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Healing Japan and Gaia

These are the messages of Mother Mary and Gaia on Healing Japan and Terra Gaia. Meditation We begin today by breathing in the blue diamond energy of the Universal Mother. As you begin to feel this energy allow it to cover the...

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Healing Request For Japan

In light of the earthquake and radiation leaks in Japan I am reposting this critical message from Gaia. Gaia has requested that this Saturday’s conference call, 11 AM EDT, to be live-streamed in order that all of us to...

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Healing Gaia

This is an audio meditation channeled during a Saturday conference call. Gaia has called to us to nurture and comfort her – please join us in doing that. To listen (about 20 minutes) click here:...

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A Message From Gaia

There has been so much circulated on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that there is great danger in becoming side-tracked into the drama and away from the centeredness of Love. This is a powerful message from Gaia about her...

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