What speaks to your heart? What is it that lights up your world, inside and outside? That is what you are to do!

Winter Solstice 2023 ~ A Channelling Extravaganza of Christmas Messages from JESUS SANANDA, GAIA, and YAHWEH!

Gaia’s 2023 Christmas Message – What Do You Want To Do In The Healing And Creation Of New Life?

Greetings, I AM Gi’Anna, I am your beloved Gaia, sister and mother, child of your very being, I am Archangel of Love, Joy, and Unity, I am Archangel of Diversity.

I come of course as your current Mother Planet but also as the child who asked each of you for help, in the most simplistic of ways, and so I begin this day by saying, “Thank You! Thank you for responding with your heart and with your hands.”

And yes, there is war and intrigue that still percolates and simmers, but that does come to an abrupt end. No, not in a way that devastates and is an example of further atrocity and cruelty, but rather in the way of awakening. Because the human collective, which you are sparking, which you are igniting, sweet angels, it is not acceptable, it is not desirable, it does not work – and that collective realisation is already at the surface.

The terrible losses – yes, and when I say that, of course, you think of human life, but what about the soil and the air filled with fire and brimstone? What about the buildings that have cradled families? So yes, none of this, not only is it not acceptable, it is not workable; it is not sustainable in any way, shape or form.

But I also come to you today, yes, as Planetary Archangel on behalf of the Omniverse, on behalf of the Cosmos, because all is united. If you have a single cell in your body that is out of harmony – cancerous, humanity’s favourite dis-ease – then what occurs is your entire system reacts and is off-base, struggling to heal. Oh, sometimes there is replication, but very rarely – and I mean very rarely – are the efforts not directed towards healing.

So all my brothers and sisters, from the tiniest flower to the molecule of water to the ancient Galaxies, are here assisting you in the healing and the creation of new life. And you say unto me, “Gaia, what does that look like? Where do we start? How do we proceed? What are we supposed to do? What is the Master Plan? Give us the list.”

Oh, I have a list and it does start with the cleansing of water and air, but you know we are fully capable of doing that – and your Star Family has been assisting with that for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years. So when you pose such a question to me, am I at your beck and call, as you have been at mine? Of course!

But how I answer this question is, in fact, by saying unto you, “What do you want to do? What speaks to your heart? What is it that lights up your world, inside and outside?” That is what you are to do! For some it is technology, what you think of as science, healing, communications, and I include channelling in that. It is the entire array.

You do have an entire Cosmos at your disposal! So the previously very weak argument of, “I don’t know how to do that. How would I go about it?” becomes increasingly ridiculous. Of course, you know how to do it!

Now, have you felt restricted, as if you have been bound and gagged, and that you would be persecuted, hung, decapitated, thrown in the water if you showed your power? Yes. That is over! And you say, “No, no, no, Gaia, it isn’t over, I’m still seeing it!” How does it get over? By you declaring yourself, by not handing over to any realm of power whose purpose is self-aggrandisement, brutality.

You are not alone. Not only are you a Legion of Light in form, on planet, you are assisted by the Legions of the Angelics, by the Legions of the Cosmos, yes, by UFOG and many – and by your own sweet Guardian Angels who have never stepped half an inch away from you!

So as we begin this exploration, the development of what you think of as a Master Plan – and some of you love the big picture and some of you say, “No, I really want to tend to my garden,” and both are necessary – so I say unto you, “What do you want to do? Tell us! Assign all of us these tasks and we will do it!”

We will do it with such joy and gratitude because we are not going to do it ‘becoming’ in unity with you – we are in unity with you! That has always, always been the case.

I step aside but never ever away. I give you my heart, I assist you in grounding, because you are necessary.

You have answered my call and I answer yours.


Channelled by Linda Dillon, 21st December 2023