Jumping into the waves of the Tsunami of Love are a uniquely individual experience. Here are more journeys from Linda’s New You group.

April 15 JS

As I was moving through my chakras this morning, opening and spinning, I was called to spend a little extra time in my 4th eye. A few days ago in this chakra I found what I can only describe as a big pile of trash, which I removed and replaced with love, knowingness, and such.

Today was different, this time I found a trollish looking character who clearly didn’t below there. When I find things like this, I create a silver thread from the being all the way up to the Heart of One and I ask Supreme Being, is this being here for my greatest good? If the answer is yes, I make peace with it. If the answer is no, I remove it, usually with a little help from the big guy. I imagine the Troll is the fish on a long fishing line and Supreme Being pulls it out of my space.

OK, that was done. But there was something else, a deep void, like a well, with arms trying to reach through. I reached down and helped the poor prisoner to freedom. She was me, an aspect of me, who was chained so I asked Michael to cut her chains to help free her. She was in rags, dirty, thin, but relieved. She told me she was a shaman, a powerful seer who lived long ago and was imprisoned. I escorted her to the beach where St. Germaine and my guide were on hand to give a healing and wash away the muck.

As that happened, I took hold of Jophiel/Metatron and together, we jumped into the well, which by now I figured out was my portal. We followed it until we landed in a desolate land Jophiel called “Ceatumbra” (pronounced Keet-um-bra). It seemed to be a hidden plane and it was filled with prisoners. It was barren and so very sad.

Note: “umbra” is a 1500’s word for “phantom ghost” and has an astronomical sense of “shadow cast by the Earth or Moon during an eclipse”!!! That is fascinating since there’s an eclipse going on. Also, I feel strongly all those who were trapped on this plane were magical, of the old magic, and the release was possible because of the eclipse. It’s possible all those beings can now begin to unlock old knowledge/magic within us as a collective. Amazing!!!

Jophiel began to make it rain triangles, then a blanket of pink came down from above, followed by a legion of Angels who began to cut chains and escort these loving souls back Home.

When we were sure the place had been secured, we climbed back into the portal, returned to my 4th eye, secured the portal door, cleaned out the chakra and then went to the beach to see how my aspect was doing.

There she was, glorious and bright, smiling with joy and gratitude. The healing team seemed quite pleased, too, as my aspect just floated. I had intended to unify with her after her cleansing, but I could feel her pull home. She thanked me and said she would return shortly, but that she yearned to be reunited in the Heart of One first. Of course, I honored her for that.

As I stood on the beach, the Tsunami of Love washed ashore, as my circle of guides smiled in silence, clearly very pleased with the rescue operation. I felt the Divine Mother enfold us all in some sort of Ethereal Group Hug. It was absolutely wonderful.

Peace, quiet joy and a heart song of love for all, for every being. The Tsunami of Love brings this possibility. 


April 15 LD

Meditation 4/15/14

I will once again do my meditation as I walk. As soon as I think this, a circle of angelic Light Beings circle around me. I don’t see their faces, they are just figures of Light. I tell the Universe, the Tsunami of Love is for me today! I feel like a weary warrior in need of healing, the bandaging of wounds, rest.

I stand at the edge of the water and see these same Light figures on each side of me. We go down into the middle of the ocean and they put me on the healing table in the cave. They examine me, use some kind of instrument to check my throat. One of the Light beings lies down on top of me and then comes inside of me. The rest begin circling around me becoming wheels of Light.

We are then standing again near the edge of the water. They take a pink lattice screen and put it in front of me and then one in back of me. I feel the waves come but they come through these pink screens. I take a piece of the screen and put it inside my body where I am hurting.

One of the Light Beings again becomes a circling wheel of energy and goes to that place. I feel the energy circle around the pain spot and then something releasing. A long stream of something I can’t identify comes out of me. I ask for my stranger, Wysteria Winston Jane to also help and feel the buckets of pink healing energy pouring over me.

I finish my walk and come out of the meditation. I enjoy feeling, the lightness in my body but there still two places that are extremely tight and bothering me. I remember to use symbols to stretch out my body. I place long spirals and another squiggly symbol that I am shown on the spots, at the same time stretching there.  It works!! Time now for this warrior to enjoy the rest of this most beautiful day!!

