other tells me that me that AAMichael has given her a flaming sword. At the end, I send a prayer of gratitude that I am the instrument to guide these families. I am in a state of AWE the rest of the day.


Monday morning I wake up totally depleted. I can’t even lift a piece of paper. I cancel everything and can only stay still or sleep.


My whole body is one huge ache. I work in the office in the morning and then cancel everything in the afternoon. I spend time lying on the grass asking for healing. I know I absorbed much that needs to now come out of my body.

I say to myself that I will hold off doing the Tsunami Meditation for awhile. But as soon as I think this, I am shown some kind of wheel made of Light with figures of Light acting as the spokes of the wheel. I am one of these figures and we walk around in a circle.

We make the wheel move but we are also the wheel. Later on I decide to go to the pool to work on releasing the aches in my body and I am shown this again while I am in the water.

I decide to walk around in a circle in the water following what I am seeing. I am shown a series of interconnected pipes that come from this wheel. A Mexican woman comes to me, she is from another time. She is worried as her village is not protected.

I take her down into Gaia, show her the sacred fire, how she can take some fire to use. I also give her a gift of violet fire and a pink flame that is enclosed in a clear box that she can open. I send Pink Light to surround her village.

And here the love, the joy, the bliss. . . the laughter, the work and the play.

April 9 EN

I actually had the most “peaceful” night’s sleep last night.  It was simply a peace that I can’t explain.

Monday night I had an electrical spark (at least that is what I saw with my 3rd eye and physically felt) on my left upper thigh.

In my dream state I instantly knew I was receiving what I needed to turn the tide physically.

I have received several  “gifts” of transformation and this was the latest.

My heart is just brimming with love and joy and bliss today.


April 11 LD

Meditation 4/10/14

I begin my walk into the water and find myself carrying a lifeless body in my arms. She is still alive but close to dying. As I continue to walk I wonder who she is and what will happen when we get down to the center of the ocean. But then she jumps out of my arms and laughs, “I tricked you!”

I see that the person is actually me!! She says, “Follow me!” So I follow her laughing and we come to a beautiful meadow with tall golden grasses, yellow flowers and butterflies. We have so much fun chasing each other through the meadow and hiding from each other in the tall golden grass!

At one point I see a female singer totally absorbed in the song she is singing into her microphone. I realize she is someone I saw in a previous meditation but then I just saw her as a yellow animation.

I continue playing with my other self, laughing, running, hiding, just the way kids do! I tell her that we should really go back to the water and anchor the waves. “No,” she says, “We can do it right here!” And we do!

I come out of the meditation and enjoy the sensation in my body of feeling so light. Today the Tsunami of Love helped me let go of the heaviness I had been carrying all week and play in the meadow as a child does, filled with Joy! Thank you Waves!! xxxxooooo!!

Meditation 4/11/12

I wake up looking forward to going to the beach! But at my house, 25 minutes away, it feels cooler than usual and is cloudy. I check the weather forecast for the beach and see it will be the same, cloudy with temperatures in the low 70’s.

Okay, I know the Northerners will laugh but it does get cold for Floridians when the wind is blowing at the beach during a cloudy day, especially after going in the water! My husband and I decide to go anyway and I notice the dark rain clouds as we are driving.

I call on my stranger, Wysteria Winston Jane and ask that the sun will shine at the beach and that I will be warm enough. We arrive and I am surprised that the air feels warm. I check the temperature through my phone and it is 81 degrees! Just an hour before the forecast said low 70’s throughout the morning! Wow, thank you Wysteria Winston Jane!!

As is my ritual, I go on my walk and am amazed when I get to the place where I have to cross through the rough water near the rocks. Today the water is very low and is easy to cross. What a huge difference in just one week! I enjoy the colors of the water and the sky. There is a purple line right above the water when I look out across the ocean.

I come back to my chair, go into the physical water up to my thighs and ask that I be taken where I am needed. I begin the meditation and see Eywah, my dolphin friend, on my right and a female that is a Light figure on my left. I am so happy when I see my son is here too!

I become a white dove and begin flying high in the sky above the earth. I have some kind of white material that I drop down to cover the earth. Then I have a container of white sand that is like white sparkles which I begin spreading with a flour scoop. AAMichael flies beside me and shows me where to sprinkle the sand. We come to one section on the earth and I spread extra sand. I put AAGabrielle’s topaz blue box there and see those abusing women going into the box.

