Many of the New You group participated in recording their Tsunami of Love meditations. Here are more experiences from the last week in March 2014.

March 24 LD

Meditation 3/23/14

I decide to go to Africa and bring the Tsunami of Waves to the area where a female gorilla is living with her twin babies. She came to me earlier in the day. I thought at first she was an animal spirit but she told me that she was not. She has been betrayed and is living alone, worried about her babies – I saw the leopard nearby.

This is the first time I have experienced this, that an individual animal has approached me asking for help. I know this is the doing of the Tsunami of Love for there is a connection with all Life that I can only describe by having my heart speak.

Meditation 3/24/14

I once again set the intention to go wherever I am needed and find myself on top of a mountain. It seems to be a volcano for I am taken down into a fire. I then find myself inside the mountain with many dogs. There isn’t a lot of room, as we are squeezed together in a small space near the wall.

I welcome the Waves of Love for us all. Afterwards, the dogs are happy, jumping and barking! There is an opening from this mountain and they are set free. I have been here before, inside this mountain, but I can’t remember when or why.

Meditation 3/26/14

I begin my walk down the sand into the water. There is a pink energy that radiates from my hands and heart that begins spreading onto the water.  Soon my whole being is glowing, radiating this pink energy and I don’t see my body anymore.

More and more of the pink spreads onto the water. I see pink music notes above me and to the side of me as well as pink Hebrew words. I become myself again but then I am a queen dressed in royal robes. Animals and others come behind me to lift up my cape as we walk through the water.

We reach the place that I usually anchor  and a young adult male, perhaps the age of thirty,  also dressed in royal robes comes to greet me. He stays on my right, holds my hand and touches my cheek. An older king then comes in front of me. I know he is my father, but not the father I know from this lifetime. I do not check to see who is holding my left hand but see there are many of us, hundreds of thousands who are connected including many animals.

I ask for the waves to come. I then become a nymph dressed in a blue gauze garment, standing on a rock above the ocean and then Peter Pan dressed in green and then me again. The waves come as a very strong wind.

I begin a dance in the air, making a line and then a type of squiggle, a line again and then the same squiggle symbol. The drawing from this dance is made with black lines but looks like the ink a calligrapher uses.

I leave the drawing and continue the dance higher in the air waving beautiful scarves, the same type of silken scarf I had in a previous dance. I have each color of the rainbow and toss each one down as part of the dance. I see a child pick up one of the scarves. I continue the dance and see Linda watching this part of the dance, crying.

The Tsunami moves in wonderful and mysterious ways bringing Love to everyone.

March 28 JS

My mother called me tonight. She’s a very logical, conservative, but also she loves mystical reading, about witches and ghosts, etc. Anyway, she was up all night dreaming about Angels! And she was amazed that anyone could talk with Angels as powerful as Michael as I’ve told her my friends and I can do. She seemed very tired, but also curious and shaken a bit. I tried to say a bit more than I would normally say, sharing more about my belief system. It was great.

My Grandpa Wilmer would have called the Tsunami a “trash mover and a gully washer.” It clears our ears and channels so we can hear the Angels!

March 30 LD

Tsunami of Love Experience 3/29/14

I finish setting up the room that is being turned into a sanctuary and set the intention that the Tsunami of Love will come through the room during the service.

This morning there will be a Bar Mitzvah service where a thirteen year old boy will take the next step in his spiritual journey. My congregation doesn’t have its own building by design as we know sacred space can be created anywhere. We meet in a school for our regular services but for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah service (Bat is for the girl) usually the parents decide on another location.

This morning the room is in a beautiful hotel on the third floor overlooking the ocean. I make sure the curtains are pulled all the way back so the ocean will be the drop back for the congregants during the service. From the window I watch the ocean but I don’t think about my earlier intention for I have forgotten about it.

I just enjoy watching the waves and the peace and love that is in the room. My husband, who is the rabbi, has already “charged the room” as we call it. I have never really asked him who he calls in, I just know the vibration that I feel after he does. I also now do my part calling in the archangels, my guides and teachers and those of the boy.

We begin the service and I relax into the words of my husband. After his welcome, he always begins by having the congregants sing a melody without words, called a nigun, to open their hearts and help further transform the room into a sanctuary.

The people at this service aren’t our regular congregants, they are the guests of the family, not all Jewish, and this nigun creates a heart-heart connection among all of us, turning us into a congregation.

Next, I begin to sing the prayer that calls the boy to take his first step in his journey. I am used to having people cry during this prayer as it is an emotional time for the family but something is different today.

I feel the new energy that comes through me and can only surrender to it as the notes and I become one and we begin to soar. Another part of me watches as tears begin rolling down the faces of so many in the congregation including men.

The teenagers are riveted in their seats. The boy and I continue to stay connected through our eyes, through our hearts, through our souls.