Meditation 4/16/14

I go to the physical ocean at Deerfield Beach but it is very early in the morning and too cold to go into the water so I just sit in my chair on the sand for the meditation.  As I walk into the water I see my dolphin friend Eywah on my right and my chimpanzee friend, Tyree, on my left but then they both leave me.

I go on by myself to the middle of the ocean but before I anchor my attention is caught by some beautiful gem stones. I want to explore but then I remember I need to anchor and call in the waves. I find myself back at the edge of the water and there are Light figures on either side of me holding my hand but they are shorter than me.

I understand that these are children and I see millions of these Light figures holding hands circling around the entire earth. I am the tallest one and my arms are very long. After I call the waves I dive deep into the water bringing the Light figures nearest to me into the water as well. We begin chasing each other, splashing, exploring, having so much fun with all sorts of games! It becomes even more fun when Eywah joins in as well!

I come up to the top of the water and see a baby, about 9 or 10 months old, toddling into the water. I can’t tell if the baby is male or female. The baby wants to hold my hand so I pick the baby up. A crib appears at the edge of the water as it is time for the baby’s nap. I put the baby in the crib and see a string of triangle banners in all sorts of colors above the crib.

The first banner is red and the second yellow. Then comes blue, green, and other colors. I notice that the colors are not in the order of the rainbow or the chakras and understand that they represent the many rays of the children.

I take a blanket that has rainbow colors on it and cover the baby in the crib. The baby stands up to wave good bye and then settles down to go to sleep. I feel the Tsunami of Love as it comes gently through the crib, the sound of the waves a lullaby, singing the baby to sleep.

I come out of the meditation filled with peace, with a quiet joy, with a heart song of love for all, for every being. Is this truly a possibility, that this is the way my life can be?

Yes, Tsunami of Love. I want this. Yes.

The Tsunami of Love and springtime on Gaia. . .

April 17 KW

Every day, in the late afternoon, I go to my rock at the ocean. My walk takes me down city streets, past a marina, under a huge bridge, along a gravel path with a view of the mountains across the way, past a museum and a small beach to a rock breakwater with benches to look out over the ocean to the west.

Lately, at times as I am walking, the air has become thick and swirling, the ground comes up around my legs and I find myself slowing down to accommodate the energies.

As I stand on my rock below the benches and gaze out at the sailboats, the ocean and more mountains far in the distance, I am overcome with Peace and Love and Gratitude for this wondrous journey we have been on.

From an expanded perspective looking back in to my life, I see the points of pain that helped to create more angst but I also see how looking at the whole picture helps dissolve the pain. . .

How seeing the whole journey helps with my letting go, more and more and more so there is room for the Peace, the Love and the Joy to anchor and hold.

I breathe deeply the Love in the ocean, I feel it pass through my fine screen and wash away my angst, my mental thought patterns, my emotional pain, my addictions ~ going, going. . . more and more and more. . .

I come out of the deep and etherically raise my arms to receive and a huge heavy pink crystal appears in my arms. I am making a breakwater of crystals all around Vancouver and on the tops of the mountains and around the planet to anchor the energies.

My entire being is vibrating. I ground these blessings down to Gaia and send Gratitude and Love to all who are surrounding me.

On my walk home, I lean against a tree overlooking the duckpond. More energy, long vibrations of Love and greetings.

Energized, breathing all the Love my being can hold from the very air, I head home.

Springtime is indeed wondrous on Gaia.

April 17 MW

I haven’t been on the forum lately because spring has sprung in a big way on the farm.  Isn’t it amazing how quickly the pastures green, bug life comes alive, and the birds are sing in the tree leaves.

The tsunami is really beginning to show up differently for me as of late. The anger, clearing, mild irritation is starting to move through. The clarity and the intuition are greatly improved!

Linda several days ago gave me a reading with Shawnna my Guardian Angel who introduced me to Bear Hawk and Dreaming Deer my Indian Shaman Guides. This awaking has been profound. The Earth-Gaia has taken on a whole new dimension and now the pending Blood Moon. What an amazing time in which to live.