I then fly somewhere else and knock on a door. There are figures of Light living there but they seem very weighed down even though they are made of Light. I understand that this is where the original Light figure on my left lives. I give them a container of sand with a scoop. I continue to spread the sand over the earth and then call on others to take over for me as I want to do my dance I have done before with my rainbow scarves.

Next I am flying in some kind of airwaves that look like a race track. I see a race car driver but he is flying without a car and is just flying, not racing. He is dressed in bright yellow and red and has the same color streamers coming from behind him. He is also me.

The dove which is also me is flying in the second section but she now has rainbow colors on her. There is a third me which is a white spiral of Light in the third section. As the Spiral of Light, I spiral down into the heart of Gaia to where the sacred fire is but come in as the rainbow bird. Those sitting there are startled by me as I come crashing in even though I wanted to come in gracefully.

They laugh and give me love and encouragement without using any words. I then understand that I am just learning to do this and they are happy that I am trying!

Then I turn into a boy around 11 years old. One of my guides who I always meet in this place near the fire, a Native American, puts his hands on my shoulders and says, “I am very proud of you, my son. Now continue your journey.”  I become the spiral of Light and spiral up to the top of a very high tree.

I then become the boy and hug the trunk of the tree. The tree loves me very much and I love the tree! I decide to take a nap and am cradled by its  branches.

I come out of the meditation and go back to my chair. I enjoy the sun, the sand, the sound of waves for another hour. When it is time for us to leave, it begins to rain. Thank you Wysteria Winston Jane, you are awesome!!

From within the stillness of our hearts comes forth healing for Gaia. . . The Tsunami of Love is transformative for All.

April 12 DC

I am embracing this offering….  Today’s meditation seemed to be offered from a deeper place….  truly a learning for me to trust this… to open from stillness.

Pacific waters at sunset. Brilliant, golden Light bathing the expansive waves…. In response to my longing to just glide out over the waters..

Peter & Jesus appeared on either side as we floated just atop the sparkling stillness to the deepest point. My yearning to remain bathed in the brilliance seemed to trigger a parting of these huge waves to expose the ocean floor.

Together down.. until we stood  gently on the sand..   inviting ALL the blue topaz containees to join us, and allow the luminous, gigantic waves to overflow & purge away all darkness, until we merged with that golden-blue Oneness.


April 13 LD

Meditation 4/12/14

I do not remember much of this meditation only that I am in a whirlwind with flashes of color that takes me up in the sky.

Meditation 4/13/14

As soon I decide I will go into the meditation, before I actually begin, a male figure of Light appears. I can’t see any features, he is just Light. I am in awe, touched by this presence of Sacredness, of Holiness. I wait hoping I will see who this is and am shown a man I do not recognize dressed in white robes. He is either a priest or a monk.

I see him standing on a flat rock and I, too, am on the same kind of rock facing him. But then he is the figure of Light again and we both rise in the air matching each other as though one rock is lifting us but we are each on our own rock.

I then begin the meditation and walk into the water. I have difficulty going in very deep today and am not sure where I end up. It seems to be a different place where I usually go.

There is a little girl in front of me to the left. On the right of me is a clear quartz crystal, on the left is a rose quartz crystal, in front of me is a black onyx, behind me is an amber gemstone.

I call for the waves and once again I am on a rock ledge with the crystals surrounding me in the same formation. As before with the Figure of Light, we all rise together in the air.

I come out of the meditation and feel the beauty, the peace around me, within me. After days of beautiful clear sunny weather, buckets of rain begin to pour down from the sky. The rain continues throughout the day, the buckets coming every half hour or so. I know the Tsunami of Love is in the rain, cleansing my yard, my neighborhood, my community.

I stay still for the hours of the rain, meditating, listening, absorbing. The rain stops and I see the flooding on my porch, on my street. Somehow I am different, different than I was yesterday, different than even this morning.

There is a knowingness, a centeredness, a quietness, as though love is the blood that runs through my veins.

Meditation 4/14/14

After my morning yoga stretches and chakra balancing I begin to set my intentions for the day as I do every morning. But today, I am taken into a meditation.