Towards the end of the service, there is a special prayer said for those who have died and for those who have perished in the Holocaust. I feel the fear that makes itself known to me and would usually just transmute it but ask the Tsunami of Love to take care of it.

At the end of the service people come up to us, many still crying of how they have been so touched, how their families have been healed, how they want to experience this again.

I am always in awe of the sacredness that comes in during a service, that touches people hearts, but this morning the Tsunami of Love waves enveloped each one of us, bound us together and transported us to a place where the highest angels must reside.

The Mother’s Tsunami of Love is bringing sweetness, gentleness, softness back to Gaia, releasing us from our old ways of being, the harshness and the struggle and reminding us we are the Love wherever we go. . .

March 30 MB

Each share is such a glorious testament of how we are changing the world, one wave at a time!

As always, I went to the 13th octave and to the heart of One before starting my meditation.  Divine Mother came to me oh so tenderly carrying an infant (this the second time in 2 months she has come to me this way).

She said that this is how she cares for all of us, gently, sweetly and tenderly.  And she said this is how life can express for us on Gaia, with gentleness and sweetness.  But she said that there is a pervasive belief among humanity that life is HARSH a constant struggle.  So she asked me to, in lieu of doing the Tsunami of Love meditation for the next week, to do a removal of the false grid of harshness as our reality meditation each day for the collective.

She explained that while the Tsunami, when it fully envelops the earth, will remove false grids, that the way would be made easier if the load of this false grid was lightened. She said this false belief that life must be harsh girdles people’s hearts and makes it harder for hearts to open and soften. It impedes the flow if love.

I think this is what our star brothers and sisters are doing by blanketing Gaia in pink… is anchoring that essence of gentle love upon the planet.

Maybe we all could keep that thought in our hearts for the collective this week… that life truly can be gentle, supportive and sweet.

March 30 JMc

Oh, have you ever opened up a huge remaining area that’s SO READY to be relocated, and directly from the Divine Mother!!!

NOW, we know this can all be done so very EASY, JOYFUL, GENTLE, simply by INTENDING, by SAYING out loud or WHISPERING or MENTALLY offering it to whatever the situation, perception, memory, place may be. Then add a VIOLET flame/bonfire, and bye-bye old Hard–or Cruel–programming.

I was “held back” from doing TSUNAMI of Love meditation for a while, but have had 3 experiences in 3 days.

The first was once again at Molokai Beach off Maui, with beautiful waves & dolphins-50 min.

The second was “somewhere” and my body kept morphing into a rubbery, twisty, bendy, very tall being, moving in the winds & waves-30 minutes.

Today, at a Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert with 850+ in attendance, I “lost” my seat and was stranded on a long stairwell for the entire Brahms #2 concert.

I stood up to stretch and the TSUNAMI started and flowed waves with the undulations and colors of the music. When I left, I felt the LOVE effect was permeating the entire large campus, and the busy highways leading up to it. Not orchestrated by me, of course.

Releasing the old and anchoring the new — the Tsunami of Love works within and without and throughout all the dimensions and realms. As MB says, “It gets more magical everyday!”

March 31 MB

I’ve gone into meditation twice now to work on the removal of this life is harsh grid so that the anchoring of the Tsunami could be helped.  Whoa!  I called to the higher selves of all beings on the planet who wished to have this grid removed to gather above Earth.

Oh my gosh, there was hardly anything left on the planet! Not only billions of humans, but whole animal families (like wolves) who have known the harshness of humanity, and so many if the elementals of water, air, fire and earth, who have suffered because of us.

I called in the whole if the company of a Heaven and our star brothers and sisters, and the strangers if everyone present. They worked for hours.

Today’s meditation was equally intense.  I could see with many beings, including myself, that this false grid was literally cutting into the being… like wires that were embedded in flesh. Yikes!

I am committed to doing this for as long as it takes…

As for the Tsunami of Love meditation specifically, I was guided yesterday and today by the crystal over souls to center myself in Gaia and to call to the crystals of pink– Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Morganite, Kunzite, Pink Calcite, Pink Opal — and to ask them to join together their energetic frequencies of love and heart healing and opening to form a matrix of these energies blanketing the Earth.

The picture I was given was them helping to hold the energy for the Tsunami from the inside of Gaia out. Anyone of us who wishes, either through intent to connect with this grid of energy, or by holding one of these stones, can unite with these crystal energies while doing the Tsunami meditation to help expand our efforts.

I was also met in meditation today by many “Big Foot” beings…or “Guardians of the Purelands” as they said they would like to be known as.  They said that there are colonies of them around the globe.

They are multi-dimensional beings, primarily of the 6th and above I was told, who very much wish to assist us with the Tsunami efforts. I have a feeling as we do more navigating in the other dimensions, that many more beings, known and unknown to us, will step forward to assist!

I know that on my property, the dragons, unicorns, elves and the tree spirits all want to help with the work.  We have so many reinforcements eager to join in!

The journey gets more magical every day!