After Linda’s webinar on Saturday I sat down for a mediation as I was floating in a good head space. Then the Tsunami showed up in the most interesting of ways.


I found myself in a half dream state when suddenly I was in a small cave of very smooth dark rock. My job was to light the candles lining a long stone table or alter in the center of the room. As I did totem figures began to gather in the space. Their images were like projections of light on the cave walls and they were not all confined by gravity as some seemed to float near the ceiling.

First was Jaguar, black/purple in color, then a small Elephant behind which followed a massive Mastodon, tusks and all. Very commanding and demanding was the Mastodon apparently caller of the ceremony.

Then flew in a slightly larger-than-human-sized Bird/Man Spirit. His feathers brushed with bright topaz and mint green, his large wide beak and dark skinned legs wrapped at the ankles in leather bracelets focused everyone’s attention of his presence but he quickly and quietly kneeled to pray near the alter.

An entourage of Great Bird Spirits followed, the Raven, and the Owl most predominately.

The alter as I turned was filled with the body of a beautiful dark woman dressed in the finest of Deer’s Skins, her long black hair draping the edges.  We were doing ceremony for her as she appeared weak and limp.

She was revealed to be an aspect of the Divine Feminine. As the healing commenced I was told to cover her in Bear’s Skins and fill her hair with feathers then leave her to rest.  As I did she my job it was noticeable that she began to lightly glow Gold!

Meditation #2:

Today in restful quiet I found myself looking out over the rolling fields of the farm. As I took pleasure in its smiling lushness the ground spread open birthing a wave of aquamarine light. As it crescendoed up into a crest the cows approached as if to say greetings.

The energy behaved like a hand caressing their faces and bodies before flowing threw them. The cows now penetrated and emerging out the other side glowed crystalline white and looked fully satisfied. The caressing wave did not stop but continued to walk across the land visiting every tree, blade of grass, stray rock, trickle of water, domesticated or wild animal. After each spirit shined of white light and pure energy.

Healing was visible for all creatures great and small.

Meditation #3:

This evening after a long day I wanted to take it easy and give myself restorative time so I turned to the Divine Mother to cuddle and rock my tired spirit and body.  As I lay in the warmth of her nurturing I found I needed the companionship of my beloved animals so she gave the farm on my lap in miniature.

Suddenly I’m aware of my chakra vibrating and diligently moving energy out for clearing.The Mother’s body responds sending to each fountains and waves of love. Feeling fed and whole I drift off to sleep.

I just thought I’d add a dream from when I moved to the farm 16 years ago:

After moving to the farm I had a dream that has baffled me until now. It has never wained in my memory. It sits crystal clear in my mind like the night it happened.

I was a young girl in my grandparents house on the farm. I was accompanied by my oldest brother in the middle of the upstairs bedrooms.

Near the window on a small table was a dove made out of popsicle sticks and painted with a chalky white tempera paint. As I reached for it my brother said “be careful its a river!”

When I turned back, the bird flew away out the open window and simultaneously a huge wave of water crashed UP the house staircase and flooded the space.

The water came so quickly I did not have time to think only to push up to the ceiling for my last breathe of air. My thought before waking was I had my last breath and now I was in the hands of the water. My only choice was to surrender.

From dreams of the future to healing and funerals, the Tsunami is far-reaching and vast, with us in our daily lives.

April 18-24 LD

Experience/Meditation 4/17/14

Cinnamon, Candy and Oreo, my dogs, are very excited since a friend is coming to visit! I am excited, too and am looking forward to a day of girl talk, heart sharing and nurturing ourselves. Today we will be the Tsunami of Love in action!

My friend will also work with Cinnamon. She has been feeling better but still not totally herself. I took Cinnamon to a holistic vet and discovered that it is her left shoulder that has been hurt which is a different diagnosis from the regular vet. The holistic vet did an exam on Cinnamon and could feel her pain. I told the vet I was also an energy healer but that Cinnamon usually does not let me into her energy field or work on her. But this is not the case with my friend!