I become very large and see myself over the ocean writing in the sky. The words look like cloud words. I call out in a loud voice that reverberates throughout the ocean each time I write. “I am an Angel! I am Joyful! I am Peaceful!  My day is filled with abundance!!” But with the next words, “I am Prosperous” my form shrinks and my voice is small.

I try it again, but still the same result. I have many tools to dig deeper to discover what this is about but I decide to use the “Emotion Code.” There is shame in my family with money issues that goes back many generations.

I call in all the generations and release the shame. I understand that this is connected to one of my creations. I give thanks that I am in Sacred Partnership with those in the spiritual realm and have received this guidance.

I go back to the ocean and try the words again, “I am Prosperous.” They are bigger than before but not as big as the other words. I decide I will look further into this another time.

I am ready to do the Tsunami of Love meditation and decide I will do it during my morning walk. I do not go very far into the water and see a man in a black diving suit on my right and a female Being of Light on my left. She is so beautiful, so sacred, so compassionate! I understand that the man in the diving suit is really a whale. I am so excited about this and ask if I can go on a ride with him!!

The diver becomes the whale and I find myself on his back. We go deep within the waters and after a while come to a circle of spears that are stuck in the ocean floor. This terrifies me and I scream, “No!!”

I calm myself down and decide I will put sponges on top of the spears so they can’t be used to hunt the whales. But this doesn’t help; I am still filled with fear. Then I see the spear that has pierced my heart. The blood is running out of my body and forms into small baby animals that are just born without any hair.

I know this is from a past life but I am feeling unbearable pain and tell the Universe this isn’t right! The Tsunami of Love meditation isn’t supposed to be like this!!

I wonder, did I not call in protection, are the Archangels not here? I call them in again just to make sure even though I know I had called them earlier. Then I see my mother from this life is holding me in her arms as I am dying. She was also my mother in that life. I can’t bear to feel the excruciating pain of her sorrow. I call on everyone I can remember in the spiritual realms to take this pain from me.

As I walk the pain lessens but I am very shaky. I see the trees and they help take the pain from me. There is a bromeliad in one of the trees with a beautiful blooming flower which calms me more.

I remember as I walk how I had told my guides I was ready to refine my gift of being an empath. I am so grateful for this amazing gift that helps me navigate and understand energy but lately it seems out of control!

I don’t want to go through these episodes anymore! I tell everyone I have called that I want help with this, I want it to be easier for me. I have learned to work outside my body and how to use my body as a gauge without internalizing  pain, please help me do this all the time!

I am getting calmer as the pain lessens. I send Pink Healing Light to anyone needing it in the life where I died from the spear and ask that this is sent to any of my lives that still need healing.

I am still not balanced though and just want to finish my walk and get to my piano. I had stopped playing for the last few months and just started again a few days ago. I have two pianos and know that I will play the baby grand. This was a surprise gift from my husband for our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary ten years ago. It was two months after my father had committed suicide.

When I first saw the piano, my husband only said, “You need a lift.” I think of this and the tears begin. The notes I played on this piano healed me then, I know they will heal me now. I get home and begin playing my favorite Bach partita. My fingers are still stiff from not playing for so many months but I need the harmony, the order in the notes. I play and the music brings me peace.

I am then shown that part of what I experienced is tied to the work I am doing with my Triad which has to do with money from a world trust. At the end of our webinar we were asked to bring our creations into our hearts. My creation is that specific money from this trust be transferred into a certain account. I followed Linda’s instructions and was startled as I felt much fear as well as sorrow from mothers. I understood right away that the fear is from people who are trying control this money but I was confused over the sorrow from the mothers.

I am now shown that this sorrow of mothers is from the collective and is from all the fighting and sacrifices of children from wars over money. I ask to be shown what to do for this collective issue and find myself back in a lab I have been before.

I am working with a pink elixir in a beaker and someone says, “Yes, that is right.” I try to then take this elixir and spread it over the earth, but my body says this isn’t right.

I then remember I can use a surrogate for all the mothers and a woman appears with a scarf on her head. I have her lie down on a stone bed in the pink crystal cave. I give her some of the elixir to drink but she and I see terrible visions. This scares me a little but I realize this is to let me know this isn’t the right method. I then remember I can use a shower and have a gentle rain of pink energy from the elixir fall on the woman as she rests.

I look at her and notice she looks like me but it doesn’t feel as though I am the one on the bed. I leave the meditation knowing the shower will be on for quite a while.