When my friend begins to work on Cinnamon, the most beautiful love and peace permeates the room. We are in my living room which has pink walls. This is where Cinnamon always likes to be on top of the love-seat  by the window. Once again I am witness to this holy, sacred exchange between the two but today it is healing me too. I cry throughout their time together. I notice the difference in Cinnamon afterwards, in her eyes, in her body.

My friend, Cinnamon, Candy, Oreo and I enjoy the rest of our day together.  I am excited when we sit down to lunch on my porch as I so enjoyed setting the table with a beautiful tablecloth and dishes! We drink our tea and laugh together, saying this is so much fun! We agree we are truly being the Tsunami of Love in action as we are loving ourselves by nurturing ourselves!

At the end of the day I do a LaHoChi session on my friend. As I become the channel for the healing energy I see the healers around the table wearing white lab coats. These are the same healers who worked on me during one of the Tsunami of Love meditations when I was in need of healing. They had come to the healing cave deep within the ocean. This makes me think of the Tsunami of Love and I decide to ask the waves to come during the session.

I see the angels put a pink lattice screen at the foot of the table and a purple lattice screen at the head of the table. I watch the waves come through the pink screen and then come back through the purple screen.

This goes on for a few moments and then wheels of Light that are a combination of the purple and pink begin to go up and down my friend’s body. I am mesmerized by the colors of these wheels as they are so vibrant, so beautiful!

I ask one of the wheels to go to a place in my friend’s back that is in need of healing. A small figure with a green cap comes out. I understand that this figure does not belong with her and I send it to the Light. As I finish the session, I see the clear quartz pyramid that is built over my friend.

We say good bye and plan when we will have another day together. It has been a beautiful day truly filled with the Tsunami of Love. Our hearts are filled with Joy, with Peace, with Love.

Meditation 4-19-14

As I go through my morning prayer ritual I feel something stuck in my left and right shoulder blades. I ask to clear whatever is causing the tightness and feel my left side return to normal. However the right side still bothers me. I decide to do the Tsunami of Love meditation with the intention that whatever is stuck in the right side will be washed away.

I go into the water and see Tyree, my chimpanzee friend on my right side but he is green. He is also on my left side but there he is purple, almost violet.  He doesn’t look the way I usually see him but I know it is still him.  They both leave me so I dive into the water and go to the bottom of the ocean.

I see two metal plates there and work to push them aside. There is a small opening that I can slip through. I am no longer in the ocean but am in space outside of the earth. But then I am falling through some kind of passageway inside the earth.

It is as though I have fallen from a cliff but there are layers of rocks and dirt all around me. I begin to get nervous but then remember I have wings and can control the pace of the fall. I do this for a few moments and then find myself seated on a swing with a wooden seat and ropes, like a tree swing. Still I go down this passageway.

I stop in front of an area and begin to feel emotional pain as on my right side people are being shot. I know this is from the Holocaust. I say to myself, “Breathe, just allow this.” The pain leaves but I don’t feel up to dealing with this further and continue downwards.

I see other situations in layers of the rocks but I just observe that they are there. Finally I get to the bottom of the earth. I have no idea where I am, it doesn’t seem to be another dimension that I have visited or know about and I am feeling nervous, on edge and check to make sure the Archangels are with me.

I am given the word “subterranean.” This place has the same feeling as a very old Victorian house with dusty covers on the furniture that has been empty for many years but it also feels as though a spell has been cast. I don’t feel too comfortable walking very far. I finally see someone, a king,  and go to ask him a question but he is just cardboard.

There are small hills covered with moss and I am told these are sleeping giants.  There are other sleeping creatures here as well.

I ask if I am supposed to wake up the creatures but am not sure of the answer. I decide to just bring the Tsunami of Waves here and also radiate pink energy along with Uriel’s silver energy.

I ask my stranger, Wysteria Winston Jane and the Archangels to also clear the Holocaust layer in a way that does not cause me any pain. I also send pink energy there.

I am happy to leave this place and go back to my home which is not on earth. I am very large and with my mother, but she is not my mother on earth.

I come out of the meditation and wonder about this subterranean place and who I am. I have learned that I am an angel and multidimensional but I do not truly understand this on all levels.  I say to the Universe, “I want to know who I am.”

Meditation 4/20/14

I begin the meditation and begin to walk into the water. On my right is a huge gorilla with his back to the water. I do not see who is on my left. Before I can walk any further into the water parts of my body begin shaking. It feels as though balls are just beneath my skin vibrating, trying to come out! I am used to sensations in my body from the energy but this is extremely intense!

I become a young woman who gets picked up by the gorilla who is now even bigger. He holds me next to his heart. I feel as though I am in a King Kong movie but I am not scared of this gorilla. I feel comforted by him.

I am let down and then open a door that is in the water. As I go in, I see that the air is orange.  There are many balls there, close to each and much seems to be happening with these balls. A young girl, around 4 is sitting on a ball. Some children are balancing, standing on the balls.

I come out of the meditation and just accept the experience.

Meditation 4/22/14

I begin my walk into the water and my dolphin friend Eywah swims up to me. But there are two of Eywah, one female and male. They come together, side by side and I climb up and stand, one foot on each of their backs. I see many dogs on shore and call to them to come as well! They climb onto yellow surfboards and travel behind us. We all have an exhilarating ride through the water!

I take bags of gold coins that are in my bedroom and pour them into the water asking the Tsunami of Love to clear them. I don’t worry that the coins are floating everywhere. I know I can just say I want more and they will come. It begins to rain more of these gold coins from the sky! I gather some of them.

Eywah and Eywah bring me to an island and I just rest on the grass. I see writing in the sky from the clouds, “We Love You!” I look at the sun and he winks at me.

A blue bird swoops down over me and gathers these same words and puts them in the sky, “We Love You!” I see purple Wysteria flowers in the sky and know it is a message from my stranger, Wysteria Winston Jane.

I go up on a cloud and see a cartoon character, Wilma Flinstone there. I think how I loved this cartoon as a child! A beautiful female being then comes onto the cloud and fills me with a quiet peaceful energy.

I come back down and go through a trap door that is in the earth. I go through this passageway and there are mice at the bottom, but they don’t scare me. They all say, “We Love You!”

I continue now ahead of me and there are snakes that I go through but again I am not scared even though I once had a phobia about them. They say to me, “We Love You!”  I then crawl through a narrow dirt passageway like I am burrowing and come up to the surface.

I go back to the water and see Eywah and just hug him. I feel as though I want to melt into him as I love him so much!! I ask him to give me a message but my dog, Cinnamon comes through instead. She says, “I have been worried about you. You don’t play enough. I want you to play with the ball.”  I thank her for the message and decide I will listen to her advice.

I come out of the meditation and just sigh contentedly. Today the Tsunami of Love has filled my heart with Love and centered me with a quiet, peaceful joy. I go about my day feeling this, knowing that I bring the Tsunami of Love to all I meet.

Meditation 4/23/14

Today I will bring the Tsunami of Love to a funeral home. I will not be at the actual funeral, only my husband will be there. I begin the meditation and call to my white horse. I get on his back and we jump off a cliff. Then we fly to the funeral home.

I become a large white screen, wide and tall enough to be the width and length of the front of the building. I anchor and feel the Tsunami of Love waves come through me and enter the building. I think that I am done but I receive the message to go into the chapel where the memorial service will be held before the burial.

I first put pink crystals in the four corners of the room and then build pink four crystal walls in front of the regular walls. I take my new Lemurian crystal and put it in the center of the room. White Light comes out of the crystal as a spiraling energy that fills the fills up the room. I watch this for a few minutes until it is done and then put a pink ceiling on the four crystal walls.

When my husband comes home he tells me that the memorial chapel was not used as this was a graveside service. People did gather in the lobby first and therefore felt the waves of Love from the screen. I wonder why I was asked to go into the memorial chapel and am shown that this chapel is to be surrogate for many other funeral chapels.

I go back in and set the intention that this is the case and see the pink crystal structure in many other funeral homes. I then set up an ongoing  shower of gentle pink rain in this chapel and again see that it is transferred to many other funeral chapels.